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the alignment switch meme

well, it looks like your characters have all switched alignments. could be by choice, or it might not be. but now good characters are becoming evil, and evil characters are becoming good. the question now is why?

post with your character, fandom, and preferences.
wait for someone to reply or tag around.
pick a scenario or test your luck with rng.

good characters are now evil because...
one | evil laser beams.
or evil gas. or evil potion. or maybe you just ate some bad shrimp. silly puns aside, your character now inexplicably evil due to this event, and the only way to change them back is to hit them with the same thing a second time. that is, if your character can be stopped long enough...

two | deal with the devil. your character desperately needed something done, and the only person capable of getting that something done is their nemesis. the problem is, he wants something in return -- and no matter the details, the end result is the same. your character is going to be doing some pretty evil things to fulfill their end of the bargain...

three | brainwashed and crazy. someone used the activation code, put a chip in the brain, plunked on the brainwashing hat or just did it the old fashioned way with a watch while saying 'you're getting sleeeepy.' whatever the case, your character is completely under someone's thumb, and what better way to use them then to use them to cause havoc and chaos?...

four | a monster am i. they've been infected with the virus, given a syringe of mutating agents, or suppressing their primal side for too long. but your character's reluctance to reveal the truth to their allies will cost everyone dearly. because your character can feel the transformation start, and only seconds remain until they're little more than a killing machine...

five | watch out for pea soup. your character's been possessed by something malevolent. a ghost, a god, a puppet master, or whatever else might want to possess them. maybe they know they're possessed and maybe they don't. but one things for sure -- their loved ones are about to find out because nothing short of death or an exorcism is going to work against your character now...

six | amnesia makes everyone evil. your character bumped their head somehow and have completely lost their memories of being the good guy. their enemy has thus managed to trick them into believing that their allies are really the enemy and that they have to fight them to save the day. and being the amnesiac, good-willed sap that your character is, they believed the bad guy...

seven | ... wait, that wasn't you?! your character's evil twin has arrived! or maybe it's a clone. or a robot. or an alternate reality version of them. or their disgruntled reflection in the mirror. whatever the case, they've managed to sully your character's good name while they were away on vacation. or maybe the evil twin was holding them hostage all along!...

eight | this just isn't working. being good just isn't cutting it. no matter what your character tries, their methods aren't working to prevent whatever problem is happening. or maybe they've had a falling out with their allies, or said did something that crossed a line. in any case, its time to make a decision. and your character has decided that they're better off allying with the bad guy, now the lesser of two evils in their eyes, after all...

nine | evil all along. your character was evil this whole time. they're just a damn good actor, if they might say so themselves. maybe they were working as the bad guy's spy, or working toward their own evil ends. still, their allies have now outlived their usefulness, and its time to crush them. like they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer...

ten | wild card. it can be any of the above, or something else entirely!

evil characters are now good because...
one | good laser beams.
the opposite of "evil laser beams." it was likely an accident with actual laser beams (your character was evil, after all), but in any case your character is now the nicest and most selfless person to ever walk the face of the planet. and the only way to change them back is to -- what else? -- hit them with whatever turned them good a second time...

two | brainwashed and... nice? the opposite of "brainwashed and crazy." it may or may not have been the doing of the good guys. but now your character has become nice as pie. not only this, but they'll obediently follow any order given, because they're just that nice! heck, they're so nice it might actually start getting on the nerves of the heroes as to just how nice they are. or, well, maybe your character's evil allies might want to un-brainwash them too...

three | i have a good twin!? the opposite of "... wait, that wasn't you?!" your character's insufferably good clone/twin/alternate self/mirror image/etc. has just made a complete mess of your character's image and life. now its up to everyone else to solve it while your character's gone. or, maybe they're supposed to rescue them from whatever horrific imprisonment the good twin put your character in back when they first arrived...

four | amnesia makes you good. the opposite of "amnesia makes you evil." now its the good guy's turn to use amnesia to their advantage. they've convinced your character to help them with something -- likely an evil scheme your character perpetrated -- because, according to them, your character's a good guy and they just don't remember. and all the while they're praying your character stays not remembering long enough to finish the job...

five | being good isn't so bad. the opposite of "this just isn't working." maybe it started with an unexpected act of kindness from the other side. or maybe its from breaking free from years of misguidance. or maybe it was falling in love with an enemy, or getting older. but something has happened and now, looking back your character's started to have scruples about what they're doing. maybe the good guys were right -- and maybe its time to start doing some heavy-duty soul-searching and genuine penance...

six | healed in the name of the moon. the truth is stranger than fiction sometimes. it turns out that you weren't always this evil, but rather you were forced by a spell or curse to become an evil monster, and its been so long you forgot all about who you once were. but now, your character's enemies have found the magic or the machine that will turn you back into your long-forgotten self. And they've just activated it...

seven | spy for the rebel alliance. the opposite of "evil all along." they pretended to be evil for the sake of truth and justice -- and now your character is a close ally of the enemy. so much so that your character has gotten rid of some bad guys by faking them being spies -- and they have even fooled the good guys into thinking they're completely evil. but the time has come to discard that evil persona and to reveal to the enemy just why trusting your character was really a bad idea...

eight | wild card. it can be any of the above, or something else entirely!
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Anne Lewis || RoboCop (1987) || Evil

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Re: Anne Lewis || RoboCop (1987) || Evil

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[Corrupted cops?]
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Frankly, Lewis knows for a fact that she has much better things to do than babysit a giant fucking cyborg. But orders are orders and Chief Dean's orders to her were to keep an eye on Murphy and make sure he didn't go off and do something stupid. Which, really, she's pretty sure he won't. His wife and kid's safety is on the line (and probably will be for the rest of his life, now that Dean's managed to drive home to Vallon that there are much cleaner ways to eliminate problems than car bombs and shoot outs) and Lewis is pretty sure that he isn't willing to risk them in order to make sure justice is served.

Everyone has a price, after all. Lewis's was a clean slate after falling into debt due to an overindulging herself at a local, mob-owned casino in her younger years. Dean wanted power. Apparently even cyborgs have a price, which Lewis wouldn't have known a week ago.

Well, a price and a nifty little line of code that had been slid into Murphy's programming on Chief Dean's request. DCPD's very own version of the red asset code, only no one needed to wear a bracelet for this one.

Lewis sits in the passenger side seat of a a DCPD patrol car, trying not to doze off as they wait for their perp. All Dean had been willing to say was that it was a drug dealer who's behind on some payments to Vallon and appears to be getting a little greedy if the brand new Cadillac Escalade sitting in front of the building is any sign. They aren't supposed to kill anyone, just put the fear of god in this kid so Vallon gets his money.

"I hate this part."
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This isn't how he wanted things to turn out. Alex used to think he was on his way to cleaning up Detroit, starting with scum like Vallon, and then he got careless. Trusting. Didn't check the car for once like he got into the habit of doing: he remembers trying to turn the alarm off, thinking it's too late for this crap right now and reaching for the door. Then this. This new body that's not a body, not really, and a new partner that he's not sure he trusts.

Actually, he'd bet his remaining hand that Anne's working as Chief Dean's eyes on the ground. Making sure he didn't go cowboy again. Maybe it'd look better to the Chief if he pretended to misplace evidence like the other cops in the station.

Alex sits there at the wheel of the car, aware of the creaking suspension that's gamely trying to support his weight. It's easier to look like some robotic statue if he keeps the visor down, but he suspects that if he wants to keep things "cozy" for Clara and David, he needs to be a little bit more sociable to Anne. Play nice. It starts with letting her see his face. Make eye contact instead of leaving her staring at the visor's red slit.

His head turns, something mechanical along the base of his jaw purring, to glance at Anne. She looks so young he almost expected her to be some college kid or something. He catches himself wondering what poor life choices put her here.

"Most of it's waiting," Alex says. "If he's smart, he won't show."
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Lewis is a lot of things, but she isn't heartless. If he didn't want to be sociable, she wouldn't tell anyone, though she definitely appreciates the effort. Even if she's pretty sure that the effort isn't to develop any sort of camaraderie and is to insure nothing happens to his family.

There's a reason she can't seem to settle down, despite how much her mother bemoans that she'll never get grandchildren from her only daughter. She doesn't want to be in Alex's position, it's way too vulnerable. Plus, she's pretty sure she'd make a lousy mother as it is.

The sound of him turning his head makes her do the same and she blows and pops a bubble before responding, taking a good look at him. She didn't expect him to be so normal. Sure, she'd seen him on TV and had heard all about him from Daniels and Lake (though, to be fair, almost everything they said about him was shit-talking because he was on to them), but neither of them were actually good indicators about what to expect.

"If he was smart, he would've paid on time."

Another blow and pop as they start to sink into another awkward silence. Lewis hates awkward silences. "So what's undercover work like?"
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Alex blows out a terse, not-very-robotic snort. "If we're playing the smart game, he shouldn't have gotten in the business in the first place."

Right now, he can't tell if he was talking about the drug dealing or getting friendly with Antoine Vallon of all people. Way he sees it, they're all scum right now: it's just varying levels of degree and some of them wear badges they don't deserve. He realizes he's starting to grind his back teeth together, Alex forcing himself to relax. Go too far and he's not sure what this chassis will do to him, sedate any "cowboy tendencies" out of him or offline him for a bit or - and this is the thought he really doesn't like - take control like those old school sci-fi movies he (used) to think were fun. Live it? Suddenly Alex is singing a different tune.

He keeps an eye on the street, watching the breeze tugging at a yellowed piece of paper stuck in the chain-link fence. It almost looks like something from the phone book, way back when they still had those. Considering where they are, he doubts they do much community service cleaning here.

"It's not like the movies," Alex glances over at Officer Lewis, wondering if she's just curious or probing. He didn't have to worry about this with his old partner. "Swings between really boring and really dangerous. You got to do things you don't like."
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Lewis lets out a small laugh in return, "Okay, that's fair."

Most of them weren't very smart, herself included, for allying themselves with Vallon. Though some of them just didn't have very many options other than that. Of course, there were the others, the ones who wanted the power and all the trappings that came with taking Vallon's side. And then there were others, like Lewis, who fell into both categories. Who could have found other options, but found this one the be the most appealing. Who chose to play this game just to see where it got them.

That might make her a terrible person, but it really doesn't phase her anymore. It did, back when she first agreed to all this, but now? Hardly.

"I've had to do shit I don't like in this job. It doesn't sound that different from just being a cop."
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Alex has to fight with an instinct that wants to like Anne to the one that says he should know better. She's not his friend, she's not even his partner, in his mind. She's a cop he's not sure how much he can trust - not very - and just because she doesn't seem so bad, doesn't mean he should be getting buddy-buddy. Alex's mouth is pressed into a thin line as he stares forward, working out what to say. The chassis doesn't help with that, unfortunately. It can kick a lot of ass, more than he ever could by himself, but it's not helping him on the conversationalist front.

Anything he says could be used against him...especially mouthing off with something like think me and you got different definitions of what counts as policework.

Instead he stays silent, listening to the scanner chatter. Another hour's almost up, Alex almost starting to think their guy will be a no-show when he sees movement down the alley. A door opens, slams shut.

"That's him," Alex unbuckles his seatbelt out of reflex. He didn't even remember putting it on - another phantom of his old life, according to Dr. Norton, from feeling hungry with a stomach he didn't have to itches on missing limbs. "Let's get this over with."
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Lewis, on the other hand, knows that there's a big difference between liking someone and being able to trust them. It comes with working in a nest of vipers. And, despite the fact that she's more than a little wary of Alex due to everything she's heard about him and his cowboy cop tendencies, she's starting to like the guy. Which is good, because lord knows she'd hate to be saddled with a partner she loathes.

She quickly unbuckles her own seatbelt and starts to open the passenger side door, blowing another bubble before glancing at him. "You want me to follow your lead or what?"

'Cause, yeah, sure he's dealt with perps before, but not in this context and she wants to see how he handles it.
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"You lead. I'll be muscle," Alex says. "I want to see how you handle it."

It's not much of a way to rebel. He's still out here doing Vallon's dirty work instead of slapping handcuffs on him, but Alex also knows that, in theory, he's supposed to be a one-man squad now with the chassis grafted to him. If Chief Dean's watching through his feed, she can at least see a couple billion dollars worth of hardware pulling back-up duty like a rookie and he could still argue he's being a team player. Working on the whole cowboy thing.

Alex ducks before he swings out the door, remembering the first few times he tried to get out of a car with several extra inches he didn't used to have. The HUD had tried to warn him, he'd ignored it to make a point, and he would've brained himself on the door if it wasn't for the helmet. The visor hisses down.
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"Alright then." And here she almost thought he was going to take the bait. Ah well, maybe next time. Once she sees Murphy's visor go down, she almost feels bad for the kid. Sure, she might be the one taking the lead, but almost anyone would be scared shitless by close-to seven feet of graphene staring down at them with a bright red slit.

The way Lewis approaches the kid (because, really, he's more of a kid than a man. Hell, his sad attempt at a beard is more peach fuzz than anything else) is less of a run and more sauntering steps, like she's done this a million times. And really, she kind of has. It almost offends her that she gets sent out to scare the shit out of people for Vallon more than she gets to do legitimate policework.

"Hey, Greg, we need to talk!" She barks from the street toward the kid who turns around and looks like he's about to bolt until he sees who it is. And then his eyes widen in terror as he realizes who's behind her.

"I didn't do shit," the kid says in a nasal, reedy voice.

"Yeah, that's the problem," Lewis says, popping her gum once they reach him. "That's why we were sent out here, right Murph?"
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Alex pauses for a second, then says, grudgingly, "Correct, Officer Lewis."

He lays it on thick, going for his most impersonal, detached voice. It's not exactly robotic, but with that faint double-tone he has these days, he has to say the effect is quietly creepy. Even he thinks so and he's the one stuck with it. Alex towers behind Anne, sizing Greg up and thinking that a weedy twig like this will fold, fast. Most of them do.

"You're making certain people - we won't name names - unhappy," Alex says. Personally, as much as he thinks this guy is scum, there's bigger fish out there he wishes they were going after. Vallon's the first name that comes to mind. Alex isn't sure who hit him with the carbomb, but considering who he'd been investigating, he can make a guess that it's somehow linked to him.

Doing this guy's dirty work (make that grunt work) and it's just killing him inside. Makes Alex debate pushing his luck, shaking Greg here down about details on Vallon, anything they could do to get him directly pinned to all the stuff Chief Dean couldn't shove under the rug. Then he thinks of Clara and David and he says nothing. Lets Anne take point again as he stands there, wondering how they both got to this point in their lives.
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Greg is sweating, which is kind of impressive considering it's a cool 50 some degrees. Between the fact that they sent fucking RoboCop after him (he doesn't care if Lewis, who he's had a few run ins with, is technically holding his leash, he's still OmniCorp's solution for the future of law enforcement. And is apparently as corruptible as the rest of Detroit's police force) and the knowledge that Vallon, or someone in Vallon's camp, is well aware that he has outstanding debts, it's no wonder that he's sweating bullets.

"You know what happens to people who make him unhappy, right?" Lewis chimes in, as Greg tries to find something to say. And yeah, he knows. He's heard the stories about how people who don't pay up wind up dead. He's heard about the fact that there were suspicions that Vallon was involved in Murphy's bombing (he watches the news, after all).

"I don't have the money yet, but I will soon, I promise!"

"I'm not sure if 'soon's' good enough. Do you?" Lewis said, raising an eyebrow at Murphy to try to get a reaction out of him and make Greg properly scared.
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Christ. This is what he's reduced to. Alex can't even die of the indignity because he's sure OmniCorp will just bring him back again: he's too expensive to waste, after all.

Alex almost feels sorry for Greg. At this rate, he might get scared straight which would be a win in his book under other circumstances. One less minor scumbag on the street. On the other hand, something tells him Vallon won't take too kindly to Greg taking the good civilian route. As crazy as it sounds, Greg's safer as some small-time dealer until Alex can figure a way to deal with Vallon without letting Chief Dean know it's him. It's still a work in progress, unfortunately. And he doesn't trust Lewis enough to let her in on this either.

"'Soon' is vague," Alex says, taking a step forward so he's towering even closer, Greg's head craning. The kid actually gulps, his Adam's Apple bobbing. "Try again. With a date this time."

Greg's eyes dart from cop to cop, unsure who's holding the reigns here and uneasy about that too. Usually one cop takes the lead, one's wearing the pants and the other looks pretty and nods a lot. With these two he can't tell. The Adam's Apple continues to wobble.

"Friday," Greg's voice squeaks. "I'll get it by Friday, okay? Cross my heart."
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"Friday's good. Thursday's even better. I hope we don't have to have this conversation again, Greg." There's the slightest gentleness to Lewis' voice that wasn't there previously, almost as if she's used to this song and dance with this kid. "I'd hate to see you get hurt because you couldn't pay up."

"I'll try for Thursday! I swear." Lewis almost feels sorry for the kid. Not enough to cover his ass, of course. If she does and he's late, it'll make her look bad and she can't have that.

"Good," Lewis says, hands on her hips as Greg looks between them with a look of trepidation on his face, as if he isn't sure if he's allowed to go. "You should probably go gather up that money, shouldn't you?"

"Y-yeah, I should," he says before running away from them as quickly as possible. Once he's gone, Lewis lets go of her authoritative posture and releases a small laugh that she's obviously been keeping in for too long. She doesn't enjoy this, exactly, but seeing how skittish he was...well, it's definitely more entertaining that this usually is.

"Next time you get to lead," she says with a small laugh.
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He waits until Greg takes off before retracting the visor.

"Yeah, thanks," Alex mutters. He's not finding this as entertaining as she is, maybe because he's not corrupt - used to not be corrupt - and he actually had a moral compass. He wants to say it's still there but here he is, shaking down some bottom-of-the-barrel drug-dealer with Officer Lewis. "I'm looking forward to it."

Honestly, he wishes that people like Greg were the DPD's biggest problems. Or that the only dirty cops in the DPD were Lake and Daniels. He could've dealt with that - he'd expected it because those two were scum and they knew it and they didn't hide it very well. Officer Lewis, on the other hand. He could see himself wanting to like her, any other circumstance, and he'd thought Chief Dean had his back until he comes back to Detroit and suddenly he's getting stuck with a new partner. Told that she's the only thing between him and his family having "security issues".

He has that temptation to check CCTV on David's school, make sure he's still okay. He's done it a few times with Clara and David before, but he knows if he pushes it, the techs they have watching his feed will start asking questions. There's no such thing as privacy these days.

"We done for today?" Alex asks, facing Lewis.
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"Why? You've got plans?" The way Lewis asks is all playfulness and friendly teasing. And, yeah, sure, she wants to know the truth and would probably get brownie points from Chief Dean, and probably Vallon or whoever Dean answers to on his behalf, if she found out Alex is up to something. But most of it's that she wants to have a decent rapport with him if they're going to be working together.

Maybe she'll drag him down to their level eventually. Not that she really wants to, even if the people pulling the strings have mentioned it.