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Forced to Kill

This meme could be triggery, so be warned


It's simple you see...

1 : Post as your character; include name and canon of course!
2 : Respond to other people; you are now forced to kill that person
3 : Reasons for being forced can be anything, threat, duty, whatever.
4 : How you kill them, be it knife, poison, strangulation, is up to you.
5 : Profit..?
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[OOC: I'll AU Alex into MCU post WS, lemme know if I should change anything. Also, I'm fine if you want to godmode, I'll bounce off it since I'm assuming Alex's kicking the bucket?]

They decided to write the Winter Soldier off as a loss. Too much in the way of organics, too unpredictable...too much soldier left, really, with the undesirable loyalties still dormant in there despite Hydra’s best efforts to scrub them away. An asset that needed to be liquidated instead of recovered.

They used the RC-2000 project to experiment with new advances in robotics and neurosuppression, lowering dopamine levels here, inserting a battle AI there and subroutines to ensure Alex Murphy couldn't change his mind in the middle of an engagement. The project was officially advertised as the next step in crime prevention, a police officer capable of operating in a world that suddenly had demi-gods and Iron Man. They even used a real cop as the trial run: Detective Murphy stuck his nose in too deep, got a car bomb to the face from the local mob for his trouble and by some miracle, he survived when his wife and kid didn’t.

The cyborg that came at Bucky in Detroit didn’t attack at first. Routine stop; speeding, registration off by a month. Alex was running the Landcruiser’s plates across the DMV database as he swung a leg over his motorcycle and approached the car. Plates and names flashed across the side of his HUD as he marched up to the driver’s side. These days he didn’t worry about getting shot in the face. Thanks to the neurosuppression, Alex didn’t do much worrying at all. He just did his job, pacified undesirable criminal elements, and moved onto the next murder/arsonist/etc with zero job satisfaction or bitching.

Alex’s visor tilted toward the driver’s side door, already writing up a citation as he began matching Bucky’s face to his database records, reticules following eyes, nose, and mouth to read his emotional state. Caucasian, male, late twenties-early thirties. [ COOPERATIVE ] flashed up, followed by [ Facial match found…RETRIEVING ]

“Excessive speed,” Alex started. He opened his mouth, paused as if looking at something only he could see, going inhumanly still in a way the other cops had called “creepy” when they thought he was out of ear-shot.


He immediately went to pacify the suspect, his thigh plates opening up to eject his SMG from the holster. In one fluid motion, he’d drawn it and aimed it at Mr. Barnes.
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Travelling still wasn’t a good option for James. It’s harder to stay off the grid now than it used to be. Everything’s computerised and recorded, cameras everywhere, even in cars now. All his cover aliases for travel were burned with Hydra’s exposure so he was a man with no identity, both on paper and in practice. It made getting a plane ticket impossible. A bus might’ve been safer, but he didn’t want to be packed in with people in case… well, just in case.

The car wasn’t stolen, exactly. Impounded, unclaimed, but still not registered to him. No identity, after all, since James Buchanan Barnes was dead for the last seventy years. When the lights flashed behind him, his pulse quickened, but he pulled over. His hands stayed on the wheel, the left gloved for obvious reasons, and he kept his eyes ahead when the officer approached. He’d picked out some clothes from a donation bin at a second-hand shop and kept the plain baseball cap he’d found. With the longish, unkempt hair James wore it made for a sketchy sight.

He watched the strange cop – someone, something more machine than him – from the corner of his eyes, gave a slight nod when he spoke to show James heard. In his head, he berated himself for getting so lost in his thoughts that he started speeding. The change in the other sent alarm bells ringing in his head. Maybe someone else might not have noticed, but he saw it, the sudden stillness in his face. He might as well have been screaming that something was amiss.

The robotic sound put him in motion. He flung himself down across the seats to avoid any immediate bursts of fire and kicked the door with enough force to open it into his assailant. How effective it would be against such a man as that, James didn’t know, but it was enough to buy him fractions of seconds to scramble out the passenger side. He’d have cover for a few seconds, a few seconds to fight back the instinct to fire first rather than assess the threat this man posed.
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For some unexplained reason, Alex found most criminals tended to resist even when staring down a gun, at point blank range.

Mr. Barnes didn’t appear to be an exception.

The door caught him before he could get a proper lock on that spot between the man’s eyes, Alex actually kicked back a few steps from the sheer force. Another cop might’ve squeezed off a burst on accident because they were only human and as a general rule, humans weren’t built to get their ribs crushed by a car door. Alex let the stabilizers do their job, the stealth-bomber black of his graphene plates dinged but intact. He disentangled what was left of the car door from his torso with one hand. The SMG immediately came up in the other, chattering as he fired first at where head-level would be, if there were any passengers, and then pointed down in case Mr. Barnes decided to hide at the bottom. Rounds shredded the interior to pieces. Normally that would be enough to call in the coroner.

He leaned over to check, peering through the cloud of upholstery, mouth pressed into a line beneath the visor. His HUD compensated by resorting to thermal. No still-warm body. Open door.

Escape. Undesirable. CODE WS took priority over all other arrests pertaining to murder and arson. [ Collateral damage: ACCEPTED ], Alex for a second actually remembering what it was like to frown. His face smoothed over the next second as he swiveled without a word.

Alex didn’t bother trying to squeeze his bulk through the driver’s side. No scans to confirm if Mr. Barnes was armed and he made a much more appealing target if he was trapped in the Landcruiser. The cyborg went around the front, a heavy tread betraying where he was at all times. If he’d been built purely to kill the Winter Soldier, they probably would’ve fixed the noise problem. Luckily they didn’t.

“Mr. Barnes,” Alex sounded calm, as if they were still discussing that speeding ticket. “You require pacification. Please comply.”
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Comply it said, as if James should just stand up and laugh at the misunderstanding and let Alex mow him down. No way! It took too long for him to have something that even resembled a life of his own. Now that he had it, James was holding on tight with both hands to everything he had that Hydra took from him.

He hunkered down by the rear wheel, free from the initial line of fire. It’s how he would’ve started too. Why the cop didn’t go over the car to finish the job, he had no idea. Well, maybe he did. Too much machine. It doesn’t have the same killer instincts as a man. Those heavy steps alerted James to his approach. His stash of weapons is in the trunk, but he has one handgun tucked in his belt. It won’t do much against an armored opponent but it’ll make for a good distraction.

James rolled silently to the rear of the car. He pushes himself onto it with an effortless move from his bionic arm. A spray of bullets proceeds him over the car’s roof, all pointed at Alex’s head. Distraction for the leg coming in to knocking his gun arm away from James. The only weapon he could rely on was his arm and he’d have to get in close to use it.
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There hadn’t been a high probability Mr. Barnes would surrender himself to pacification. Alex would’ve felt disappointment if his dopamine levels allowed it – now that he was cruising at an all time low, he mostly just felt acceptance. Moved on. Didn’t worry about what could happen to him in the next few seconds. Neurosuppression simplified things: Clara and David were reduced to statistics, two more Detroit citizens labeled [ DECEASED ] who he couldn’t save. Realistically Alex couldn’t be everywhere at once. People would die no matter how much more effective he was. His wife and son were unfortunate casualties.

Mr. Barnes’s death, however, would do society a favor.

Alex continued to check the front of the car, head turning left, then right, scanning for strange noises. Thermal readings from the edge of the forest a few yards away. Too small to be Mr. Barnes. Local wildlife, probably. He was turning his attention back to the car when the Landcruiser dipped as if something was pushing off it. The suspension protested with a squeak. Even with Alex’s battle AI accelerating his reaction time, he was still turning as Mr. Barnes came at him over the Landcruiser's roof. His arm came up to protect his face from the gunfire, the SMG starting to come around based on a simulated trajectory.

The kick not only knocked his arm to the side, it sent the SMG spinning across the asphalt. Alex reached down with his other hand for his pistol even as he kept his arm up to protect his face. There was a split second window where he was unarmed. Open.
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A split second was all James needed.

This thing may be something they built to maintain Hydra’s so-called order. They built James to survive. They made weapons of people and the two of them they were nothing if not weapons. But, in James’ mind, he had the advantage. He still had human instinct. He wanted to live.

He vaguely recalled this move being done to him by someone else, but muscle memory proved he knew it too. One leg kicked the cyborg’s gun arm away, as planned. The other followed behind in an effort to hook around Alex’s opposite shoulder or his neck, whichever he get. Close quarters was the only shot he had. His left arm shot out for the helmet, a high pitched whir signaling the arm working at superhuman-levels. Oh, he was going to pry Alex out of there… or crush him inside it if he could.

“Comply with this,” he snarled between his teeth.
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Go ahead and go for the kill if you want, thanks for the thread

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When they built Alex’s chassis, they hadn’t intended for him to get into a super-soldier’s headlock. Not only was his graphene plating starting to creak in protest as Mr. Barnes’s arm pulled, his transmitter was situated at the back of his head, along the base of his skull. The high-impact glass of Alex’s visor shattered underneath the strain, exposing a face that wasn’t twisted in a grimace like it should’ve been, if this was any of Mr. Barnes’s other targets realizing he could die, here and now. Alex was still trying to pry the man off him when the transmitter sparked, the sheer pressure crushing it to scrap metal.

And just like that, Alex switched off.

The hand centimeters from grabbing Bucky’s neck to snap the cervical vertebrae fell limply to his side. Alex pitched backward in a heap of graphene, the thud deafening as he hit the pavement without trying to brace himself. Alex’s eyes stared at the blue sky, glassy and unfocused. Without the SMG roaring, the silence suddenly hung heavy.

If it wasn't for the assassination attempt and the Landcruiser full of holes, it might've been a nice day.
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thank you!

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It was jarring to see. Unlike him, the cop didn’t even fight for his life. At some point, something forced him to shut down, just like a machine. That could’ve been me, James reminded himself. There was a time they could’ve ordered him to walk of a forty-storey building and he would’ve without question. This could have been him.

James leant back as Alex fell, using his body as a shock absorber for the brunt of the impact. It could be a ploy. He couldn’t risk leaving him here to come back later. A frown tugged at James’ lips, but he weighed his options. He scrambled for the pistol Alex had been reaching for and used his own weapon to put a bullet in his brain.

But just before he pulled the trigger he muttered a quiet, “I’m sorry…” So much for staying off the grid. James abandoned the car and dragged the body to the woods. The least he could do was give the guy a proper burial. It was more than Hydra would do for him.