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Hello darkness my old friend...

Dark AU Meme

One thing or another went awry, and your character is no longer on the side of the angels. Whether it's through brainwashing, a loss of faith, or just plain wickedness, the draw of the dark has proved much stronger than the call of good.


1. Post with your character's name and fandom in the subject line! If you already have a dark AU for this character, this would also be a good place to link to any information about it.
2. Look around to find other awesome people who have also posted!
3. Pick a scenario or head over to the RNG to have one picked for you!
4. Tag them!
5. Horrors Profit!


1. Interrogation - someone from the other side has been captured and brought back, and it's up to you to get them to spill. Maybe you're just the best person for the job, or maybe they're somebody that you used to know. Either way, it all depends on you making them talk.
2. Reconnaissance - you're deep behind enemy lines now, keeping your eyes and ears open for anything useful you might come across. Take care you don't get caught.
3. Double Agent - maybe you're still secretly good but you're in deep with the baddies, or maybe you've never relinquished your inner wickedness but you've convinced the good guys you've changed. Make sure no one finds out your real intentions.
4. Brainwashed - whether through hypnosis or deceit, you've been convinced this is the side for you. But here's someone from your old life - maybe they can talk you out of it?
5. Defection - "I've been a fool!" You've seen the light and you're coming over to the good guys ... but is your contrition genuine?
6. Kidnapped - Either due to a mistake or the cleverness of the other side, you've ended up in their clutches. Just pray they don't have truth serum ...
7. Showdown - It's the final face-off. You against your arch-enemy. Only one of you can walk away from this, and you're determined that it's going to be you.
8. Punishment - you've fucked up. Maybe valuable information was lost or you let someone important get away. No matter what it was, it could mean defeat, and it's time to pay the piper.
9. Victory - You've won! The other side has been completely subjugated and you're planting your flag in their headquarters. Sounds like a chance for a celebration.
10. Defeat - ...or not. Everything went wrong and you've found yourself begging for mercy from the people you tried to kill. Hopefully they'll be more merciful than you would have been ...
11. Pick Your Own - combine, make up your own, have fun!

Due to this being a dark AU meme, there may be triggers, so tread carefully and be respectful so we can all have a good time.
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Alex Murphy || RoboCop (2014)

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[Prose preferred. Cyborg detective from the Detroit City Police Department. Can be AUed to be with OmniCorp/another competitor or neurosuppressed/etc. Surprise me!]
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