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Feeling a bit lonely and got a bit of extra cash in your pocket? Wanna waste an exorbitant amount of money on a date? Now’s your chance! We're holding a Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction!

1) Participants can either auction themselves or friends can sign them up for the auction!
2) Make sure to add a starting price!
3) Bidders can be anyone and choose to be anonymous.
4) Please put the character's name and Canon in the header.

Bidding ends at 11:59 PM PST on Thursday March 27th, bidders may remain anonymous until the end of the auction. The reward is dinner with whomever they bid on (Or whatever else is agreed to)!

Side note. This is FAKE money. No real money. Just RP pretend time money.

Mikado Ryuugamine || DRRR!!

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[personal profile] worldwithoutcolor

He might not look like anything more than a quiet, too-skinny, mild-mannered highschool student on the outside, but trust me, there is some serious BOSS hidden deep down beneath that polite surface!

And while he might not be able to really talk to you or look you in the eyes without turning supersuperSUPER red, ladies, he'll still do his best to show you a good time!!

So let's start at...hmm, ¥5000!
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It's for a good cause!

And this is anonymous, so even if you think you know and you're 99.9% sure, there's still no way you can know for certain who I am!
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No one else would put me in this thing!

And don't talk about a good cause -- no one's going to pay that!


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C'mon, there are plenty of people who would put you in! Walker-san and Karisawa-san, Kida-kun, Izaya, maybe even Simon-san!

And you can't know that! You're easily worth 10 times that much at least, but I thought I'd start things out just low enough for it to be fun!
worldwithoutcolor: Masaomi B| ($ He totally does not buy that)

I have the feeling you'll recover

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that's kind of a compliment, huh


Take it. Down.

no!!!! never!!!!

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There's no take-backs, especially when it comes to charity!

[And charity cases. XD]

Besides, it's an anonymous post, so even if I wanted to, I really can't take it down!
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Then--! Make another post saying you withdraw the first one!


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Nope! :]
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Hey, Mikado! Do you have ¥5000 I can borrow?

[Yeah no, he knows you don't]
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[not even gonna answer that, since he knows you know he doesn't.]

Why are you bidding?
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Well, no one else is, and I don't want your feelings to be hurt! So as your best friend, it's my solemn duty to bid on you!

Besides, if I win, it won't be an actual date date--we'll just hang out and play video games or something, just like usual!
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[good intentions aside, OUCH WAY TO RUB IT IN BRO]

I know that. [the first part, or about it not being a date date? he doesn't say, but probably both.] Or we can just both leave now and forget this happened.

[yknow before anyone else

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I don't think that's how this sort of thing works. Once you're in, you're in, until the bidding is over and someone's paid for you!

So I'll go ahead and make it official and bid ¥5000!
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[who made up these rules they're terrible

Not that he doesn't appreciate the pity friendly gesture, but--]

...You're going to hold this over me somehow, aren't you?
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Would I do such a thing?
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worldwithoutcolor: unlike most gu--Masaomi can we please just read the Japanese version and save time ($ He actually reads instructions)

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