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The Rescue Mission Meme

The Rescue Mission Meme

Someone's in trouble and it's somebody's job to save them.

How to go about launching your own rescue mission:

-Post which roles and scenarios that you'd like to play with

-AU your character to fit scenarios if you'd like

-When posting to someone else, either randomly choose options or pick which ones you like

-There's lots of suggestions, feel free to make up your own


1. Rescuer - It's up to you to save the Rescuee, how that's done is up to you

2. Part of a Rescue Group - You're part of a larger group of people all searching for the same Rescuee(s) that you are, maybe you split off from the group and stumbled upon the Rescuee, maybe the rest of your group failed in finding them

3. Rescuee - You've gotten yourself into some kind of mess and the Rescuer is on the way to give you a hand

4. Part of a Rescuee Group - Your group has ended up in trouble, maybe you're looking for a way to fix things, maybe you've just wandered off from the rest for some time to yourself, or maybe you're the only survivor


1. Fantastic Rescue - Things completely out of the ordinary, such as dealings with monsters, paranormal matters, fantasy-related dangers, rescues involving superheroes, rescues dealing with dinosaurs, rescues in outer space, rescues involving a shrink ray accident, and rescues involving ancient traps

2. Everyday Rescues - Things a little closer to reality, such as ones involving public heroes like members of the military, cops, firefighters, and hospital workers

3. Mundane Rescues - Things that aren't terribly important, but they are appreciated, such as rescuing someone from an awkward conversation or situation

4. Unusual Rescue Methods - Maybe the rescuer accidentally stumbled in and saved the rescuee, maybe the rescuer just can't get anything right and makes matters worse, maybe the rescuer doesn't even want to do this in the first place, or maybe the rescuee has rescued theirself and the rescuer isn't needed at all

5. Double Up - Things involving two rescuers or two rescuees, maybe the rescuers are planning the rescue or are on their way, maybe the rescuees are supporting each other or working on a way to get out of the situation they found themselves in

6. Other - Anything else you can think of that isn't listed here, go wild with ideas!
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Alex Murphy || RoboCop (2014)

[personal profile] yourmove 2014-03-18 06:31 am (UTC)(link)
[Prose preferred. Let me know if you want more robotic/more human Alex]
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Way too long tag to set things up, borrowing from comics canon. also 2 maybe 4?

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She'd heard of the dimensional jump belts before, but never experienced one, till now. It actually took her a few minutes, when she'd arrived, to realize she actually wasn't in Mega City One. The sky was too clear, for one thing, the buildings too low and clean, and the voices in her mind were a different timbre.

And she was obviously new here, with her Judge's uniform, black body armor a bit out of place in the...well, it seemed like a shopping district of some sort, only without a massy tower block stretching up into darkness. This time of night, the only people around were looking to party: she knew the signs too well, even if she didn't know what chemicals they were looking to party with.

Unfortunately, apparently someone clad in black leather, looking around confusedly, invited the wrong kind of attention, the kind that involved a hand slapping her on the ass, Which she could handle, and did, turning fast on her heel, elbow swinging in an arc to the attacker's face while her other hand pulled out her Lawgiver. "Down, creep! That's two in the iso-cubes."

Dredd would be proud. The locals, not so much, roused by the noise, the crack of her elbow in the guy's face, some moving to support their fellow drunk, the bartender of the bar this took place outside of punching 911, just as the biker gang arrived, drawn to trouble, and lighting up at the sight of her gun.

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[personal profile] yourmove 2014-03-26 09:20 am (UTC)(link)
A biker gang, plus half a bar, might have been an overkill any other time. They clearly hadn't met a Judge, before.

By the time Alex got there, the C-1 purring to a stop as he swung his leg over, he could see the unidentified woman had already laid out some of the local drunks, a pistol in her hand, blood splashed across her armored elbow. The weapon didn't ping by manufacturer, he couldn't ID the ammo used, and even the black body armor she had on was a question mark - not something he ran into all that often these days. The way she held it, though, that he recognized and he didn't need to be a cyborg to know what it meant.

Jane Doe knew how to use it. Out of everyone here, she was the biggest threat.

Alex approached, his armored feet thudding evenly against the asphalt. "Break it up, everyone. Now."

“Everyone” being the drunks, the biker gang and GI Jane. A few months ago, he probably would’ve tased them all for efficiency’s sake, but he’d been a different man then. Things hadn’t mattered aside from The Job. Dr. Norton had come clean about sedations and lowered dopamine levels and Alex came out of that thinking he might’ve been a more efficient cop back then, but that wasn’t him. This was. The one who gave a warning first before he started cracking heads together.

As he marched closer, he began trying to pull up Jane Doe’s records, a reticule centering on her face and flashing red with [ NO MATCH ].
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She heard the motorcycle, and only presumed it was backup for the other guys, so she spun on her heel as he spoke, with one last kidney-kick at a perp, leveling the Lawgiver at the newcomer.

Who was a...robot? A cyborg? He felt...strange, as she reached out with her mind. He wasn't back up for this gang, but with distance between them she couldn't get a clearer read than that.

He wasn't a Judge, either. She knew that much. Even Mega City Two's armor didn't look like that. "How about you ID yourself?" she said, as coolly as she could manage. But since she'd been fighting for so long, it wasn't as cool as she could have hoped.
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Considering some of the rap sheets he was getting from these people, Alex almost wanted to applaud Jane Doe for kicking their ass a little bit. The old him definitely would've.

The fact she asked who he was surprising: maybe not everyone knew him by his real name, but he couldn't shake that RoboCop name if he tried. It was grafted to him as much as his chassis, Alex pausing a beat to determined that she wasn't just being sarcastic with him like some people still did. Her biometrics and reading of her current facial expression, combined with tone of voice, didn't seem to point that way. Weird.

"Detective Murphy," Alex said. "Are you done?"

The men and women around her nod. Some of them are still staring at her, shocked she was mouthing off to RoboCop. As for the ones she'd wiped the floor with? They were mostly busy drooling it off or nursing some impressive broken noses.
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[personal profile] psijudge 2014-03-28 01:36 am (UTC)(link)
If they were in Mega City One they wouldn't have long rap sheets, because they'd have spent years in iso cubes. She didn't need to see their histories to know these were hardly model citizens: then again, she's not quite sure she's ever met a model citizen.

Her eyes narrow, momentarily. Detective meant something like a Judge, didn't it? She still couldn't get a read on him, not a clear one, but enough to know he wasn't lying. She took a half step back, looking around at her attackers, before she lowered the bore of the Lawgiver. "If they are." And if he wasn't going to take it as his opportunity.
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This had to be one of the most one-sided brawls he'd broken up - if he hadn't shown up when he did, Alex suspected she probably would've finished wiping the floor with the rest of them. Judging the gun she refused to holster, he suspected he would've needed to call in some body bags.

"They are." It wasn't a question or even a a threat. They knew he didn't do second chances these days and it didn't matter how badass you thought you were: no one wanted to get tased by RoboCop. "You're not registering in any databases. I'd heavily suggest your cooperation, Ms. Doe."

The other men and women are watching the exchange like they're at a tennis match, a morbid-fascination that sends them glancing first from the little blonde with the big gun and RoboCop. One of them even has his mouth open in a gape, forgetting about his nose gushing blood.
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She'd actually started considering the 'what the hell do I do know' question, since Control wasn't answering her comm.

"Anderson, Psi Division." She can get more from the perps than the man in front of her: whoever he is, they respect him more than they do usual cops. Cop, that was definitely the vibe she was getting off them. The gun lowers, finally. "You're the law around here?"
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"Detective Murphy," Alex says. He's a member of the law, he wants to add. Not The Law, the way he hears it from her tone of voice. People seem to forget there's actual flesh and blood officers doing the exact same job he is. "Psi Division? Mercenary group? Contractors? Detroit takes a firm stance on contractors not authorized through OCP operating within city limits."

In other words: beat it or come with him and get registered. Considering he doesn't know what ammo that gun of hers packs, he's hoping he won't get shot today. Again.
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hahah way to miss important typo, self,

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"You already said that." 'Detective' said something, but not enough. Still, the read from the others was definitely cop, in which case, why would he not admit it? There were bad Judges, and they fell into two categories: those who used their Judge status for power and those who hid the fact they were Judges.

"Psi Division, Mega City One Judge, Sector Thirteen." She was honestly puzzled by the rest of it. OCP sounded like a company name. These people didn't put their law enforcement in the hands of a corporation, did they? "Who is Detroit?" Other than, apparently, the boss of whoever this guy worked under.
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hey i just failed and repeated myself, so we're even lol

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And usually that would be enough, the short-short version that said yeah, I guess I'm the law around here. "Never heard of a Sector Thirteen."

Alex wasn't too surprised by that. With the whole corporate smoke and mirrors thing they always had going, most of those names could be fronts, dummies. "Psi Division" and "Mega City One" could be new codes of OCP competitors for all he knew. Alex wished they'd just cut the crap and call it what it was.

And then she didn't know what Detroit was. Alex stared. Someone snorted behind her.

"You're in it. This." Alex gestured at the city around them. Granted, they're not in the best neighborhood, but this place still counts. "I'm going to have to insist you come with me, ma'am."
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"My home sector." Judges moved around from sector, especially ones in high demand like Psi.

"Detroit, the city?" She looked around, her voice disbelieving. "Got wiped out in Booth's war." Apparently not. Which gave her a clue when she was, maybe.

"Go with you where?" She was still wary: too many unknown factors here. The only one that didn't bother her was the mask, the fact that he wore, apparently, some pretty impressive body armor.
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"Pretty sure we'd notice getting razed." A hint of dry sarcasm colored his voice, so faint you could almost miss it. "To the station. You're not on record and that," Alex pointed at the Lawgiver, his servos purring, "is unregistered. We'll need you on file, at the very least."

He noted one squad car had diverted its course, responding to his request for backup and less than a mile away. That officer would deal with the group here, Alex satisfied that they wouldn't dare try anything at this point. It used to happen in the early days. Wait until the cyborg left, than try to pull the same crap over and over again.

They'd learned that was a bad, bad idea.

The sound of a siren came toward them as Alex stood here, trying to get a better read on Cassandra. Her body posture said she didn't really want to come with him. But the dialogue between them was promising and Alex was hoping she'd cooperate, in the end.
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"Oh, you'd definitely notice. I've been to the Cursed Earth." It clearly wasn't like this.

Her hand closed reflexively around the Lawgiver. At least he hadn't tried to take it from her. Tried being the operative word: she'd gotten a little bit better at keeping it in her possession. "On file for what?" She frowned, squinting at him. Still, nothing to read. Then again, her helmet interfered with her abilities: maybe his was blocking her.

"I'll make you a deal. Take off the helmet and I'll go with you."
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Alex paused. His head was one of the more vulnerable spots: he didn't need the visor down to access his scanning capabilities but it was one of those things that saved him from getting shot in the face, incidentally.

He decided to go on that hunch, that gut instinct saying he should risk it. The visor hissed back to reveal a face that was almost downright average, a man in his thirties who used to have laugh lines.

"Deal?" Alex asked.
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[personal profile] psijudge 2014-04-01 03:09 am (UTC)(link)
It seemed like the fair thing to do: he removed his visor (so it wasn't a helmet, after all, huh?) and she stowed her Lawgiver in its holster, a gesture of some measure of good faith.

"Deal." She stepped closer, almost within striking distance, studying his eyes intently. It was a little easier to get a read on him now: still not as clear as back home, or even with the perps around here. "You're a strange one." She tilted her head. "Mutant?"
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Alex didn't pull back, like he was threatened, or lean forward like he had something to prove. His chin tilted down to stare at Cassandra.

Weirdly enough, he'd never been called a mutant before.

"Uh, no. Not a mutant. Cyborg," Alex said, glancing at the others clustered like they were waiting for him to cuff them. They wisely hadn't laughed. If Jack Lewis was here, he probably wouldn't have shown the same level of restraint. "You must be really out of town. Come on."

He gestured for Cassandra to follow him to his motorcycle, that inbound squad car rounding the corner.
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She doesn't get any vibe from him that he's challenging her. Not like Kay, who had tried to fill his mind (and hers) with shocking images. He didn't seem to have any idea what she was doing, simply looking back at her, steadily.

"Cyborg." She could feel a waft from the crowd about 'mutant'--distaste and humor, like they thought it was funny to call him that. Both the humor and the 'weird' kind of 'funny'.

"Mega City One. East coast." And post-Booth's War. She wasn't getting much off of him, probably wouldn't without contact. Which was something to ponder as she fell into step beside him. Judges didn't walk in file: easy way for a sniper to take out two that way. Old habits died hard.
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"Never heard of it. You're not talking New York, are you?" She looked younger than him, sure, but Alex didn't think a few years age gap suddenly meant they were speaking totally different languages here. New York's still New York. And it didn't explain why she said Detroit got razed. "Get on. Don't worry about a helmet - I'm a good driver."

Inhumanly good, actually. Alex could thank OmniCorp and Norton for that, too. Having distance mapped out down to the inch, a machine's reflexes and real-time traffic condition up-linked into his skull almost felt like cheating.

Alex swung his leg over the C-2 motorcycle. It wasn't in the black and silvers like he was - it was that sleek white/black combo that should automatically scream "cop" to anyone, right down to flashing lights. He turned toward Cassandra, motioning for her to get on. There were more questions than answers with her and he had to admit, he never ran into anyone like her before. Girl with some unregistered gun and the skills to wipe the floor with men twice her size. Even the way she sometimes stared at him had Alex wondering.
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"New York is part of it." Boston, Philadelphia, she learned the city names at the orphanage, but it was almost ancient history.

"I don't bother with a helmet, anyway." A calculated risk, and she'd saved herself and plenty of other Judges by getting a psi-flash of an ambush about to go down. The bike is smaller than the average Lawmaster, with a lot less shielding. Still, though, sturdy enough.

Still, well, she was going back to the station, it seemed, so after an amused shrug--she wasn't used to being the passenger--she climbed on behind him. Cyborg, indeed, because the body in front of her had no human warmth or give to it.

Well, she thought, if she didn't like how this was going, she still had her gun. But for now, she was going along for the ride, apparently.