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Hygiene and Grooming Meme

Time to get cleaned up

1. Post your character, fandom, and who you're open to.
2. Include your prompt or interests in the comment body.
3. Tag some people.

Prompt Ideas

1. Bathing and showering:
Get clean in the most basic way possible. Help someone out or hop into the tub together.

2. Haircuts:
Just a trim, or maybe a drastic change of look.

3. Shaving:
Shaving cream, razors, stubble.

4. Wound cleaning and bandaging:
These are things that need to be tended to as well.

5. Animalistic grooming:
Preening feathers and getting the fleas out of the fur.
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Alex Murphy || RoboCop (2014)

[personal profile] yourmove 2014-03-17 11:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[Prose preferred. Let me know if you want more robotic/more human Alex]
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4. I would apologize for filling up your inbox, but I'm not sorry. Also, more human Alex sound good?

[personal profile] seestheman 2014-03-18 08:51 pm (UTC)(link)
If there was one thing about their current situation that Clara was thankful for, it was the fact that it was far less likely for Alex to come home beaten to hell. Sure, there were times where she almost missed getting him an ice pack and being generally comforting, but being sure that he isn't going to end up in the hospital or the morgue outweighs that longing in some ways.

So seeing him come in with cuts and bruises on his face and right hand definitely takes her by surprise. By no means did he look as bad as he did by the time she saw him on the rooftop not too long ago, but at the same time, it's a shock. Though, if he came home instead of going to the lab, his injuries can't be that bad, and that's at least a little comforting to her.

"Kitchen, now. I'll get the first aid kit." She hates busting out the "Mom voice" (David's term for it, though she's used it for years before David came along, but the name's managed to stick), but she can't help it in this situation. There will be time for questions about what happened later, after he's patched up.
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SURE and I'm totally fine with that :P

[personal profile] yourmove 2014-03-19 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
The fact is he could've gone to the lab. They're equipped for this, they're equipped for worse and he could even ask to be put under if he didn't want to listen to the whole techno-babble thing and what they plan to do on a Friday night after this. He's done it before. The novelty wore thin, fast. So Alex Murphy comes home.

He's known The Voice longer than David's even been alive, but "Mom Voice" has a ring to it and it sticks: Alex comes home to the Mom Voice and he doesn't even try to offer an explanation to his wife. Just troops in through the door, ducking underneath the door frame and vaguely surprised, again, that the floor creaks but doesn't give underneath his weight. He heads down the hall, swivels left for the kitchen with a whir of actuators and servos, and he knows better than to lean his full weight against the counter - last time he did that, he ended up putting a huge crack in the thing.

"Thanks," he says, to get that out there.

They've done this song and dance before. He's come back with sprains and dislocated shoulders, black eyes he worried could break his cover because now he'd need to explain it away. Thankfully he hasn't ever been shot. Clara knows what to do as Alex stands there, hunching forward a little so he doesn't bump into the oil guard from the oven.
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[personal profile] seestheman 2014-03-19 08:00 am (UTC)(link)
As much as Clara may gripe about it and scold him for not being careful later, once she knows what happened (because she has a hell of a rant brewing for him about the fact that, graphene armor aside, he isn't indestructible, but she can save that for later), she's glad he decided to come home. Because she's certain they'd be able to patch him up in the lab, but she knows that they won't rib him the way she would or (unless the one doing the patching up is Dr. Norton, in which case she might be wrong) give him shit for being too impulsive.

She follows him into the kitchen, grabbing the step stool so she can grab the first aid kit off the top of the fridge, where it's lived ever since David's decision that he was going to be a dino-doctor when he was six and decided to root through it for gauze and band-aids (Clara was pretty sure a few of his plastic dinosaurs still had little gauze casts and band-aid neck braces). With the skill of someone who has done this a vast number of times (unsurprising between being married to a cop and raising a son who wanted to be both a hockey player and Indiana Jones), she steps up on the stool, not even looking where she's grabbing and instead fixing Alex with a look that says 'Stay right where you are or I swear to God.' With the white box in hand, she steps down and walks over to him, properly surveying the damage.

"You look like you were hit by a bus."
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[personal profile] yourmove 2014-03-19 08:17 am (UTC)(link)

Alex has always been a bit on the tall side, topping over six feet plus - throw in a hulking graphene chassis and suddenly he finds doors and getting into cars harder than they should be and it has nothing to do with the weight issue. He has to lean forward as Clara brings in the step stool, the same one that's been here as long as he can remember, and surveys the damage this time.

With the Voice and the Look combo, Alex figures he better be on his best behavior, pronto.

"Sedan," Alex says. He's learned that in this marriage, you don't fudge around the details, you come right out and say it. "A small one, if that helps."

It probably doesn't, but he'd like to point out that if it was a bus, especially the new models they started rolling out last year, he'd be a lot more banged up than this. He searches Clara’s face, seeing the old worry there that’s gotten worse, not better, after he came back to Detroit with this new body. Alex seems to realize he’s still towering over Clara, lowering himself even further and feeling something clicking. That’ll probably need to get addressed back at the labs. She’s gotten pretty good at surface repairs, like loose screws and realignments, sure. Anything that clicks, though, seems like it could require Dr. Norton.
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[personal profile] seestheman 2014-03-20 07:44 am (UTC)(link)
There are at least five different reactions Clara could have to that. Two of them involve more cursing than she's comfortable with since it will be loud and David's upstairs. One of them involves finding a corner to curl up and cry in because sometimes she really wonders if Alex has some sort of death wish with the amount of trouble he manages to get into. She finally ends up on a mix of her other two main reactions, taking a deep breath while running water over a washcloth she keeps in the kit so she can wash away any dried blood and keeping a tight lid on her anger while mentally repeating her mantra of "Jesus Christ Alex!"

"No, that really doesn't help."

Though once she turns around and notices that he's lowered himself enough that she won't have to stretch to reach his face, her mood softens a little bit. She can't be too mad at him, not when he looks half beaten to hell. Which doesn't mean she quite trusts her tongue to keep from shooting out something that could end up being hurtful. Instead she focuses on the gash on his forehead, which she really hopes isn't as bad as it looks.

"Why weren't you wearing your visor?"
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[personal profile] yourmove 2014-03-21 03:44 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, he…didn’t think it would either. Sometimes Alex wishes he had a better reign on his mouth back home, but honestly, it’s not like he’d been much better at the station, either. Probably what got him blown up in the first place – an inability to turn the other way and a crap corrupt-cop radar, trusting that if you were the damn Chief of Police, that meant you were on his side.

He waits while Clara disinfects the cuts on his cheek, brushing away blood that’s still red as hers and capable of scabbing. There’s probably some medical or science technobabble about why it does that when most of him is graphene, but that’s another time and place and to be honest, he’d never really cared for that stuff.

“It, uh,” Alex is surprised when that “uh” pops out, because cyborgs aren’t really known to be stutterers. Nice to know he’s capable of that too. “Malfunctioned. It’s never done that before,” he adds, knowing that look that’ll be darkening Clara’s face.

And it (probably) won’t again, because Norton and his crew are good at their jobs and they’ll take care of him.
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[personal profile] seestheman 2014-03-21 05:09 am (UTC)(link)
The fact that his blood is still, well, blood and not oil or something else is something that was one of those small details that Clara had been glad to find out. She just wished that it would stay inside of him instead of coming off on a washcloth. But she had always wished that when he came home hurt.

"It malfunctioned?" It's somewhere between a shocked statement and a question when it comes out of her mouth. "Does Dr. Norton know yet?" Which really translates to 'How shocked is he going to be when I call him after you leave to yell at him about this?'

Clara pulls a small butterfly bandaid out of the white box and opens it, getting up on her tip toes so she can be completely precise about where to place it. At least, of all the cuts on his face, that seems to be the only really bad one. The rest seem to be smaller and more superficial than anything else (though there's what looks like the start of a nasty bruise on the other side of his face, but she'll grab an ice pack for that after she's done cleaning him up). She steps off of the stool and walks over to the sink to rinse the cloth out so she can go for the other side of his face, not saying a word until she's back on the step stool.

"You need to be more careful about these things, baby."
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[personal profile] yourmove 2014-03-21 09:28 am (UTC)(link)
Alex would say he feels a little bit more like himself not that he's getting cleaned up, but that doesn't change the fact that he only has to look down and see a chassis instead of a human body. "Pretty sure he knows. They're always monitoring my feed when I'm on duty."

Which is supposed to sound reassuring but it's a little Big Brother, too, and maybe it’s not that reassuring after all. Another reminder that he doesn't have privacy, that he's actually not even sure if they at least cut the feed when he comes home like this. They better.

"I know, I know," Alex sighs, the sound crackling with feedback. "I’m sorry. Sometimes you feel like Superman when you’re in this rig.”

He says it like he could get out of it at any time. Alex hunches forward a little more, feeling the butterfly band-aid tugging at his face as he tilts his cheek to the side, sensing where Clara wants to go with that ice pack. It’s one of those things he’s actually missed. They don’t really do ice packs back at the lab. It’s all fancy sedatives and injections and replacement parts and skin grafts if he’s damaged his face too much. Alex closes his eyes as the ice pack touches against his skin, relaxing because it's familiar and because he even has that wince reflex still, even if it's muted. After a moment, he cracks an eye open.

“It won’t happen again.” Well. The malfunction won’t. Sadly, Alex can’t promise Clara he won’t get thrown into another moving vehicle.
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[personal profile] seestheman 2014-03-23 07:10 am (UTC)(link)
"Of course they are." Clara knows that for the most part, but sometimes she can't help but try to forget. She's never liked the thought of their family being watched, surveillance culture or not. And the idea that OmniCorp could, if they were so willing, get a peek into their lives and none of them would ever realize it. For all she knows, they could be watching the two of them right now.

"Next time try to feel less like Superman and more like Batman." There might be the barest hint of a smirk. "Or Iron Man. Or someone who isn't an indestructible alien."

Except, and she mentally acknowledges the flaw, they can take off their body armor and go about their lives. Alex can't. Really, a more accurate comparison would be Darth Vader, but like hell is she going to go there. So instead she's just going to gently caress the cheek she isn't currently holding an ice pack to.

"I hope not, or else you'll end up sleeping on the couch." Clara's well aware it's an empty threat and she feels a little guilty for saying it, but it just feels so natural.
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[personal profile] yourmove 2014-03-24 09:17 am (UTC)(link)
From the tone of Clara’s voice, the press of her lips into a disapproving line, Alex can tell she’s got the same feeling about it he does: that surveillance is a part of their lives, unfortunately, and it’s past the point of CCTV cameras plastered all over their street. Those are one thing. But Alex feels like a spy in his own house and he’s getting tired of it. It doesn’t matter if they “need” to monitor his vitals at all times. It’s called privacy. Used to be a thing way back in the day. Maybe his handlers need reminding.

“Good point,” Alex manages a grin that promptly turns into a wince that pulls at the butterfly band-aid. “I like to think I’m less of an ass than Tony Stark.”

Also incapable of stumbling around drunk. Alex did miss that – not the hammered part, but at least being able to open a bottle of wine with his wife, a beer after work. The small stuff.

And the not so small stuff, like the couch threat. He gets where Clara’s going with this and he knows she’s just joking, but there’s a split second – half a second – where he seriously thinks about it and knows he’ll never sleep on the bed or the couch without crushing both.

“You’ll have to buy a new couch.” Unless Clara likes her couches pancake-stile these days.
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[personal profile] seestheman 2014-03-25 04:21 am (UTC)(link)
OmniCorp's (she doesn't care if it's Dr. Norton or his team or the new CEO who's watching) unending surveillance is the only reason she's glad that they can't be as intimate as they were before and the only reason she hasn't tried to find a way around it. It's bad enough that they can see what's going on in moments like this or when Alex is watching a Red Wings game with David, but the idea of someone watching them in those moments...she knows she wouldn't be able to handle that.

"Most of the time," Clara grins at him playfully, the slightest hint of a sparkle in her eye. "And far more handsome."

She tries to make sure her smile doesn't falter at that remark. "I do like furniture shopping."
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[personal profile] yourmove 2014-03-25 08:50 am (UTC)(link)
"I'm more handsome than Tony Stark now? I could get used to this." Clara really knows how to butter a cyborg man up, the smile that had been creeping onto his face getting a little wider.

He reaches up to take her hand in his, his fingers curling. His human one feels...human enough right down to a degree of warmth, but he's noticed it doesn't move the same sometimes. It looks a little too smooth and he's made it a point not to broadcast that its range of motion is more flexible than anything he's ever managed. Probably because he has a socket where his wrist joint used to be.

"We could always redo the living room," Alex says, and he's not joking right now. Just the three of them, doing something so normal that it almost felt alien to think about it. "After I squash the couch."
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[personal profile] seestheman 2014-03-25 11:14 pm (UTC)(link)
"You always have been, I just didn't want to risk stroking your ego too much." Her smile turns into an outright grin at this point.

After seeing the state Alex's face was in, Clara had been slightly worried about what the damage to his hand might be. So it's a huge relief to her to see that it's just a few scratches, and it isn't even like any of them are bleeding. So she doesn't feel at all guilty squeezing his hand lightly, as if to say 'Sorry I freaked out at you, but it was justified. But I'm still sorry about it.'

"If you squash it. That thing's survived Super Bowl parties, Stanley Cup parties, and being jumped around on. I think I'll survive you sitting on it." The gears in Clara's head are definitely turning. "We haven't really changed it since we moved it, other than the TV, of course." While she might have once grimaced at the memory of David and some of his friends deciding to play catch inside on a rainy spring day a couple years ago, and the sound of a baseball flying into the TV and a group of little kids freaking out, the memory only makes her laugh now. Anyways, the TV had been older than David was.

"If we do this, ignore any and all of D's requests to just buy giant beanbag chairs."
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[personal profile] yourmove 2014-03-26 12:42 am (UTC)(link)
Alex makes a very un-mechanical snort at that. "Don't know about you, but I'm siding with Operation Beanbag."

He can't remember smiling this much before. There's a Before and After in his life, all of a sudden, and it's not some line drawn by the typical milestones like college, meeting the love of his life, having an amazing son. Before he remembers smiling and hugging his wife and kids and not worrying about things like too much biaxial compression (the HUD's words, not his). But it's moments like this, where he's talking to Clara as husband and wife instead of cyborg and citizen and he thinks hey, maybe we can make this work.

He squeezes her hand back. "But I'm serious. Let's just do it. You free tomorrow?"

It's impulsive but he wants to do impulsive right now. Filing paperwork can wait.
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[personal profile] seestheman 2014-03-26 03:25 am (UTC)(link)
Oh Alex, why would you do this to her? That's just going to earn him a massive eyeroll and a goodnatured groan. "Of course you would. Typical boys."

There's something about all of this that just feels right to Clara. They aren't trying to pretend anything away or dance around an awkward subject or anything like that for once. It's just...them.

"Nope, jam packed. Meetings and world domination and planning bake sales." One day she'll be able to say things like that with a straight face, but this is not that day. "The only thing going on tomorrow is that David has hockey practice in the morning, but he's carpooling with some of his friends this week, so I should be free. Unless you want to surprise him and drop in to watch."
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[personal profile] yourmove 2014-03-26 03:48 am (UTC)(link)
There's his girl - if he gets an eyeroll out of her, Alex knows he did something right today. That plus a groan means this cyborg gets a fancy gold star.

"You think he'd be okay with that? Me showing up?" Alex pauses before he adds like this, resisting the urge to glance down at the chassis, the fact he's several hundred pounds too heavy and he could bench press both his wife and son without worrying about pulling something in his back. He tries to play it cool, keeping his tone as casual as he can make it.

He wants to say things really are going back to normal, that it's that easy. But Clara's struggling, David is struggling in his own way and it's not some snap your fingers and everything's fixed deal. The house might look the same as he remembers if. You can't even tell the driveway got bombed. But there's something in the air he can sense and he's pretty sure that's gut instinct and not some AI's fancy analysis algorithm at work.
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[personal profile] seestheman 2014-03-26 11:51 am (UTC)(link)
"I don't see why he wouldn't be. His coach might take a little bit of issue with you distracting his players, but that shouldn't be a problem if we get there after they've already started so they don't really notice." And David's coach had never exactly seemed adverse to the idea the one time Clara brought it up, though that had been over a month ago.

Somewhere between the press conference and now, Clara had finally started to accept that their old normal was gone. That part of planning out her week now included David's trips to his therapist and planning dinners meant planning meals for two unless they had someone over. That Alex wasn't home half as often as she wished he was.

And maybe part of accepting those changes and moving forward meant changing their home a little bit. "We could paint the living room. Blue, maybe?"
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[personal profile] yourmove 2014-03-31 12:44 am (UTC)(link)
"Makes sense." Alex feels better. Ninjaing in and trying to keep it on the downlow, got it. He still feels a little nervous, though, despite having no stomach to get butterflies in. "Blue would be great."

It would also be cool, fantastic, and everything in between. Something new. Normally he'd dread the idea of waffling between sky-blue throws and robin's egg blue pillows but right now it actually doesn't sound that bad. The idea of walking hand in hand with his wife to the store and doing something normal actually seems...fun? Alex isn't sure if that's the right word, but what he does know is it's a break from arrests and citations and paperwork he's almost convinced he's been programmed to like.

Alex drops Clara's hand, almost reluctantly. His head swivels left, then right, a mechanical survey of the kitchen. "You need any help? With, uh, with anything?"

That came out a little bit more awkward than he planned. Admittedly he's still trying to work out what is/isn't safe to do in the house with his new body. All Alex knows if he doesn't want to be stuck all the time "resting" back at the lab.
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[personal profile] seestheman 2014-04-02 03:14 am (UTC)(link)
"It'd just be for now, at least. Once they're used to having a local celebrity show up, we can be there before they start." Clara can't resist ribbing him slightly about it. Though, she has a feeling that no matter when they show up, most of David's teammates will be in awe that freaking RoboCop's at their practice.

Clara can't help but laugh slightly and give Alex a somewhat baffled look. "First you're agreeing to go shopping and help redo the living room, and now you're offering to do housework. Who are you and what did you do with my husband?"

The words come out without her meaning to, but once they've come out she shoots him an apologetic look. "I didn't mean...it's just...you don't usually agree to this sort of stuff. And you hate housework."
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[personal profile] yourmove 2014-04-02 11:25 pm (UTC)(link)
The idea of being a local celebrity was horrifying in its own right - the whole point of his job (well, his old job) was to blend in. Look like Joe Average, Joe Scumbag...Joe Who Totally Wasn't a Cop. Having a face that was plastered on billboards, TV and a name suddenly everyone and their dog knew pretty much ensured the days of undercover work was over, with or without the graphene armor. Alex had the grace to look embarrassed at this celebrity business.

He'd already had to sign some autographs in front of Clara. She'd been jerking him around about that for days, even if he tried to hide behind his visor, and he thought it'd been over until some woman came at him with her baby to sign.

Which, by the way, apparently really did happen.

Alex's face manages not to fall too much, although he's not sure if that's his own self control or the fact parts of it never felt quite right after China. He holds out his hand. "It's, uh. It's okay. It's something to do, you know? Keep busy. Something that doesn't involve work."

Besides, he figured he had billions of dollars worth of hardware and software in here. Some of it must be good for housework.
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[personal profile] seestheman 2014-04-03 03:55 pm (UTC)(link)
On Clara's part, the only reason she teased him about it was to keep from letting the utter strangeness of the situation get to her. God knows she loves Alex, but the idea of him being a role model for the children of Detroit utterly vexed her. While she never really knew the exact details of what he did undercover, she knew enough to know that it would probably make a number of parents think twice about being so okay with their kids idolizing him.

But oh, the little bit his face does fall makes Clara want to find a way to take back what she said. "Remember what happened last time, with the light bulb?" It's a gentle jibe, said with a small warm smile in an attempt to keep herself from burying herself deeper. "Anyway, there really isn't any housework to be done for once." Which she realizes isn't much help if he's looking for something to do that doesn't involve work. "We could watch a movie."
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[personal profile] yourmove 2014-04-04 11:31 pm (UTC)(link)
"Don't remind me." That damn lightbulb - Alex was convinced it had to be sending out some kind of super, anti-cyborg vibe to send him on his ass like that. All those times he got shot and nearly blown up in the line of duty (and the one time he did actually get blown up) and it was changing a lightbulb that put a 2.6 billion dollar cyborg out of commission. It's a lot funnier in retrospect, Alex's face easing, looking a little bit more relaxed.

He brightens at the idea. It's weird to watch stuff - or do anything - these days because the HUD's always on, always pinging him on stuff and he hasn't figured out a way to turn it off. It'll definitely make watching even the movies he's seen over and over and over again (101 Dalmations; Daddy's looking at you, David) interesting.

"Sure. You up for a comedy?" Alex used to like to kick back, watch his big summer blockbusters with explosions and inaccurate gun fights. Get loaded up in high-tech armor all of a sudden and chick flicks are his guilty pleasures these days.
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[personal profile] seestheman 2014-04-09 04:04 am (UTC)(link)
"Oh no, I'm definitely not letting go of that one." Not that she's going to go around and announce to the media that changing a light bulb messed him up for a good twenty minutes, but when it's just the two of them? Oh yeah, she's more than okay with mentioning it.

"Always." Even if she had gone through the majority of the comedies they owned and a ridiculous number of ones she stumbled across on Netflix in the months he was gone and the weeks that followed to try to keep her spirits up. "Any requests?"
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[personal profile] yourmove 2014-04-10 04:42 am (UTC)(link)
He'd say maybe years down the line but he knows Clara better than that - she's got a memory as good as his, with the best processors OmniCorp's money could buy. It's one of those superhero skills of hers that can be either really cool or irritating depending on what she was using them for.

"Bridesmaids", Alex shoots a look at Clara. "Don't laugh. I'm serious."

He's slowly working his way through this internal list he has going and unlike Clara, he hadn't marathoned Netflix when he was sitting in the lab. Somehow it hadn't crossed his mind to ask Norton if he could sit back with popcorn and a movie while they were arguing about his wiring. This seems way better.

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