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The Other-Wordly Meme

Words are magical things; they can have so many lovely connotations and varied histories.
Words have family trees just like people. They are linked to each other.
Some words are full of flavor and color and describe things you never suspected there were words for.
Words are why we're here.

The meme is simple: post a comment with your muse's name and canon in the subject line.
List any preferences you may have ("No Shipping," "No Smut," etc.), if you decide to leave the next step up to responders.
Responders (or original posters, if they so decide), go to the Other-Wordly blog and hit 'Random' until you get a word. Use the word as a prompt to write up an RP scenario. Do this several times, if you like. Mix and match. Have fun with it!

           Don't stop with a word, though! Words can often have etymologies that are at oddswith their current meanings.                Words can shift connotations over time. Let your imagination carry you with the words as its wind. 
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Joan Watson | Elementary

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ooc: We could change the words at every X number of posts. What do you think?

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I think that's a great idea! Maybe every seven, so we take turns? :)

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Under half an hour. That's got to be a record.

[Joan carries the file box away from the door and into the parlor. She crouches with a sigh to set the box down, then takes the lid off.]

Probably helped that the police were already trying to figure out who was stalking the victim before he decided to just shoot her.

[She looks up at Sherlock. Time was the lull between cases was the worst part of their lives, but now...now that they've become lovers as well as partners...the lull was hardly a lull. They couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Of course, now they're going to have to.]

We should get started on these.
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[Sometimes he thinks it is too hard to be with Watson all the time. They are partners, roommates and casual lovers. It is very hard for him to control himself and spend all this time with her, together.

Sex with her is wonderful and if he was truly honest with himself, it's the best sex of his life. He's starting to think that work is a waste of time when they have each other, but he shouldn't think that. He is Sherlock Holmes and he is a professional.]

Yes. Yes. We should. Let's start.
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Re: Excellent!

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[She's in love with him, loves him more than she's loved anyone else, and it's a heady experience. They just need to channel it into their work now.

She pulls a stack of files out of the box and hands them to him, then takes a stack for herself and sits on the couch to go through them.]
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[He accepts the stack of files with a nod and starts going through them too. It's boring, he's tired, he can't stop thinking about Watson and last night, he needs focus.]

I don't know where to start. These casefiles are utterly disorganized. Who was the person responsible for this monstrosity? I can't work like this.

[He sighs and rubs at the bridge of his nose.]
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Fine. Let's organize them.

[He's tired and distracted, and it's no stretch to guess why. They're going to have to work out a solution. But for now, she stands up.]

I think we need some coffee. Grab the box and bring it downstairs?
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[She stands up and he can't help but look at her perfect legs. He can't help himself. He has an appetence for her since day one and it only got worse after they became romantically involved.]

You-- You should stop wearing short skirts at home, Watson. It's very-- very distracting.

[It makes him inclined to hold her and kiss those legs senseless. But now they need to work. He sighs, twitches his fingers for a while, grabs the box and stands up, heading for the stairs.]
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[She snorts, starting down the stairs.]

Yeah...not going to happen. I'm not going to dress in lingerie or a leather catsuit or anything, but I'm also not going to stop wearing my normal clothes. Besides, if you had to stop wearing everything that attracted me, then you'd have to stop wearing everything, and that's entirely besides the point.
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Want to choose the next word or would you like to play with this one for more 10 posts?

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I'm sorry. It's just-- Your legs. I'm naturally attracted to them.

[He smirks.]

I can't focus on work if you keep distracting me with your beauty.

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Let's keep on with this one for now :)

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[She pads into the kitchen and to the coffee maker. Once the coffee is brewing, she pauses for a moment, then turns to face him.]

Are we going to be able to keep working together?
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Alright. Tell me when you want to change.

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[He puts the box of files in one of the tables and goes after her in the kitchen.]

I'm hardly going to drop to my knees in the middle of the police precinct or eat you out while we are working on a case, Watson. We solved cases since we-- [He gestures at the two of them.] -- had sex for the first time.

[He looks down.]

It's just-- This case is not so interesting after all and... Well, after last night events I--

[He clears his throat.]

I'm sorry. I'm distracted and you really look lovely today. It's not your fault. We should get back to work.
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Okay, here's one :)

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[The thought of him on his knees in the police station makes the corner of her mouth twitch up. She listens, nods slowly.]

I think coffee will help. You're obviously tired. Besides that...maybe we can incentivise. Make your desires work for us.
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Lol this word is so appropriate.

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Yes, coffee will help--

["Make your desires work for us" echoes in his mind and he stops for a moment with his mouth open.]

What do you have in mind?
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[Her smile widens.]

We set goals. And rewards for when we reach them. A kiss for every file we finish, a touch for every suspect we're able to eliminate...and fucking each other senseless when we solve the case and the murderer is in custody.
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Watson, Watson, Watson.... Are you playing with me?

[He is very impressed. He made clear to her that she could use sex to control him during their first time, but he never thought about using sex to estimulate their work.]


[He smirks.]
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[She smiles, pleased with herself.]

It's a game. Instead of trying to ignore our desires, which we will almost certainly fail to do, we'll let them help us get things done. So...kiss per file. And full on mind blowing sex when we've caught the guy. What else?
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I would suggest mutual masturbation whenever we have a breakthrough in the case. I would love to see if you would be able to stop yourself, Watson.

[Of course she would. She stopped him when he went down on her in the cab. It would be hard to do, but a kiss is often enough to set off the sparks between them. They're going to be kissing often, so...]

Or we could try something more easy. For both of us. Touch? We take off a piece of our clothing when one of us make a discovery?
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[He's taunting her with the mutual masturbation thing. She tilts her head, her smile going sly.]

Fine. One article of clothing for every discovery, mutual masturbation for every breakthrough.

[Challenge accepted.]
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[This is going to be fun. He smiles earnestly when she accepts the challenge.]

Excellent! Is the coffee ready?

[He is bouncing on his feet. Suddenly the boring case became very interesting.]

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to solving this case, Watson.
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Just about.

[She turns and takes two mugs from the dish drainer, then pours coffee into each. She offers him one.]

Let's get started.
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New word!

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[He takes the mug and drinks his coffee with three gulps. He goes to the room where he left the box with the files and starts digging them out.]

I'm waiting for you. Where do you like to start?
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Nice one!

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[She brings the coffee into the room with her, sets it on the table, and picks up a file.]

All these are the people that the police suspected might have been Ms. Redding's stalker. We go through each file, and either eliminate or keep for further analysis. Sounds good?
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Sounds excellent.

[He picks one file as well and starts reading it in silence.]

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[She leans againt the table, half sitting on it, and studies the file in her hands. A man who belonged to the victim's gym. He was probably in here because the police asked her for everyone she could possibly think of who might be watching her. Joan sips her coffee and keeps reading, wanting to make sure she can honestly eliminate the guy.]

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