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Nightmares Meme

Your nightmares follow you like a shadow...

You're trapped in your worst nightmare and worse yet,
you've dragged someone right along in with you.
You feel like you can't escape and any fear you've ever had
is coming true or you're being forced to watch helplessly as
someone you care about is in mortal danger or pain but you can't save them.

Whatever you fear the most can and will come true.
- Post your characters, name and series in the subject.
- Others respond after going to RNG and entering 1-7.
- TRIGGER WARNING: Some prompts may be triggering (Torture, general violence, ect.) so be mindful.

1. motions. you're trapped in your worst nightmare, forced to through the horror to completion with whoever you've drawn into your dream.
2. chased. you're both being chased by something horrible, but it feels more like you're running in place.
3. tortured. held down and tortured in every way imaginable. Can whoever else is in your dream save you?
4. helpless. you're helpless, only able to watch as the person dragged into your dream is hurt, tortured, or otherwise in danger, but you can't help.
5. tormentor. the person in your dream is not there to help, but to hurt. They are not a friend... at least not right now. Maybe they're fighting against whatever is urging them to hurt you or are taking great delight in it.
6. uncontrolled. you're hurting someone you care about and taking delight in it... or at least outwardly. Inside, you might be fighting it with everything you've got.
7. other. mix and match or make your own up.

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Saft | Original Character | OTA

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[Saft's nightmares involve being trapped in shit tonnes of fire and one very frightening figure in black.]
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[ooc: any particular scenario you'd want to play?]
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[I think it'd be pretty rad if Pavel somehow wound up in Saft's dream whilst she's trying to escape from said shadowy figure that's been haunting her.]
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[Pavel fumbled around in the dark tunnel, desperately trying to re-light his torch. It seemed the battery had died when he least wanted it to. He pushed his way through a haze of spider webs, cursing. He kicked down a rusted door and then spotted a figure only a few metres in front of him. He shone his torch towards the shadowy figure.]

Show yourself! Blyat.....who is there?
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[There's no answer, only the sound of running and panting. It stops as it turns a corner and a much larger more intimidating shadow goes past it. As the smaller one moves on it notices Pavel standing there.]


[It panics again and turns to run. you might be able to stop her if you try to grab her wrist or something.]
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[Pavel doesn't think twice, as he grabbed out in front of him and pulled the figure towards him. A girl? He held the torch light over them both and saw a very frightened young girl in his grasp. What was she running from? The same thing he was running from? Giant rats and mutants?]

Hey, hey. It's ok. I'm here now, devotshka. [He offered her a cheery smile even though the place smelt of death and decay. He could always find a happy moment throughout the darkest of times.]

What are you running from?
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...[Saft struggles a little, pulling her hand away from him.] Who are you and what are you even doing here?
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Devotshka. You're not from here, are you? [Her accent was strange and it looked like she was far from home.]

It means girl in my language. Unless you'd rather me call you by your name. [He flashed her a quick grin and managed to shake his torch into life, giving off a strong beam of white light. He attached the torch to his ushanka and un-hooked his Kalash from his back. He made sure there were enough bullets in the clip, before reloading.]

I'm Pavel. Just a regular soldier, you know? A guy trying to stay alive down here. I was patrolling along the tunnel behind us and I was attacked by a mutant. Could have been a giant rat but I wasn't sure.
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[She repeats his name to herself. It seems odd that he truly doesn't know where he is. Saft's not entirely sure how she managed to dream up such a strange person into her subconciousnous especially with those kind of weapons he has with him]

...No offence or anything, but if anyone's a little too far away from home I think it's you.
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What are you talking about, devotshka? I am in the Metro. One of the many tunnels underneath Moscova. The last place I was headed to was Polis. [Was he lost?]

What makes you say that, eh? [He eyed her suspiciously. She didn't look like any girl he'd met before. What were those clothes she was wearing? She didn't look like a girl who had been brought up without seeing daylight. She wasn't dark-eyed and rough looking like most within the Metro.]
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[Saft looks down to the weapon again and then back up at Pavel's eyes.] We're not alone.

...You need to get out of here now. So how do I unthink you?
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[He offered her a confused stare then pulled her against a wall when he heard guttural breathing.]

Shhh! Stay quiet! I think it's the mutant that's been following me. It must have caught my scent. [Her last words caught him off guard, as he pointed his Kalash into the swallowing blackness.] Unthink me? Nyet, you don't want to do that. No, no. We've only just met and I can save you, devotshka.
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...I've been trying to hide from this thing all my life. There's no escaping it.

Look Pavel, or whatever your name've clearly gotta be some kinda figment of my imagination. You can't save me because it's always there.

He's always there.
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All your life, eh? That sounds like some pretty hard shit right there. Tak, tak. [He shook his head. Could it be...a Dark One she was talking about?]

What is this thing you've been running from all your life? Now that you've found me, we don't have to run anymore. We can defeat it, eh? You and me, comrade- uh, I still don't know your name. [He shrugged and held his Kalash close to him.]
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You're the one in my head, you should already know my name.

[She mutters.] It's bad enough with one crazed maniac up here in here I don't need another.
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How can I not remember your name if I've never met you before? That doesn't make any sense.....[He frowned and then closed his eyes. Perhaps the Dark One was playing with his mind? Her face did seem familiar now that he was trying to remember. Her hair was vivid in colour....her eyes alive and keen. Serf? Serif? Sal? Saft? Was that her name? Pavel's memories seem to be coming back to him slowly for some reason.]

Comrade Saft? I'm not crazy, no, no, I'm Pavel and you're comrade Saft. I remember now. The Dark One must have been playing with my mind. I'm not sure why though. Shit. Those mutants must be close now. [He looked around a walled corner and couldn't see anything through the thick blackness.]
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I keep telling you there aren't any mutants here... and if they are. They're not the ones you think they are.

[She frowns and rolls her eyes, finally coming to her senses or at least what Saft assumes to be her actual senses.] This is stupid, Look! I still don't know what you're doing here in my dream but if Ravus finds you then you're finished... dream or not.

He has a way of getting into people's heads. You're not safe here, so if I was you I'd just wake up!
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Your dream, eh? I still don't know how I ended up within your dream, if this is even happening. This Ravus sounds like a real shit monster. [He smacked his torch into life once more, as it flickered and nearly went out.]

How do I wake up from a dream? Do I die? Will that do it? How about you shoot me then. I'm not afraid to die.