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The Shipwreck Meme!

The Shipwreck Meme!

Originally(?) posted here ages ago.

Most of us have seen Titanic. Most of us have also seen that set of episodes from Pokemon where the S.S. Anne sinks. I'm sure there are other good movie and tv examples of boats going down, but those two should be enough for everyone to get the idea of this meme. Sinking ships aren't fun for those involved in them, but they're definitely fascinating, and there are a lot of possibilities to be explored.

Use RNG for the scenario and then again for the complications, or just do whatever you like!

Warning: This meme options are probably not triggering, but material might come up in threads that is.


1. Abandon ship! The boat is sinking and whether you want to or not, you're going to be without it sooner or later.

2. Capsized! The boat is sinking, and you're stuck below deck. Even worse, the boat has turned over, and you have to make your way to the bottom of it and get out through the hull somehow. Hopefully you can smash your way through any barricades that might be in your path.

3. Attacked! Whether pirates or aliens or whatever, the boat is under attack, and probably going down. The only difference is that there might be another vessel to escape to, if you can figure out how to do so without getting captured.

4. To the lifeboats! The ship has sunk, but thankfully you have a smaller one to take refuge in. Of course, quarters are cramped and there's not a lot of room for supplies, and you're definitely not out of danger yet. Better hope you're close to shore, or you're going to have to figure out how to survive on the open sea until rescue.

5. Make room on that door! You don't even have a lifeboat, and so you're either stuck floating free in the ocean or you've found some debris from the boat to climb onto. Either way, you won't last long unless you're clever or help comes soon.

6. Deserted island! You've washed up on shore of a deserted island. Time to make camp and some smoke signals, and hope the island isn't inhabited by cannibals. Or lots of snakes.

7. Wildcard! Whatever scenario you can think of is fair game. Go for it!


1. The water is freezing and there aren't enough boats! The water is really, really cold, so on top of everything else going on, you have to deal with potential hypothermia.

2. The sun is not your friend! It's scorching hot, leading to threats of heatstroke, not to mention sunburns. At least the water might be able to keep you cool, but tropical waters are often incredibly dangerous.

3. Injuries! One or both of you got hurt during the shipwreck, and have to deal with the injuries while you try to get to safety.

4. Supernatural power loss! One or more of your supernatural powers aren't working. You might even be entirely 'normal'. Hopefully you can get by without them.

5. No supplies! You don't have/didn't have time to collect supplies, so you have nothing but your wits and the clothes on your back to use to survive.

6. Sharks! The ocean is full of sharks. Good luck.

7. Wildcard! Maybe there really are cannibals on that island, or you have a disease that needs regular treatment, or this whole debacle is delaying whatever quest you're on. Go crazy!
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