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What did you say to them?

She's just going to assume he's the reason everyone is crying. It wouldn't be the first time.
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Nothing. I just explained how the murder happened.

[Sherlock hadn't insulted anyone's intelligence, either. Well, other than DI Dimmock's.]
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Who are you explaining it to?

[It was about context. Something which Sherlock never seemed able to take into consideration-who his audience was.]
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The victim's family and friends.
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[She rolls her eyes when she reads his text. He really was proper clueless sometimes.]

You went into detail about the murder to the victim's family? That's why they're crying Sherlock. Hearing about how your loved one died is upsetting to most people.

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His widow asked me what happened. Was I supposed to lie or cut corners?

[Sherlock has a little bit better sense than to bring this up uninvited to the victims' families. (After that incident several years back that earned him a punch in the nose, anyway.)]
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Cut corners. Sugar-coat.

[She wasn't sure if Sherlock was actually capable or understood the idea of "sugar-coating."
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If she didn't want to know the truth, then why would she ask?

[Sherlock should have redirected her to Lestrade, but he really wanted to show off how much he'd been able to read out of so little.]
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There's a way to tell the truth without being clinical and detailed.

Where's John?

[He usually handles these situations with Sherlock it seems.]
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Not answering his texts or voice mail.

[Sherlock had thought he'd been improving before this, too.]
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Are you concerned?

[That seemed unlike John to her. Especially when Sherlock was involved.]
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Why? Should I be concerned?

[Sherlock is slightly worried about John, but he's got nothing to go on but a few missed texts and a missed call. He'd certainly feel stupid if he were to pursue this and find that John's just away from his phone for a moment. If Molly is also worried, he'll be more confident to act on it regardless.]
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I suppose that depends on how long it's been or if you think you did something to upset him.
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Nine minutes.

I frequently upset him. He usually gets over it fast enough.
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Oh. Nine minutes is no time at all. I'm sure you'll hear from him soon.

But I'm here if you need me.
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Nine minutes is relative. When it's spent in front of a sobbing audience, it doesn't feel so fast.
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Can you take your leave?

[That seemed like the safest option and she doubted they would miss him if he had upset them so much.]
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They asked me to leave five minutes ago.
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Then why are you still there?
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Because when I told them to make me, no one did.

[But that's a good question. He doesn't want to be here. No one wants him here. The only reason he's still standing around is a matter of misplaced pride that doesn't actually matter for anything.

Okay, Molly. You win. Sherlock is going to leave now before things get any more uncomfortable for him.
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Oh Sherlock, you didn't?

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I did. And now I've left, too.
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That's good.