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ghost love score

sleeping with ghosts —

You can't help who you fall in love with. But what if the person you fall for is no longer a person? Perhaps they were, once; those days have gone. All that's left is a memory. Is that something you can put to rest, or will you keep them with you and away from their final resting place?

  • Comment with your character and preferences. Mention if you'd prefer to play the living, the dead, or either.
  • Reply to others. You can use the RNG or not, if you'd wish. Make up your own additional prompts, scenes, scenarios, and such.

  • Dead Lover — No wonder they have unfinished business with you. You were theirs in life, and they're not about to let you go.
  • Tethered to You — In life, you didn't know each other, but now their ghost is connected to you, and you to them.
  • The Sight — You're the only one who can see them, the only one in the world to them, now.
  • Haunted Home — There's something wrong with your house. Can you reclaim it? Do you want to get rid of your companion?
  • Peace to the Vengeful — All you wanted to do was do a kind deed and help them achieve peace, not become eternally grateful.
  • Remember — Both of you are bound and determined to find out who you were as a living mortal. The knowledge might tear you apart.
  • Different Time, Different Place — This ghost is of a person who's a bit...antiquated compared to you. Careful, they may want to court you. It certainly makes things awkward when they see how you dress.
  • Jealousy — Lights burst, glass cracks, and the whole place goes cold when someone with a pulse smiles at you.
  • Protection — You'll risk your afterlife for the one you love.
  • Confession — If you can communicate vocally, confessions are easy. If you can't talk, that's a whole other kettle of fish.
  • The Challenge of Intimacy — Ghost makes it look so easy. You want to reach out and touch them, but you can't always do that.
  • Manifestation — Your emotions have temporarily given you a physical form.
  • Keeping You Here — The living's affection keeps the dead in the mortal coil.
  • Decay — The longer they stay with you, the more of a violent wraith, disconnected from their past, they become.
  • Passing — You have to let them go, even if they don't want to.
  • Just Like Heaven — You'll work together to find a way to bring you back to life.
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Hange Zoe | Attack on Titan | F/M

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[ Either! It's a fascinating phenomenon both ways.... ]
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i think most of those prompts count at this rate ohohohoho

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He’d gone out in the most memorable way possible, after a three-way bloodbath between the titans, the MP, and what remained of their little expedition somewhere past Wall Rose and the tales of his death might’ve been passed on with hushed whispers at your local tavern, reverberating along the walls and it’s just as well that the body had been impossible to retrieve at that point, under the circumstances. She might’ve even been there, might’ve even stood witness to it…

And in the beginning there was light, and laughter…pouring out of the titans’ hideous maws after a day’s carnage, out of the revelry of drunkards, the few witnesses to that momentous occasion struck dumb with the morbid humor that flowed so freely, it seemed, like titan piss…

Or was it blood?

But it’s the dead of night and she’s still poring over her research and making a mess of the place and Levi takes his seat opposite her, bedraggled despite his attempts to look his best for the rest of eternity as he rests his boots on the table with a whooshing sort of noise like a blast of air rather than the clicking of his heels against the wood. There’s still a bit of chair poking out from underneath crushed ribs, that blood-soaked cape, and hey, even the faint outline of the wings hanging off his back. He is, for the most part, a mere trick of the light, flickering here and gone again as tall shadows linger against the walls on this most portentous of evenings, and he crosses his arms, indignant as ever.

“Smells like shit in here,” he supplies helpfully, with his nose turned up as if there are piles of the steaming stuff in question doing pirouettes on the ceiling and it’s all her fault. Of course it is.
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yes good

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It had been one of those things you simultaneously always expected and yet couldn’t believe possible, a dichotomy of thought that nevertheless existed solidly in mind. Someone as awesome (in the classic awe-inspiring sense of the word) as Humanity’s Greatest simply demanded that class of thinking. He was the finest warrior their species had to offer. Of course he had to live forever. That, or die horribly in battle. There was no middle ground for one such as he. Not in her imagination, anyway.

How he plagued her mind still, even long gone. Another ally gone, another friend gone the way of so many others in this ever-more-complicated war. And maybe she did miss him more noticeably than others, maybe she felt his absence another degree more. No more off-handed insults, no more deadpan conversations about shit. Every lost friend was a unique dynamic gone, a relationship that could never be replaced, but Levi, Levi….

If nothing else, it really makes no fucking sense that she of all people could outlive him. But she doesn’t have time to be depressed, doesn’t have time to miss him. She’s one of the last remaining elite of the Survey Corp and if that doesn’t mean her own time is running out, she’s not sure what else it could mean, so when she’s not teaching the remainder of Levi’s Squad (as they will always be named, even with Levi himself gone) everything she knows, she’s losing sleep over her research because if time is running out she’s got to make use of every sacred second.

Her lantern flickers, low on oil, and her coffee went cold an hour ago. It’s black, just the way she hates it. She only puts sugar in it when she can spare a little time to reminisce, because any luxuries they enjoy are because of Levi’s deal with the merchants. Keeping it bitter forces her to stay focused, otherwise.

…That’s the half-subconscious thought process behind it, anyway. When a draft swirls into the room and rustles some of her papers she jerks her head up in a hurry and then, for a moment, she could almost swear she hears him. Almost sees him in the dancing lantern light, illuminating so little beyond the circle it casts on her desk. What a mess. This place has really gone to the dogs. Eren and the others try to keep it up the same way as Levi did but—

“Nobody scours this place top to bottom like you did anymore,” she mutters, taking off her glasses and covering her eyes with one hand. Talking to the shadows, now? She’s been up far too long.
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He scoffs. “I’ve seen cleaner spots up that titan’s shithole.” He said this with part of his face still bashed in, crushed underneath a gargantuan anus with no real shithole in sight.

Which is to say, he looks the same as ever. Just why he’d left his own messy, bleeding corpse out to rot in that little crater of ground to wander about haunting the living is a mystery unto itself, and one, unfortunately, that doesn’t quite solve the one regarding the nature of the titans.

Or someone had pulled a cosmic lever then and there, and erased that part of his memory as he lay there dying—but let’s not waste words. It was a quick one, and painful, and it smelled so much that he could still catch a whiff of it wherever he went. Could’ve even been the scent of his own bowels squeezed out of him when he’d been crushed, who knows?

He’d sort of just…popped back into some semblance of volume, incorporeal and with a great desire for a cup of tea that he can’t really have, and it irks him. She’s letting her coffee get cold, for one thing, but that’s her business. The smell of is strong enough to drag him from the unfortunate throes of his un-life, and he keeps himself rooted on this chair, because…because fuck that. He’d never really bought into those superstitions about ghosts and spirits and whatnot, least of all the spooky little tales certain members of the Survey Corps told each other during the long nights when they’d had little else to do. Of how the dead come back when they’ve had unfinished business, and how the irony hadn’t been lost on him even then.

There must be a lot of ghosts out there right now, haunting people’s dreams, demanding that humanity be delivered from the titans, and he brushes aside a lock of his hair and regards her coolly, because wow Hange, he hasn’t even been dead for that long and you’ve let yourself and this place go.

“And you were wrong.”
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Her eyes start to burn. Granted, they’ve felt dry and sore for the last couple hours as she’s struggled to resist exhaustion in favor of her work, but while the sudden heat in her eyes is a wet one it offers no relief of pain. She really ought to call it a night if she’s hallucinating his voice now. It’s true that she imagines him talking to her sometimes, reminding herself of his deadpan tone and the tasteless things he’d say that passed as his sense of humor, but that’s not the same as speaking to an empty room in response to Levi-sounding thoughts that she didn’t intend to have.

She’s mourned him already, as much as there was time to allow it. Hange mourns her human companions far more deeply than she ever mourned any capture titan, the loss of friends aching much worse than the loss of study and information, but all she can do is honor them and press on in their stead.

Honoring them really should not include having a midnight mental breakdown of some kind, hearing a voice that’s no longer around to be heard. She pinches her temples with thumb and fingers, still shading her eyes from the lantern-light as she waits for the fit of madness to pass.

After several long moments of silence, she tests it with a reply. “…Wrong about what?”
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His face crinkles into something even more disdainful than usual—or is it thoughtful? Do facial expressions even matter when he’s neither here nor there? But Hange’s condition is concerning, even if Levi has no illusions as to what the other’s grieving over. If grieving she truly is.

Doesn’t matter, but she’s tiring herself out again and he can’t even scold her to sleep or appeal to her with a well-scrubbed bunker. But he’s had time to think, traveling nonstop across the vast plains leading away from the site of his rather embarrassing demise, and he’s still carrying those handgrips, as well as his damaged 3DMG, but other than that? He’s just peachy—can’t even get tired without a body and all, though that made for difficult travel since his ghost grappling-hooks pass through anything solid, and it takes a hell of a lot of energy for himself to stay on the chair as it is and maintain visibility at the same time. But fuck it, if he wants to sit on a chair and put his legs up on the dinner table for no good reason then he damn well will.

“Their assholes,” he clarifies, pulling at the trigger of his grip to demonstrate. It even made a clicky noise. “I tore it one before it sat on me.”
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It’s so absurd and so Levi that she laughs, short and harsh, a bark of a sound that perhaps is closer to a sob after all. Fuck, he would say that. Somebody hamstrings a 15-Meter Class titan and stumbles it in such a way that it lands ass-first on Humanity’s Greatest so suddenly even he can’t get out of the way, and that would be his answer.

Hange leans back in her chair, lowering her hand, glasses hanging from her fingers as her arms dangle limply at her sides. Her eyes, red with exhaustion and the unexpected surge of fresh grief, stare blankly into the shadows of the ceiling overhead, bypassing those ghostly flickers of form completely. Maybe she’s asleep already, drooling onto the priceless pages of one journal or another, and just waiting for Moblit to wander in and check on her for the nth time and shake her awake and usher her to her actual bunk.

It’s an easy thing to believe at such a late, exhausted hour, and she misses his voice. She’ll never hear it again outside of memory, so what’s wrong with a little dreaming?

“That… that doesn’t count. It’s not a natural part of their physiology if you carved it out yourself.”
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For what it’s worth, it’s a very nice sound for particularly tired ears, even if Levi doesn’t join in on the fun.

“Tch, sore loser.” He knows he’s very much one, though it’s hard to care about anything at all when you’re incorporeal and public opinion of you hasn’t always been that hot. But if it cheers her up that’s…good? There’s still the matter of taking her to bed or even puzzling out why she’s acting so natural about the dead come back to life and more importantly inquire as to any further visitations from other deceased members of the Survey Corps or even Pastor Nick, but he refrains from that for the time being, content to just…just watch her.

He still believes that humanity will gain its freedom one day and all, so he knows his unfinished business here won’t stay unfinished for long. That, and he doesn’t have any particularly useful information to part beyond the asshole thing. Shit.
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Loser. He references old repartee, but the word brings other implications to mind. She lost something when he died, alright, something that their banter about titan digestive tracks was only a part.

Would he be annoyed if he could see her now? Moping about like she did when Nick was murdered…at least Levi went out in action, fighting the good fight and so on. They did come away with valuable intel from that collision of powers, so at least it could be said he hadn’t died in vain (exact manner of it aside). Wishing he hadn’t died at all was the same wish held towards any lost scout. Levi didn’t deserve to be mourned more than any other human life lost in the war against the titans, except…that it was Hange doing the mourning here.

She spits a soft little curse under her breath and leans forward again, elbows on the table as she slips her glasses back on and considers calling it a night. Except she’s dreaming already? What good would getting up and walking towards a dream-bed do? Maybe this lucidity means she could rouse herself towards wakefulness, or….

The mostly not-there glimmers of substance facing her from the opposite side of the table catch her notice again, and she freezes in the middle of closing her personal journal to stare at the incomplete silhouette more intently, eyes puzzled despite the redness of grief in them.
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And Levi would’ve been pissed off if she’d tried to mourn him anyway—waste of valuable time when they could’ve been out saving humanity and all that. There will be other badasses—hopefully Eren will make someone like Levi irrelevant, even. Hopefully.

Okay well they’re sort of doomed but he does miss her, and even if he probably owes Erwin a haunting right now he’s comfortable enough staying close to her, never mind the shitty state of his being, however incorporeal. It’s not like he can feel his ribs crushed in or his flesh rotting or any of that stuff, anyway.

But then she just…stops and stares at him like she’d seen a…a ghost and he hasn’t failed to notice the irony of the whole thing. Just why he’d bothered coming back he was never sure, but it had to be done anyway, if only out of some misguided post-expirational sentimentality or somesuch. He cares, in his own little way, and Hange, unlike most people, wouldn’t bat an eyelash at the state of his....spirit, as it were.

“Just what the fuck are you staring at?” he says irritably, still somewhat pleased despite everything even if he deigns not to show it. She’s the one who talked about Sawney Bean while everyone else was trying not to retch at hearing her stories, after all.
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For someone who values individual human lives so greatly, that Levi should dismiss the loss of his own so easily…that is something Hange cannot do.

“Levi….” It’s not precisely an answer, though it fits as one, but it’s not a questioning statement, either. That’s Levi’s voice, as it has been this whole time, and when she almost thought she could see him….

She completes the journal-closing motion and slowly pushes her chair back. As she rises her eyes remain fixed on the glimmers in that other chair, like a feline or predatory bird, gaze locked on target even while the body moves for a better angle on it. Whether she is dreaming or awake is suddenly irrelevant. The scientist in her sees something strange and unusual, and not even the prospect of a dream can stop the curiosity towards it.

Hange keeps a hand on the table as she circles around it, fingers rasping softly over the wood, perhaps finding a kind of anchor in the solid feel of it. She leaves it there as well when she steps in beside that other chair, now almost certain of the other form glimpsed in the lantern-light like some kind of midnight heat mirage. Fear is not something she feels, though. There’s a mystery here to investigate.

With the grounding of solid wood under one hand, she reaches her opposite out with the same lack of caution that she once touched Eren’s skinless, scalding titan-arm. That not-shape…she wants to see if she can touch it.


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There’s not much he can do about the value of his own life, given how people had often been willing to waste him anyway. It just so happened that a titan got to him first, and then…

There’s no changing it, is there? Hange’s smart enough to know how to move forward, and he guesses he really isn’t, if he’s hanging around here instead of moving on to whatever afterlife awaited him. But he raises a mostly intact eyebrow as she draws closer and out of some still-living instinct in him he drops his feet to the floor instead, mightily resisting the urge to wipe the traces of gunk that had stuck to his boots off the table.

Actually, the fact that he hasn’t even spent the first few minutes of his un-life grooming himself does feel a tad surprising, and he can only attribute it to some sort of post-death shock or somesuch. Or just…a really really strong urge to see her again, before whatever time he had left haunting the surface of the world remained to him had run out.

Her hand phases through his broken neck and he self-consciously tries to straighten himself, keeping his expression carefully nonchalant even if the impact from the titan’s ass had already given him an almost laughing kind of grimace, as if he’s trying to hold a violent chortle in.

“No, it’s the fucking Colossal Titan. Who do you think it is?”
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That’s definitely Levi. Her hand meets with nothing (except perhaps a faint chill, like a sudden draft of cold air in a warm room) but her eyes see just enough, but most of all, she hears, and two senses out of five is a poor ratio but it’s believable enough, especially in the depths of exhaustion. Grief, too. She has it under control from day to day, but in the darkness of the fabled witching hour with no one else around but a voice….

“Levi.” She murmurs it again with a dumb, quiet kind of shock, taking back her hand and leaning heavily upon the table instead. Enough so that her knees buckle, in fact. She’s able to control her drop to the floor to some degree, but gravity still has the greater edge in pulling her down. Her knees strike the floor and she sits heavily on her heels, now looking up at him for a change.

Does she realize she’s looking up at a ghost? Oh, certainly, but not on a very conscious level. She doesn’t hold much stock in the supernatural, and science has no explanation for this to offer. And of course, she may only be dreaming. The look of him, such as she can glimpse it, doesn’t even upset her all that much. It’s counteracted by the fact that she can see him at all, and of course, hear him.

The burn in her eyes intensifies again, but it’s a lopsided grin that cracks her mouth. “The only thing colossal about you is the stick up your ass.”
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If he weren’t incorporeal he’d try to smack her right now—as it were, he couldn’t even stop her descent to the floor. Not that it stopped him from enjoying the view, all the same, but there were very little pleasures to be had when you were bereft of mind and body in the most technical sense.

At least she finally realized it, and seeing those lines of grief creasing her brow made him frown, but there’s nothing to be done about that, either.

He feels so helpless right now, even if he has achieved complete and utter freedom, for what it’s worth. Is it too late for him to say that maybe it’s overrated after all?

Ha, joking. Like she is, and he can accept that, because it’s something to cling to, to anchor himself to for a little while longer.

“It’s nothing like the shit stuck up yours.” Ha, deadpan. Funny. Haha. But there might be a genuine smile hidden beneath his hideously deformed countenance, though for the moment he’s content to peacefully rot in an ethereal sort of way and just…glower at her like a ghost would.

The afterlife hadn’t left him bereft of his best lines, really.
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And little else could confirm that it’s Levi quite like them. Nobody else ever threw such lines around, except when Hange herself tossed them right back at him. And in her mind, she’s aware that her thoughts of him remain in the past tense. She can hear him clearly, see just enough when the lanternlight hits nonexistent angles the right way, but she knows…he’s gone.

Her arm still hangs up on the table, holding her crouch upright. Her other hand now covers her eyes as the heat in them wells, spilling wetly over her cheeks. A choked little sound briefly strangles her throat, but otherwise it’s a silent affair. She hides her eyes away because...well, it’s a reflex action, mostly. She takes her glasses off again and scrubs her eyes with her wrist because they have better things to do than be blinded with tears right now.

“The only person with constipation problems is you,” she retorts, grief and happiness still mingling both in voice and the slant of her smile. “I never understood how such a neat freak couldn’t give himself a good cleanse once in a while.”

There, yes, her tenses falter. He’s gone. He’s right in front of her. Her tongue fails to remain consistent between past and present tense, despite how easily it reclaims their familiar banter otherwise.
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“Oi, Hange—” That’s the only thing that could make him shut up about his shit jokes anyway, and…the tears come as a surprise. He immediately gets off his chair—or more accurately phases through it, and broken, ghostly fingers try to cradle her between his hands even as the chill of him wafts through to her.

He’d never seen her like this before, really vulnerable as she is and he’s kind of pissed that he couldn’t witness this when he was properly solid and could conk her on the head properly. Or tug on her ponytail, or…anything, really.

What he wouldn’t give to be able to touch her again.

He tries pulling at her ears, grasps at nothing instead, and makes a little Tch of annoyance. “Just keep it in already,” he says instead, a little half-heartedly trying to catch up with the joke.
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It’s enough of a chill to get her attention and she lifts her head, red eyes flicking little distances from side to side as they track what hints of form she can see. The shadows of sunken eyes seem most distinct somehow, light glimmering off of nonexistent sclerae. She doesn’t put her glasses back on, just lets her hand dangle limp in her lap with them.

Hange feels the tears on her cheeks but there is no urge to hide them. There’s no shame, no embarrassment in grieving. Sometimes the worst thing about losing a comrade in battle is the suddenness of it, the lack of closure. Maybe her sorrow and her lack of sleep has driven her half-crazy, but she’s happy because…it’s still a chance to say goodbye, even if it’s all in her imagination.

She was in the Scouting Legion before him…and she’s still in it after him, too. It’s been a long time since Erwin dragged him out of the underground, and now….

“No can do.” Her voice is wet and hoarse, contented and saddened at the same time as she looks on the face of a lost friend. “It only hurts more when you hold it in.”
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And just like that, his penchant for toilet humor went poof and he’s not sure if it’ll ever come back again. He doesn’t know what awaits him for eternity, after all, though he kinda figured that he’d have been able to enjoy a titan-free world with her before he ran into it. Before he became obsolete.

Maybe this is better, going down before his time and everything and why. Is she. Just.

So difficult.

While Levi’s never really had a plan for whatever’s going down during his visit to her it’s still…not going according to whatever nebulous little scenarios he’s played out in his head. They’re supposed to talk titans, talk about saving humanity and he just wants to see her okay when he gets flushed up that great big toilet in the sky. Or whatever passes for a toilet in this era. Probably just a bucket. Yeah.

“Do what you want,” he says with a scoff, and that’s only the most preliminary of warnings for himself as well as her when he leans over to press a sloppy ghostly kiss on her forehead.
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It’s cold. Or…no, it’s not so unpleasant as cold. That draft-like chill feels alright on her flushed skin, whisking away a touch of heat without causing discomfort. The only thing surprising about it is that it happens. That shimmer of form moves, she can sense that cool presence shifting, and then….

She closes her eyes, inadvertently squeezing another tear from each. Like all the rest of this encounter, it hurts just as much as it makes her happy. To show her such a sign of affection…of course he had to die before he could do it, and now that he’s dead, it’s no good. Yet that too offers a kind of closure. At least now she can know.

Her voice cracks another degree. “I always do.” Eyes still shut, she takes her hand from the table and stretches it slowly towards the chill of Levi’s presence. Ink-stained fingers hover at the unnatural concavity of his chest, feeling cool air instead of crushed-in ribs. They never had time to be anything more than friends, allies. Now they’ll never have the opportunity.

Still unseeing: “You left me with a mess, Levi, but I’ll handle it. You better wait up for me, too, so can tell you about all the fun you missed while you were gone.”

He’s dead. He won’t be there to appreciate what they have learned in the aftermath of his demise, but there’s another guarantee instead, now. Eventually, she’ll die too. They’ll meet up again on the other side of…wherever Levi’s visiting from, now.
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“You’ll think of me,” he agrees. Then, after a beat, he adds, “Every time you take a shit.” But it’s a loving little farewell on his end too, however questionable the “loving” part really is. He tries a pat on her head and feels his hand go through something warm and he scoffs again, too irritated and maybe just a little…sad that he can’t even so much as lift a strand of her hair, let alone tug at her entire ponytail.

Moblit’s the one who took down the titan who sat on him, right. A little late there, brah.

But then…the more he lingers and the more of himself he wills into the earthly plane, the more he remembers. The real reason why he’s stuck around in the first place, why he’s even sought her out instead of Erwin or someone a good deal more important. It’s…

“Hange,” he says after another pause. “Zoë.” And he looks pained, though it’s more for the effort of trying to convey some very strong feelings in a more coherent manner. “You were…” trailing off, and damn, is he fading away just a little? “You are…” Shit.

“You’d better not die of a shit.” Unless it’s a real good one, of course.
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Levi’s always been crass, but there’s something in the way he throws out these particular shit remarks that she can tell…they’re words to fill the place of something else. It’s a little like staring at writing on a page for so long that the letters stop looking like letters. The more he says the same kind of flat remark, the less it sounds like a word, and the less impact it has.

He’s a smart man, an observant man, dangerous but surprisingly compassionate even though he’ll do anything that needs to be done without letting feelings compromise the right choice…and all he’s done since he’s shown up is talk about shit.

Her eyes are open again now, still leaking tears that continue to remain quiet for the time being, though there’s an increasing hitch in her chest the more her eyes strain to see him and the more the refreshing chill of his presence touches her skin. Smiling, too, the way nobody else would smile to have such crap statements leveled at them one after the other.

What Levi means to say is….

All she can manage is a whisper now, her features contorted in that strange halfway between tears and laughter, neither dominant over the other. “I like you too, Levi.
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He’s trying his best, okay? It just so happens that he has a little more inspiration where it concerns their respective bowels. Or Hanges, since his is obviously rotting somewhere out in the open. Will anyone even bother to pick up his corpse?

Ah well, he lived like scum, he died like one too. Win-win.

And she makes it so easy with the way she tosses back his shitty sense of humor like that. It’s just one of life—or unlife’s—little reminders that all is well in spite of everything, and that shitting is as constant as titans and taxes. No, he’s not an emotional guy by far, but he’d feel choked up all the same if it were physically possible (or metaphysically possible? Hell if he knows). And sure enough, she even manages to translate his deadpan nattering into something of actual substance.

Liked,” he corrects her, because you know, dead. And speaking of dead, it’s funny how the traditional Grim Reaper’s got that same vacant smile as your average titan. Called it.
humandeviant: (☯ I'll name the next one 'Lecter')

[personal profile] humandeviant 2014-03-08 07:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Like.” She corrects his correction in the same soft tone of voice, scrubbing her eyes with her sleeve before slipping her glasses back up her nose. Maybe she’ll actually be able to leave them in place this time, or maybe she’ll get the backs all wet after all, but she’d like to avoid crying if she can. There’s nothing wrong with her tears and let Levi see them all if they’re there, but-

He doesn’t get to tell her that her feelings are past tense. That’s her call to make.

The back of her hand brushes over her forehead as well before she lowers it again. She briefly considers standing up again, but then decides here is fine. She crosses her arms loosely instead, clutching her own elbows. A self-comforting little hug? Perhaps. Levi’s little more than cold air, so it’s all she has.

It’s also the only word she manages, too. Flowery confessions? Nah. A series of shit jokes and a simple little phrase. What else could she say?

“…sorry you came back all this way just to be told you’re lingering like a bad fart.”
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[personal profile] midgetbastard 2014-03-10 03:19 pm (UTC)(link)
A lesser man would’ve been insulted, but Levi’s already handling the circumstances of his expiration with rather some dignity—more dignity than most, anyway. Is this how the unfinished business thing is supposed to go? He’s not sure, only that…

Damn it, why did she have to get all sentimental like that?

With a grudging snort he leans in to her hollow embrace, enfolding his tattered arms around shoulders that he’s never really…embraced, has he? To think that humanity’s strongest actually ends up being a little too slow for the things that matter, including something as…as stupid as a smile. Because that’s what it is, beyond those parts of him that had already been torn open to reveal enough of the rictus of his skull, and if he didn’t know any better he’d think he looked like a fucking titan.

No wonder. But on a more serious note, yes, that thing pulling at what remains of his ghostly lips is genuine if you maybe squint one way and sort of stare for a few seconds at it from an angle but it’s there. Going out like a fart is better, so much better.

“When was the last time you’ve gone to the crapper anyway?” Not-So-Little Miss All-Nighter, you. “I’ve seen cleaner bums on a titan, and it fucking wiped its shit on me.”
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It’s a strange thing, feeling the chill of Levi’s presence phase through her arms like that. Of course, it’s hard to be stranger than being in the presence of a bona fide ghost in the first place. Maybe in the morning she’ll pass this all off as some kind of fever dream.

(And why, she wonders, does Levi look so broken in the glimpses she can catch of him? A soul isn’t the same as the body. What would an old ghost story say…maybe some metaphysical crap on the trauma of death, the manifestation of the ghost’s resentment, something something? It’s not exactly her field of expertise.)

But she leans her head a little to the side anyway, and if it’s only her imagination that there’s a little pressure of sensation there, it’s one more aspect of this bizarre waking dream, like Levi asking her about her shits instead of the last time she got some sleep.

Always so preoccupied with her ass. Maybe she should be flattered he pays (paid) it so much attention. She wouldn’t call it her best feature but hey, if he liked (likes) it….

And then it’s just a little too much. She’s been shitting just fine, it’s sleeping that’s the problem, and Levi isn’t all the cause but he’s certainly part of it, and maybe whatever mourning she’s had time to do just wasn’t enough…at least not with Levi appearing in front of her to make the wound all fresh again.

So good job, you asshole-carving shitstain, she can’t answer you because she’s starting to cry in earnest—so much for avoiding it—and the really twisted part about it all is she’s still as much happy as she’s sad.

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