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( under the night sky )

STARGAZING - whether you're on a picnic blanket in a field, laying on the beach, or in the bed of a truck, you're with someone you care about and you're looking at the stars.

camping is the most fun when you're with someone else. roasting marshmallows, telling stories. nature's got it goin' on.

 you're at the lover's lane, parked at the peak overlooking the city, it's just you and someone else in the car. maybe it's time to steam up the glass or hey, you guys can just talk if you want.

 may it is the fourth of july, the new year, or just because, but there's fireworks shooting off and they're magical. or scary. it depends on what floats your boat.

maybe you're at the beach or in the backyard pool or at the lake, maybe you're going to skinny dip or maybe you'll 'fall' in with all your clothes. either way, swimming at night is pretty much always fun.

 perhaps you've lost someone dear and you want to do something to remember them by, maybe you're making a wish for the future.
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The Doctor | Doctor Who | OTA

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(up for the cutest star gazing duo ever?)
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[Once there was a little blue catbug that was flying around, when suddenly he smashed into something he couldn't see!]

OUCH! HEY that.... hurt?

[It was something that Catbug could touch, be not see. How could this be?!]

Hello? Is anyone there?
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whoops. :)

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[ The Doctor is plugging away at his TARDIS until something runs into it. It wasn't the greatest disturbance, but it did register on the TARDIS scanners. With a ruffle of his hair, The Doctor goes outside, but without turning stealth mode off. ]

Uh! Huh? Hello! Blimey, I really should be careful with where I park this thing.
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[OH! Something/one just popped out of another dimension! Catbug giggles in his cute boyish way before flying over to take a better look.]

You should cuz it hurt my head and my ear. My eyes are really sensitive. [he wiggles the hurt one and wince.]
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Oh, 1, of course ;)

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[They see so many stars, but it's not often they really get to look at the stars. And Sexy? Even less than the Doctor; she didn't normally have eyes.

But she's taking advantage of it while she does. Bit of timey wimpy jiggery pokery and she managed to cross back into the timeline. It's been over a hundred years since she last saw this face. She just…wanted to see it one more time. Even if he doesn't know it's her. Which is the very reason she was able to cross back in, because she's not a box.

The crowd is fairly anonymous, gathered to watch the meteor shower. She knows he's here, because she's the one that brought him. And she knows just where he's staked out to watch the show, so that's where she heads.]

…you know when it's supposed to start, dear?