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Time for one of everyone's favourite tropes! Maybe you're strangers, or rivals, or even bitter enemies. It doesn't matter. Circumstances have forced you to work together, and if you want to get through this you'll just have to deal with it.
  1. Under Orders: You've been teamed up by some higher power, be that a teacher, boss, or superior officer. You don't get a say in it.
  2. Stranded: You're stuck in the middle of nowhere together. Better work together if you want to get back to civilisation.
  3. Trapped: Opposite of the above - you're trapped in some dangerous confined location, and have to find a way out.
  4. The Only One: One or both of you has some unique skill or knowledge that means there's no-one else you can work with.
  5. Crisis! You've been thrown together in the midst of some natural or man-made disaster. What are petty personal differences when you're fighting for survival?
  6. They said we were crazy... Something's going on, and you're the only ones who seem to see it. Maybe you wouldn't have chosen to team up, but if no-one else is going to listen...
  7. Wildcard: None of the above, all of the above, canon-specific scenarios...go nuts.
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Orihara Izaya | Durarara!! | OTA

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/late to the party like a boss sob. also rolled a 3.

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[How Plan A and Plan B failed was beyond Ran at the moment. Maybe somewhere along the lines of the actual hostage making the escape of a lifetime, or between the moment guns started firing and taking the wrong direction lead him and his infamous "boss" to the locked cellars below the streets of Ikebukuro.

Granted, kicking it back on an empty keg of what used to contain beer with a cigarette in his mouth, Ran wasn't even trying to think of an escape route. His phone had a cracked screen after he threw it down to the ground once realizing that he had no signal. It felt like a sort of labyrinth, with mazes and no possible way out. The chuckleheads above ground must be rolling around on the floors laughing at their misery by now.

Puffing out a breath of smoke, Ran snorted. It was dark, cold, and wet. Not the best ideal location to be in, especially with no real escape ideas.]

Hey, Orihara, you found a way out yet?

[Despite the misery of being locked up with someone like Izaya, Ran wore a large grin on his face. Of all the fucking people to get stuck with...]

It's fucking boring here. [And he was running low on smokes.]
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Fashionable, like your boss~ (I'm so out of practice with Izaya, apologies in advance -_-)

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[Boring was right. Izaya had his affairs in order enough that disappearing, even for a few days, shouldn't be much of a problem, but he'd really rather not. Apart from anything else, it would be nice to do some damage control before word of this little disaster started spreading; he could twist it around to something he'd meant to happen easily enough, but that required getting a signal on one of his phones, at the very least.

But, if there was anything about the situation that bothered him at all, he wouldn't show it - especially not to Ran. Checking his phone once more, ever so casually, he didn't dignify Ran's question with a look, though his voice remained ever so sweet.]

Hmm, there is definitely no way out here... We'd better look around some more.

[And brave the virtual maze that the cellars were. Still, it was better than just sitting around, waiting to die.]
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Izaya makes it an art form (shh he's beautiful)

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[Ran snorted a laugh before puffing out another breath of smoke. To hear that sweet voice, Ran wasn't sure if Izaya was not thinking this was as much of a threat as it should be or he was already fully aware and was just taking it as it came along. Izaya was an intriguing individual, which was why so many people were drawn to his ways just like Ran himself.

Getting up from the empty barrel, Ran dug his hands far into his pants with a large grin. Whether or not they got out of this dump, it would prove to be a little fun to figure out what exactly made the infamous Orihara tick. He hated the informant, but it was good to see how his enemy worked before he actually killed him.

Walking closer to Izaya, Ran gave a glance on ahead towards the far deeper parts of the maze. The only thing they had as light would be their cellphones.]

Feel free to lead the way, Orihara.

[Because he sure as hell wouldn't be doing any leading around to anywhere.]
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That he does. (Not nearly as beautiful-yet-hideous as your Ran.)

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Such a loyal follower.

[Why no, that wasn't mocking at all! Which was why he was smiling, of course.

At any rate, Izaya didn't mind going first; a maze, it might be, but this wasn't some horror or adventure movie, where all sorts of things might pop out of the dark. Besides, though he wouldn't mention it unless he had to - presuming Ran hadn't noticed already, of course - he had several cell phones, and wearing out the battery on one wouldn't be a big deal. With a few swipes of his finger, he set the brightness to maximum, and let the nondescript lock screen light their way.]

Ran-kun, are you afraid of the dark?

[It was a rhetorical question phrased like a declaration, said purely for its own sake, a little too loud. Not even intended to be mocking, it was simply a thing to say so Izaya could hear his own voice - and then the irony of it occurred to him, a laugh in his voice.]

Well, of course not... More of the opposite, if anything.

[Fire counted as the opposite of darkness, right?]