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One Word Prompt Meme!

1. Reply to this post. In the subject line write out character name, fandom, and any preferences. In the comment field, post with a word. Any word at all. If you're having trouble coming up with one, the The Random Word Generator is here to help.
2. People replying create a scenario based on association of the word you wrote. Or you can be boring and just play the word association game.
3. Fun ensues.
5. Profit
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sherlock holmes ✒ elementary

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›› equivocate
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Re: sherlock holmes ✒ elementary

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"I need to run some errands. I will be back."

It is true. Or, at least, true enough, which is the best kind of lie. Tell the truth, then stop before the truth runs out. Lessens the chance that her haptic tells will give her away.

The whole truth is that one of the witnesses to the murder that Joan and Sherlock are investigating has reached out to Joan. The young woman is afraid, and Sherlock's abrasive manner has alrrady spooked her. Joan promised that he wouldn't get involved unless absolutely necessary.

Hence the lie.

"If I run late, go ahead and order Thai."
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He’s in the main room, staring at his wall. It isn’t a very serious case or even a very difficult one, so despite the setbacks he’s still juggling a few files at once. The bits and pieces pinned to the wall at the moment are small and disconnected; he’s been staring at them for the better part of fifteen minutes, as if to glare them into forging connections.

It takes him a moment to realize that Watson’s spoken, but when the words do come to him he doesn’t find them particularly agreeable. So, without turning towards her or letting any inflection color his voice, he says, “How unhelpfully vague that was. ‘Errands.’”
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"Details would be even more unhelpful," she offers, taking her phone from the table and putting it in her shoulder bag. "But if you want my shopping list to clutter up your 'attic'..."

It's another layer of lie. Believable enough, although she knows complicating a story is never a good thing. With any luck, Sherlock will drop it.

"Besides, I'd hate to take you from your staring contest with the wall. Looks like the wall might be ready to talk."
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He waves a hand behind him, in her general direction. It’s a dismissive gesture, but directed more at the thought of her shopping list than Watson herself. He knows better than to try and dismiss her.

“It’s not going to talk,” he says, sounding almost haughty. “It will reveal itself.”

And the truth of the matter is that no, it won’t. Because he’s actually looking at nothing. But some kind of strange, misplaced professional pride won’t let him admit that.
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"Well," she says from the front hall as she pulls her coat on, "if and when it does, call me. Until then, I will see you later."

She picks up her bag, pulls it onto her shoulder, and heads out.

[ooc: I have an idea for getting them back together, so this can continue :)]
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"Well, don't let me stop you--" He starts and stops almost in the same breath, because by the time he thinks to response she's already gone. He may huff, a little, as he realizes this. But at the end of it it's not anything to be really bothered over.

While she's gone he pulls out some more promising casefiles and makes actual progress. There's a small feast of white cardboard takeout boxes huddled on the coffee table, too.
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Joan actually does have a couple places to go before meeting with the witness. The drugstore that carries the beeswax moisturizer she uses for her hands. The library for a book she requested on cryptography. So it's a good hour before she gets to the witness' apartment.

And finds the door open a crack.

She swears quietly, and shifts to stand next to the door and listen. After a few moments of silence, she's sufficiently satisfied that there's no one lying in wait, and carefully pushes the door open.

She smells gunpowder. Blood. There is a trail of tiny droplets on the carpet. She's careful to step around them as she moves through the living room.

The body is in the kitchen.

Joan crouches, presses two fingers to the woman's neck, then straightens and pulls out her phone. She should call Gregson. But she's calling Sherlock first.
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When the phone rings, three things are happening in the apartment. First, exactly four of Sherlock’s TV screens are on and blaring. Second, Sherlock is listening to each of the four at intervals while looping a piece of twine in increasingly complex patterns. And finally, his phone is hidden behind the boxes of takeout. Because that’s the only logical place to keep your phone.

Suffice to say, he doesn’t pick up on the first ring.

“As a matter of fact, I did have errands you could complete for me,” he says when he does answer, in lieu of a proper greeting.
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She's used to him bypassing the hello, so it doesn't phase her.

"Sherlock, Rita North is dead. I'm at her apartment right now."

She's revealing the lie, of course, but it doesn't matter in the slightest. They need to solve this.
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Well, then. He blinks at the phone, once, not really surprised at the outcome but more at the timing. Nevertheless, it's only a moment later when he says, "I'll be with you shortly."

His overriding thought, as he grabs his coat and heads out the door, is that he'll have to teach Watson to construct more convincing lies.
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Joan calls Gregson next, then slides her phone in her pocket, takes out a pair of latex gloves and puts them on before starting to examine the scene more closely. She might as well come up with as much useful information in the time it takes Sherlock and the police to get there.
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Given his head start, Sherlock arrives before the police. He edges around in the halls, taking in the details, before entering the apartment itself. Watson isn't immediately visible, so he continues his mental cataloging. Often, nothing really strikes his particular notice at first glance-- it's only after continuous sensory input that he realizes what was out of place or noteworthy.

Eventually, however, he turns the corner. "If you wanted to get a head start," he says, "You might've just asked."
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Joan is crouched in the kitchen, examining the mess surrounding the body. "I wasn't getting a head start," she says, not looking up. "Ms. North had asked to speak with me."

She stands, sighs. "These are all contents of her junk drawer. There." She points to a drawer that's been yanked out and upended. "Nothing else was touched in here. There's a trail of blood droplets out in the living room. Ms. North probably died instantly from the gunshot wound, so the trail must be from the killer. But all the knives seem to be here and accounted for."

She won't draw attention to her lie. It doesn't matter now anyway, she tells herself. He's there and they have work.
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He trusts her assessments, by this point, but he still kneels by the body and takes in the detail. After a moment he rises and nudges through the knife drawer. It is, of course, all as Watson had said.

He pauses a moment, glancing back at the body. “It does not appear that our Ms. North struggled—at least in any effective manner.”

Sherlock pauses her, for emphasis. “What did she say, when she asked you over here?”
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"That...there were things she didn't want to talk about with the police here. I figured she probably had some personal connection that she didn't want to reveal to the police. Maybe she was afraid of looking like a suspect."

She should have just talked with the police there.

"She got him with something, though...scissors? Letter opener?"
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He shakes his head. “I realizes our kitchen isn’t quite representative of the typical New Yorker’s, but even we don’t keep letter openers on the counter.” At least, not without good reason.

He circles through the kitchen again, one finger tapping lightly against his chin as he thinks. “Paper scissors might break the skin, but only if applied with necessary force.” Sherlock glances back at Ms. North’s body, as if to compliment the doubt in his tone.

“Meat scissors are a more likely bet, but there were none in the knife drawer. Or outside it, I’m presuming.”
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"Maybe the shooter took whatever it was with him."

She takes another look. Then her eyes widen with an idea.

"Could it have been a pen?"
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He hums, thoughtfully, then mutters, "It's a shame, then."

He glances back down at the corpse, and then shakes his head. "Anyone who might've been able to stab an attacker with that much force was someone worth further consideration."

He says, as though he's just now realizing he was awful the first time they met.
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"She got the shooter good," she agrees, glancing at him, pretty sure he's rethinking his behavior. "I just wish I would have been able to talk to her. At least the investigation has some focus now."

There are blue lights flashing through the kitchen's window and playing over the wall. The police have arrived.
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His answering shrug is decidedly noncommittal. Sherlock heads over to the doorway into the next room, extending a hand to usher Watson through before him.

"And while our illustrious colleagues examine what we already have, we can keep moving."
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She walks through the door, careful to not step on the blood. She can hear the police coming down the hall.

"Hopefully the DNA will be in the system. If he's losing this much blood, though, he might seek medical attention."
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"Yes, and he might also just turn himself in. Make this entire enterprise much easier than we expect, hm?" He doesn't roll his eyes, but it's a near thing. He doesn't entirely dismiss her suggestions, but he's also not about to take them as given.

He stoops to examine the blood himself, noting the angle and spread.
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Joan does roll her eyes, exhaling sharply, and heads to the door to direct the police toward the kitchen and meet up with Gregson and Bell. She starts from the beginning, how she had been asked to meet with the woman, how she found the door open, how she found the body.
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Sherlock circles back around three minutes later.

"So. Have the cavalry come up with any fascinating leads?"

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