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the body heat meme: lazy coder edition


Post with your character! They're now stuck in a very cold place of your choice. It can be anything, such as a freezing chamber, a cavern or a small cabin in the midst of a blizzard. The choice is up to you.

Comment around! Now your character has some company in this bone-chilling environment. The two of them share two things in common: clothes completely unfitting for this weather (be they summer clothes or even lingerie) and a blanket.

A blanket? Yes, just one warm blanket and no other ways to escape the cold. The two of them will have to share it in order to stay alive in this weather. Don't worry, you're sure to find a common language in this terrible situation!

So, uh, have fun, I suppose. Try to not freeze to death!

Protip: friction and body heat are both excellent ways to fend off cold.
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Tohru Adachi | Persona 4 AU

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...I'm s-starting to wonder if perhaps this whole trip was a m-mistake, Adachi-san...

[The initial idea had been a good one. Learning the truth about Seito had disheartened everyone, though Nanako and Rise (and Dojima) had been the hardest hit; a trip that would take the whole Investigation Team out of Inaba and away from the Dojima house for a while had sounded like a welcome escape.

And for the most part, this trip to a ski resort had been just that. Nanako was better now, and strong enough to play in the snow a little, though skiing would've still been too much for her, so she passed the time sledding (with someone else pulling the sled up the hill each time) and snowman-building. They'd all taken turns playing with Nanako, hitting the actual ski slopes in shifts, and it had just so happened that Naoto and Adachi had ended up as skiing partners this time.

Naoto wasn't very good at skiing--not tragically bad, but her inexperience was obvious, and she'd taken a good number of tumbles. Still, she'd managed to enjoy herself for the most part, and before they knew it, it was starting to get dark, and snow was falling thickly all around them.

Before long, it was a full-on blizzard, which made finding their way all but impossible, though thankfully there was what looked to be a small abandoned shack in the middle distance...]
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T-the trip wasn't the mistake, my s-sense of d-direction was.

[The trip was definitely worth it. Even if Nanako couldn't do as much as they could, she was having a good time, and that's what mattered more than anything. Hanging around with the others in shifts was great, and he wasn't exactly a prize on the slops either. More often than not, he and Naoto were both eating snow as they struggled to ski around.]

[And now the blizzard? He wanted to throw his ski pole at the clouds somewhere up above them.]

C-c'mon, I think I-I see somewhere we can h-hang out in.
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[Naoto shook her head, shifting her grip on her skis as she trudged after Adachi.]

N-no, I sh-should've been paying attention t-too instead of just following you before...

[The blame was shared equally between them, really...though it was admirable of him to attempt to shoulder the entirety of it. If her face hadn't been nearly frozen, it would have brought a small smile to her lips. As it was, though, she was exhausted, and unsure how much longer she could keep going, so Adachi's words are a relief.]

Th-thank goodness... I'm afraid I'm reaching my limits...
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[Adachi glanced at her in concern, before shifting his his ski stuff over to one arm so he could throw the other around her protectively. He helped her trudge through the snow as best he could, and he let out a relieved sigh as he was finally able to push the door to the shack open and stumble in with her.]

[It was still cold in the shack -- it looked more like an old storage shed that the ski resort had just forgotten about. At the very least, there was no wind and no snow, so it was already a step up. He let his ski equipment drop, turning his attention to her.]

Y-you okay?
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[Naoto was too tired and cold to be proud about it and pull away from him; in any case, she knew he wasn't doing it to be condescending. He was just looking out for her, watching her back and helping her in a dangerous situation, as any good partner should and would.

Being out of the blizzard was certainly an improvement, though their breath still hung in the air in visible clouds. It felt like the inside of a huge storage freezer, though there wasn't much stored here. There was a hearth, but no wood or charcoal to burn, even if they could find some matches and tinder.

She shivered, letting her equipment drop as well, and she didn't move away from Adachi, perhaps unconsciously seeking shared warmth already.]

I-I believe so...though it's still cold enough in here that we would likely freeze to death if we fall asleep... What about you?
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Pretty sure I have toesicles.

[Adachi paused, looking around. There looked like some heavy tarps, some of them made of cloth; it might help to keep them warm, right? He gave her a squeeze, before letting go to pull them out. Some of the tarps had holes in them, but all of them could be doubled up.]

[He worked quickly, making as effective of a blanket fort as he could. He motioned for Naoto to come over, settling down to wrap the both of them up. Slight problem with that: it would have here wedge between his legs. There... was nothing wrong with that, right?]
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[Naoto, meanwhile, had taken off one of her gloves and dug into a pocket for her cell phone...but she couldn't find a signal, and her battery was almost dead, so she gave up before long.

And when she looked up, and saw what Adachi had come up with...]
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[...What was he... Surely he wasn't... That just seemed a little...inappropriate...]
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[...B-but then again, there really wasn't anything for it, was there... Shared body heat was important in a situation like this, and that position would maximize the warmth, particularly for her...

Still, innocent and oblivious as Naoto was wont to be about things of an intimate nature, this was too obvious even for her.

Regardless, after a half-second's hesitance (during which another bone-deep shudder rattled its way through her), she moved towards him, carefully easing into the proffered spot, her cheeks flushing a dark pink as she did so.]

...Th...thank you, Adachi-san...

[She trusted him, after all. This would be absolutely fine.]
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Oh god, even her hat bounces in that one. I never realized that.

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[There was a time where Adachi probably would have teased her and made a lewed comment about how close they were. That time felt like it was forever ago, however, and instead of taunting her, he wrapped his arms around her instead, snuggling them both deep under the tarp-blanket fort.]

[He shuffled around a bit until they were both completely wrapped up, before he settled his chin on top of her head, holding her close to him.]

You comfortable?
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It's like a Looney Toons reaction, almost. X'D

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[It...was a lot warmer already, actually. Her shivering was starting to subside, and she could feel all of her fingers and toes again.

"Comfortable" though...]

...I-it's...a very effective way to get warm. W-we can't let any last bit of heat go to waste, after all...

[Yeah, the waver in her voice had nothing to do with being cold this time. Because while she couldn't deny (inwardly) that it was...actually rather nice, being held like this, it was still unfamiliar enough for her to feel awkward about it.]

Are you warm enough, though? You're on the outside, and those tarps can't provide all that much defense from the cold.
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It really is!

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[Adachi grinned slightly.]

Nah, I'm fine. I'm more worried about you.

[...nevermind that Naoto could probably feel him shivering slightly around her. He shook his head, holding her a little closer.]

Hopefully the blizzard will pass, and we'll be able to get out quickly.
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[Oh, she can feel him shivering, all right. And after all they've been through, how much he's grown, how much they've all depended on him...she can't simply let him suffer like this if there's anything she can do about it.

Not...that she can think of anything, really.

Haltingly her hands find their way upwards, finally come to rest on those arms wrapped tightly around her upper body, pressing them a little closer against her.]

...I...don't have any ideas of my own regarding this, but...if you can think of any way that we can both be warm, then I'll gladly agree to it.
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[Adachi smiled faintly when he felt her hands reaching for him. Their relationship really went far, if she was okay with even thinking of touching him. Back when this madness all started... well, he wouldn't have wanted to touch him either.]

[He let out a faint hrmm... of thought, rocking his head back and forth on top of hers for a moment. An idea struck him, but... He turned a healthy shade of red, letting out a cough.]

Uh... well, I remember reading something somewhere... but... no.
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[Sitting as they are with her tucked snugly beneath his chin, she can't see his face, but he'd sounded...oddly reluctant to voice whatever it was that he'd read. That almost gave her pause, but she had just said that she'd do anything, hadn't she...which...was a rather dangerous thing to promise, really, but this was quite possibly a matter of life and death. It wouldn't hurt to at least hear his idea, anyway.

Turning a bit, she tried to peek up at him out of the corner of her eye.]

What? What is it?
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[Adachi let out a strangled noise; really, he shouldn't have bothered bringing it up, but since Naoto was asking...]

Erm... h-heat transfer is more effective with... u-uh... b-bare skin.

[He didn't even pause for breath as he started tumbling forward.]

But I'm fine! Really, I'll warm up, so don't worry about it!
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[...It took Naoto a moment to really comprehend the fact that he had indeed just said what he'd said...though the idea itself isn't entirely outlandishly foreign. She'd read something like that before--it had happened in one of the adventure novels she'd read, though it had been glossed over with a fade-to-black scene, since it was an adventure novel, not romance.

Still, she wasn't expecting him to suggest that they attempt it, and she was deeply and immediately flustered as soon as she'd processed that fact.]

W-WHAT? But— th-that only works when your clothes are wet, or one person's body temperature has been significantly lowered...! It would be totally ineffective in this case...!

[...Though she didn't know that for sure, does she. It was secondhand knowledge, even if the sources should be reliable. And Adachi hadn't wanted to voice the idea at all, and then immediately dismissed it as soon as he had--he was willing to tough it out and just be cold rather than force or guilt her into anything, which was honourable and decent of him. She didn't "owe" him anything for that, but...perhaps she could match his honourableness with her own.

She had said she'd agree to his ideas, if he had any.

The young detective couldn't bring herself to look at him as she spoke, however.]

...Embarrassing as that possible solution is...i-if you don't at least stop shivering soon, and you truly believe that it will be an effective means of keeping us both warm, then...w-we'll...give it a try...

[She can't...believe she'd just said that--that she'd agreed to this...but well, if worse comes to worse, and her only choices are to engage in likely uncomfortably close contact with a good friend or to let Adachi freeze to death, then...she'll do it.]
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[...yep, Adachi was a tomato. And just to try and make things even worse, his body decided to let out a sharp tremble at that, one that took a moment before his skin stopped feeling like it was shaking on his bones. He let out a faint sigh, burying his face in Naoto's hat.]

You're a good kid, Naoto-kun. But you don't have to do that for someone like me.

[He was going to be fine, even if he had to convince he body that everything was all right through sheer force of will.]
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[...Somewhere deep down, it still smarted a little to be called a kid. But more importantly—]

"Someone like you"?

[Her grip on his arms tightened just noticeably, and her voice, while quiet as it could be and still be heard over the storm howling outside, was serious and decidedly firm.]

On the contrary, Adachi-san...a determined leader, true friend, and reliable partner, such as you yourself have proven to be... That is exactly the sort of person I would follow anywhere, and do nearly anything for.


That last, more intense shiver didn't go unnoticed, though close as they were, she'd been able to feel the tremours wracking his body this whole time. And they hadn't been like this long, but it had been long enough for Naoto to warm up decently well, while Adachi's shivering didn't seem like it had lessened at all.

Swallowing hard, Naoto released her hold on his arms, and although part of her couldn't...believe she was doing this...her fingers moved resolutely to her coat's zipper nonetheless, pulling it halfway down with one resolute, and clearly audible, tug.]
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Yeah, well... I still have a lot to make up for. And--

[He stopped short when he heard the zipper coming down, his eyes widening in surprise.]

Wha-- hey! Don't...!
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[She did stop at that don't, albeit only briefly; a moment later, she had her coat completely open, and was starting to shrug her way out of it. Maybe they could use it like another blanket, even if it wasn't very big.]

...Please don't make this any more difficult than it already is, Adachi-san...

[Honestly, she was trying not to think about it too much, which was difficult for someone who thinks about everything, always. You are not helping, Adachi-san. :|]
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[He tried to protest, but he shivered again instead. Really, he shouldn't be protesting if she was willing to do this, but he wasn't exactly willing to start stripping either. It was... it wasn't even the matter of Naoto being a girl or being so much younger than him; it was a matter of this was someone he considered a work colleague. He didn't want to put her through that.]
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[Once again, his objection made her hesitate, her fingers closing around the uppermost button of the sweater she was wearing beneath her coat and over one of her regular button-down collared shirts...but the shiver that followed it reinforced the fact that, like it or not, this was a necessary action right now.]

...I do appreciate your reluctance to take advantage of this sort of situation, truly...but unless you have another idea of equal or better merit, then we don't have much choice in the matter.

[God, she hoped he had another idea...though she doubted it. So...she got back to work unbuttoning her sweater, and soon that was off as well.]
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I... it's not that I would mind, I just... you're important to me, and...

[He couldn't finish, another shudder wracking his body. Dammit, there was no way he could say no, because he was fairly sure he'd be sick if they didn't do something. A frustrated sigh escaped from him, and he shuffled his own way out of his coat, trying not to turn several layers of red in the process.]

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