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You know how it goes. You could be going through your normal every-day lives, when a news report flashes up, or a siren goes off. Or, you could be emergency services, or military.

What will you do when the state of emergency is declared?


Natural Disasters

1. Earthquake - The standard earthquake can cause much destruction.
2. Flood - All that rain was bound to break something...
3. Tornado/Hurricane/Twister - Sometimes, life just wants to punish you.
4. Tsunami - Earthquake and flood rolled into one... hope that's just an aftershock.
5. Volcano - So, the mountain you decided to be around has indigestion.
6. Virus Epidemic - Everyone seems to be coming down with a bad case of the plague. And it's highly contagious.
7. Space - A Meteor or an Asteroid has, or is going to, collide with the Earth.

Man-Made Accidents

1. Accidental Nuclear Exposure - Poor maintenance, shoddy storage techniques, or crappy security measures.
2. Accidental Chemical Exposure - Better stay away from the glowing green goop in the sea. It probably won't give you super powers.
3. National/International Power Outage - It'll be back on, soon, right?
4. Fire - Maybe you should be more careful where you toss your cigarette butts.
5. Sheer incompetance - Perhaps the Virus Epidemic is caused by a test subject escaping? Careful what strays you pick up, and who you shake hands with.

Intentional Man-Made Disasters

1. War - The most common way to ravage an area.
2. Bio-chemical Weapon - Weaponised disease.
3. Civil Unrest - Due to a serial killer, or the rising price of oil. The streets are no longer safe.
4. Nuclear Attack - Looks like they finally went through with it...
5. Transport Hi-jack - With the intent to take as many people down with them...

Sci-Fi Channel/SyFy Movie Disasters

1. Sharknado - A tornado... made of sharks. Pretty self-explanatory.
2. Mongolian Death Worms - Did you try to steal their treasure?
3. Mega Pirahnas - Don't go in the rivers.
4. Sudden Ice-Age - Baby, it's cold outside...
5. Sudden Heat Wave - So take off all your clothes.
6. Aliens - Whether it's an alien computer virus taking over a Soviet Battleship, or Stonehenge as a doomsday device.
7. Volcano in downtown - Gee, did the Planning Department mess up this time!


1. In the middle - You just got caught up in all this. Are you hurt? Will you help others, or do you need help yourself? Are you the type to take command, follow orders, or sit in a corner?
2. Emergency Services - You're a member of the Emergency Services or Military. Were you trained for this? Will you still be able to help, or just fall apart?
3. Instigator - All this is your fault, whether accidentally or on purpose. Do you help out, or sit in your doom chair and laugh?
4. After-effects - Maybe that virus caused zombies, or you're living in the throes of Nuclear Winter. Perhaps you're rebuilding, or plotting revenge.
5. Obligatory Romance Prompt - Nothing like the end of civilisation to bring two people together...


1. Post a comment with your Character Name, Canon, and preferences in the subject line or comment.
2. Leave your comment blank or type up a starter by picking from the above. Whichever you prefer.
3. Find someone else to tag into. Use RNG or pick a prompt.
4. Have fun with the end of the world.
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