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7 Minutes in Heaven

The Rules:

1. Comment with your character name/fandom/prefs in the subject line
2. Comment around, you're now trapped in a closet and must kiss whoever you're trapped with! It can be just a simple kiss on the cheek or something a little...more. It just has to last for at least 7 comments each!
3. You don't have to start right away. Build things up! It's more fun that way.
4. ???????
5. Profit~

Stolen lovingly from [ profile] memebells
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Space Core | Portal 2 | oh my god what am I doing

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Re: I don't know either!!!

[personal profile] uncannyvalleygirl 2012-01-13 05:48 am (UTC)(link)
You have GOT to be kidding me...
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The ideas I get this late at night. What the fuck, my brain.

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Hey. Hi. Lady. Are we in space?
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Re: This is probably one of those signs one needs sleep...

[personal profile] uncannyvalleygirl 2012-01-13 05:55 am (UTC)(link)
No, you little moron. We're in a closet.
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Quite possibly. Or I've finally what semblance of sanity I had remaining. Either/or!

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Closet? Space closet? Does it lead to space? Are we going to space?


What's your favorite thing about space?

Mine is Space

[So. Neither of them can kiss, since Space Core's a metal ball, and Glados ... doesn't have a mouth. Welcome to hell, Glados! At least there aren't any birds...]
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Re: Quite possibly. Or I've finally what semblance of sanity I had remaining. Either/or!

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*Slams 'head' against the closet door*


I know the way to space, but you must pass a qualification test. It's very short.

((No birds! Did you see a bird??!))
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Space. Space. Jupiter. Space. Space.


You know the w-way to SPACE?

[Oh. God. What have you done]

Space. What's the way to space. Space. WannagotoSpace. Space. Saturn. Mars. Moon. Space. Telescope.


Space. Spacebird. Spacewhale.
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The first qualification test will involve a timed segment to determine how long you can remain silent. This portion of the test will commence in 3... 2... 1... silence test commencing, now.
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[Aaaaand cue the Space Core's utter and complete failure when it doesn't even register there's a test going on. Sorry GLaDOS, you didn't say the magic word (and it's not 'please')]

... Space. Spacecops. Space. Black holes. Gonna go to space. Wannagotospace. Wanna meet the sun. HI SUN!

TheFinalFrontier. Space. Spaceship. Stars. Star. Star. Space. Stars. Billionsofstars. Ohmygoditsfullofstars. Space.

Wanna go to space.

Are we in space yet?

Need to go to space.

Space Stations. Deep Space. Voyagerspace.
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[It was worth a try. She is nothing if not resourceful.]

*Buzzer sound*
You have just failed the space qualification test. Please report to the incinerator for immediate reassignment.
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[Small flaw in this plan: You're both still trapped in the closet. And Space Core has no legs. Not that it.. seems to be registering much of anything, but, y'know.]

Spacebuzzer. Space.

Are you my mommy, space?

[higher pithced]: Yes. Now let's find your father.

[Normal]: Yay! Spacefamily. Spacefather. Spacemother. Space. Wannagotospace. Warpspeedtospace.














Space is not actually empty, but full of minute particles.

Space. Space. Wannagotospace. Spacefacts. Spaceadventure. Galaxies. Supernovas. Dwarf Stars. Space.
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[She is resourceful. She is also possibly a little glitchy, at times, hence the occasional gross oversight.]

"Will you...



[She seals her optic shut briefly, depriving the closet of the yellow glow.]

"You're here. This is space. Congratulations."

[If her voice were any flatter, it would only be 2-dimensional.]
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[Processing response]

[I hope you're proud of yourself.]


[Because I mean. Really. Look at this.]


[uh. You might wanna get a drink or something. Or maybe a snack.]


[Oh. There we go.]
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[In a way, that's actually less annoying. It's such a long, constant sound. GLaDOS watches the space core yell while a little timer program runs, counting how long it lasts.

Then she coils herself up as well as she can in the furthest back corner, like a snake preparing to strike. Very much like one. When she does let loose, it's to shoot her body straight at the little core like the spring at the start of a pinball game. Her optic is shut tight as her 'face' smacks into it, and sends it shooting with splintering force at the closet door.

Maybe that counts as a kiss?]
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[There's something to be said about how tough Aperture Science's constructs are, when the force applied to it doesn't actually do that much damage.

Apparently, this counts as some kind of kiss, or some kind of comedic rule of hilarity strikes about the same time GLaDOS does. The Space Core is sent rocketing through the door, shouting, gleefully]

I'M. IN. SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccce!

[And the Space Core is sent to god only knows where. We salute you, little personality core. May you find your way back to space.]