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Welcome, newcomer, to the Dressing Room.

One moment you're one place, and the next, you're here. Its a force of nature disguised as a futuristic, luxurious building, with no limit to how many people may be in it. Nor will you want for food, clothing or shelter - or really anything. Merely think of it, and it is yours.

Unfortunately, there's two tiny caveats. One, you're going to be here a while. Two, you'll have to share the space with the other people brought in.

Thus, hilarity ensues.

- Tag the meme, leaving your character name, fandom, and any preferences in the subject line. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BLANK. We request that you write a prompt in your beginning tag for people to go on when responding, REGARDLESS of whether you use the suggested prompts or not.
- Other characters tag you.
- Play out the results.
- And, of course, there may be triggers in this meme!
- Have fun, but respect the preferences of others! No godmodding!

-You've just arrived in the dressing room. What are your reactions?
-You're looking for a room to call your own. Unfortunately, someone's taken the spot you want.
-You've just discovered that the hotel will give you pretty much anything you want! How do you plan on abusing the system!
-EVENT: Because all dressing rooms have events. Its opening day and confetti is coming down. In fact, there's so much of it that the entire hotel is trapped in a veritable confetti blizzard, with some areas even getting completely confetti'd in/impassable. What will you do??

((OOC: I had noticed this idea of an "ongoing DR meme" in the SotM, and I figured I'd give it a shot. I know this one is a bit simplistic, but I hope you all enjoy it, nevertheless. If the idea catches on, I can change up events and prompts in future installments.))
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Fa | OC | OTA (and CR is also nice!)

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((Some info on Fa, who for the purposes of this meme is her AI self integrated with a vat-grown human body. I don't know if you're a nerd like me and like to use images, but since I find this fun, Fa's wearing this sweater and these jeans -- which are modelled by a hilariously Rocky Horro Picture Show-esque set of legs. :D))

The building was beautiful, more because Fa had not had a chance to wander around outside the ever-shifting landscape of her digital existence. The confetti that seemed to everlastingly tumble from all ceilings reminded her of disintigrating domains from once-great AI hosts -- beings like her, of her small stature and rootless alignment -- often scavenged the landscape/corpses of larger, failed creatures for loot before said domains collapsed in on themselves... but this felt like a new beginning rather than a death. Fa very much liked the analogy.

She waded through ankle-deep confetti from the room where she had woken, a high room looking down across great, sparkling waters and the reflected lights of the hotel at night, out into a hallway with a similar confetti problem. Brushing scraps of reflective paper from her hair, she looked up and down the slightly curved lengths of the hall... seemed like she had a middling room, here, but that also meant that an inviting elevator bay stood directly before her. She felt the urge to straighten the layers of her chiffon and knit sweater as the doors dinged open to reveal another guest.

Was it strange that Fa couldn't remember how she got here? Somehow she didn't feel disturbed by the prospect, so she put it aside for later reflection. "Good evening," she piped up, hurrying to catch the elevator. "Going down, or up?"
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Feliciano gaped at the girl, odd as it looked with his eyes mostly shut in a squint. "I don't know?" he finally ventured. He flashed her a dazzling smile to make up for his unhelpful answer, reaching up to scratch his head. His nose scrunched up with faint upset. "I was having the nicest siesta in my bed at home and then I woke up and now I'm here," he explained, as if that made for a proper apology.

It did, in his mind at least. He had been a bit too caught up in marveling at his surroundings and mourning lost sleep to pay all that much attention to which buttons he had pressed. "I don't think it matters where you go, there is something interesting on every floor. I found a swimming pool, but I'm still searching for the pasta."

He eyed the girl some more, marveling at how pretty she was. Every girl was pretty to him, but in his opinion that only meant he was very blessed to see beauty everywhere he looked. He was blessed, really. "You have glitter in your hair. It looks nice."
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Fa brought a hand up to her hair and managed to dislodge a small shower of sparkles. "Ah, yes. I think the house-cleaning is going to have quite the work ahead of them... but thank you." She eyeballed the young man with some interest, curious about his garb. It seemed somehow recreationist, like the sort of thing that history-AU buffs would spend countless ages perfecting within their domains. It was interesting, and it helped that he seemed especially friendly.

"I'm just looking for a bit more information," she admitted, "I suppose I just checked in a few minutes ago... like you." She hesitated to mention that she just woke up out of nowhere. It felt unreal and she liked the idea of not discussing it -- of keeping it that way. "What's your name? I'm Fa." To proffer a hand or not to proffer a hand? She decided she liked this fellow on first impression, so she stuck her hand out for a shake, if wanted.
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Feliciano cooed his agreement, house cleaning would indeed have their work cut out for them. "I don't think I would mind if the glitter stayed! I think it looks very cheery! We could put up balloons and have another party." Always seeing the bright side, that was him. Now he stepped backwards, farther into the elevator. "But you should come in before the elevator doors close. I waited a very long time for the elevator."

He raised himself to his tiptoes for a moment, not that it made his unimpressive height any more impressive, and did an uncomfortable little dance of shifting his weight from one leg to the other. He wasn't short, not exactly, but not tall either and quite scrawny, for all that the blue uniform he wore made him look more mature than he would have looked otherwise.

"Ve~ I'm Feliciano Vargas," he finally said when he accepted her hand and shook it. Wherever he was, people might not understand nations properly and learning they were dealing with one could make citizens act funny. Not that such distraction was likely to last long, as short as his attention span was, but he was trying, no one could deny he was trying. "It's very pretty here, isn't it? Are you going to stay for long? I don't know how long I'm staying, I couldn't find anyone who could tell me but it's very nice of my friends to send me on holidays, isn't it? They could have told me instead of taking me while I was asleep, though, I would have liked to thank them and say goodbye!"
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"A prank, maybe?" Fa had to ask. She kept odd company as well; some were more benevolent than others, but she could not entirely put it past some of her familiar folk to give her a surprise vacation. It was a pat excuse, but in the meantime, she could sense that Feliciano was rather losing patience. She stepped into the elevator just as the shiny metal doors made their inevitable progress towards closing.

She stood beside the shorter young man, leaning back against the waist-high rail that circumnavigated the very tiny space. If they had time to find out, it would be an interesting discovery to learn that Sig. Vargas was not all that he appeared to be. Fa was not, either... in fact, with the way that AI's from her home encompassed both avatar-like manifestations as well as the environment -- their domain -- that users browsed or manipulated for fun and profit, it wasn't wholly a dissimilar state from being a nation's physical incarnation. Perhaps that was what drew and kept her attention, despite the fact that Feliciano was literally dancing from foot to foot on occasion, going on at length when only a few words would otherwise suffice.

"I don't know how long I've been slated to stay," Fa pointed out, "but maybe we can find that out together. It sounds like a nice place so far, so hopefully we'll get a chance to attend at least the party that all that confetti was meant for." She cast him a wink for no real reason other than the fact that he was already fidgetty, and she wondered if veiled gestures would make him moreso.
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Although he had little interest in technology, it would certainly be a delightful surprise to discover Fa's true nature. After all he didn't often come across someone who was no nation, yet could truly understand to some extent what he was. But even so he was utterly delighted by his new friend, for Fa would certainly become a friend. He could feel it.

"I didn't think my best friends would play me pranks, they don't really like jokes all that much," Feliciano admitted, lips pursed. "But Pru... Gilbert likes pranks." He shrugged his small shoulders and gave a bright laugh. "But we are here now and it is a really fun place, let's not think too much about why and enjoy ourselves instead!"

He did another little fidgety dance, oh, he was far too excited and energetic to keep still in the elevator. "I want to find the party and dance with you! Would you dance with me? I hope they have cheese with the little flag toothpicks, I want to find one with my flag!"
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"Your flag?" Fa asked, raising her brows, quirking a grin. The elevator was ticking past floors as they chatted, and finally opened on a hall that held the distinct noise of music, muffled, and the sussurus of many people talking. If it wasn't a party of some kind, Fa would be very surprised. There was, however, the matter of the confetti blizzard up here as well, and if anything it was worse than on Fa's floor of origin.

She kicked through the piles of stuff that had built nearly up to her knees, whistling appreciatively at the effort the propriators of the place had gone to to jazz up their arrival. "Let's go see what they're playing. I'd love to dance."
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"Ve~! It's gorgeous!" Feliciano exclaimed as he stepped onto the glitter-covered floor and kicked up a flurry of glitter first with one foot, then with the other. "It's going to be fun, we could have a glitter tornado!" Or something like that, he wasn't so sure what he could do with all that glitter but it was too good to let it go to waste.

"I'm going to teach you some of my people's dances," he promised as he went ahead, a bounce to his step which made it look like he was more dancing than walking. "Do you dance often? I don't get to dance a lot, but it's fun!"

He gasped once more when he caught sight of the crowd of people, some eating and drinking while others were dancing.
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Fa was continually bemused and entertained by Feliciano's almost over the top excitement with this whole experience. She was still figuring out how to react, but his enthusiasm was nothing if not contagious.

The question about dancing brought a genuine laugh. She wasn't sure if he'd been kidding earlier or not. "Well... I suspect that what I would call dancing, you might call depravity, but I could certainly follow if need be!"
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"Ooooh!" he cooed and giggled lightly. He squinted at her, smiling. "Depravity? What depravity? How do people dance where you are from? I want to see!"

But for now there was a buffet to explore. He snatched two glasses of red wine, scorning the champagne, and offered one to Fa with a flourish. "For the pretty lady!"
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"Oh, thank you," Fa accepted the glass, blushing now. She didn't have the heart to tell this extremely enthusiastic man that red caused her to flush in an excrutiatingly embarrassing way... though at the rate he was going, perhaps she didn't have to worry about it under the genuine fluster of his ongoing flirtations. Fa didn't usually find herself the object of flirtations, at least not before she'd gotten deep into the initiator phase of them, herself.

So though she was feeling a little outshone by Feliciano's cordiality, she raised her hand in a toast. "To a fresh, early night from a very strange dream," she winked.
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He raised his own glass and clinked it against hers. After a sip, he giggled, winking in turn. "But aren't strange dreams the very best ones?" he asked, leaning in close for a conspiratorial whisper. "I had a very funny dream just last week during my afternoon siesta! I dreamed that I was being chased by giant sausages with huge sharp teeth like sharks! They wanted to eat me and I ran and cried but couldn't get away. Then the spaghetti came and saved me. They wrapped around the sausages until they couldn't move anymore."

Feliciano tapped the pad of his forefinger against his bottom lip. "If this is a dream I like this one better!"
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Fa listened, turned in slightly for the conspiratorial voice, and continued to raise her brows until Feliciano was finished. Then she leaned back, sipping from her wine glass as she eyed him wryly. "Now if someone couldn't derive something psychologically astute from that dream, I don't know what to think anymore." She wondered if the young man even understood what she was saying -- he was exuberent, he was flirtatious, but he also came across as particularly simple.

Sometimes simple was refreshing. Fa got the impression that someone like Feliciano was incapable of harming a fly, let alone stabbing anyone in the back. That might be what she needed right about now.

"Alright, dreamboat," she teased, taking one more sip before (already the blush was setting in) passing her cup off to one of the numerous staff, "why don't you show me your moves?"
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"Up of course," said Lobsang who had actually intended to get off here but on no more than a whim. Who would go down when they could go up? He took a curious glance outside but didn't step out after all. The confetti, by now, was nothing new. "To the rooftop, I think. Have somewhere to be?"
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"Just up," Fa replied, smiling as enigmatically as she was able. That wasn't saying much -- she was the sort of person who played an open hand, so it more likely came across as surprised good cheer. Onto the elevator she got, the doors closing behind her with a light whumpf and a ding.

"What's on the rooftop?" she wanted to know. She had begun brushing confetti from her hair in loose strokes. She'd be finding this stuff on her for days... but oh well. At least it was festive!
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((that only took FOREVER sorry!))

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"That's a good question! That is just what I was wondering." He may not be immune to the confetti, but it blends right into the pattern of his dress for the venture: a sort of dull black robe which, on closer inspection, is dotted with the stars of Discworld. The actual stars? Who knows. "Is it falling from the sky, do you think? It isn't from the outside - I checked - but no one seemed to be on the roof when I checked, so maybe it will change."

A rain of confetti was a pretty tame event for this place. Almost relaxing if you didn't worry about where it came from or weren't liable to slip. The elevator continued up up up. "So," he said by way of making conversation, "New body?"
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((This is fine. You know that moment between having no tags and all the tags? It's that time!))

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Whatever the case regarding the star-studded robe, at least it was a smoking jacket!

"If it's anything like where I'm from, it's probably falling from a command line," Fa joked, then thought about it for a fraction of a second and added, "from nothing, really!"

The following question caught her more by surprise than anything else in the hotel had. She looked down at her sleek pink arms and then crossed them over her chest, an uninentional gesture of sheepish defense. "Ah... yes, actually. It is. How did you know that? I don't even know your name!"
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((cast your nets wildly and get more than you bargained for?))

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"Uh, sure. Kind of blatant, making matter out of nothing, but whatever, right?" It could be worse. It could be pizza sauce or something.

"It's one of the things I can do," he said, waving disarmingly, not necessarily successfully. "I can just kind of tell these things sometimes. It's nice. Very, um, corporeal. And symmetrical. Wow, I really walked into that one." He runs his fingers through his hair and grimaces.

"I'm Lobsang. Mine is new too," he offers as the elevator slows and the doors ding open. Guess the rooftop is where it's at.
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((Truly, though it being a weekend I can keep up the pressure!))

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((It's always a K/r situation when posting in memes, I find.))

Fa listened to all of that with increasing amusement, blushing in shared awkwardness over the attempt at a compliment. "I've just gotten into the habit of assuming that people are, you know, what they say on the tin." She brushed her hair back again, smiling brightly. "But thank you; yours is lovely, too! I'm Fa. Did you make it yourself, or have it manufactured?" Not yet did she ask how he knew... the elevator doors had slid open and she was more the sort to banter than to get to the thick of things right away.

Gentle moon lights had been set up before the elevator, leading out along a path that had obviously been cultivated for guests to take a tour of the windy top of the building. There were no huge drifts of confetti up here, though occasionally wafts of the stuff skated down on the breeze, or even up over the side of the building. "Nice night," she mentioned, stepping out of the elevator -- careful not to allow the point of her heel catch in the crevice.