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the alternate universe meme

how to play
1. post with your character, name and canon in the subject line.
2. feel free to mention which aus you’re willing or not willing to play in the body of the comment.
3. tag by rolling for an alternate universe setting using rng.
4. or tag by picking whatever au you’d like to play in most.
5. have fun!

alternate universes
i - all human: in an all human au, characters who are canonically vampires, werewolves or superheroes, are now humans, with corresponding changes to their backstories.

ii - apocalypse: a portmanteau of "apocalypse fic", apocafic is fiction set during or after some sort of apocalypse, or end of the world. some canons carry a built-in apocalypse against which the protagonists are fighting: in apocafic, they lose. for example, apocafic in stargate and x-files is usually set after the alien occupation; supernatural apocafic is set on a demon-controlled earth.

iii - band: an alternate universe in which the characters are members in, or form a band. often, the instruments they plan and their roles in the band are analogous to their canon identities. for example, tony stark might be cast as the fame-hungry lead singer who is also a musical genius, or river tam might be a classically trained pianist who, after a terrible experience at julliard, writes songs for mal reynold's grunge rock band, serenity.

iv - circus: circus aus are a popular trope in fanfic and sometimes fanart. using a circus as a setting means introducing the characters to each other in a close-knit community. that can help break down barriers between them and make them bond together against the outside world which may not understand them as well as the other characters do. it also brings a sense of adventure and the idea that this world may have different rules and everything is possible. a circus can also be a good place for characters to go undercover and meet the love of their lives.

v - coffee shop: the barista au (or coffeeshop au, or the closely related bakery au) is a popular fanfiction trope in livejournal fandoms. in most cases, one half of the main pairing is the barista and the other is or becomes their favorite customer; in some stories the whole cast works at a coffee shop. this trope is especially popular in fandoms where one character is very attached to coffee, either in canon or in fanon, or is frequently stressed.

vi - college/high school: college fic is a popular genre of fanfic (less often a genre of fanart) that places characters together in college or another secondary institution such as the starfleet academy in star trek fic (then called "academy fic"). this can be canon stories, for example backstory if characters have or could have met during college, or college aus, similar to high school aus. in science fiction, historical or fantasy fandoms the present day college au is a popular subgenre of the modern au that puts fantastic or historical characters in more mundane everyday settings.

vii - cop/detective: an alternate universe in which the characters are cast as cops or investigators of some kind. often, the canon villain is also cast as the villain in the story. this might be set in modern times, or in a noir-like environment, complete with gangsters and femme fatales.

viii - daemons: his dark materials is a fantasy trilogy by philip pullman. the trilogy consists of the golden compass (1995; published in the uk as northern lights), the subtle knife (1997), and the amber spyglass (2000). there are currently two companion novellas: lyra's oxford (2003) and once upon a time in the north (2008). a movie adaptation of the first book was released in theatres in late 2007. humans have their souls living outside their body in the form of an animal companion. males have female souls and females have male souls. the animals often correspond to the character’s personality.

ix - fantasy: an alternate universe populated with fantastical characters like elves, dwarves, unicorns, sorcerers, and dragons. canon characters might be cast as analogous races (e.g. clint barton or katniss everdeen as elf archers) or they might be humans in a fantastical setting. characters also might be able to secretly shape-shift into another form, like a dragon, and therefore is related closely to were/vampire/supernatural aus.

x - historical: a historical au is a fanwork which moves characters into a different historical period than their canon setting. typically this involves taking "contemporary" characters (from the late 20th century or 21st century) and putting them in an earlier historical period (such as the 19th century or before). popular settings for historical aus include: pirates, america's old west, britain's regency period, ancient rome, a vague facsimile of medieval england such as robin hood, and many others.

xi - hooker/porn/stripper: hookerfic is a type of fanfic where one or more of the characters is a sex worker. there are many different types of hookerfic, ranging from more realistic depictions to the more common pretty woman-type fantasy of a hooker with a heart of gold, rescued from life on the streets by a client. sex work of all kinds is portrayed—brothels, escorts, street prostitution, "call-girls" as well as strippers and go-go boys.

xii - magic: magic aus are alternate universe fanworks that incorporate magic in fandoms where there is no magic present in canon. (or in some cases, fanworks that make a canon with magic more magical.) they differ from elf aus in that there may be magic without any elves showing up, and are opposites of all human and mundane aus.

xiii - neighbors/roomates: an alternate universe where the canon characters live next-door to one another, or in the same apartment building or complex, or in the same apartment. often, this is also an all-human au, if the canon characters are powered in some way. the forced proximity is usually used to create romantic tension between characters.

xiv - space/sci-fi: a space au is an alternate universe where a source set on earth is transported into space; works are often referred to as "[fandom] in spaaaaaaaaace!" the trope can be a form of crackfic, but often includes surprisingly serious reinterpretations of the most earthbound of sources, particularly historical fiction written or set before space exploration. cyberpunk trappings such as robots, cyborgs and ais are often included.

xv - steampunk: steampunk was originally a term for a sub-genre of speculative fiction that imitated 19th century "scientific romances" like the work of jules verne and h.g. wells. later, the term was applied to a general aesthetic involving styles that would be "futuristic" from the perspective of the 19th century. steampunk appears in fanworks as both a genre and an aesthetic. there are some fandoms for which the canon is steampunk(-ish), e.g. the secret adventures of jules verne, but more often it is found as steampunk alternate universe.

xvi - western: the western is a genre of fiction set in the later half of the 19th century in the western part of north america, especially the united states, but also canada and mexico. sometimes also included in the genre are stories about western-type characters and plots in other settings, e.g. "space westerns" (in science fiction settings) and contemporary westerns (set in the western part of contemporary north america).

xvii - were/vamp/supernatural: a reversal of the all-human, in these fics characters who are normally human are now supernatural creatures of some kind the most common being werewolves or vampires.

xviii - choose your own: self-explanatory! choose your own option.
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R || Warm Bodies

[personal profile] shambler 2013-12-24 07:18 am (UTC)(link)
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I just saw Warm Bodies and loved it so I have to tag you also, magic

[personal profile] magicispower 2013-12-24 06:53 pm (UTC)(link)
[When Rumplestiltskin first found his way into this new world, he was in the middle of some sort of strange building full of rather... unhealthy looking people. A few glanced at him blankly, perhaps feeling no urge to attack him due to his own less than human appearance. What to make of this?

Curious, Rumple steps behind one of these strange individuals wearing a red sweatshirt and taps him on the shoulder.]
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Glad to hear you loved it! :3

[personal profile] shambler 2013-12-24 08:31 pm (UTC)(link)
[It's the touch that actually causes his shoulder to flinch. Zombies don't tap politely. They shuffle, slobber, stare. They bump shoulders. Gape. R whirls around, his face stuck between a vacant gape and the beginnings of a snarl (you know, just to be safe). It freezes on his face when he catches sight of Rumplestiltskin.

Between that smile across his face and the...eyes, R's suspecting he should listen first, bite second.

Gguggh? [His Adam's apple bobs as he swallows, trying to force words out] Who...are you...?
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[Oh dear... it's worse than he thought. And that's saying quite a bit, since he'd already thought the situation here was quite bad. His first instinct says this world must be cursed. In which case he would quite like to know what powerful curse could do this to people.

The snarl doesn't worry him. Rumple knows he could have the man... thing... dead in an instant if he wished it. If it's even living? Half-living? How unusual.]

My name is Rumplestiltskin. [Not said with his usual flourish. He has a feeling this one wouldn't quite appreciate it.]

What has happened here?
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Re: Yes!

[personal profile] shambler 2013-12-24 11:33 pm (UTC)(link)
[Jesus, that's a - that's quite a name. Like, it's literally impossible for R to form that name with his rigor-mortis lips, it's just that bad. R continues gaping like it's going out of style]

Rrgh...ummm....mmmp - [He cuts off, frustrated because come on, who would even have a name like tht in this day and age? You can't groan it. You can't even yell it if it's Living to Living: a zombie could come up and rip out your jugular by the time you finish] Here...?

[R looks around. He sees ruins, decay, zombies. Same old same old]

The...End? [That get a shrug]
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[personal profile] magicispower 2013-12-25 12:11 am (UTC)(link)
[No worries, R. Even the people in the Enchanted Forest have trouble saying it. He'll forgive the mumbling and gaping.]

Of course it matters, dearie! This is clearly a curse, and all curses can be broken.

[He gives R a hearty pat on the shoulder.]

And to break a curse, you must locate the source! [And if Rumple can break the curse, he can probably find out how to cast it as well. Even if he doesn't really need to, he likes to be on top of all the latest in spells and curses. It's a hobby of his.]
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[personal profile] shambler 2013-12-25 12:25 am (UTC)(link)
[Between the impossible coming out of Rumplestiltskin's mouth (is he saying there's a cure?) and the touch again, voluntary and almost friendly, R's immediately on the wrong foot here. He glances around at the other Dead shuffling around and ignoring a talking meal begging to be eaten and thinks, maybe he's onto something]

You mean...first...Dead?

[R would laugh at the very idea, if he could even still laugh with his ruined vocal chords. So Rumplestiltskin wants to find the very first zombie? Yeah, right. So not happening. That corpse must've been re-killed by now.]
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[personal profile] magicispower 2013-12-25 12:49 am (UTC)(link)
No, no, no.

[The first to be cursed hardly matters. What matters is who was the one to cast the curse. Rumple is trying to pick up a magical signal, but so far... nothing. Perhaps he's quite far from the source.]

The one to cast the curse.

[Someone who could bring back the dead? Looking over R, they didn't do a great job, but on this scale? They've accomplished more than Frankenstein, at least. In his opinion, the castor is probably keeping the people in this "state" to control them. Surely if they'd gone this far, they could be fully human as well.]

There must be someone in this world who isn't like... this. [He gestures at R in general.]
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[personal profile] shambler 2013-12-25 08:24 am (UTC)(link)
[R whuffs out a creaky sound] Still...people.

[Normally he'd be ashamed to call them that. And he still his, on some level. But something about this man says he should be upfront with his groans and if he needs to spell out where the Us Vs Them line falls these days, then fine. It's all on the table]

Do...on pur-pose? ...Why?

[R stares at Rumplestiltskin, baffled. Who in their right mind would choose a world of corpses?]
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[personal profile] magicispower 2013-12-25 05:43 pm (UTC)(link)

[Rumple gives R a puzzled look. The curse involves having these reanimated corpses eat people? How devilish. He likes it.]

Well, someone might hope to raise an army of undead slaves to destroy their enemies.

[It's something he could see the Queen wanting to do. Perhaps there's someone like that in this world too.]

On the other hand, there isn't much order around here, is there? [Rumple glances around the airport. The walking corpses are simply shambling about, occasionally bumping into each other, but doing nothing obviously malicious.]
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[personal profile] shambler 2013-12-25 08:35 pm (UTC)(link)
That'! [R's so stunned at the idea that he manages a surprise exclamation point in his groans, the zombie staring horrified (vacantly horrified?) at Rumplestiltskin. He looks around at his fellow Dead, tries to imagine them as focused by someone instead of just a common hunger. It's not a pretty picture]

No. here...

[R presses his hand to his stomach, then where his heart used to be, as if they hurt. It's the only driving force these days. Why no one's trying to jump Rumplestiltskin is beyond him]

Want to...fix.
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[personal profile] magicispower 2013-12-25 10:56 pm (UTC)(link)
[Not a pretty picture at all. Rumple himself isn't concerned about it since he can simply leave the world whenever he likes. And yet. He is very curious.]

Hm... let me have at look at that.

[Without warning, Rumple shoves his hand through R's chest, then abruptly tears his heart from his body. But because he knows the magical technique for taking hearts, there will be no visible injury, nor will R notice different (since he's already quite dead). The heart in his hand doesn't glow at all. Yes, it looks to be dead indeed.]

I'm afraid I can't bring people back from the dead, dearie. But-

[He shoves the heart back into R's chest. See? No harm done] -you are still moving and speaking. So you can't be entirely dead.

Luckily for you, I am curious enough about this to stick around. Perhaps I can assist you.
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[R doesn't even have time to groan hey, what're you doing?. By the time shock travels up to his corpse's face, Rumple's got his heart cradling in his hand like so much dead meat. He's seen hearts, of course: mostly in pieces, a few so fresh they were still warm and beating. But he's never seen his. It's this shriveled grey thing, blackened where the valves and arteries are.

He's not sure what Rumplestiltskin is expecting to see. Obviously something. The way he stares at it makes that much obvious -

And there he goes. Sticking his hands in his chest. R stares down, his ribcage whole instead of gaping for anyone to peek inside. How did he...?

How...? [How did he do that?] Please. Us? You are...chance.

[At least that much he's certain about]
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[personal profile] magicispower 2013-12-27 04:30 pm (UTC)(link)
I will need to run a few tests.

[There's something almost endearing about a corpse begging him for help. It appeals the whatever humanity is left inside his own darkened heart, though he is still, admittedly, doing this for selfish reasons.]

But you know... most curses can indeed be broken by true love's kiss.

Is there anybody you love? Like a lot? Have a tiny crush on?
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gonna go with pre-canon R for the sake of this thread lol

[personal profile] shambler 2013-12-28 08:35 am (UTC)(link)
[If R was a human, he'd be a bit leery about the idea of "tests". This is where he shuold be cringing at the idea of needles in his arm, that sound of crinkling paper they stick on the beds. There's no reaction. Just more staring. Sometimes he hates he's so good at it.]


[R seems as taken aback as a zombie can at the idea. He thinks - knows - he used to love. He must've, if he shot someone else with his last bullet instead of saved it for himself. Now Rumplestiltskin's dredging up those questions again, R looking more withdrawn than usual]

I...can't. I don't...[To buy himself sometime, he flips it back onto Rumplestiltskin] Loved?
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Haha okay

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[Fortunately, his tests all involve magic... or maybe not fortunately, depending on how you feel about having your heart forcibly torn out of your chest and the like. Most humans hate it, but the corpse didn't seem to mind too much.]

This isn't about me.

[Rumple would rather not discuss his failed love life with a zombie, thank you very much.]

Hmm... we can try true love's kiss, but we'll have to make you a bit more appealing to the ladies first, I think.

[Just think of him as your fairy godmother. Your rather evil, disturbing looking fairy godmother.

He looks around the terminal, spotting several lady zombies as he does so.]

Well, there's plenty of women here at least.
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Re: Haha okay

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[It isn't? R opens his mouth to argue - yeah, he's the rare corpse that remembers how to argue. Barely - but Rumplestiltskin is already motoring through and leaving him behind. He snaps his mouth shut with a click of his teeth]


[R sounds like he's not so sure about that. Even with this man and his frankly creepy grin (are his teeth pointed?), he could groan to him right now that he hasn't had much luck with the female zombies. Most of them shy away from him. Shuffle in a noticeable radius. He's too curious, too verbose. Stands out too much in the wrong way.

R makes a thanks-but-no-thanks face at Rumplestiltskin. Clearly this guy doesn't know a lot about undead society if he thinks R has a chance at true love when he can't even do Cannibalistic Dead Boy properly

Not...type. [R's struggling for the words again, flustered] Can...we love...?

[R flops a finger at himself and the others]
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[personal profile] magicispower 2013-12-29 05:51 am (UTC)(link)
[Unfortunately, Rumple has no experience with undead society. Can love bloom between two corpses? Eh, why not? This one seems self aware, and really, that should be enough. Oh, and some nicer clothes. A bit of color could do him well too.]

I don't see why not. What do you want in a woman? Big, blue eyes? A nice smile? A little something to grab onto?

[His grin widens as he watches R's expression for any changes.]

I cannot make anyone fall in love with you, but I can do many other things, dearie.

[in case his earlier heart removing demonstration wasn't enough, Rumple snaps his fingers, and suddenly R is wearing a flowing white shirt and tight pair of princely black pants, fully accessorized with leather boots and a belt with a stylish buckle (for someone living in Mideval times, maybe).]

Much better! You're practically oozing charm already!
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[personal profile] shambler 2013-12-30 09:24 am (UTC)(link)
[R thinks about it, realizes he can't say for sure. He suspects he likes blondes, but he's not sure. None of the blonde zombies here have pinged him. He stares, they stare back. Some of them are losing their hair or their eyes or their mouths have shriveled around their teeth. Maybe he's too picky]

[Don't ask him what "it" is exactly. It's a vague concept, an idea that something is missing, defined by the absence.

The zombie doesn't exactly work Rumplestiltskin's shirt/princely tight pants very well. It makes him look even more awkward, his gray skin swallowed up by a shirt that'd be a safety hazard in a hurricane. R looks almost pitiful as he looks to Rumplestiltskin for guidance. This...wasn't exactly what he had in mind when he asked for help!

You...think so...? Feels...wuh...weird.

[He staggers forward, and nearly lurches face first into Rumplestiltskin as his leather boots slide along the floor. You try years of shuffling on sneakers and suddenly having boots!]
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[personal profile] magicispower 2013-12-30 06:29 pm (UTC)(link)
[He catches R on the shoulder when he stumbles, frowning as he looks him over again. Alright... so maybe it's not that much better after all. But it's too soon to give up! Rumple guides R over to a nearby bench and pushes him down to sit on it.]

Give me a few minutes to look around. Perhaps I can find someone appropriate for you.

[With that he's off, searching the terminal for the least decaying zombie woman he can find. It's... not easy. Even with his own less than appealing appearance, Rumple couldn't imagine falling in love with any of these. But he'll keep looking a bit longer, just in case someone isn't too terrible.]
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[Maybe he needs even more help than he figured. R sits there patiently, slowly tipping over so he's more propped up by the bench than anything else. Rumplestiltskin's gone a long time. Did he get eaten? Not to be rude or anything, but he doesn't seem like the most appetizing person he's ever laid eyes on and it's not the eyes or the teeth. It's the smell. It's not...right.

Then again, maybe he's being picky again. R has refined tastes compared to some of the other zombies.

There's a few blondes wandering around the airport as Rumplestiltskin checks out the lay of the land. All of them have the same hunched posture. A few are missing arms and legs. One turns to stare at him, her eyeball dangling out as she gapes at the stranger. Another one makes an almost lazy lunge out from a dark corner, her hands curled into claws as she gurgles a hungry growl
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[He does his best to find something acceptable. One of the blondes isn't too decayed, so he tries putting her into a fancy dress. She trips to the ground almost immediately, at which point he sighs and decides to head back to R.]

This place is a misery.

[He places a hand on R's shoulder and tugs on it to straighten his posture. Rumple doesn't like to see people slouching like that.]

Is there anywhere else we could search?
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[Now he gets it. R's head lolls toward Rumplestiltskin, his mouth flopping in a vague protest at the attempt to fix his awful posture. Something in his spine creaks. Loudly. Might not want to keep doing that, Rumplestiltskin. Could break something. His bones are brittle in places]


[R wracks his brain for places. He shrugs]

City. Or...the Wall.

[He pauses again, trying not to sneak too many obvious peeks at his guy. Where do you even start with all the questions?]

But...Living there. Not...good...mix. [He'll probably get killed. And so would Rumplestiltskin. He doubts the Living holed up behind the Wall would take too kindly to someone helping a corpse like that]
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[He hears that loud sound and leaves it be. Rumple could fix anything he breaks, but would prefer not to have to bother.]


[He giggles gleefully at the revelation that there are in fact living nearby. If true love's kiss isn't going to work, he might be able to find the one responsible for the curse in the first place among the living.]

But what could be better than a story of star-crossed lovers? I can help disguise you!

[Beyond the fancy clothing. Of course, it might be more difficult to find a living person in this world who sees Rumplestiltskin and doesn't start screaming and running. As talented as he is in disguising other people, the spells don't seem to work on himself.]

Or I could bring one to you. Would that be better?
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[Something about "star-crossed lovers" pings him. Maybe it's the way the words slide together into a chain that gleams silver in his mind or it's a phrase he used to like way back when he didn't eat people for a living. R barely registers the whole disguise part as he stares wide-eyed at Rumplestiltskin, his mouth slack as black drool oozes out and drips toward that nice airy shirt he got stuck in]


[He pauses. It suddenly occurs to him this is a big Life Decision, something impossible, unimaginable. It just doesn't happen to corpses. Realizing he's gaping, R flops his mouth shut]

Disguise. Tired of...this.

[The same walls, the same mold and mounds of trash. No thanks. Besides, a Living in here would be sniffed out in heartbeat]


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