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the memory malfunction meme

The Memory Malfunction Meme

• comment with your character's name, canon, and any preferences you might have.
• write a starter for your character if you want, or just leave the first comment blank.
• tag other people's comments.
• pick your prompts with the RNG.
• scramble those memories and have fun!
• WARNING! several of the prompts leave room for triggering and/or explicit content. proceed with caution when reading, and (if possible) add any content or rating warnings in the subject line of your thread(s). thank you!


01. all gone your name, your past, your every single experience has been erased. who are you? who did this? or was... was it always like this? where do you go from here? are you supposed to go anywhere at all?
02. proceed with caution gaps. memory gaps everywhere. and it's not just one night of binge drinking either. there are some serious holes, and you'd better find something that can fill them. unless you don't care at all?
03. last drop it's gone, all g- no, wait. there's one memory left. one scene, playing in your head over and over again. no context, but you just know it belongs to you. but where did the rest go? and why is this all you have left?
04. why this? your memory is seems fine, except for that one day. except for that one person. except for... except for one single thing you just can't recall, no matter how hard you try. hm. maybe it wasn't all that important to begin with?
05. glass half full the sun is shining, people are smiling, the world is a wonderful place! sometimes you can't help but wonder if there should be more to life than this, but then again, do you really want to complain about all those happy memories?
06. glass half empty death. devastation. pain. it's all you know, all you've ever known. you'd think that something or somebody would have made you smile, at least once in your life. but no, of course not. it's dark and bleak, and that's just how it's been, for as long as you can remember.
07. selective you know those interviews you can't help but feel were taken out of context? congratulations, that's your brain now. somebody or something tried to shape you into somebody new. it's the truth and nothing but the truth, mind, though it might not be the whole truth, exactly. does that make you better? worse? and do you care? do you even notice? or will you do everything to get those missing pages back?
08. too clear. you remember everything. no, everything. that completely irrelevant thing your neighbor said to you ten years ago? you remember it word for word. you remember the shirt they wore when they said it, and you remember the number of birds chirping in the nearby apple tree while they said it. yes, of course you remember how many apples were on that tree too. again, you remember everything. blessing or curse? that's up to you.
09. too much. you have all your memories, and more. are those memories of your... past lives? memories of people you know? memories of everybody you ever knew? wait, did you just look at that guy and remember what he ate for breakfast?! better sit down, have an aspirin, and try to figure out what's going on.
10. all... there?! you remember your name. you remember your life. it was good, sometimes. sometimes it wasn't. ups, downs, but that's just how life-- what do you mean that's not my name, of course it is! no, i have no idea who you are, why are you looking at me like that?!
11. RANDOM combine! roll again! remember anybody or anything you want! or don't. what are we, the memory police?

the commenter...

01. ...caused this. this is your work. admire it, fear it, play with it. this is exactly what you wanted. or is it exactly the opposite of what you wanted? well, you're responsible either way, so deal with it.
02. ...tried to stop this. you knew this would happen. you knew somebody would do this, maybe you even knew they would do this to themselves. you tried to intervene, but you couldn't save them on time, you couldn't save enough. will you mourn your failure, or keep on fighting for them? maybe it's not too late...
02. ...just wants to make it better. this is terrible! what a tragic fate, and what a good thing you came along to make everything right again. you'll get those memories back in shape in no time! okay, maybe it'll take some time. okay, maybe a lot of time, but hey, at least you're there to help them cope, right?
03. ...just wants to make it worse. this is incredible! better than anything you ever did to that person! send a gift basket to whoever is responsible, but first, let's make sure to make the best of the situation. you'll help them all right, but you might take a few artistic liberties with it. of course you never tried to kill me. we're lovers, don't you remember?
04. just passing through. you might not even know who that other person is, and you sure as hell don't know what's going on. maybe you should stay and find out. maybe you should help. or maybe the only thing anybody remembers is that you left the oven on, and need to leave very quickly. let's see what you'll do!
05. afflicted too! oh great, now there's two of them. double the fun? same issue, different flavor? maybe between the two of you you'll have enough memories left to come up with a solution. or maybe not, but at least you're in it together!
06. RANDOM mix, match, roll again, do your own thing, whatever you like!

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Mr. Gold | Once Upon a Time | OTA

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[Missing memories would be good!]
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7 | 5 - so let's say bae got hit by a 4? |D

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[ Neal found himself standing in the pawn shop, and looked around in confusion. What was he doing here? He didn't exactly have any reason to be, especially considering some of the extreme warnings from the other people about the man in charge of the shop.

He felt like he was forgetting something, like when you stepped into a room and promptly forgot what you went in there for. But nonetheless, he took the opportunity to look around. ]

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So sort of pre-cruse broken but not really kind of WE'LL SEE

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[At the sound of someone entering the shop, Gold wandered out from his office see who was there. He smiled at the sight of the young man standing in the middle of the room, but he couldn't really understand why he was happy to see him. They must have met earlier... yes, that had to be it. But why would he be glad to see him? Gold wasn't terribly fond of anyone in this town.]

Can I help you?

[What was his name again? He thought it might have started with a 'B'. Ben? Barry? Blake? Hm.]
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[ Upon laying eyes on the man who came out, Neal got the vague sense that he both liked and disliked him. But that was ridiculous, all he'd said was the standard polite inquiry like any store owner, and it wasn't like they'd ever met before.

He tried to shake the feeling off. Maybe he was starting to let the stories about this place get to him. ]

Uh, hi. I was just... I'm kinda new in town. I thought I'd come in and introduce myself. [ Which was a blatant lie, because he still had no idea why or how he was here, but that seemed better than other more hi-I'm-a-lunatic answer. ]
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Is that so?

[So maybe they hadn't met before. Strange. Even stranger to think of someone new in town. When was the last time that had happened? It seemed like a very long while.]

Then welcome to our humble town. I'm Mr. Gold... as you could probably tell from the sign outside my store.

[His eyes flick briefly over the apparent stranger. It's almost as if there's some sort of family resemblance. Of course, that couldn't be possible. He didn't have any family anywhere around here.]
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[ Neal finds himself waiting, for the man to say something else, like another name. And then he realizes that Mr. Gold is done and looking at him. Seriously, get it together, he tells himself. ] Oh, right. Thanks.

[ He holds out his hand for Mr. Gold to shake. ] I'm Neal Cassidy. Nice store you have here.
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[Leaning one hand on his cane, he reaches out with the other to shake Neal's hand.]

Neal... I'm sorry, but you don't look like a Neal.

[Really, he could've sworn his name should start with a 'B'. But that's clearly nonsense.]

Thank you. Feel free to have a look around. [At that point he'd normally go back to his own business, but for some reason, Gold feels compelled to keep up the conversation.]

So. What brings you to Storybrooke?
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[ He's a little taken back by that, but chalks it up to just a coincidence. After all, how would he know what his real name was? ] Well, it's the only one I've got.

[ For some reason, Neal finds it strange Mr. Gold is carrying on a conversation, but why shouldn't he? He was a salesman, after all.

If what August said was true, then no one here knew what was going on in the town, and he'd just sound like a crazy stranger raving about magic and curses. ]

I guess you could say I'm here because of a promise I made someone.
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I don't doubt that.

[Although, Gold has always been one to trust in his instincts. Something tells him it's not a true name, but he chooses not to inquire further.]

A promise?

[Now that catches his attention. With whom could he have made a promise in Storybrooke? It's his job, if you will, to put himself in peoples' business around this town. Now he's even more curious than before.]

I know just about everyone in this town, Neal. Would you mind if I asked exactly to whom you made a promise?
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[ He tries to buy himself a little time to decide what to say. It would still be years before the Savior is supposed to be arriving, if he remembered correctly. ] Can't say I'm surprised. Small town, huh?

You probably won't know her. She's never been here before, but we kinda made a promise to meet here one day.

[ Stretching the truth considerably there, but hey, that's what he's good at. And if he's honest with himself, he still can't forgive himself for abandoning Emma. ]
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It is indeed.

[Gold leans against one of the counters, still puzzling over why he feels like he should know this 'Neal'. And particularly why he feels glad to see him. That is especially strange.]

Ah. A romantic, are you? Perhaps you'd like to purchase something special, for when she does arrive?
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[ He bursts out in a startled laugh. ] Me? No.

I get the feeling I'd need to get something a lot better than anything you have in here, for her. No offense. [ Neal feels strangely resentful that Mr. Gold was asking about it, even though he knows that the man had nothing to do with it. He was the one who abandoned her to rot in a jail cell, despite knowing intimately the pains of being left behind. After all, he was left behind too, by...


He frowns when he can't remember. That can't be right... it hasn't been that long, and the feeling of keen hurt is still there. ]
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But you've barely had a look around.

[Gold steps out from behind the counter finally, then pauses in front of Neal, leaning both hands on his cane. Why is there something so familiar about him? He finds that he doesn't want this man to leave just yet. Which is admittedly odd, and he doesn't know quite what to do about it.]

If you don't mind me prying for a second time... where are you from?
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[ Neal's hit by a sense of deja vu seeing Mr. Gold leaning on his cane. He knew someone who had a walking stick similar... once... didn't he?

He's fairly certain that he's never met Mr. Gold before, but upon second thought, he wouldn't be surprised if just coming into Storybrooke has begun to screw with his memory too. As much as he hated to even think it, maybe August was right. He shouldn't have come. ]

New York. Why do you ask?
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[It's those eyes... there's something so familiar about those eyes.

Gold shakes his head, holding one hand up to his forehead as he tries to deal with these completely unusual thoughts. But his mind is still coming up blank. It feels like there's a gaping hole of knowledge somewhere, and it's frustrating him to no end that he can't seem to fill it.

After awhile, he realizes Neal is probably unnerved by his behavior. So he shakes his head and tries to focus.]

...Curiosity. That's all.

[And now for a change of subject.] What is this girl's name who you're meant to meet here? It is possible she's already arrived, in which case I may be able to tell you where to look.
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[ When Mr. Gold puts his hand up to his head, Neal is worried for a second he's going to have to call someone for help, but it seems like the man is alright. As he begins to grow slightly uncomfortable under his silent stare, he's relieved when Mr. Gold breaks the silence. But then his question again...

He's almost 100% certain she wouldn't be here yet, but somehow, her name slips out anyway. ]

Emma. [ And immediately, he kicks himself, wondering what it is about this guy that keeps getting him to talk about himself. ] Like I said, she's probably not here.
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[He repeats quietly under his breath. And just like that, memories begin flooding back so quickly that he almost staggers back as they hit him like a tidal wave. Rumple looks down at himself, at his hands (not scaly at all), then around his shop. The curse. Of course! But... it wasn't time for it to be broken, was it?

Rumple's eyes shoot back to Neal, and it slowly starts to dawn on him about why those eyes seem so familiar. The boy is no boy any longer, but... could this really be Bae? He'd expected an extremely difficult search to find him, not to have the boy walk right to him. It was too good to be true.]

Another question, if you'll indulge me. Do you happen to be familiar with the name Baelfire?
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No. [ But he says it too quickly and sounding too choked, and knows that Mr. Gold would never believe it. Shameful for an ex-thief.

But how is this possible? Did everyone know who he was? First August, now this. It didn't make any sense. Neal couldn't deny there was a sense of familiarity and a whole lot of deja vu from Mr. Gold, but try as he may, he couldn't come up with an answer.

It was frustrating. Was it this town screwing with his memory, or was there something else going on here? ]

Where did you hear that name?
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[He's already quite good at reading people, and that lie is extremely transparent. Rumple tries to restrain himself from grabbing at Neal, even as he feels increasingly certain that this is, in fact, Bae.]

My son... my son is named Baelfire. I call him Bae.

I haven't seen him in a few long while.

[It must be him. It has to be him.]
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[ Bae.

'Are you really that unhappy, Bae?'

Neal stumbles back a step as the memory hits him like a sledgehammer. He knew it happened, of course, but while before it was like a foggy recollection of the past, it was so clear now. So clear who his father was.

When he speaks again, he's only half aware of Mr. Gold, being caught up in a memory. ]
Papa- [ '-if I find a way for you to get rid of the power...' ]
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Bae... it is you.

[He'd hoped to have some time after the curse was lifted to think about what he would say to him once he found him. Come up with something good. Ask for forgiveness. Explain what happened.

For the moment, he just steps forward, dropping his cane and pulling Bae into a hug. It doesn't matter if he's going to be shoved back or cursed for it, because it's been far too long and this is so sudden-]
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[ Neal freezes under the hug, before abruptly pushing away. He takes a few steps back to put some space between them, and to give his head time to stop spinning.

Ugh. Damn town. That wasn't supposed to happen. He wasn't supposed to lose his memory.

When he came into the store, he didn't exactly know why either. Maybe to further satisfy that near-masochistic streak that led him to come to Storybrooke in the first place. He'd only intended to come in, catch a glimpse, and then leave, but looking at his father now, unchanged in age, Neal has no idea what to say to him. So he stays silent, letting the fog in his mind fade away. ]
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[Even as he expected to be pushed away, it's still far from pleasant. Slowly, he reaches back down for his cane, now keeping a wary distance from Bae. He hasn't said anything... which is worrisome.]

I know... I have some explaining to do.

[A lot of explaining. He can only hope Bae will be willing to hear him out. And if not, he'll have to keep trying. After all this, he isn't going to give up easily.]
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[ Neal's eyebrows fly up as he snorts. If his father expected hugs and tears for a long-anticipated reunion, he was going to be sorely mistaken. ] Explaining?

[ He shakes his head with a sardonic smile. He's lost track of how long it's been, what with his visits to Neverland, but though the resentment is old and worn, it's always been like a incessant pit in his heart. ] Nah, you made things pretty clear.
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[He shakes his head, leaning heavily on his cane in lieu of trying to approach Bae again. There's no magic in Storybrooke, so he can't keep him here by force even if he wanted to. Rumple is going to have to do his best to keep him from walking away through words.]

You need to hear me out.

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