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Mistletoe meme

Huh... There's a mistletoe right above you...Less than a week til Christmas. And it looks like you got stuck right under that mistletoe with someone else. And you both can't move until you kiss one another (Of course, not specifying where that kiss needs to happen).

»POST with your character and their canon.
»SPECIFY Prefs, if any.
»TAG around and have fun!
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Namie Yagiri | Durarara!!

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lmao what am I even doing

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[Kasuka is usually pretty busy with his job, but he'd wanted to go shopping for gifts for Christmas and New Year's, so he'd taken the afternoon off. He has a radio interview later this evening, and after that is a costume fitting for the historical drama he'll be making a half-season-long cameo in, but the afternoon is his own to do with as he pleases.

He's dressed casually in the usual secondhand store clothes, with tinted sunglasses and probably a hat too, since he'd really rather not be recognized right now, and while his voice has made a salesgirl or two do a double take, no one's really bothered him so far.

His thoughts are elsewhere as he cuts down a little-used side street, and although the greenery and the random-seeming decorative arch do catch his eye, he simply looks up at it briefly before passing under and through.

Trying to, anyway. He doesn't realise the danger until it's too late, and by then he's trapped.]
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idk but it's brilliant

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[Christmas isn't a thing Namie generally deals with. The most she commits to each year is Seiji, of course, although this holiday she's been forced to limit herself to a couple of calls due to her current situation. It's all right, though -- perfectly fine, even. She doesn't have to be around him to appreciate him, anyway; together or separate, she doesn't and won't have him in her thoughts any less, and holidays are just a commercial scheme preying on sentiments and rusty traditions.

Which means her current reason for being out is less than exciting. Izaya asked her to pick up a few things on her way back from her lunchbreak, so she's balancing a paper bag on her hip as she makes her way briskly down the sidewalk, the speed more for the sake of getting out of the cold than because she's in a hurry to get back to the office.

She pays no mind to the arch or its decor, although she notices the man standing underneath it. At a different time of day she might avoid passing under it, since he looks a little suspicious just standing there, but in the middle of the day, with this many people around, Namie's not about to go an extra block out of her way and doubts that he's about to try robbing anyone.

So she moves to pass him without another look--

--except she can't. She stops mid-step under the archway. She instinctively shoots the guy a glance, wondering if he caught her arm or something, but he isn't touching her. So she looks back to herself.]

What the--?
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[Kasuka had seen Namie approaching, and the thought had crossed his mind to raise a hand and perhaps try to warn her away. But he doesn't really know what's going on here (though it seems like the sort of trap that a some type of candid camera reality show might employ), so instead he stays silent and observant.

And sure enough, she's ever bit as stuck as he is once she attempts to pass under that arch.]

...Ah. So it caught you too.

[He doesn't sound worried about this at all. He doesn't sound...well, anything really.]
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[She shoots him a look -- and he's a little younger than she thought at first glance, now that she's really looking at him. There's a touch of familiarity against the back of her mind, and for an instant Namie inwardly tenses. He's not... this isn't...?

No. Izaya was thorough enough (thorough. Not kind, not generous, just thorough) to provide her with the profiles of the few men she needed to watch out for -- agents from the company as well as some private investigators they'd hired to search for her. That hunt was said to be all but dead at this point, and she hasn't seen anyone following her lately, familiar or not; but the individuals she was shown were each at least twice this man's age.

Still, the near-scare combines with Namie's utter confusion to put more of a snap in her voice than she intends for there to be.]

What do you mean? What are we caught on?

[Clearly he must know if he's been standing here a while.]
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[Utterly unruffled by her slightly sharp tone, Kasuka mildly points upwards at the green-and-white plant at the top of the arch. His eyes stay on Namie though (or at least they seem to, the shadow from the hat's brim and the tinted glasses probably make it a little hard to tell).]

...That, if I had to guess.

[He doesn't offer any more information than that, however. Not that he really has any.]
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[She follows the gesture with a glance, and the expression on her face shifts in obvious stages: curiosity, bewilderment, surprise, agitation, skepticism, and then a sharp look at him again.]

What is this, some kind of stupid joke?

[She looks around, likewise expecting some idiot with a camera or something, but no one sticks out.]

That still doesn't explain how we're stuck. [Because. Mistletoe. So what.]
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[Kasuka calmly watches her scan their surroundings, obviously looking for a camera crew or something of the like, then says.]

I also wondered if this was a set-up for a prank show, but there's no one. And in this case, I think "how we get free" is the more important question.

[It's actually pretty nice just standing here though, so he's clearly in no hurry.

Still, he's quite bright, so Kasuka certainly has an idea regarding why, exactly, they're trapped beneath mistletoe of all things, as well as what they'll have to do to get free. But he's not going to be pushy about it--that's not something a man does to woman, regardless of the circumstances.]
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[Snapping at him will only get her so far -- not very, it turns out, assuming he's as unrelated to this as she is -- so Namie concedes on that matter and turns her attention from the impossible how (no, not impossible, because it's happening, and even a researcher steeped in the science of facts and logic like herself has had to acknowledge the existence of things that defy both) to the more important why.

Of course, given the situation and the set-up, even a child could figure out the implication with enough time; Namie doesn't need nearly as long, and her skeptical expression soon moves into an almost-scowl, and then a discontented frown.

Seriously? What kind of immature...]

That's pretty obvious, isn't it. [She glances up at that ridiculous little plant -- too far out of reach to try tearing down.] Either someone has a depraved sense of humor, or you're just desperate.

[She looks right at the stranger as she coolly throws both possibilities out there, not trying in the least to hide the fact that he's not above suspicion.]
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[If Kasuka takes offense at the latter half of that statement--accusal, more like--it certainly isn't outwardly apparent.

Kissing is really no big deal to him: he's a famous actor after all, and has kissed a fair number of costars. It had never meant much of anything to him, never made him feel anything, so it's even less meaningful to him than it would be to other experienced actors. But it's wrong, isn't it, to assume kissing means so little to the average person on the street, particularly when they don't even know each other's names.]

It does seem fairly obvious, yes. But if you dislike the idea, then I'm willing to wait it out. A man shouldn't force himself on a woman, regardless of the circumstances. I don't have anywhere to be for a few hours anyway, so I'm content to wait here with you, Miss...?

[Obvious fishing for her name is obvious. But if they're going to be trapped here together for a while, it would be nice to know her name.]
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[Well, that's a fairly decent answer. Unlike her boss, Namie doesn't like people, doesn't claim to know them well or be able to analyze and predict behavior -- all the same, that response lessens her suspicions quite a bit. Not entirely, but it puts him in a more tolerable light.]

Yuya. [She doesn't bat an eye or waste a second in giving the fake surname. Neither does she particularly care for a return name, although she won't discourage him from giving it.] But I guess that depends on how long this holds out. [Surely it wouldn't... last as long as a few hours...]
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[She's given her name (as far as he knows, anyway); it would be rude not to do the same. He could lie about it, but famous as he is, he'll likely be recognised as soon as he takes off his glasses. And she seems fairly sharp, and while he can't fully understand why on a personal level, Kasuka knows that people don't like to be lied to--that it would destroy whatever sort of tenuous trust there is between them. So he'll just go ahead and be mostly honest.]

It's nice to meet you, Yuya-san, though I'm sorry the circumstances aren't better. My name is Hanejima.

[He takes off his dark glasses--and it's not meant to be a "cool" move, but that's probably exactly why it does come across as very cool--and looks over at her with his usual, detached sort of calm.]

Hanejima Yuuhei.

[...Y E A H this is the moment when Namie might realise that she just called one of the biggest idols in Japan, who has thousands of fans (including some who would literally kill just to meet him), desperate. |D

Kasuka meets her eyes with his own flat gaze for a moment, then gives a slight nod of agreement as he presses a hand flat against the nonexistent wall that's somehow holding them in place.]

We'll just have to wait and see, then.
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That explains the feeling that she's seen him before.

Namie's eyes widen just a fraction in surprise--

--for all of two seconds. And then she's back to neutral.]

The biggest idol on this side of the country, right? [It's not sarcastic, but it's not a genuine inquiry, either (she's seen his face on enough channels and magazine covers and billboards to know who he is); rather, it just leads into her next comment--]

That makes it even harder to believe this isn't a set-up.

[That much isn't an accusation, however; Namie couldn't care less about the goings-on of celebrities (which is precisely why her reaction was so minimal and her demeanor hasn't changed any more than it would if he'd turned out to be anyone else), but even she knows that he's too "up there" for cheap prank shows. For now, anyway.]
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[...Well, to be honest, Kasuka doesn't really turn down any role he's given, so if a prank show approached him, he might very well say yes, prestigious actor or not.

He doesn't seem at all affected by her lack of excitement, or her increased skepticism; he'd meant what he'd said about waiting it out, so he just maintains the same quiet, almost robotic air of calm.

...Despite the fact that it's gotten a bit colder all of a sudden, hasn't it.

Kasuka nods, though whether he's agreeing with one statement or both is hard to say.]

Your skepticism is well-placed in this case. And while Yuya-san has no particular reason to believe me, I'll say this anyway: I promise that if it is a set-up, I have nothing to do with it.
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[She watches him for a couple seconds, finally closing her eyes as her shoulders make a stiff motion that might be a vague shrug. Whatever's causing this isn't natural; if anyone's directly responsible and has that kind of ability, a TV show would be the last suspect on the list. She's pretty sure by now that that's not the case, and she can't see why a famous celebrity would waste his time doing such a thing.

Then again, plenty of people do plenty of stupid things that defy logic, so it's not impossible. Namie's just willing to admit that it's unlikely and move on.]

"Why" doesn't really matter. [As Yuuhei said, it's the getting-free part that's important.

In that regard, the idea of kissing someone in such a passing manner only bothers her in the slightest of ways; it's more an issue of not wanting to be played or forced into anything that makes Namie willing to try waiting it out. The idea of kissing him itself is neither here nor there, since he doesn't matter to her one way or another.

Neither is she thrilled by the thought of smalltalk until this is over.

But she's too outspoken to stay quiet for long, anyway.

She notices the sudden (extra) chill, but doesn't react; after a moment of glaring staring up at that mistletoe, she says rather bluntly,]

You're not quite what I thought a celebrity would be up-close.

[Like everything else, it's said with the same idle disinterest.]
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[Kasuka doesn't seem to care for small talk either, maintaining an icy silence until spoken to, and then only responding to what was said.]

A lot of people have said that to me, though I don't know what they were expecting, so it's hard to tell what they mean by it.

[He has trouble understanding what people are thinking or feeling anyway, himself included, but a relative stranger doesn't need to know all that.

He just is who he is unnervingly blank and emotionless robot-face and all. The only show he puts on is when the cameras are rolling and he's immersed in a role, and that's certainly not the case now.]
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[Namie watches him as he responds, but makes no reply herself and glances aside soon after.

A couple minutes more and she moves to set her shopping bag down, freeing her hands to pull the sides of her jacket closer and tuck her hands inside it because it is getting colder, and it just so happened that she forgot her gloves this morning.

One thought's occurred to her, but she's been ignoring it. Now, she finally gives in, fishing her cell from her purse, scrolling down to Izaya's number with a little more force on the button than necessary and selecting it. If there's any bastard in this city who might have an idea of what this is, it's probably him. It rings five times, and then the generic voicemail picks up.

She snaps the phone shut and all but tosses it back into her purse, shouldering it again with what might be a low hiss of useless.

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[Sister, if you want to have a staring contest or play the Quiet Game, you are doomed to lose if you challenge the guy who caused a stalker to break down and turn himself in to the police after his target did nothing but sit silently. For 20 hours.

Her reaction to the increasing cold doesn't go unnoticed, though, and that does give Kasuka pause.

But only for a moment, because there was a scene very similar to this in an early episode of Carmilla Saizou, so Kasuka knows what should be done here: without a word, he takes off his coat, leaving himself in a light sweater with long sleeved shirt beneath it, and offers it to Namie.

And all without the faintest flicker of emotion.]
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[Namie glances at the jacket, at Yuuhei, and then reaches to take it, working it on without rushing. It is a big help; her pride can't deny that.]

...Thanks. [The way she says it makes it sound more obligatory than anything heartfelt, but hey, at least she said it.

After a moment, she glances at him again, still with the same degree of apathy despite asking a question.]

I'm surprised you don't have people tailing after you -- your agent or whatever. That's how fame works, right?

[It's not said presumptuously, as if she does know and wants clarification -- on the contrary, it's purposely said in such a way as to indicate that she doesn't know and has never really cared.]
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[Kasuka nods in response to her thanks, then goes back to looking elsewhere, at their surroundings, until she speaks again to ask her question.

He nods again before turning a flat stare on her.]

Sometimes. I have the afternoon off today.

[Aaaaaand then back to staring quietly out at the area around them.

...Oh look, an alley cat. Let's watch it.]
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[...This is... something.

Normally Namie's the less talkative one in most situations -- not out of shyness, but plain disinterest and/or impatience.

This guy...

She's not sure what to think. Shy? Full of himself? Reluctant to speak without an agent or lawyer or something around? She prefers his silence over any mindless, annoying prattle, but the fact that she can't really peg him is what bothers her.

So. She glances at her watch, as she's been doing more and more frequently in the last hour. Screw Izaya, she'll just drop the bag on his doorstep if she feels like it; that's not what's important today. not that Izaya's ever "important," period. ]

...Thirty minutes. [She flicks her sleeve down again.] I'll wait thirty more minutes, and then we can try whatever we have to.

[The partly annoyed, mostly apathetic tone shifts a little -- and this suddenly lighthearted look is the closest she's come to a smile this whole time.]

I'm meeting my brother in an hour. I can't be late for that.

[...Namie says it out loud, but... is she actually talking to Yuuhei, that's the question...]
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[That does seem to catch his attention, though he still doesn't betray more than perhaps the barest flicker of interest.]

...Ah. I was supposed to meet with my brother as well.

[At least, he'd hoped to. ]

So, although it feels as though we're both being taken advantage of here, if Yuya-san truly doesn't mind, then neither do I.

[He still doesn't particularly care for the idea of forcing someone else to do something like this, even if he's not the one doing the forcing. But if it's what she wants, and she really doesn't care, then he'll follow her lead.

Thirty minutes it is.]
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[Namie shrugs at that last bit, not really caring either way.

Still, that bored curiosity gets the better of her.]

I never heard of a second Hanejima.
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It's not a secret. They've asked about my family in interviews. My older brother isn't in show business, though he is well known in his field of work.

[It's not a lie--Shizuo is very well known all throughout Ikebukuro.]

What about your brother?

[Polite small-talk, since she seems interested in the topic.]
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[If she paid more attention to Izaya's seemingly random commentary now and again, particularly when he watches TV, she might know about the link between this idol and the equally (although locally) famous Shizuo.

As it stands, nope.]

He's still in high school. [As she says it, Namie actually does smile this time. Dangerously Possessive and creepy she may be, but talking about Seiji is something she never minds doing.]

We both live here in Ikebukuro, but we don't see much of each other these days. His schooling and my work don't really allow it.

[Those aren't the only reasons, but eh. Either way, that distracted smile stays, and she's clearly not bothered by the circumstances much, if at all.]

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