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Mistletoe meme

Huh... There's a mistletoe right above you...Less than a week til Christmas. And it looks like you got stuck right under that mistletoe with someone else. And you both can't move until you kiss one another (Of course, not specifying where that kiss needs to happen).

»POST with your character and their canon.
»SPECIFY Prefs, if any.
»TAG around and have fun!
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Mikado Ryuugamine | Durarara!! | m/f

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[ This was purely unplanned. Not that she was the sort to plan such a thing. This was just an interesting turn of events. One moment, she was stuck in the hustle and bustle of the crowd, moving with the flow until she could find a way out of it - and perhaps the room itself. The next, Anri was unceremoniously shoved up against the nearest body as she stumbled out into the hallway.

Who just so happens to be...

O-oh... Ryuugamine-kun... I'm so sorry...
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i'm sorry what are these regrets you speak of

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[As small as he is, Mikado stumbles a bit himself as they make contact, catching himself mostly through luck a moment later and turning to see who--ohAnriit'sAnrihejustmadephysicalcontactwithAnri]

A-Ah -- it's okay, Sonohara-san! I wasn't really watching -- ah, I'm sorry, too! Are you, um, okay?

[as smooth as ever]
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i don't even know i mus be losing it

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[ You so smooth wid the ladies, Little Emperor~ Despite what he thought of himself in that moment, there was no denying the soft little smile she gives at little stammer. Because it was something familiar and comforting amid the many faces and shuffling bodies that were moving about their business. School was finally over for the term and the students were preparing for a much anticipated and long needed break from all the studying and paperwork and all things academically relevant. ]

I'm fine. Just... a little caught up in all the excitement.

[ For lack of a better phrase. ]
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it's okay just join the club

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[He manages to move aside a little more as the crowd continues to pass, giving Anri room to fall into step beside him. It's not as big a rush as it could be; they stayed over half an hour to finish up a little overhanging business before the term's end, and most of the student body was gone at the sound of the bell. Still, he does move aside to give her room to fall into easier step beside him.]

Ah, yeah. I'm glad it's finally over, though. For the next week, anyway.

[Outside, he starts in the usual direction, too used to the holiday directions up around the schoolgrounds to pay any attention to them. Actually, that sprig of mistletoe that someone msut have recently put on that upcoming archway? Doesn't even notice.]

Do you have any plans for the holiday, Sonohara-san?
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but... i thought i was already in it D:

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Mm... And then, after, it's on to Oshogatsu [ With that, she takes up her usual spot beside him without Kida tagging along to take up a majority of the focus. Because as far as best friends go, there was no two boys who cared more for each other. And until that time when the latter returned from his journey, it would be up to Anri to fill in those very big shoes. ]

It... should be fun.

[ Humming, gives a soft little smile, too accustomed to the holiday decorations lining the halls and the school grounds to take note of anything out of place. So there's no telling just how many mistletoe-marked entryways and arches they've passed without noticing. Regardless, she slows in her steps now as his next question highlights a matter that... none of them have ever really addressed.

Because Anri was private by nature, and making the boys feel bad about her lack of a family was something she never wanted.

In the meantime, um... n-no, I... I don't have any plans...
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Ah... so you'll be in town, then? [Considering he'll be going home for the holiday, he can't well suggest that the two of them do anything unless it was last minute; even so, he's about to offer something to that effect, maybe right after he gets back to Ikebukuro, but something wholly unexpected cuts him off.

Because as they go to pass through that archway, Mikado, presumably safe in assuming that he'll pass through it as easily as any other time, is caught entirely off guard when he's prevented from doing so.

By way of knocking his forehead, hard, against some unseen obstruction.]


[He stops dead, too caught up in ow pain and wtf just happened to even be embarrassed yet.]

What the--?
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such an overachiever~

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[ Part of her expected the sympathy of the idea; if not from Mikado, then possibly from someone else in her small group of companions. Certainly, Celty and Shinra had invited her over to share a meal and an offer for a place to stay for a night or two. But until that possibility came around, yes, Anri had every intention of spending her winter break in Ikebukuro, simply milling about her own business until life slowly started to trickle back to normal after the holidays.

And she was a breath away from giving him an answer to the question when they both were stopped short, her concern going to him as she looked on in shock and confusion.

Because it looked like he had hit some sort of barrier. But as Anri looked ahead and around, there was none to be seen.

Mikado-kun! A-are you alright?
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[He's still groaning a bit -- he hit it hard, okay -- but there's the small mercy of Anri having been the only one who noticed, as the two of them have managed to trickle out of the previous crowd and Mikado's cry wasn't loud enough to draw attention.]

Y-Yeah, I must've hit the-- [...what, he doesn't know, because looking up only reveals thin air.


As much as he expects to look like an idiot by doing so -- because really, it can't be possible -- Mikado follows a gut feeling and reaches forward; sure enough, his hand comes into contact with something very solid, if entirely invisible, and he starts slightly.]


[He glances sidelong at Anri, equal parts confused and curious and maybe even a little apologetic for not having a clear answer.]

I'm not sure what-- [He starts to back up, trying to see if it's a trick of the light -- only to bump into a similar something behind them.

Which means.

They're stuck.]
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[ If she were anyone else, Anri might've reached out to help soothe away the ache Mikado must have been feeling after ramming into that... invisible something that had stopped them both in their tracks. But Anri could be no one but herself. And so, her attention went to feeling around the perimeter, getting a reading of just... how far their little prison stretched.

Which... wasn't much.

Five square feet at best.

A small sound of confusion escaped from her lips, Anri's eyes darting back and forth for anyone around that could help them with this predicament. But, by some stroke of misfortune, there seemed to be no one in sight. They had managed to wander off away from the crowd.

...We're trapped.
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[Anri says it right as Mikado realizes it, and for an instant the typical response goes through his head -- denial, the assurance that this is impossible -- but in what's likely record time for most people, he quickly moves past it. Unlikely or not, supposedly impossible or not, they're definitely stuck, trapped between invisible forces. Refusing to believe it isn't going to do anything.

Once that initial shock and disbelief is done with, thought and reaction come a little easier. He looks forward again, estimating the amount of space they have: not much, maybe a yard on each side. Not enough to get claustrophobic, but more than enough to be awkward -- especially considering whom he's with. The awkward part's still on hold for the moment, however, as Mikado continues taking in any detail he can... including the presence of that mistletoe overhead. He noticed it in passing a moment ago and ignored it, but now he does a double take. That's an odd coincidence, isn't it -- trapped in some invisible box thing with


directly overhead

almost as if


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[...come to think of it -- weren't some members talking about something like this on the Dollars site just the other day? Ah, right, that Nakura person -- they always had weird, seemingly random news, and this time they'd brought up a rumor about some practical jokes that were being played in the city, some nonsense about cursed Christmas items like trick candy canes and jinxed mistletoe that...

...traps two people together...

...until they--]
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[...................NO WAY

Mikado starts and immediately tears his eyes away from that seemingly innocent plant, looking straight at Anri instead, coloring, and then staring at the side of the archway.]

Um--! [no no there's no reason to assume that's what this is (except there's actually every reason to assume that's what this is because it's the only explanation that even begins to make an odd shred of sense) and there's certainly no reason to voice that possibility to Anri right? Right okay.] I, uh -- y-yeah, we are. I think. I mean--

[Mikado abruptly starts looking around, as if he's going to spot something he hasn't already.] But, um, I'm sure there's a way out, so...!
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Most adorable spazz and sputter... <3

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[ Anri... has heard no such rumour. But then, she doesn't spend her time scrolling through pages and pages of Dollars news actually, I don't even think she's a member so it's understandable. But that's not to say that the young girl hasn't heard sporadic conversation concerning something happening around Ikebukuro involving pranks and tricks. To Mikado's great relief and luck, though, she's heard nothing about mistletoe.

Even more convenient is the fact that Anri hasn't taken notice of the little sprig of a thing above their heads. She's more concentrated on getting past the barrier somehow. Because if they're trapped from all sides by four invisible walls, logic would say that there would be no way to escape from the top either.

The little startled noise he makes draws her attention, though, a curious and slightly confused look flitting across her features before it shifts back to her usual, soft and neutral one. Because he's never usually this jumpy unless there was a problem...

Is... everything alright, Ryuugamine-kun? Did... did you hurt yourself?
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I mean -- ah -- a little! But -- I'm okay! So -- um -- yeah, let's -- just -- try to figure this out, aha... um...

[He turns around, placing a hand against the invisible wall behind them, and tries to do away with the awkwardness long enough to think clearly.]

Maybe if -- we both try pushing?

[somehow he already doubts it, but...]
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[ Well, in all honesty, simply pushing seemed like the most logical option. There was no telling how strong the invisible barrier was, only that it had appeared around them quite suddenly. Granted, it withheld against someone walking straight into it at a decent stroll. But there was no harm in at least trying.

At the very least, maybe they could move it around like a box...

A-alright, um... [ And with that, Anri'll set her school bag down so that she can give their full effort. ] Should... should we push in the same direction or...
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[He nods.]

Yeah, let's try that. That way we're focusing on one point.

[It's not like Mikado has a whole lot of strength to contribute to this endeavor, if we're being totally honest and realistic, but try he will all the same.]

Ready, Sonohara-san? [And he'll wait until she is before pushing

as hard as he can

to see if it works.

Does it?

of course not.]
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[ There was a little bit of strain in her voice when Anri gave a soft little grunt from the effort of pushing against the barrier. Truly, a small part of her hoped and believed that the plan might have worked.

The more practical part of the girl knew better to think that such a problem could be solved so easily.

Still, try she did, even after feeling her shows slip against the pavement every now and then. It was only cause and reason to redouble her efforts once the soles regained a bit of traction. But to no avail, in the end. Not a single inch was given - not even a single centimeter of give to feed their false hope.

No doubts about it. They were certainly stuck and stuck good.

Sighing, Anri leaned against the barrier and rested for a moment while attempting to think of another course of action to take. All the while, the mischievous little sprig remains unnoticed by her wandering eyes. Or, perhaps, simply ignored.

Ano... what do we do now?
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[WELP they tried.

So Mikado also leans back against the invisible wall (which... is REALLY weird, by the way), pointedly keeping his eyes downcast and not risking even a glance up at that plant.]

I, um...


...I'm not sure. Maybe if we just -- wait for someone to come along, they can lend a hand. Somehow.

[except school just let out and there's no telling when someone will pass by this way again -- and this archway is far enough away from the street that no one will pass close that way, either.

w e l p.]
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[ At that suggestion, she'll take a little look-see around at the surrounding area. Sure, there were passerbys and pedestrians milling about, but none close enough to see the two helpless and trapped students - or even hear their cries for help should they call out for it.

The last meeting had ran through the after school hours, afterall, and today marked the start of the winter break for all students. Logic would assume that there would be very few people lingering around a school, teachers included.

But then, what else could they do but wait?

One last glance around will tell her that the answer is 'absolutely nothing.' So it's with a defeated little sigh that she settles in for the waiting game, hoping beyond hope that they get lucky on this.

Because while she didn't really have any plans for the next few weeks... Mikado did.

Plans, and a family who were waiting for him...

Um... I'm... I'm sorry if this is keeping you from anything.

[ Yes, Anri. Because this totally and completely all your fault. ]
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Oh -- ah -- n-no! [oh great now she's apologizing and it's not her fault at all GUILT +50] I -- I don't have anywhere to be for a while, and even if I did, it's okay! And, um... it's... nice to have company, so... [ahhh where'd that blush come from ahhh] I mean, I wish you didn't have to go and get stuck, too, but... I, um -- if I had to get stuck with someone -- anywhere -- then -- I'm -- that is... ah...

[Unconsciously, he's fixed his distracted gaze on that mistletoe as he stammers and stutters; the second he realizes that he's staring straight at it, he tenses and quickly looks away again.]

But -- anyway, um...


Ah! I can try calling Celty-san -- she might have an idea about this, maybe! [He's already fishing his phone out of his pocket, sliding it open and bringing up his conta--

--except... as soon as he does, the LOW BATTERY message flickers on-screen, giving him all of two seconds' warning before the whole phone turns off. And refuses to turn on again.]

...U-Um... I... forgot to charge it last night...
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[ Well, he's got a good point there. At least they weren't alone in their dilemma. And really, that's... kind if a sweet thing to say, even... if it'd be better if they weren't stuck at all and just still walking... home. Like normal. Togeth - okay, this blushing thing must be catching, yeah. ]

Oh, well... I guess you're right. I-i don't know what I'd do if it was just me, s-so...

[ Still, things could be far better, and she can't help but think that there's just something about herself that's seems to be a magnet for trouble.

Case in point, the fact that she doesn't even have her cell on her at all. So when it becomes apparent that they weren't going to get any resolve from Mikado's phone, she'll start doing her little fidget dance.

Ano... I'm sorry. [ Complete with an apologetic look up to meet his gaze. ] I left my phone at home, today...
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[Sighing, he clicks his phone shut and pockets it again.]

I-It's okay, Sonohara-san. Um...

[A guilty look might cross over his face at that, because... she keeps apologizing, but he's the one who might well know just what this practical-joke-of-a-trap is and hasn't told her, so... if anyone should be apologizing, it's him.

Mikado hesitates, suddenly torn. It can't hurt to mention it, right? After all, if no one comes along and that's really their only option, then... what will she think if he waits five hours or something to tell her?

...O-Okay. He should at least -- even if -- because it doesn't mean--


...Um! S-Sonohara-san-- [Again, he's looking everywhere but at her -- and that plant.] Um... actually! I -- um -- I wasn't -- sure at first, but... I'm thinking that maybe I... might know... just what this is. What's -- k-keeping us here, I mean. Maybe.
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[ It's a curious thing, watching the sudden shift in demeanour. Because whereas Mikado had only shown concerned before, it became apparent how laced with nervousness and uncertainty he was only a moment later.

The stammering, while normal from time to time, was especially confusing. Particularly if he was talking about a possible escape plan.

And as per usual, his shaky nerves had an effect on her.

O-oh? You do? Um... what... [ Cue a mini fidget dance. ] ...wh-what could it be?
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[Mikado opens his mouth, shuts it, glances to the side, then down at the ground, then to his upper left, and then finally back at Anri, but only for a second before averting his gaze again to somewhere over her left shoulder.

There really... aren't any proper words that he can come up with for this kind of situation, so...

rather lamely

he raises a hand to just... point at the mistletoe over their heads.

and his red face goes two shades deeper.]

only gonna get worse

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