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the question only meme?


> comment with you character/fandom/etc?
> respond to other characters, holding conversations entirely with questions?
> have fun?

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The Doctor (11th) | Doctor Who | OTA

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Picked up any interesting souvenirs lately?
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What do you think?
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Did you get me anything?
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Ah, but will I like it?
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Don't you usually?
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[She smiles at that.] Can I get a hint?
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What's sparkles and is on a chain?
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[And now a frown.] A chain? Sparkles?

Some sort of necklace?
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[He grins and hands her a small box for her to open. Inside is a necklace with a small gold colored diamond like star on it]

Do you like it?

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Why fish fingers and custard?
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It does not sound like a very palatable combination. [ Ianto clears his throat, and fixes up his tie. ] I can see fish fingers and cheese or even fancy mustard.

Just. Just. I have a hard time seeing how the two can taste good when they're together.
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Well, why would you turn down a new culinary treat?
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Jellied eels are considered a delicacy in London, but I have yet to taste one of the ugly buggers. I have no intentions on doing so, and while fish fingers covered in custard might not be as unsavory.

[ Ianto pauses for a second. ]

I'm not sure I have the palate for your unique tastes.
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So much angst

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Do you think you might?
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Why do you remind me of someone?
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[He really doesn't want to tell her. Mostly because he doesn't want her to know he died again]

Maybe I just have one of those faces?
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[It would be a little hard for her to handle, true. But it's sort of what the Doctor does.]

What's your name?
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Don't you have one?
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I should, shouldn't I?
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Why are you being so secretive about it?

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