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The world has been reduced to sheets, pillows, blankets and fairy-lights! Don't go outside, for wherever the material ends, so does the oxygen! Congratulations, you're in



01) MOVIE TIME, Crash with your neighbor! Welcome or not.
02) I COME BEARING GIFTS, Whatever you found on your travels through the Den you want to share.
03) DANGER DANGER, What exactly is that shadow beyond the Den walls? Creepy!
04) HELLO SWEETIE, Time to cuddle with someone in your own private corner of the Den. Is it too cold? Just feeling fluffy/smutty? Don't be too loud when the walls are made of fabric ...
05) DARKNESS FALLS, Who put out the fairy-lights?
06) AVENGE ME, BROTHER, A monster is attacking people and you and a friend need to stop it! Very danger, such brave. 
07) GHOSTLY HELLOS, Why are there names penned on all these cushions? You've crawled into the DEN GRAVEYARD. Holy shit.
08) ACROSS MISTY MOUN- HEADBOARDS, Your travels have been long and weary! The Den is endless and now you can't go on, injured or sick. Call for sanctuary!
09) PILLAGE AND RAID, Because you just hit the jackpot. Food? Tech? Meds? Take it! There's no law enforcement in the Den!
10) PORTAL, Head into it and you could come out anywhere in the Den! Even miles from home.

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The Doctor had long ago stopped concerning himself with how he wound up where. It really was too much effort. But if the place he wound up was a room full of very comfortable looking pillows, well he'll take that.

When he spotted River, who looked like she belonged in that room he grinned.

"Hello, Sweetie."
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It was a funny little world of dens that had become the latest host to River Song, and it was with great hospitality the locals helped her build her own space of residence. The floor was decorated with blankets of both practical and decorative nature. Strings of lights clung to the corners where the walls net the ceiling, and it seemed there was even a perforated flap that she could pull back to let in moonlight through a sheer panel of silver fabric.

Though they'd promised to use the thickest fabric walls on the market, River still sought to maintain her privacy, and thus had rigged a series of lighter curtains to hang around her home; to maximize the space and keep the area open she usually only drew a few of them to separate her sleeping area from the entrance space.

For the moment, only one dividing curtain was up, and River was stretched across her sleeping area with a book in her hands. A simple dress of pale color clung to her curvy frame, though the lighting made it look much darker, almost golden. She looked from her book at those words and smiled.

"Well well well.... Honey, you're home." She chuckled. "What sort of time do you call this?"
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"A very comfortable one from the looks of things."

The Doctor actually felt awful keeping his boots on, and took them off so as not to get River's little section dirty, only losing his balance once or so. Then he joined his wife.

"How did you find yourself here?"
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"Well thank you. Turns out I have a little domestic streak in me after all."

River watched him, head tilted with an amused smile. Still had all the grace of a baby giraffe, her sweetie. But his consideration of the shoes was nice.

She inched over to let him join her comfortably, depositing her book on a nearby night stand of very low height. "Vortex manipulator's on the fritz," she said, propping her head up on her elbow. "So I took a very impromptu.... Vacation. Sabbatical. Something-or-other."

River shrugged and curled up next to her favorite man in the universe. "You have no idea how good it is to see you."
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"What's happened to you recently?"

He'd fix her Vortex Manipulator for her so she could eventually leave. Though based on the way she curled up next to him, River was in no hurry.
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"Eh, got in a bit of a firefight in the middle of an electrical. You know, nothing big."

She certainly wasn't in any hurry to leave. Though the locals were kind, it had still been a bit lonely for her here, and she didn't have access to all of her usual home comforts here.
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"You really need to stop doing things like that."

The Doctor knew she never would. But it always made him feel better to tell her she needed to stop.
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"It wasn't my fault this time! I was just shopping. They fired first."

She took to fiddling with his jacket buttons as she snuggled against him. Sappy? Perhaps. But she felt she had a right to such behavior.
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"Trouble just follows you everywhere, doesn't it?"

The Doctor didn't mind River snuggled up against him. It was part of their relationship that was just for the two of them.
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"You would know."

She grinned up at him. Trouble followed him just as much. And sometimes they were each other's trouble.
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"That's true."

He did finally kiss her hello though.
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And she kissed back, unable to stop the curving of her lips into a smile as she did so. "Hello to you too."
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"I have to say, this is a pretty comfortable sabbatical," he said as he leaned back a bit away from the kiss. There were places much worse than this to take a bit of a vacation.
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"Isn't it?" River was pleased with herself, all things considered. "I'm just glad not to be sharing dens with any of the neighbors. It was getting a bit crowded. Would you believe there's a family of eight living in one of these?" She gestured about the room.

"So, what've you been up to?"
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"No, I really couldn't. It seems entirely too open."

Diaries weren't something he wanted to deal with tonight. Tonight he just wanted to be a normal married couple in a less than normal environment.

"Bouncing about, here and there."
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"Not in the mood for talking, eh?" She gave him a playful little nudge. "All right, I won't pry. Only because you make such an excellent pillow." With that, she made a point to lay her head against his chest, listening to his second heart.
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"Not about those things, no."

He automatically started playing with her hair. All those curls were just fascinating.

"I'm glad I ran into you too. We haven't seen much of each other lately, on my end."
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"No?" Part of her didn't want to hear that. Didn't want to know if it meant something - if they parted ways or he forgot about her or if she died...

She draped one arm across his middle and gave him a little squeeze. Perhaps to affirm that he was really here, or to keep him close. "I saw you last month for a while when you-- ah, spoilers. Can't."

River closed her eyes as he continued to play with her hair. "Tell me one of your stories. I've missed those."
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The Doctor would never, ever, forget River. Of that, he was completely sure. Though now he was a bit curious about the last time she saw him though. He supposed it was still to come.

"Any one in particular you'd like to hear?"
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" where you were in grave peril, everything was on the line, and you did something brilliant to save the day." She smirked. Most of them were like that.

"No! One where you did something publicly foolish - you haven't told me enough of those."
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The Doctor thought a minute. Something publicly foolish, there were a lot of choices for that.

"Well, there was that one time I got caught in a diplomat's pet's sneeze."
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"A sneeze?" River had to stop herself from tilting her head back with laughter. "Oh, this I have to hear. What sort of pet? What diplomat, even?"
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"Yes, a sneeze. It was a space cockroach, probably about as tall as you. I was in the middle of negotiating a treaty with Poosh, and then it happened. It just sneezed all over me."
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"Oh, that sounds...terrible," she replied, attempting sympathy. Only to have it fall apart into snickering. "You poor dear."
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"It ruined a jacket. It was terrible."

If he thought hard enough he could still...smell it.

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