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the picture prompt meme

I — Comment with your character.
II — Others will leave a picture (or two, or three...)
III — Reply to them with a setting based on the picture.

IV — Link to any pictures that are NSFW, please.
V — Be aware that this meme will likely be image-heavy. That's kind of the point.

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cloud strife ☼ final fantasy vii

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I got so, so carried away. I'm no sorry.

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also I found: this this and
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you're not serious enough to be seen with in public istg

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[ that said, 1 & 2 = ads canon + cloud's door: alternate route THIS WILL END WELL

It's ancient history; he thought he was done thinking about this, considering this, remembering that this even happened. ...But it's hard to ignore ancient history when it's dredged up and thrown in his face. In their faces. In entirely too many people's faces-- But at least they're the only ones who've stayed behind.

Well, she's the only one he would've allowed to stay behind. Even Vincent's quiet, reasonable (mostly reasonable) presence had started to make him itch, after a while.

Or maybe that's just all the lace.

Rolling his shoulders irritably, again feeling the constricting, form-fitting pull of the fabric monstrosity he's been stuffed into for the better part of the day, now, just to entertain the crowd wandering through his memories (thanks, Animus), Cloud straightens up off the rack of dresses he's been leaning against since they came back to the shop. He may've also been attempting to discreetly scratch his back with said rack - but that didn't exactly pan out, and now the momentary distraction is gone and he's left with this. Tifa. Tifa looking through the other racks and shelves and tables of clothes, in the little dress shop, because they don't have many outside this little pocket of his personal humiliation, or because she didn't get a chance, before, or for who knows why. He didn't actually ask.

He doesn't plan to.

She deserves the break, even if he has to suffer through it like this. Made up and suffocating in silky shimmery bad decisions.

But that doesn't mean he has to act like his patience with her is infinite. (Even if it is.) ]

...Are you gonna go through everything in here?
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that's why we only meet secretly shhhhh

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[As trips into the past go, she thinks this one is actually pretty nice. There are so many worse places and times they could have ended up. It's easier on her this time around too because she knows how it ends. The last time she'd been heartbroken, sure that she'd just watched Cloud plunge to his death and sick to her stomach with nerves over how she was going to get close enough to Don Corneo to pummel answers out of him and then make it out of his hideout in one piece. This time, she knew everything was all right. And - she found Cloud's cross-dressing both endearing because he'd been willing to do it for her sake and confusingly attractive. Besides, she hadn't had the time to actually see what Wall Market consisted of beyond a brothel last time and it really had been forever since she'd been able to shop for clothes. Or pretend to shop for clothes and be normal and wistful about all the pretty things she knew she'd never actually wear. Aerith has found such a pretty dress here...]

They've really got nice dresses here. Much nicer than anything in the other sectors near mine. [She'll turn around to face him with a happy smile on her face, wistful touches in her eyes and a more demure and soft dress in her arms than the sultry version she's wearing. It's in blue but - she tends to gravitate toward blue dresses... His grumping gets ignored entirely. She already knows the truth. She does move back over to join him, little extra bounce in her step, looking a lot younger than she usually does.] I don't suppose your memory would let me wear something else, would it?
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it would probably be more secret if we didn't do it in public and constantly

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[ Since his grousing is mostly for show, he doesn't make a fuss when it goes over as if he hadn't complained at all; instead, he crosses his arms (ignoring the way the sheer, satiny fabric of gloves he shouldn't be wearing - they might look okay on her - rubs against itself, against skin) and straightens back up. Pretends to see something new as he takes another sweeping look around.

Finding decent clothes in the Slums is a feat worthy of admiration, but this place probably is the exception.

...Then again, is it really that much better, considering for what and whom the well-tailored dresses lining the walls are meant? ]

Go ahead.

[ In here, at least - this false representation of something that's still real, somewhere, but not here or now - there's no implication beyond the surface. There's no mission and no risk involved (could they even get hurt, beyond the door, or die - if nothing else comes back with them?), and not letting her change what little they can seems like pointless humbuggery (even to him).

Cloud dislodges a hand from his tightly crossed arms and waves toward the little dressing room in the back corner, open and waiting. ]

We're the only customers I remember.
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are you kink shaming me?

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[The satin stretches over his tightly crossed arms and she notices muscles on those arms that she rarely pays attention to usually. It's - distracting. Cloud in a dress is distracting and in weird ways she is pretty sure she's not supposed to find distracting. She doesn't really know about the longer blond hair but the dress - ]

Thanks. [It's impulse as she kisses his cheek before turning with a happy smile and slipping into the dressing room, pulling the blind shut behind her. It's silly really. There are so many other things she should be concentrating on, serious things she's sure are important to the Fate of the World or something. It's just - she really doesn't remember the last time she got to go clothes shopping that wasn't a rush to find practical things and get back out the door. There's a part of her that likes the idea of soft fabric and swishy skirts and something other than blood stained combat boots and gloves and it's not something she gets to acknowledge often, much less indulge.

The dress she chose has a more demure neckline, one that almost entirely hides the scar she had to cake makeup on to hide and the skirt is looser and spins around her legs when she moves. Peering at herself in the warped mirror she rubs a bit at the gaudy lipstick to mute it but there's not much she can do about her eye makeup. She still feels lighter and younger as she steps back out of the room and gives a little spin.]

What do you think?
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kink shaming you is my incredibly specific fetish and i don't appreciate your tone

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[ She's too casual about it.

He doesn't touch anyone casually (unless it's with violence), and when she does it to him, it makes everything stop and start, like a hard reset on reality. He doesn't jump this time (at least), but there's probably a glimpse of his startled, widened - painstakingly made-up - eyes and the unmistakable thinning of his lips. In that garishly dark color, they're impossible to avoid looking at, against the rest of his milk-pale complexion. The only part of his expertly done makeup that doesn't work against him is the slightly overdone blush - which masks the real deal pretty well.

But that's a good handful of seconds after she's already disappeared into that stuffy little dressing room, and apparent to no one but him and the reflection of him in the shop's one, warped full-length mirror.

Which he promptly ignores, though there isn't much else in the room to keep him busy. And he dreads stepping back outside. (See if he ever takes his eyes off her in a crowd this suspicious, again.)

But he's not alone with his thoughts for long - blessedly. When Tifa reappears with a swish and a twirl, his expression might as well not have changed at all, from the way she left him. ]

Uh... Nice. [ Softer and sweeter and nothing at all like that shockingly bold dress that'd made her almost unrecognizable, all those months ago. But he doesn't say any of those things, because that'd be... Weird, right? ]
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rude! you're supposed to get my consent before you get fetishy with me!

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[For all its shifting while she was gone, by the time Tifa looks she doesn't see any difference in Cloud's facial expression from the moment before she disappeared and her reappearance. All the clever makeup's use is lost on her. Except for the eye makeup. She never realized his lashes were that long. She's a little envious but mostly just fascinated by the contrast between his bright eyes and those dark lashes. The random thought that he'd leave lipstick on anyone he kissed too flits distractedly through her mind. She still hears his opinion though and smiles, mind back on focus again and feeling a warm glow inside, shy and pleased. Compliments from Cloud are as rare as chocobo teeth and even something as simple as 'nice' feels like a precious gift.]

I feel better. [She smooths a hand down the skirt of the dress as she moves back over to join him. It may only last as long as they stay on this side of his door, or perhaps even only as long as they stay in the store, but she's going to enjoy being able to wear something soft and feminine while it does. She knows she's being silly and indulging but - just this once she thinks it's okay. What happens behind the door of Cloud's memory can stay there.

What parts of it the rest of the network hasn't already seen at least.

As much as she loves seeing him in the dress, she's aware he feels awkward in it and, finally being relaxed herself, she can't help but ask:]

Do you suppose there's anywhere we could get you something more comfortable to wear?
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i'm supposed to do a lot of things i don't do lbr here

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[ He shrugs, but in reality that's a heartening response. If they have to be here (and they kind of do, even though they kind of don't), one of them might as well be in something comfortable and fitting.

...Not that his dress isn't well-tailored. But that's beside the point.

Her question earns a skeptical, raised brow - didn't they have this conversation, already? (Of course, he's thinking in rational terms - his version of rational - which might not be the best of ideas, in a place like this.) ]

Men's clothes? Around here? I doubt it.
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[It's funny how the braids frame his face. She's always paid attention to the small moves of his face and his eyes because it's often the only way to tell what's really going on with him and not what he wants someone to think is going on with him but... between the braids and the makeup, everything he does seems highlighted. She almost wants to reach up and smooth the pad of her thumb over his eyebrow, curious if they added powder to that or not as well because she doesn't remember if they were that finely shaped before - but she resists and instead focuses on carefully going over each place they've visited so far in her mind.

It's kind of odd there are no men's clothing shops here...

And then she blinks. And starts to smile. And the look she gives him is not exactly a reassuring look for all it seems pretty delighted.]

Yes, they do. At the Honey Bee Inn. There's a whole closet of men's costumes. [She catches his hand and heads for the door.] We're sure to find something you can be comfortable in.
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[ Delighted and reassuring are never mutually inclusive concepts with regards to the expressions of any woman he knows - but especially not when that look is turned on him.

(What did he do to deserve this?)

Balking immediately (but unable to do anything more stalwart than that and stumbling after her), Cloud shakes his head vehemently as he's dragged along. ]

What!? Why there? [ Next she'll be suggesting he wear something even more outrageous than this, just wait. She gets to upgrade, and he has to put on the bee costume.

That's how it always happens! ]
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[He is honestly far, far too suspicious of the women on his team. It's not as if they've ever taken advantage of him before. He needs to learn to trust them.

Or to tell them 'no'.

So as options go, he's probably pretty screwed.

He stumbles but he doesn't stop walking or dig his heels in and so Tifa doesn't stop either, reaching instead with her free hand to push the door of the shop open.

He might look cute in the bee costume.

Except it really doesn't have a lot of room in the... lower area and Tifa's not sure if either of them are really ready for that kind of a show. The look she gives him over her shoulder is encouraging... in that it's intended to be encouraging, whether it really is or not is open to interpretation.]

I told you. They've got a whole closet of men's costumes there. I'm sure we can find something that's more - male. For you. I bet they've even got a SOLDIER uniform. That's a big female fantasy. I mean -


Would you look at how interesting the roof on that building suddenly is?]

I'm sure we'll find something for you that's all right.