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the picture prompt meme

I — Comment with your character.
II — Others will leave a picture (or two, or three...)
III — Reply to them with a setting based on the picture.

IV — Link to any pictures that are NSFW, please.
V — Be aware that this meme will likely be image-heavy. That's kind of the point.

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Rumplestiltskin | Once Upon a Time | OTA

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maybe? so happy to see other ouat muses!

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/Slightly less murderous Rumple sliding in

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[The Jolly Roger docked into Storybrooke's port quite some time ago, and everyone was thrilled to leave Neverland behind. Rumple provided David with the antidote for the Dream Shade, and Mary Margaret actually hugged him. A surreal moment indeed.

Yet, despite the success of the mission, Rumple's thoughts were darkened with fears that his father would somehow find a way to escape Pandora's Box and terrorize this realm now that they'd brought him along with them. The all too familiar sense of fear gripped him, despite everything, and he had to escape the festivities after several people asked if he was feeling ill.

Oddly enough, Rumple took refuge back on the Jolly Roger. The ship was both a place of horrid memories, and of a few more recent pleasant ones. The sky was bright with the full moon and a multitude of stars, and the waves lapped gently against the hull of the ship. Rumple noticed none of this, instead standing in front of the spot where he'd torn out Milah's heart all those years ago. He had Bae back now... but he was still afraid. Still lost in the sins of his and his father's past. How could he provide anybody with a meaningful future when he couldn't put these things behind him?]
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o hai thar.

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Well, I never expected you to come wandering back to a pirate's ship.

[ Hook hasn't been able to sleep, but he won't admit it. He's leaning over the railing at the Captain's perch and he sighs. He will forever be wary of Rumpelstiltskin, that won't change. He may not act on it, but the pain left over from Milah's death has left a strange imprint over his heart.

Perhaps Emma has changed that, warmed the strange little place that used to ache, but he doesn't let that effect his actions. They'd saved Henry -- and despite what he might have felt once, he won't try for the man's life this time. ]

We have a lot of memories on this ship, you and I.
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[He turns around abruptly when Hook approaches, shooting him an irritated look at the disturbance. Yes, it may be his ship, but he had expected the pirate to be busy with the festivities.]

That was the point. [It's the last place anyone would have come to search for him. And yet he can hardly chastise the man for returning to his own property.]

We do indeed.

[His gaze drifts back to the spot where Milah had fallen.]

Why aren't you back with the others?
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AU where Rumple didn't make Belle leave?

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[For the next few days after his outburst, Rumple ignored Belle completely. He gave her no orders, made no requests, and hardly even glanced her way. If she had walked out the door at any point, he wouldn't have lifted a finger to stop her. Why did she remain? He couldn't guess. Perhaps he was behaving childishly. Regardless, he wanted to make Belle forget that he had kissed her back; that he truly did love her.

To distract himself, Rumple sat at his spinning wheel for hours and hours at a time, channeling all of his negative feelings into the gold that was piling up in a basket by his seat. He went between wishing Belle would leave so that he didn't have to keep up the ruse, but also dearly hoped she would remain. Either way, he couldn't risk letting her that close ever again.]
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yes ouo

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[ Being ignored by Rumplestiltskin wasn't an entirely new scenario, but this time... It hurt so much more. It felt like a personal sting on her heart that it was obviously so deliberate this time around rather than simply forgetting she was there. Still, that didn't deter her; she knew she was allowed to leave now but she didn't want to.

She loved him and she refused to give up on that, no matter what. And, deep down, she knew that he loved her as well. The curse wouldn't have broken otherwise.

So, Belle went about her business. At first she ignored him in return, pointed in keeping her head high as she went about her chores. Then, disheartened, she started to pay a little more attention to him until she lost all hope whatsoever. It was as though they'd gone back months, to when she'd first come to him... And she hated it.

Bringing out some more hay, seeing as he had almost went through all that they had left, Belle hesitates. ]

Do you intend to ignore me forever? You can't forget me by spinning, you know.
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[The wheel halts for a moment when Belle speaks to him, but continues on moments later. It's much simpler to ignore Belle when she isn't trying to make conversation, or giving him distressed looks from across the room. Rumple may be ignoring her, but he has noticed her behavior, though he's left it unacknowledged.

For a little while, he considers ignoring the question as well. Unfortunately, Belle has a point; he can't forget her, and it's driving him slowly mad. So without looking up from his work, he finally responds, but perhaps not with the words she's hoping to hear.]

Could you step a little to the left? Your shadow is in my light.
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[ Pursing her lips, Belle puts the hay down before she stands in place, resisting the urge to put her hands on her hips and scold him like her father used to do to her. Honestly, she want to sit down beside him and force him to talk to her, but she's not so foolish; she knows what trouble that could get her into. Instead, she steps closer and kneels down, still hovering at the side of the spinning wheel. ]

Please, talk to me. I can't bear this silence.

[ She'd never say it aloud, of course, but she imagines that it has to be affecting him too. To go from casual, almost friendly chatter to the silence of a dark, foreboding castle must have made him feel something, surely. ]
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[When Belle kneels by him, he turns his gaze carefully the other way, still working without meeting her eyes.]

Nothing is keeping you here if you're unhappy, dearie.

[He tries to keep his tone neutral, though there's a slight waver once he makes it to the word 'unhappy'. Over time, one of the things Rumple has come to treasure above all are the smiles and laughter he can draw from Belle. Her bright, blue eyes light up the room better than anything else he could imagine.]
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[ Now he's just been childish and surly and she refuses to accept it. Standing, her hands fall to her hips. ]

I am not unhappy leaving here and you know it, Rumplestiltskin! I am unhappy that you are acting like a spoilt child that has had their prized toy taken from them.

[ She sniffs, turning and going to collect the tea set from the table and place it back in the open cupboard where it belongs. She glances at the chipped cup, all that remained of the original set, before she frowns and closes the door. ]

Do you want me to leave?
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[He purses his lips at that comment, but doesn't say anything. The fact that Belle remained leads him to believe she could possibly care for him as she claims... or she could be so determined to be the "hero" that it's worth sticking around awhile longer to her. And even if Belle's feelings are true, they're likely not real. She would come to her senses eventually, and choose another life just as Milah and Cora had.

But that question. Does he want her to leave? Rumple knows he should send her on her way, and yet he can't quite make himself form the words.]

I won't ask you to leave. [A round about answer, as usual.]
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But would you ask me to stay?

[ That is the important question. She knows he doesn't want her to leave, whether for her company of for her chores (or even for their deal) she isn't sure, but... She knows that he wants her around. She just wants to know that he wants her to stay because, somehow, he cares about her.

She knew the kiss was true love; she knows it like she knows how to walk and breath. She just wants something. Anything. ]
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[Of course, of course she wouldn't just drop the subject there. Stubborn... brave... two characteristic he ordinarily loves about her but at the moment would rather do without.]

I won't ask it of you.

[There are a few moments where he doesn't speak, and the only sound in the vast foyer is the squeaking of his wheel as he spins a few more strands of gold.]

...However. I would be a trifle displeased if you were to leave.
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[ Her face lights up, ever so slightly, and she reaches out to place her hand over his. It's slow, careful, but she offers him a soft smile even as she shifts closer. ]

That is all I ask, you know that to be true.

[ Belle wants, so very desperately, for him to believe, to understand, that all she has ever wanted was his affection. She has no ulterior motive, nothing but her heart urging her towards him. ]

I will stay for as long as you will have me.
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[The feeling of a soft hand over his rough one causes him to halt his spinning completely. Closing his eyes, he lets out a slow sigh, then finally looks to Belle and meets her eyes. He's surprised to see how pleased she seems over that statement.]

Then I will have you as long as possible.

[There's a surprising urgency to the way he suddenly grabs the hand on top of his, as he hopes for Belle to mean what she says, but also worries about what will happen when the future he means to orchestrate comes to pass.]

There may be a few complications along the way.
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[ She nods her head, stroking her hand over his even as he grabs her own - she doesn't care what complications or dangers there are. She is being brave for herself, brave for her heart and true love, and she refuses to give up. She's a fighter. ]

Thank you.

[ Shifting up, she settles herself beside him. ]

Tell me? What complications will we face?
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[It's undeniable that finally speaking with Belle and admitting that he wishes for her to stay has lightened his heart and the feeling of pressure on his shoulders. Rumple has no desire to let go of her hand just yet, though he does stop squeezing it so hard.]

I can't tell you. If I did, you might try to stop me.
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Is it something so terrible?

[ She tilts her head, both curious and afraid. She knows as much about his power as anyone, more, probably, and the idea that it could be so dreadful that she would protest without hesitation does make her uneasy. Still, she brushes her fingers against his, trying to be soothing. ]

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Well, that depends on who you ask.

[The curse is going to be terrible for pretty much everyone, however, in some way shape or form. But he'll make sure to demand a good life for himself and Belle once he gives the curse to Regina.]

But not to worry! We'll be just fine. [They just won't remember any of this for awhile. A long while.]