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shit shit I didn't want to see that.

So everyone has had this moment in their life, the one where they were so impatient or absentminded, they went flinging a door open when they really shouldn't have. Sometimes it's not your fault, how could you know your housemate and his girlfriend were having sex on the kitchen table!? Other times someone was in the bathroom and failed to close the door the whole way, again not your fault. Sometimes they put up several signs saying "Please don't enter, I'm very naked right now" and you just ignore them because who would have that many signs for that?

Anyway, that's this meme. You've just walked in on something you shouldn't have seen, and onto the rules and set-up.

A. Post with the standard Character/Fandom/Preferences set-up as is standard with memes nowadays. You are the one walking in on someone.
B. Someone responds by rolling 1-12 on the RNG and sets-up what the entry poster walks in on. You can also set-up a scene not on the list below, or cut the RNG short based on what you don't want to do.
C. Items 1-7 are easily G-rated unless you go out of your way to make them rated higher. 8-10 are more R-rated, but there is wiggle room for playing the crack and awkward up instead of making it smutty. 11 and 12 are kinda hard not to have a little bit smutty given the settings.
D. Tag around, have fun with it! The embarrassment will pass... in theory.


01. Talking to Yourself - Sometimes to work through a problem, you just have to talk it out. Or, in other instances, you need practice before you say something to someone. Whatever the case, you were in the middle of talking something out to yourself that you probably didn't want heard by the person who walked in on you. Oops.

02. Wearing an Embarrassing Outfit - Everyone has some bit of clothing they love but would be really awkward to be found in, ask J. Edgar Hoover! Be it drag, or cosplay, that hat your mother knit for you with her own two hands. The ugly sweater your girlfriend gave you, or a uniform for the Next Generation era Star Trek... your secret's out now.

03. Rocking Out - Everyone loves music, but sometimes you love music others won't understand. Or, you like music they'd understand, but your dancing leaves something to be desired. Or your dancing is fine if you would just stop air guitaring windmills on the bed. Whatever the case is, you've been spotted now.

04. Watching Something - Much like an embarrassing outfit, or awkward dancing, there's your guilty pleasure. Maybe you just have a love for action films, or you've gotten hooked on a soap opera, maybe you'll just watch any film with Nick Cage in it. Whatever it is, you're about to be judged by the entertainment you love. If you don't want to put a show here, you can replace it with reading a book, comic book, or any other bit of of non-music entertainment.

05. In the Middle of Something - Some people collect stamps, others little ceramic figurines, you might have a complete collection of beanie babies. Whatever your hobby, you keep it well out of sight of your friends because they just won't understand it. Better come up with a good explanation now.

06. It was Supposed to be a Surprise - You had something you were going to give your friend as soon as it was ready. Birthday gift, Christmas, anniversary? Maybe no reason at all, the point is you're working on it away from them and SURPRISE, there they are! Better hide the evidence now or come clean and explain what's going on.

07. On the Phone - Ever had an awkward phone call overheard from only your side. Well, it gets complicated sometimes when that happens. Could be a doctor, a parent, a college friend, whatever it is the topic sounds very awkward from only your side of the street. Cue 'that isn't what it sounds like' when you find your eavesdropper. Bonus points if you want something a little less G-rated, make it phone sex heard from only your side.

08. In a Racy Outfit - This isn't exactly an outfit embarrassing on its own, just they might not be the person you want to see you in a leopard print G-string. Or you're trying on the skimpiest of lingerie and inspecting yourself in the mirror. Whatever your pleasure, it's about to be shared with an audience. If you want to take things in a different direction, try setting the scene asleep in said outfit.

09. In no Outfit at All - The next door neighbor to the previous option, sometimes less is more. In this case, less clothing is more awkward. Maybe you're looking yourself over for new battle scars, you might be trying new sexy poses for the person you like, maybe you're getting in or out of the shower/bath. Or, like above, you could just like sleeping au natural. Either way, you're giving somebody an eyeful today.

10. Watching Something Else - Be it a raunchy sexcapade, something attempting to have a plot, an art film, or a home movie from that trip to Cancun. Some people like to watch smut. Of course, some people should lock their door when they do such things. Whatever your taste in brown paper bag theater, you're about to share it with the class. If you don't feel like going that way, you can be caught with a skin mag or some trashy smut novel instead.

11. In the Middle of Something Completely Different - Masturbation, it's that thing everyone does but nobody talks about. You also definitely don't walk in on someone doing it. Well, too bad, you just did.

12. Was left Hanging - So you've just walked in on someone who was having some sort of kinky bondage episode... but their partner has left them there, all tied up and on the bed. Whatever will you do with this.
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I got 9. Ooooh myyy

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[When he'd landed on Amikrion 7 he hadn't expected to be leaving covered in ick. But it did happen occasionally. It was times like this he was quite thankful for the rather large shower in the TARDIS and was currently quite content humming away as he washed the shampoo out of his hair.]
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ohmy - is it disrespectful to the meme if she walks in on purpose? WHOCARES

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[When River met up with him on Amikrion 7 she hadn't been expecting to be leaving with a fairly fresh scratch down her left forearm. Risks of battle, nothing she couldn't handle. She'd dealt with much worse. While she tended to it, her sweetie disappeared, most likely to clean himself of the goo of the creature that had clawed her.

After a while, however, River couldn't exactly stand still waiting around for him. She could be just as restless as he was most days. She wandered towards the washroom, and stepped inside, intending to examine her arm in the mirror. But the jaunty from the expansive shower nearby caught her attention instead.

She quietly slips inside, and strips down to her undergarments.]

Catchy tune, sweetie. Care to make it a duet?
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This is me, caring. :P

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[To his credit the Doctor DID hear her come into the washroom... he just hadn't expected her to brazenly join him in the - oh who was he kidding, of course he did.

Nonetheless he hadn't heard her approach over the running water and his own musical interlude and jumped when she spoke. He whirled about, water spraying off of his hair.]

Something tells me I haven't much of a choice in the matter. [He pauses, smirking at her] For the record if I had a choice the answer would still be yes.
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eep sorry for the slow

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Oh you've still got some choice, love.

[She smirks back, leaning against the wall near him. She ran her thumb underneath a strap of her brassiere, enjoying the view she had on a water-soaked him.] You get to pick where we start.
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No worries! I fear no slow tags

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[He watches her, completely oblivious to the water running down his face. They may have had somewhat of a sudden wedding but he couldn't deny that he loved her... no matter how mad she drove him sometimes. Okay, maybe BECAUSE of how mad she drove him sometimes.

He stepped out from under the stream of water, reaching out to touch her cheek]

Haven't we already, though?

[With a raised eyebrow he leaned in to press his lips to hers.]
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[She leans her head into the direction of his hand, savoring his wet touch upon her drier cheek. Her eyes are full of tenderness for him, despite how frustrating he can be. She loves him so much more than she can say. She hopes she can prove it to him with action.]


[She whispers the answer just before she closes her eyes, letting his lips kiss hers. It's that same breathy tone she used to so ambiguously answer his inquiry as to her marriage status (well, that moment still has to happen for her but it should be familiar to his ears.) Her own hand reaches up to rest against his neck, thumb caressing just below his ear. Maybe it's only the water, but he's so warm under her touch, she wants him closer. All of him, closer.]

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[His hand slides from her cheek around to the back of her neck, cupping it gently as he kisses her. His other arm snakes around her waist to pull her closer.

Oh River. River River River. His River. His beautiful, clever, tragic River. It simultaneously breaks his hearts and elates him to be with her like this. So close, so intimate. And yet he can't seem to stop himself as his lips part and his tongue playfully touches her lips]
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[Her own lips part for that playful tongue of his, inviting him in. His body pressing against her sparks a wave of excitement through her, and she can't stop herself from wrapping her arms around his neck. Impatient fingers tangle in his wet hair; she doesn't even care that she still has her skivvies on and they're getting damp from the contact with him. She won't need them for much longer, anyway.]