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The Moment After Meme

The Moment After Meme

You've seen The Morning After, and the Build-Up, and even the Mid-Fuck memes. But what about the moment after characters have done the deed? Do they cuddle or light up a cigarette? Go for seconds or reflect on what just happened? Hop into the shower to wash away their sins? Regret everything?

Well, we'll find out, won't we?

How it works:

- Post with your character, name and fandom in the subject. Include any prefs or no-no's.
- A set-up isn't necessary but hey, if you want, go for it!
- Others respond to your character.
- Congrats! They just had sex.
- Have fun!
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{Her senses are sluggish to respond, which is enough to make her feel panicked. She has been trained to react quickly and be aware - even if she is coming out of sleep. Yet her body just won't listen to her today. First one eye opens and then another. It doesn't take her long to realize that she isn't wearing a stitch and that the voice speaking to her sure as hell isn't Serah.

Rolling out from under the covers, she reaches for her gun-blade and points it at the man.}

Who the hell are you?
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[As soon as she went to pick up her gun, Raiden had his blade across his face, shielding him. He was fast and knew when someone was about to launch the offensive.]

I could say the same about you. I just woke up and found myself next to you. Not that I'm complaining much. [Tch, Raiden.]
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{If he is telling the truth, she has a pretty good idea what they were up to last night. But...why? She's not someone to just jump into bed with anyone.}

What's your name? {Why, yes, she is threatening a man while fully naked. Hey, she's a solider. A Sergeant, actually. Her body is toned.}
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Raiden. [He wasn't going to reveal his real name. Nope. That was classified. She is a hot woman but his memory seemed to have been erased from the night before. Why?]

It seems I can't recall what happened the night before. Usually, my memory is accurate up until the last second. [Now, his tongue gets tied in his mouth, as he can't help but.....stare. Damn. She IS hot.]
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Hm. {She figures it's safe enough to look for her clothes, so she does just that, her brow furrowed.} I'm Lightning.

Can't say I remember meeting you either.

{Or deciding to sleep with him.}

We did sleep together.

{In case he is wondering. Her body aches in that oh so special way.}

Whatever happened to us must be the reason we... {Left their clothes far, far behind.}
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Nice to meet you, Lightning. Sorry it had to be in such confusion like this. Damnit, why can't I remember? [He hissed to himself, as he propped himself up on his elbow.]

Yeah, I can feel it. Even as a cyborg, I know what sex feels like. [He used to do that a lot, before he became this body. Wasn't he supposed to not be able to have sex as a cyborg? Inhibited sexual drive? Well, that just went out the window because he was in bed with a hot woman.]

Perhaps, someone wiped our memories of the night before?
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Don't beat yourself up. {She finds her underthings and tugs them on first.} A...cyborg?

{Well that's a new one. She pauses in her dressing to stare at him.}

You've got good control over it. {Mostly because she's in one piece and feeling...sated. But she isn't going to linger on that thought for too long.}

Maybe. But why?
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Yeah, I'm a cyborg. I hope I wasn't too rough on you last night, as I can't control my strength sometimes. [Yeah, details, Raiden.]

I trained myself to have control over my body. I don't like thinking the body has control over me. [Because that would be bad, wouldn't it?] You say your name is Lightning? [He smirked somewhat.]

Some people have a nickname for me. Mr. Lightning Bolt. I know it sounds like a cheesy action figure, but my friends seem to think it's amusing. [Yeah, that's you, Kevin.]
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I can handle it. {Not that she thinks being too rough is pleasurable. She isn't a masochist.} Good for you. I wouldn't like being controlled either.

{She sits on the edge of the bed, tugging on her skirt. Once it's fastened, she glances at him.}

You must be pretty fast. I chose the name Lightning for myself. {It works for her and she's comfortable with it now.}
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You chose your own name? [He didn't. He was born into war, just a child. What choice did he have?]

I do like having this body, as it gives me an edge over my enemies. I wasn't always like this though. I used to have a normal human body once. [That was a long time ago now.] I am fast. My body is a super-human killing machine. [He isn't ashamed to admit that.]

I don't see any cybernetics on your body. Do you just train hard to gain your speed?
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Yeah. {After her parents died, Claire became Lightning. She took on full responsibility of her little sister and toughened herself.}

I expected so. {She slips her shirt over her head before tugging on her gauntlets.} Keep talking like that and I might want to test you out.

{Smirking faintly, she stands up.} Training and some godly help, though I haven't agreed to serving said god yet.
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Haven't you already tested me out? [He shot her a wink and sat in up bed. He wore no clothes, so was not ashamed of sitting in his current state. How could a cyborg be naked anyway?]

If you mean a sword fight, I'd love to. Of course, I'd go easy on you, being a woman and everything. [Don't dig yourself a grave, Raiden.]

God? Heh. I don't believe in any god, only myself.

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{Did he just - He did. Lightning rolls her eyes.} Not memorable. {Yes, she can joke too. And look! The world isn't ending.}

Don't bother. I can take care of myself in a battle. I've fought things much bigger and scarier than you.

{And completed her Focus.}

I'd agree with you, but... {It's hard to deny a god when you're forced to follow the fate said god puts at your feet.}
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I bet you have. [He can see the determination in your eyes, Lightning. The same look he shows at times.]

I've fought my own share of huge cyborg monsters and weird creatures. Not without injury though. [Losing limbs just comes with the job, right?]