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10, timeline: the wolverine

[She escapes, because she has no choice. Away from England and the truths it offers, the promises of "peaceful means" to treat her supposed illness, the underlying threat issued to all of her kind: deportation, or death. Ordinary people, humans, she couldn't trust them, and she finds her way off the continent for a new life, boarding a ship with stolen tickets, a handful of clothes, and little else. Without knowledge of her destination, she is dropped off in a new country, where the language spoken is a jargon of sharp syllables she can't decipher, and the signs are written in a series of unintelligible lines.

Over time, somehow, she manages to make her way in the world. She picks up a few phrases, adjusting to the various times of day, and constructing her schedule around it: in the morning, she shoplifts food from convenience store shelves, and at night, she loiters in various internet cafes, where other sleepless teenagers spend the hours. Petty thievery doesn't cause her guilt, not when the alternative is going hungry.

It's a miserable night, storming and raining when someone new interrupts the pattern of cafe regulars. A disagreement turns into an ugly argument, and now the two men are shoving each other in a scuffle, and honestly, she's hoping they attract enough attention to be escorted out by security. She's already learned first-hand the xenophobia a foreigner can attract, but the man involved in the fight—muscular and tall, obviously not native—seems about ready to launch into an explosive rage. She grip the wheels of her chair, letting herself wander closer to the scene, curiosity urging her to investigate against all common sense. Caution has never come naturally to her, not when pride and anger drown out the fear.]

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