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The Historical Romance (AU) Meme

The Historical Romance (AU) Meme

(also including high fantasy, steampunk, and sci-fi because why not)

There's nothing quite like a good historical setting to take a tale of sordid romance to the next level. Perhaps it's the setting that seems so separate from our own time, thus making the whole thing feel more exotic or epic. Besides, the codes of attitude! The costumes! The traditions! The disease and early death!

Uhhh, did I mention the costumes?

  • This is a meme for shipping in historical (and also fantastical by historically based) settings. Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Post with your character, information, and preferences.
  • There are TWO things you can RNG here, because everybody loves some RNG. First is time period, second is prompt. Two for the price of one.
  • Comment to other people.
  • Be kind to others, play nice, etc.

Time Periods:
  1. Prehistory
  2. Egypt
  3. Greece & Rome
  4. Mythic & Legendary
  5. Viking
  6. Ancient Asia
  7. Scottish Highlands
  8. Celts
  9. Medieval & Middle Ages
  10. High Fantasy
  11. Camelot/Arthurian
  12. French Revolution
  13. Tudors
  14. Regency
  15. Victorian/Industrial Revolution
  16. Steampunk
  17. Wild West
  18. Civil War
  19. Roaring Twenties
  20. 1940s
  21. 1950s
  22. 1960s
  23. The Space Age Future

  1. Spoils of War: You've been taken of your home and made either an unwilling companion or, even worse, a slave. Yet something is beginning
  2. Nefarious Intentions: Whether it be from jealousy or a desire to ruin someone, you want to make this person - perhaps with an equal or higher station - desire you, then you will destroy them.
  3. Inherited You: Often times, in the past, positions came along with the spouse of the deceased or disposed.
  4. Must Be Married: In order to get your inheritance, secure your title, produce an heir, or please a parent, you have to marry someone. Anyone will do, won't they?
  5. Arranged: This marriage is one you didn't even get to pick. Hopefully, you'll at least like the person.
  6. Servitude: You live to serve, but you also love the one you serve, perhaps from afar.
  7. Love at First Sight: Okay, admittedly, you have't seen many people because this is before easy travel, but you know this person is the one. What can you do about it?
  8. Learn to Love: The two of you are thrust together. The most you can do is hope to love each other in time.
  9. Promised to Another: You two are head over heels, and things couldn't be better...except for the fact that one of you is supposed to belong to somebody else.
  10. Seduction for Gain: In a time where women and the underclass were treated very poorly, there's no shame in trying to advance your station. Use whatever means necessary.
  11. Courtly Love: Between a knight and a noble, a bard and a noble, a king and his lady, etc etc etc. The kind of love spoken of in ballads.
  12. The One Above All Else: The one who got away...or the one who was never yours. Maybe they are a beloved friend, a special person you must protect, or that flickering green light far from you, but you love them all the same.
  13. For the Man Who Has Everything: You are powerful, strong, well-connected; you have everything except for someone to share it with. Perhaps that will change.
  14. Rescue the Maiden Fair: Or the "man" fair. Surely they will show gratitude.
  15. To Honor You: Maybe if you win a great victory, slay a dragon, or invent a combustion engine, senpai your beloved will notice you.
  16. Cultural Differences: When uniting two cultures through a marriage or union, culture clashes are bound to occur.
  17. Class Difference: The poor street urchin who loves the child of the bourgeois or the serf who longs after the lord's only daughter. Is there anything more heartbreaking?
  18. Healing the Broken: Life is hard, and perhaps one of you has bore the brunt of it. It falls on the other to bring life back into their life.
  19. Met Before: You knew this person long ago. Have your feelings for them changed?
  20. Courtship: You will do this the proper way, with meek handholding and chaperoned dances. Or you may have no other choice.
  21. Secrets and Magic: Your romance is further muddled by the existence of strange creatures and the magical forces. Maybe one of you is even a magician, but you can't let anyone know, even the person you adore.
  22. Torn Apart by War: On the same side or Romeo and Juliet-ing it, the constant fighting is ruining your war.
  23. Forbidden: You took an oath, a vow, or some other kind of promise not to love. Before your eyes, that's all shattering.
  24. Rule by My Side: You want power and you want this person to be your consort, and will do anything to get both.
  25. I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, or: I hated you but now I've grown to want you like no other.
  26. I'll Wait for You: You will wait for the person you love. Back in the day, this was pretty serious, considering the death rate from the plague. And dysentery.
  27. A Promise Made: You told them you would make them yours and nothing would stand between you. You intend to make good on that promise, no matter what goddesses you have to face, monsters you have to kill, or political situations you must maneuver.
  28. First Contact: You are the first envoy of your kingdom or race. Making a good impression and not breaking any hearts are both good calls.
  29. 1.21 Gigawatts: "But I'm not even from this time period!" Instead, you're the modern guy or gal who fell through time. You must fit in...and not break everything by falling in love with the knight or samurai.
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Saft | Original Character | F/M

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Maggie Mui | ROD the TV | f/f

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Sherlock Holmes || Sherlock BBC || born in another time AU maybe?

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Augustine || Original Character

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(ooc: here's some info here about him. will be updating icons a bit. )
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[It's extremely hard putting on er and grace when it isn't the life yo wish for nor ever have, But even far more so when it's been arranged for yourself to marry someone you've never met before - nor know if you share the exact same feelings.

The young woman sits tapping her foot out of nerves in a large furnished room awaiting her soon to be husband to arrive even though she wishes for no real part of this.]

Oh hey!

[personal profile] bloodseraph 2013-11-19 05:49 am (UTC)(link)
[ As much as he protested about the very notion of taking a wife; all of his efforts went in vain. It was decided long ago that he would wed the young maiden hailing from the Goldenscale family, but he never thought this day would come so soon. Augustine would often jest with his good friend Elliot about this very issue, often depicting his would-be bride to be none other than a shrieking harpy with warts the size of dinner plates. However, once he entered the foyer and spied upon the young woman, Augustine was more than grateful that none of his jesting held any truth. ]

...You look as if you're partaking within a funeral procession, mademoiselle.

[ Augustine greeted the woman with a look of slight bewilderment as he entered the room. Dressed regally, yet simply, within a double-breasted black coat with long fitted sleeves and elaborately brocade blue lapels, the soon-to-be groom appeared with a forced smile upon his lips. He was grateful indeed that the heiress of Goldenscale wasn't some hideous shrew, but he couldn't help but wonder her age. The girl looked barely shy of adulthood, still a child in his eyes. ]

Is all well?

(ooc: yeah, about those icons...I've been updating lol)
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[The Goldenscale looks up once she's addressed. She's still not entirely sure how she's supposed to respond in these type of circumstances - a drawback of not bothering to turn up to any etiquette lessons when she was supposed to. Yet here she is, the picture of sophistication only she's not truly feeling it.]

...Yes m'lord. As well as can be expected.

[That's the type of thing a proper lady would say to her fiance right? Or maybe she wasn't supposed to speak at all? So many rules contridict themselves.]

Augustine D. Wagner.

We're to marry very shortly, are we not?

[personal profile] bloodseraph 2013-11-19 04:09 pm (UTC)(link)

[ A quiet chuckle escaped Augustine when she addressed him. She was being far too proper for her own good around a hellion like him.

It tickled his funny bone. ]

No need to be so formal. I'm no one of great importance.

[ He joked with a hearty laugh. ]

Feel free to refer to me plainly.
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your choice, IDC

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[the bank was doing reasonably well, all things considered, and he'd managed to talk five people into loans that day - whether they could afford the interest rates was something else entirely, but really, that was life. Barney Stinson always figured that if you didn't read the fine print, that was your problem. as such, knowing he was going to have a sizable commission on his next check, he was determined to spend it in advance at his favorite little jazz club. grabbing a drink at the bar, he weaved through the tables, looking for a seat near the front]
that_jazz: (Love My Life)

Do your worst, Stinson -- OH RIGHT prompt # would help IDK 13

[personal profile] that_jazz 2013-11-18 09:00 pm (UTC)(link)
[Another night, another show. She doesn't care if they're expecting a double act, she can handle the johnnies in the front row all on her own, thanks.

She sizzles on stage just as she always does, maybe even more than usual with the spotlight all to herself for once. Finding herself suddenly unattached certainly was energizing.

It's all rollin' hips and swingin' fringe, flashin' smiles and smolderin' looks, fast feet and high notes and then she's done. Another one in the bag. Turns out she can do it alone, and she doesn't give a rat's ass if the club agrees or not.

It's been a hell of a day and she's in the mood for a little fun. She saunters back out into the club, takes a seat and strikes up a friendly conversation with the bartender.]
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(Anyone want to hang with a Hell's Angel in CA?)
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(Spoilers: he's actually Macbeth. Or was the basis for him in his universe, and would likely be post-faking-his-death. Have fun with this one.)
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[Very open to alternate universes so I can play with River's characterization. Just a friendly note that if she's in any sort of slave/servitude role, she's going to be highly rebellious.

Highly interetested time periods: Egypt, Viking, Medieval/middle Ages, High Fantasy, Arthurian, Regency, Victorian, Steampunk, Wild West, Roaring Twenties. Space Age is rather close to River's canon, but still open to it.

Bonus period: The 80s. Because the mun has a problematic obsession with a decade she didn't experience.]
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Säde Pekkanen-Winston | OC | OTA

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Rolled Regency 4 and then Tudors 6 I will stop laughing later pick or roll again I just I cannot.
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Re: ooc;

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brb dying but coin says 4
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I can't tell if RNG trolls because it loves or because it hates.

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It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune is absolutely going to spend the entirety of his days plagued by relatives and well-wishers with single daughters and sisters and cousins. In fact, even a single man in possession of moderate fortune--which really isn't much to speak of so much as compensation due to a soldier and a small inheritance from a father rather suffering financially toward the end--is apparently in line to be entirely attacked from all directions by those who think they know exactly what's best for him.

Clearly, he just needs to give up. To marry someone and move along with his modest life.

The next woman he's introduced to. That's the spirit.
ishineon: (ticking away like a clockwork diamond)

it's both. it's always both.

[personal profile] ishineon 2013-11-19 03:01 pm (UTC)(link)
How fortuitous then, that the next woman he's introduced to isn't married any more. Even more fortuitously, she's long past the mourning period.

Much more (or less) fortuitously, she's just being introduced to him because she's new to the neighbourhood. Neighbours ought to be civil to one another. As much as she finds it a bother, she's reasonably sure it'll be quieter than London. Slower. Just the change of pace she needs.

She says as much to Mr Thomas. Surely he agrees?

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Roaring Twenties 9 do you want Cynric or Rita or Declan or what.

[personal profile] diemwnt 2013-11-19 01:46 pm (UTC)(link)
messire_messer: (Default)

close your eyes and click and that's who we're going with :|a

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mrcellophane: (definitely incorrect) say that and thiS IS WHAT HAPPENS.

[personal profile] mrcellophane 2013-11-19 02:37 pm (UTC)(link)
He's not actually married yet.

It's not a huge amount of comfort, at this point. Because not actually being married doesn't mean he's any less engaged to be married to a very sweet young woman from a very sweet little town who'll make a very sweet little wife while they go against the grain to move out of city and back to the Heartland. Where they belong. With other good, decent folk.

Not folk like Raphael. Not folk who supported suffrage and read Gertrude Stein and threw fancy dress parties and were following the trends of expressionism toward the beginning of surrealism and wanted to see all-colour films and thought 'different' wasn't such an ugly word.

Somehow, being engaged but not married didn't stop Kevin from seeking out the familiar bright blue eyes and golden mop of hair.
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[personal profile] messire_messer 2013-11-19 03:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Here's the thing about people who stick to the same old, same old. They aren't the people who'll be remembered. They aren't the people who'll be part of history. Rap rarely spares much thought or time for them. He'd left home and changed his name with the express purpose of shedding himself of such people, after all.

He can't shed himself of Kevin, though. No matter that Kevin still cleaves to the norm. That he has a fiance in some nowhere town- or some nowhere building on some nowhere street in the city, he's not too clear. The fact remains that there is someone.

The fact remains that even if there weren't, he can't hope to sway Kevin entirely to his life.

It doesn't matter. He still smiles the same when he sees the other man entering the club. It doesn't matter because hope, the old cliche, is eternal even among these poets and artists and luminaries. "I'd no idea you'd come this evening."
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