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Because it's almost that time...

...or something like that. The winter can be cold and lonely, but if you have someone to share it with, it can be the most wonderful time of the year. This meme is pretty simple and straightforward: shippy situations for all your cold-weather needs. From the cute to the hot to the sweet to the cool, it's all here for you. Don't be shy! Get your Christmastime/holiday wonder on and tag someone completely new! It's like a gift you didn't know you wanted!

-Comment with your character. Include information and preferences. There are two sets of prompts, G-rated and R-rated, so put whichever ones you're okay with somewhere in your comments so nobody tries to give you anything you're uncomfortable with.

-Comment to other characters, using the RNG to determine the prompt. Or just wing it!

-Have fun threading out your winter love!

-Play nice and respect others.

1. Date: Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you're stuck indoors. Go out and do something! Maybe this weather means the restaurants won't be so packed...

2. Ice Skating: Get on your feet and do some ice dancing! Hopefully, at least one of you knows what to do.

3. Playing in the Snow: It's not just for little kids. Make snow angels, snowmen, or indulge in a snowball fight! You can always warm up together afterwards.

4. Shopping: With some company, holiday shopping can be a bit more bearable. Unless, of course, one of you was dragged along against your will.

5. Baking: Cookies, cakes, pies, and candy! This is the season for making sweets, and two sets of hands are better than one. Then, enjoy your hard work.

6. Holiday Confession: Sure, it's not as traditional as a Valentine's Day confession, but telling someone you care for them around the holidays can be just as romantic.

7. Gift Giving: Show someone how much you love them by giving them a gift...or whatever it is that you picked up last minute at the gas station.

8. Warming Up: Snuggles and cuddles are the best way to get warmed up after a long day in the snow. Good thing you have your honey to give you some body heat.

9. Home for the Holidays: You haven't seen each other in a while, and you're finally

10. Mistletoe: Whether it's your first kiss or the kiss you share on your fiftieth anniversary, the mistletoe always gives you a chance.

11. Last Christmas: For whatever reason, it's your last holiday season together. Make it count!

12. Proposal: Surrounded by all your family and friends or just the two of you in front of a space heater: whatever the situation, now's the perfect time to pop that all important question.

1. Eggnog: Enjoy something a bit more grown up than just Christmas cookies. Of course, alcohol can make you more honest and more handsy.

2. A Bun in the Oven: The oven isn't the only thing that's getting turned on today. Find a new use for that whipped cream or maybe get into some foodplay.

3. Warming Up Another Way: You're just so, so cold. There's only one activity that can get your blood pumping. Maybe your life even depends on it...

4. One Blanket: The classic fanfic trope. The two of you have to share one blanket, and that kind of contact may make you want to share more.

5. Temperature Play: While heat is nice, the cool can put your senses to the test, and using a little ice or snow to liven up your love life can put your nerves and kinks to the test.

6. Dick in a Box: You couldn't think of a good enough gift, so you're offering up the gift of your lovin' instead.

7. Aphrodisiac Mistletoe: This mistletoe is a bit different than its tamer cousin. Aphrodisiac mistletoe makes whoever is under it want to fuck...hard, whether it be at your parents' house or the office Christmas party.

8. Naughty or Nice: So have you been a good boy or girl this year? If not, you'll get punished. Of course, Santa may not be able to come, so your lover will step in to dole out the "coal."

9. Reindeer Games: For your gift, you may have gotten some new "toys" you want to try out. Luckily, you have such a nice partner...

10. Just Love: Nothing kinky or overly sexy here. The two of you are inside on a cold day, and you just want to be together. Throw some logs on the fire and have a romantic evening by the fireplace. If you want to get really fancy, throw down a few furs and lay naked on them.

11. Thank You: Thank you notes for gifts are so cliche. Tell your significant other that you love your diamond ring another way.
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Dr. River Song (Doctor Who) - OTA

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PG 1 & 2

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The Doctor has decided that a date to the Rockafeller Ice Rink would be the perfect date for the evening. He was excited for this trip to New York, and he is dressed to impress. With a fancy white tuxedo on, he had plans to sneak them both in after the rest of the public left for the night.

"Oh, this is the greatest date, ever!" The Doctor had not been on many, but then again, he wasn't a married man then. With his ice skates slung over his shoulders, The Doctor held out his arm for River. "A quiet night in New York City, and here we are being naughty!

He lifted his head up to look at the city; New York City during the 1950's was always a favorite of his. "The only thing we're going to be missing is holiday music and hot chocolate." He mused, and lowered his head back down to look back at River.

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"Naughty nights with you are the best kind," she teased, slipping her arm through his. White fur accented the wrists and collar of her dark velvety coat, concealing the upper half of a rather elegant dress of ivy green. For extra warmth she's layered her legs in an extra set of stockings, thankful that they don't inhibit her movement much. "All the times I've been to New York, I've never managed to come here. Look what I was missing."

River smiles at him, eyes bright and happy like a child in a toy store. "I'm sure we can make do," she offers, patting his arm with her other hand. "Just don't ask me to sing or we'll be caught for sure!"
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"But I'm not very good at that type of naughty!" The Doctor joked, and he helped River out from the TARDI. He looked her up and down, blushed, and he couldn't help but to tell her. "Yowza!" The Doctor shouted with childish glee, as he went and pulled River along to the empty rink.

He loved New York City, the charm, and the opulence of the city that never seemed to sleep. "As for singing, I thought you had a wonderful singing voice!" He let go of her hand, and he reached his hand into his pocket for his sonic screwdriver. "But if you insist."

With a smile on his face, The Doctor pointed his sonic in the direction of the TARDIS, and with a wrr and buzz; the sound of Brenda Lee's 'Rocking Around the Christmas Tree' started to play.
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"Oh, I'll be the judge of that, sweetie," River chuckled, reveling in the sight of his blushing face. He was utterly adorable worked up like that. She couldn't help but laugh as he tugged her toward the sleek, empty rink with the elegant city rising around it.

"Don't be ridiculous," she began, about to protest his compliment of her singing abilities, but then the festive tune began to ring out from the TARDIS, and she abandoned her argument. "...Never mind. Be as ridiculous as you like." She couldn't resist a quick kiss to his cheek to cement the statement.