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the courtly love meme

The Courtly Love Meme


Courtly love or domnei was a medieval European conception of nobly and chivalrously expressing love and admiration. Generally, courtly love was secret and between members of the nobility. It was also generally not practiced between husband and wife.

The "courtly love" relationship is modeled on the feudal relationship between a knight and his liege lord. The knight serves his courtly lady (love service) with the same obedience and loyalty which he owes to his liege lord. She is in complete control of the love relationship, while he owes her obedience and submission.The knight's love for the lady inspires him to do great deeds, in order to be worthy of her love or to win her favor. Thus "courtly love" was originally construed as an ennobling force whether or not it was consummated, and even whether or not the lady knew about the knight's love or loved him in return.

The "courtly love" relationship typically was not between husband and wife, not because the poets and the audience were inherently immoral, but because it was an idealized sort of relationship that could not exist within the context of "real life" medieval marriages. In the middle ages, marriages amongst the nobility were typically based on practical and dynastic concerns rather than on love. The idea that a marriage could be based on love was a radical notion. But the audience for romance was perfectly aware that these romances were fictions, not models for actual behavior. The adulterous aspect that bothers many 20th-century readers was somewhat beside the point, which was to explore the potential influence of love on human behavior. The behavior of the knight and lady in love was drawn partly from troubadour poetry and partly from a set of literary conventions derived from the Latin poet Ovid, who described the "symptoms" of love as if it were a sickness. The "lovesick" knight became a conventional figure in medieval romance. Typical symptoms: sighing, turning pale, turning red, fever, inability to sleep, eat or drink. Romances often contained long interior monologues in which the lovers describe their feelings.

tl;dr characters are in a fantasy/medieval setting and having a courtly romance.

How to Play
- Comment with your character, preferences, etc. Also, be sure to include what "role" your character will be taking on in this little affair.

  • Lord/lady
  • Knight (gender neutral, of course)
  • Prince/princess
  • Bard or poet
  • Servant
  • Commoner (for the ultimate "forbidden romance")
-Comment to others, using the RNG to determine your fate.

  1. When I First Saw Your Face: You are meeting your liege or your knight for the first time. What you see takes your breath away.
  2. Lovesick: Your pining for your beloved has made you ill! You can't eat, you can't sleep, you're in loves throes.
  3. Playing Hard to Get: If you're of nobility, you at least have to pretend you're not interested.
  4. You're So Coy: The art of flirtation is just getting started, but you have to be subtle about it.
  5. In Your Honor: Be it a jousting match or a battle, you're going to win this for your lord/lady's name!
  6. A Token: You must give your knight something for good luck.
  7. A Gift: This is the reverse of the above. You must give your love something.
  8. Keep a Secret: Kisses behind columns, holding hands under the table. You must sneak away little moments together, but you have to keep others in the dark.
  9. Back from War: Your knight has been away in combat, and now they've returned. You want to shower them with affection.
  10. Consumate: Believe it or not, courtly love could have a physical angle, as well. Sometimes physical afairs happened.
  11. To Defend Your Honor: Someone has insulted your fair lady or lord. You know what that means! DUEL.
  12. I'll Protect You: The lands are under an attack, and you must protect the person you love!
  13. Breaking the Rules: You've decided to abandon the pretense of courtly love and actually be with this person, even if that means running away.
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River Song (Doctor Who)

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[OOC: I always feel oddly guilty when I'm first in memes...

Anyway, knight, lady, or commoner.]
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rolled a 6.

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[ooc; Her as lady and him as knight or her as lady-knight and him as prince?]
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[OOC: Oooh, I'm rather tempted to have her as the lady - would you like me to start or do you have a set-up in mind already?]
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Just this! Let me know if it does/doesn't work.

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There are knights incredibly beloved by all, veritable superheroes and lauded champions who hold court over much respect and a good deal of devoted love. The other knights praise them. The King and Queen adore them. The ladies, en masse, throw themselves and their favours in their direction.

Galahad is certainly such a knight. Lancelot is just the same. But the knights Lot saw grow tall in Orkney are of a different breed. And of Orkney's knights? There's even certainly one black sheep.

Sir Mordred is tolerated. He's let sit at the table in the darkness of his own shadows; sent into battle like an avenging angel to destroy those opposing the rule of the King. He's given wide berth. He's whispered about and looked at askance.

He knows that. It doesn't stop him, now and then, from trying to be normal. From reaching out with an almost childish hesitance for normalcy. For a drink with other knights. For counsel from the King.

On bolder nights, such as this one, for favour from a lady.
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I like it! I hope what I wrote matches?

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She's noticed him. The other ladies whisper about him and avoid his gaze, but she does not. Propriety in the public eye prevents her from free conversation, but once in a while she nods in acknowledgement of his presence, or looks in his direction just a smidge too long.

He's a mystery. Dark and alluring, and certainly powerful on the battlefield. She's powerful in her own way; her navigation of the terse political drama behind the scenes is similarly whispered about, but she'll never reveal her secrets.

But she understands curiosity better than anyone, and it's such curiosity that prompts her to finally speak to him in private when an opportunity presents itself. She's left a celebratory feast early, one of many that will occur this week as the tournament goes on. But she has better things to do than stuff herself 'til her bodice bursts.

"Good evening, Sir Mordred. What a pleasant opportunity - I rarely see you in these halls."
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It's lovely!

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He's a strong believer in fate. His own hasn't yet crystallized before him, for all his aunt has urged him to in the direction of this court. It has him seeking what might be the pieces of destiny wherever he can.

The Lady who isn't afraid to glance his way must be part of it. The fact she notices--looks, even--can't be without meaning.

So of course tonight he's placed himself in a hallway to meet her. Of course he's lurking where he doesn't normally lurk (although he is found lurking somewhere more often than not) in the hopes of solidifying whatever it is that's missing by being close to one of the few people who seems to honestly see he exists outside of the battlefield.

"Milady." There's something jerky to proper courtly procedure in his body. Offering his hand to take hers, to bow carefully over it, isn't natural and fluid the way hacking a man to pieces is. "The pleasure is entirely mine. You've left the festivities so early?"
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He's courteous and polite, though he lacks a certain grace of movement that she would've expected in such a great fighter. Lady Song nods.

"Indeed. I find them...taxing. One feast is much like another after one has attended so many of them, and the coming week holds many more still. My energies are best spent elsewhere this night. What of yourself?"
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There's uncertainty in his fingers, not certain whether this is where he lets go or not. He lingers a moment before ducking his head again, dropping her hand and clasping his own behind his back.

"It would seem these events are meant for the general enjoyment of all." His smile is scrawling, just a little off and toothy the way his bowing is a little clunky. "I've been informed I detract from that."

And come to peace with it, years ago, when he had been even younger than he still was now.

"Do you require an escort?"
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"How...unfortunate," River concludes somberly, unsure of whether she ought to comment further about the attitude of the court. No, perhaps she shouldn't. There were eyes and ears everywhere.

"Require? No," she says in a highly dignified tone, fighting the smile that wants to curve her lips. "However, I would be honored if you would still grant me the pleasure of your company while I walk." She allows herself a tiny smile, a rarity in the public eye.

"Shall we, Sir Mordred?"
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It's enough she's speaking to him at all. It's more than enough she wants him along with her while the rest of the world boxed him out.

"So please you, Lady Song."

Another uncertain moment, and out goes an arm in her direction. He's seen it done, after all. Hasn't done it much himself since leaving his aunt's side--and has certainly grown since then. Stands taller than a woman now. Still, nothing he can't manage.

"Have you been enjoying the tourney, then?"
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She gently places her hand upon his offered arm. Despite his uncertainty of movement, she notes how dedicated he is to manners and propriety. It's a pleasant surprise, given his reputation. Was this a new development, she wonders, or simply something the rest of the court had chosen to ignore?

Whatever the case, she's glad for his company, as it takes her mind off other things.

"Oh, indeed," she replies earnestly. "I think it's wonderful to see what our knights are capable of. Though, if I may be honest, I think a couple of them aren't quiiite up to par. Don't let the king hear that, though."
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"Set your mind at ease, milady." He's doing well being polite to the woman immediately beside him; hopefully she'll forgive the uptick in bitterness in his tone while speaking of someone not present. "The King has little time to hear anything he doesn't want to."

Refocus. Get back to the matter at hand. Enjoy the fact he's being spoken to and allowed to exist beside someone.

His breath comes a little sharp, but exhales a little more calmly. "I've not not seen your favour in the field. Is there no one up to your standard, then?"
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Lady Song knows when to hold her tongue, and she notes his distaste towards the king so that she'll never make such a false step again. The bitterness of tone certainly explains his fierceness on the battlefield. Slowly, ever so slowly, she was learning pieces of Sir Mordred.

"There are a few who come close, but they have enough attention from the other ladies. I doubt one little veil from me would make a difference," she says with a light shrug. "There is, however, one much more promising fellow that's caught my eye...but he hasn't asked, you see. It's quite a pity."
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The battlefield makes sense to him. Having steel in his hand and a target before him brings logic to his life. The court is much more difficult to navigate. The words to say and the words to swallow don't come naturally to him.

But they seem to with her. She always seems to move so effortlessly through the landscape of hidden enemies and targets who need to be attacked with words rather than swords. He needs that wisdom. He needs this time watching her speak and hearing her tone and learning what it means to be a statesman (or, in this case, woman).

And that means deciphering as best as he can now. He's not certain he's quite struck the nail on the head as he cants his head. "You'll have to point me toward him, Lady Song. I'll be certain to inform him of your favour before challenging him for the honour of it."
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"Why Sir Mordred, you surprise and flatter me in one fell swoop!" She's honest but coy in her response. "I'm beginning to think you arranged for our little meeting in the hall," she says with an undertone of teasing. "Well, as you've kept me company thus far I suppose it's only fair to give you the knowledge you seek."

She guides them to turn down the hallway that leads to her chambers. "How fortuitous that we're here," she comments, stopping in front of an ornate, decorative mirror on the wall. "I spy your intended competitor right there, sir." She can't help smiling right now, visible in her reflection. She finds this turn of events terribly amusing.
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It's good, when following an impulse turns out well. It's lucky when his sharpness can be tempered into what's workable in the court.

And it's absolutely got him straightening a little as he follows along now. His skulking posture is absolutely smoothed back toward something a bit more like the other more noble types he spends his days not measuring up to.

There's just a moment of confusion as they come to a stop before the mirror. A moment of searching the reflection for someone behind them. A moment of looking briefly, almost innocently surprised before something like a hopeful smile settles over his lips.

"What luck." His arm holding hers shifts slightly as he turns to face her more properly. Bringing her fingers to his lips is a hesitant thing. "Supposing I best him, will you allow me to wear your colours in the field tomorrow, milady?"
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"Nothing would please me more," she replies, feeling the brief touch of his lips linger on her hand. Perhaps the personal pleasure she's deriving from this exchange prompts her to speak boldly. "And I have the utmost faith in your abilities, my dear knight. I think you know the language of sword and shield better than any other, and I look forward to seeing you prove it on the field tomorrow."

She can see a change in him already - a surge of confidence, perhaps? He stands more like a man now. Yes, she knew she'd chosen well. She can see his potential for greatness.

"My only regret is that we must part soon...unless of course you think there's some suspicious noise coming from my chambers that needs investigating."
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Amazing, how a little attention can perk up a neglected soul. How the contact of her eyes and the feel of her hand in his and the soft words of approval, in such a short time, can crack so much at the shell that keeps other people away.

Being spoken to kindly sets his shoulders at ease. Having her attention brightens his brow considerably. Somewhere inside the scowling young man, after all, is a prince; it's more apparent now than ever.

He hasn't quite dropped her hand back down. Speaking close to her fingers feels quite intimate--but then, to him, so does casual conversation. "It would look very badly to leave you to the possibility of danger, Lady Song. I should be more than happy to sit vigil the entire night but for fear my exhaustion would prove your confidence unwarranted in the pitch tomorrow."
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"Well we certainly can't have that now, can we?"

But now that she's begun to unravel the mystery that is Sir Mordred, she doesn't want to stop. She wants to know more. Pursuit of knowledge has always been her greatest temptation.

"For both our sakes then, I think it prudent you stay just long enough to perform a thorough sweep. Once you've soothed my frightened nerves I'll grant you your leave. I can't have my favor carried by a fatigued knight, after all."
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If she's still curious, he's certainly still starved for attention. If she's still allowing his company, he's far from wanting to give up being properly noticed for a change.

One last squeeze of her fingers, and he shifts back a hair, settles her arm properly at his side again with room for them to finish the trek to her chambers.

"As you say, milady. One would hate to think any harm might befall you from my delinquency."
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"Such a gentleman you are, sir," River commented, taking his arm again.

"We've hardly spoken before this night and yet you speak so kindly of me. I must say, it's quite flattering. Are you like this with all ladies of the court?"
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That's not a word he's certain he's ever heard applied in his direction before. It sits inelegantly on his heart, like a coat that's far too big.

It's also a question that takes a moment to contemplate. His head drops thoughtfully, brow furrowing away from the clarity it had begun to take in their quiet wandering together.

"It's possible. There's not been much opportunity to test the theory." His lips press together briefly before he finds himself shaking his head. "I don't expect it. You're a rather more remarkable specimen than half the women here."
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River notes that slight change in demeanor, reading his body language. "I fear I've spoken rashly on a rather tender subject. I meant no offense by it, I assure you." Gently, she places her other hand upon his arm as they approach her door.

"I must admit I do like hearing that," she says coyly. "Not to speak ill of my companions, but I do prefer a slightly more....educated sort. Please, come in."
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It's strange, being apologized to--at all. It's got his attention hovering back on her face, half-curious and half-confused. There's definitely something remarkable about her.

He ducks his head while following her into the room. They're exiting what he's been able to see in the decorous behaviour of others now, leaving him just a bit adrift; still, for the moment, clinging to her arm.

"It doesn't seem overly in vogue for-- much of anyone to attend to that portion of themselves. Is it very lonely, Lady Song?"
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The heavy door shuts behind them on its own, and River feels a change in the atmosphere, despite the familiar surroundings.

She gives him a a half-smile, patting his arm and guiding him towards a small bench that sits at the end of her luxurious bed. She seats him, wasting no time to start a small fire in her fireplace.

"Yes, it can be. What a strange world we live in, when a man with knowledge is praised and a woman is left an outcast. 'Tis better to wear a mask of stupidity and blend in, it seems."

As she stokes the fire, she makes a note to chastise her servant girl for not being here. A blessing in disguise, really, as River would much rather keep her discussions as private as possible. Still, she had to uphold certain expectations, a woman of her position.

She straightens herself and smoothes out her dress, turning to face him again.

"So. Here we are."

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