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Tea Party Meme!

Tea party meme!

⇒ Where did all this tea come from? You're not sure, but you really want to try it.
⇒ Comment with your character(s)!
⇒ Other people will comment with their character. After this...
⇒ Go to the great and lovely RANDOMIZER and roll for a number between 1 and 15.
⇒ Match the number with the scenario below. Do not be ashamed to re-roll if you wish for something else!
⇒ Have fun!!

1. Chocolate tea:
Did the room suddenly get very warm? You want nothing more than to cool down.

2. Vanilla tea:

Did the room suddenly get very cold? You want nothing more than to be warm again.

3. Cherry tea:

Not only will the drinker be more arrogant, snobbish and better than you, but they will also voice it. Loudly.

4. Berry tea:

For the love of all that is good and shoujo, will the drinkers of this tea stop sparkling so melodramatically?

5. Mint tea:
Drinkers of this tea can't tell anything but lies. Ask them anything, but don't expect much.

6. Strawberry tea:

Drinkers of this tea can't tell anything but the truth. Ask them anything, but you might regret it.

7. Daffodil tea:

Suddenly your clothes don't seem to fit so well... adult drinkers of this tea will be deaged to childhood. Child drinkers will be aged to adulthood.

8. Earl Grey tea:

Ever wondered what it was like to be the opposite gender? You didn't? Too bad! Turns boys to girls and vice versa, complete with all the appropriate parts.

9. Rose tea:

Love love love! See the person beside you? You are suddenly filled with oh so much love for them.

10. Black tea:

Hate hate hate! You hate the person beside you. Irrationally, maddeningly hate them.

11. White tea:

You suddenly can see through everything! X-ray vision. What will you do with your new found talent?

12. Oolong tea:

The uncontrollable need dance, wherever you go!

13. Milk tea:

Causes the drinker to suffer severe delusions. They might just start to think they're the Queen of England, or a tree, or any number of things.

14. Green tea:
Have a little respect for your four-legged friends. Turns the drinker into an animal of the mun's choosing.

15. Chai tea:
Causes moe! Childish innocence, kindness, love of everything alive. Is that a butterfly you see? Don't you want to be its best friend?
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The Joker | The Dark Knight | OTA

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Re: 10

[personal profile] bat_byknight 2013-10-19 07:16 pm (UTC)(link)
YOU. Why you? [Yep. Bruce has just drunk some black tea.]
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[personal profile] glaslolsmile 2013-10-19 09:09 pm (UTC)(link)
[ It almost makes him choke on his own piercing laugh. Whywhywhy-? Which is funnier, the question, or watching the anger bubble up and out of the Batman?

Whywhywhywhynot-- ]
Really now, [ He regains what little composure he has and grins. ] were you really expecting someone else?
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[personal profile] bat_byknight 2013-10-20 11:06 am (UTC)(link)
Why do you always show up? Who not someone else?[Right now, Bruce wants to deck your face in, clown. He hates you beyond words. Even more so after drinking the black tea he had just drunk.]

Why won't you just DIE!
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[ Cost of dynamite per stick, $14. Cost per bullet, $0.80. Cost of watching Batman fill up with so much hate and anger and darkness like a balloon about to explode -- priceless. ]

--Ahahahahaha -- what are you saying -- hahaha -- you're saying you don't value our, our time together? Hahaha, you want what, kill me?

[ Because Batman, you really, really, really could, so why not, Batman? And then he laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs. And laughs some more. The Batman has finally had enough? Will he finally oh finally, finally break that one precious rule?

He's about to do some more mocking, but wait! He's laughing again because he suddenly remembers how fucking hilarious this is. ]
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[No. He can't kill you, Joker, because that goes against everything he's ever believe in. If he killed you, he'd be no better than any Mob member or crazy like you. He's no thug.]

Shut up! You're scum. Nothing more. I won't give you the satisfaction of an early death because you'll probably enjoy it. Feeling the last, ragged breath torn from your wretched body.
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[ It felt so close this time, but Batman continues his amazing streak of not killing who is probably the worst person he's ever encountered.
His hysteria fades to chuckles. ]

Actually, I don't know about me, but I think probably you would. But that's it, right, that's the one thing you cannot... do.

[ His hands start doing some talking, too. ]

But just -- just for a second -- hypothetically -- just. Imagine. In a world where you... didn't... have your, uh, rule. [ His tongue pokes the insides of his cheeks and he waits a second, just to give Batman's imagination a chance to do this. ] Alright. In that moment, how, how many people would you have saved? Hmm? How many people would you've avenged?
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Re: 6

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[Harvey drank the strawberry flavoured tea and thought nothing of it. That was until the effects kicked in a few minutes later. He pressed himself up against the bars of the Joker's cell and frowned.]

I've always hated you with a passion, you know that? I wish you would just die with a stick of dynamite up your ass.
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[ It takes him a few seconds to respond, and then he still doesn't even look up at Harvey. ]

That sounds like it might be painful. Coming from you, don't you think that's a bit... aggressive?
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That's the idea isn't it? I don't like pain myself, as I believe people should live without pain. It's an unwanted emotional experience. [He couldn't help the truth, that spilled from his lips.]

I like being aggressive when I want to be. In any situation.
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[ In contrast to his first reply, his second is probably a bit too enthusiastic. ]

A world without PAIN?! [ He chuckles, audibly licks his lips, and finally faces Harvey. ]

But that's the only thing that really motivates your little followers to do, well, anything! It's... not because they're all pure -- like you -- that they're not always at each others throats. Because, you see, if they could get away with anything without their pain they would be all over each other. There, there wouldn't a city left! And they would be smiling, too, because they would living the dream of a life without any -- [ He licks his lips again. ] -- pain.
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[Harvey takes a step backwards. How he hates it how the Joker laughs and licks his lips. He hates it.]

The world will be such a better place without freaks like you roaming the streets. My guys as you call them, they don't exist for pain. They exist to create order. You just get off on pain because that's all you've ever known. Freaks like you are all the same. [The tea was still causing him to emit certain truths.]

Do you even have any family?