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it's going to start raining blood and frogs.

the broken meme.

You may once have been a great hero, or a modest regular person. But something has pushed you past the limit. There's simply no going back to who you used to be. To be seen now, your friends, your family, would they even recognize you? Your savior was too late. The pain was too much. The pleasure was too intense. You've been short-circuited.

You're broken.

A. Post with the usual stuff! Note somewhere if there are any options you aren't okay with.
B. People can reply, with a roll for their characters or ask if you want to roll for yours in that thread.
C. Probably some triggers involved here. Read at your own discretion, etc.

1. Pain.
You've been pushed beyond your limits and become light-headed, 'floaty'. The sight of your own blood doesn't provoke a reaction anymore, and seeing a friend might cause you to smile, or talk strangely. You might not even recognize them. It doesn't hurt anymore. It's alright now.

2. Lust.
No, no, no became yes, yes, yes. Dignity and self-respect have faded, replaced by an insatiable and alien feeling of want. You've reached a point where shame doesn't even occur to you anymore. Your eyes seem out of focus and your smile doesn't look right. Look, I've made so many friends who like me...! Do anything to me if it feels good.

3. Shock.
What has been seen cannot be unseen. A revelation about a friend, a loved one, an enemy- something has shocked you in a way you can never reverse. It may change not only the way you look at someone or something, but also the way you see the rest of your life. I saw nothing, I saw nothing, I saw...

4. Oppressed.
What's it like outside my cage? Your spirit of rebellion or confidence has been cracked, and your rescuers might not be there in time to salvage what's left of your spirits. You've long since accepted that getting away from this oppression is impossible- Perhaps you've even become attached to it as the only way to live life. Yes, sir. No, sir. Sorry, sir.

5. Corruption.
Something has eroded you. You're not like you used to be. You're obsessive, your face is darker. You may even see who you were before as weak or useless. Whether it's a magic ring or Phazon infecting your body, you're going grimdark and it's looking a little too late to pull you out of it. This power is far greater than what I had before! To think I used to believe in justice!

6. Hysteria.
When you talk, you don't make any sense. Pure Charisma Break. Maybe you were a god stripped of your might, or you've suffered a terrible defeat. Either way your ego has snapped, leaving you a total mess and unable to function. But how could this be? How could I lose?!

7. Desperation.
Where before you were airy, confident, in control of yourself, you're now a ragged and fuming pile of hopeless anger. As a fighter you may have been careful or even graceful; now you swing wildly, strike without precision. You simply cannot accept the situation, cannot accept your own fall. It's not over! I'm still in control! I can still fix everything!

8. Choose Your Own.
Mix, add something that hasn't been done! Cause whatever kind of misery you want.
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Harvey Dent | DC | OTA

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got a 7~ this is au, so i hope it's okay!

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[ Of all people in the world, Bruce hadn't expected Harvey Dent to show up at his door the day Rachel Dawes died. Bewildered by his presence, Bruce stepped out into the living room. Alfred had left them with some lame excuse that he had things to finish and errands to run, but not before apologizing for Harvey's lost. ]

Harvey... I wasn't expecting to see you.

[ And by the looks of it, Harvey was even more crestfallen by this than he was, a nearly crazed look to the blond's features. It was slightly--very--worrying, and that gave Bruce all the more reason to worry. ]

... You should sit.
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Re: Yep!

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[Harvey couldn't think of what to say to Bruce, as his mind was still reliving the events of the past few moments. Rachel's death. Going around in his mind like some twisted record. She had died and he had lived. Why? He swallowed thickly and almost collapsed into the chair.]

Why? Why me? It should have been her that lived, not me. [He placed his head into his palms and sobbed quietly. He couldn't help it. A grown man crying in front of Bruce Wayne, of all people. Yet, emotion was welling up inside of him, he was drowning in it.]
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[ Guilt felt like a deadweight on his chest and for a moment he swore he couldn't breathe. Everything was all his fault. The Joker's sudden escalation to power, the attempts made on Harvey's life, the lives of not so innocent Gotham citizens taken. Rachel's death. Bruce couldn't even look at Harvey. ]

You... It wasn't your fault.

[ Bruce was phenomenally bad at consoling his own emotions, let alone someone else's, but it was the least he owed Harvey. He stepped toward the other, tentative and unsure. Bruce Wayne was never unsure. ]

You can't change what happened, Harvey.
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[He looked up at Bruce and wiped his eyes with the back of his sleeve. Fuck the Joker and fuck the world. Nothing could bring Rachel back to him now.]

This is all the Joker's fault. Not Batman's, not yours, not Gordon's. His. If I ever get my hands on him, I'll fucking kill him myself. [There was a flash of anger in his blue eyes. A desperation to rid the world of the Joker. He had caused nothing but pain and misery, the moment he stepped into the city.]

I know I can't change things, damnit. I just want Rachel back. [He looked up at Bruce and wondered how the other man felt. Had he loved her the same as Harvey had?]
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I know.

[ Bruce wanted to kill The Joker himself--knew if he had the opportunity now, he would, especially with the clown running loose. But that'd just give him the satisfaction he craved, wouldn't it, to have Batman break his one rule all for him? He couldn't do that. ]

Me too. She was... my oldest friend.
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That asshole killed her. The Joker. He won. [Harvey couldn't believe it had happened. He just wanted to wake up from the nightmare and have Rachel by his side once more. The times she walked into his office in the morning, bringing them both coffee and a smile on her pretty face. All gone.]

I loved her, Bruce. She was the only woman in the world I wanted to spend my life with.
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[ Bruce sighed because he understood more than anyone else would, especially with what Rachel meant to him. Yet, he couldn't find anything in himself other than to raise a hand and place it on Harvey's shoulder in consolation. ]

I understand, Harvey. Truly.

[ He was already so familiar with loss. Rachel's death had much less of an effect on him than it should have had, much to his disdain. ]

You just... You should take some time off. You deserve it, after all this.
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[Harvey sighed. If he took time off, who would take over from him as D.A? Now that Rachel was....]

I can't afford to take time off, Bruce. Gotham needs me. I don't want to let the people know that I'm like this. Image is everything, right? I'm Gotham's D.A. I can't collapse when someone close to me dies, otherwise they might see weakness in me. Lose hope. [He didn't want to do that, at all.]

I could use a strong drink right now.