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The Haunted House Meme

This is not a very nice meme! If you have any major or typical triggers, this may not be the meme for you.

Invading haunted houses is a time-honored tradition that doesn't necessarily have to take place on Halloween night. However, you've decided to take up the mantle of the classic B-horror movie idiot and enter this gloomy old mansion after sundown, All Hallows Eve. Unfortunately, this isn't your average spooky manor and each room in this dreadful place has a new horror to introduce. Another shock to throw your way. Will you survive the night? Will you want to stay forever? Up to you, pal. Enjoy your time in Casa De La You're Fucked.

1. Post your character, stating name, canon, and any prefs/changes (e.g. women only, not #4, AU, aged up, etc.) in the subject line or body of the comment. Please note that this meme is open to both sexual and platonic content and you may want to list non-sexual rp as one of your prefs.
2. When other characters tag in, they'll be using ye old RNG (1-14) to figure out what room the scene will take place in.
3. Most scenarios involve a villain/victim relationship between the characters. In the case of these rooms, the initial poster will take the role of the victim and the responder will be the villain unless otherwise oocly discussed. I'm not your mom. Do what you want, bro.
4. Have fun, don't eat the candy, and have a nice night, everybody.

The Rooms (RNG):
1. The Foyer: The world goes topsy-turvy for those who enter the foyer. Sooner rather than later, they wake up from their blackout strapped to an operation table in a windowless, white room. The heavy sterile stench of medical equipment invades the senses. What will happen next? Some impromptu Frankenstein's Monster-style surgery? A thorough examination of a less incision-inducing manner? Who's to say!

2. The Grand Ballroom: As soon as this room is entered, its occupants' outfits are magically switched out for costumes of any and all varieties. These costumes will take over any character's actions, and possibly their mind as well (that's really up to what the player prefers). Will a fireman now fight a princess, or will someone get cattish because of an attached faux tail? Both characters don't have to be affected, but at least one should suffer the room's idea of a good time.

3. The Grounds: Arroooooo! Here there be werewolves (or whatever you'd like of that nature) and a surprising amount of flora to duck and hide behind. Sadly, these accursed grounds are constantly under the effect of a full moon, and these were-critters have a good idea of how to sniff-and-scratch their way to any target or prey. Better keep on the move and see how things go.

4. The Attic: Who would have thought there would be ghosts in the attic? Here, spirits reside, not all of them friendly and big-headed like in the cartoons. Some will possess you… some will slam you against the walls and ceiling until you've learned your lesson about midnight trespassing.

5. The Kitchens: Upon entering the kitchens, the friend or stranger you were traveling with is compelled to down the contents of a nearby glowing green vial. God, they're a dumbass, because now their insides are starting to curdle and—oh. They've been split in mental half and are starting to resemble a certain Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Half the time they're calm and polite. The other half? More dangerous than they've ever been (which is saying something depending on the individual). Watch your back.

6. The Dining Hall: Dining hall—kind of funny that this is where all the carnivorous beasties come to play. Be they vampire or mere crazed cannibal, nobody's safe as long as the other person's lingering about, licking their chops and contemplating how best to divide their new 'friend' up.

7. The West Tower: Fuck yes, there's a tower. Shut up. Anyway, here is where one will encounter their worst fear manifested. Is it the death of the friend? A mummy wrapped up to the nines in Egyptian cotton? The strike of a match that sets the whole world ablaze? Deal with it, buddy, because these aren't mere illusions. That fire can burn.

8. Basement: The basement smells rank, like something—or someone—died down here. A lot. The scent only gets stronger and more nose wrinkling the farther one travels down the stairs and—oh. Was that the sound of the door locking behind you? Now, you're locked in with a psychopath. A real crazy, sick individual that needs extensive help. What's the best solution? Reason with them? Charge at them with a fire extinguisher? Hmmmmmm.

9. The Bathroom: Similar to the foyer, entering this room transports you to a totally new location. This time, the room both white and padded, and—once again—without any visible exits. Furthermore, the room's occupant is caught tight in a straightjacket they can't rip free from and screaming won't do them any good. Will the doctor be kind enough to release them after a brief chat, or are they in the mood to test out some shock therapy?

10. The Lake: Past the werewolf-housing grounds is a large lake with a small dock and rowboat available. Yet, taking that boat out might not be the best idea—this lake is infested with frightening sea creatures, and once you fall in… something will drag you down and make sure you can't get out again. Be it a siren of the deep convincing you to skinny-dip or a kraken's dangerous assault on your boat, yeah. The lake isn't any safer than the house's insides.

11. Master Bedroom: Don't fall asleep in this room, because when you wake up, it'll be somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. Alien abduction ain't always quaint and '80s-esque, homes. Sometimes it's fucking terrifying. Sometimes the little green men or tall blue catfolk don't want to just 'phone home' or 'hair mate'—they want to peel back your tendons and see what's cooking. Anal probing is really only funny until you're the victim. The worst part is the lack of control and lack of understanding. But maybe you'll be okay if you agree to become a magical girl.

12. Playroom: What looks like a harmless children's nursery from the outside is one of the more sinister areas in the mansion. Here is where your childhood fears are most likely to appear. Killer clowns, life-size dolls with un-ending smiles, puppets that would rather pull your strings—all of that and more takes insidious root in the playroom. They've been lonely for a while, too. Thanks for stopping by.

13. Living Room: Etched in chalk on the floor of the living room is a summoning circle, and the weird thing is… this one? This one is actually going to work. No teenage mini-goth bullshit here, this is real magic(k). Whether your character drew it or simply stumbled upon someone's forgotten spell, it's too late to stop the pact. Some demonic creature will be brought forth from the worst hell dimension imaginable, and there's nothing left to do but barter or run. Hint: both options suck.

14. The Anywhere: Mix and match any scenarios you like! Make up your own! This is the freeform option that's always available, whether the RNG gives you the number or not. Remember, memes are for fun. Follow your heart.

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Re: 8

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[What the hell was that smell? Dead rats? Bruce had smelt dead rats before many times. Usually on the streets of Gotham or down in the Narrows. He glanced movement in the corner of his eye. Looking behind him, he was ready to strike at whoever or whatever it was in the room with him.]
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[Really, it hadn't been too difficult at all to lure Batman here. In fact, Crane was quite disappointed at just how easy it had been. It's like Batman wasn't even trying anymore. It made things a little more dull than he would like but now he's here he can...play with him a little. He is of course armed with his mask and his special toxin.

Lurking in the corner of the room, in the dark shadows, Crane eventually speaks out, his voice low and sinister. To Batman's ears his voice will come from a different direction with each sentence.]

Fear is fascinating isn't it? It can be so easy to instill in a person...Are you scared, Batman? Do you feel fear?
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[Crane's voice cuts through the air like a knife. Bruce narrows his eyes to where the dim shadow of Scarecrow lurks in the corner of the room. Trust him to be here of all places, probably ready to lure victims and gas them. Bruce looks for any way out, any possible exits for a quick getaway. He knew what Crane's gas did the last time he got infected.]

You are pathetic. Your fear toxin no longer works on me, Crane. Ever since an antidote was produced. You are nothing. It is you who shall face real fear. [Bruce the advantage of the shadows within the room to camouflage himself against the wall.]