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I don't think this one has ever been posted to bakerstreet, but it's too cute to pass up!

First Kiss Meme

one. It's your first date, and you're dropping them off at the door. Are they going to lean in? Should you..?

two. You have been friends since forever. Everyone knows you like each other, but the moment quite hasn't arisen for the first kiss. Until now.

three. Awkward first kisses! Maybe you just bumped noses, or you kissed their chin instead. Time for attempt number two!

four. Maybe this is your very first kiss, or maybe it's theirs! Either way, one of you is experienced and the other isn't. What if it turns out really bad?! (But hey, maybe you're a natural.)

five. The accidental kiss. Might have tripped over your own feet, or maybe you've collided and they landed on top of you. Either way, your lips are locked- Where you go from there is up to you.

six. UST kisses. There's been some sort of tension between you for a while. Maybe you fight all the time, maybe you're in love with each other and you keep getting interrupted before anything happens. Either way, that tension needs to end now!

seven. Either pick one, mesh some together, or re-roll!


• Post with your character!
• Reply to other people with your character and go to the RNG to generate a number between 1 and 7.
• Match that number to the choices above!
• Reply to the thread starter and go from there.
• Any rating goes, but no wank, please! :>
originally from here.
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[ooc: lmao Everyone should tag you. Su here is a lot like a fairy. More info is on her profile if you're curious.]

[Su had been preparing lunch for Tingle and his friends and had just put a round of cookies in the oven when she suddenly had a feeling she wasn't alone in the kitchen. Worried that a spider had climbed in and was sneaking up behind her, she turned quickly to face the creature. There was indeed someone there, though it was just Tingle; still she jumped in surprise and lost her footing. With a small cry she fell towards him, their heads knocking together, making their lips meet in the process.]
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[personal profile] tingle 2013-10-14 03:27 am (UTC)(link)
[Moist and sticky lips met hers and he was so surprised, his tongue slipped.... somewhere. But Tingle braced her so she wouldn't knock him down. It never occurred to him to pull her face off his. After all, who wouldn't want to just kiss him?

But then he had a small, shrill little giggle.]

Oh my~! [He puckered his lips for round two.]
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she talks in 3rd person- let me know if it's annoying and I'll write it differently ;)

[personal profile] chipsyrupwhip 2013-10-14 03:47 am (UTC)(link)
[Su was so startled she didn't even move at first but as she regained her balance and realized precisely what had just happened she began to apologize only to find him puckering at her.]


[She gave a startled yelp.]

M-Mister Tingle! Why are you trying to kiss Su?!
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He does the same thing, so at least they won't get confused

[personal profile] tingle 2013-10-14 03:50 am (UTC)(link)
Because is love~! You are a fairy, yes? Tingle also wishes to be a fairy!

[He advances and puckers up his lips EVEN MORE. They are exceptionally moist.]
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lol Oh that's right! Man it's been too long since I played a game with Tingle in it.

[personal profile] chipsyrupwhip 2013-10-14 03:58 am (UTC)(link)
Su doesn't think being a fairy works that way! And-

[She leans back, away from those determined wet lips.]

If it's love why is there no romance? Su doesn't recall Mister Tingle trying to be romantic before.
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[personal profile] tingle 2013-10-14 03:59 am (UTC)(link)
Kyaaaaaaa! Because Tingle did not realize Su was in love. But now it's obvious, hm~?

[ANOTHER STEP. Don't resist it, Su! It's meant to be!]
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[personal profile] chipsyrupwhip 2013-10-14 04:06 am (UTC)(link)
Su isn't in love! Su's kiss was an accident!

[She takes a step back trying to avoid his closing in. Sorry Tingle, you'd have to woe her. And then she realizes to top it off.]

Su's first kiss was an accident!
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[personal profile] tingle 2013-10-14 04:13 am (UTC)(link)
Then we can make the second one intentional!

[Ahh, he stops puckering and thinks. He needs a way to make it more... SPECIAL.]
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[personal profile] chipsyrupwhip 2013-10-14 04:23 am (UTC)(link)
[At last the puckering stopped; Su sighs in relief.]

If Mister Tingle wants Su to fall in love, try being romantic. Su sees Mister tingle as a friend right now. [A friend that's acting creepy.]