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The Sex Pollen Meme

The Sex Pollen Meme

This is a highly sexual and somewhat dangerous meme! Many if not all options are potentially triggering. Please use your best judgment before participating.

1. Comment with your character, putting their name, canon, and any prefs (e.g. women only, not #4, AU, aged up, etc.) in the subject line and/or comment.
2. When other characters tag in, they'll use this handy RNG (1-9) to pick an option from the list below.
3. Have fun, sex peeps up, ???, profit.


1. The Slutty One: When you're sprayed with this pollen, all you wanna do is bang. All inhibitions go out the window—if you don't get some orgasms pumping out, your whole world is gonna end. Seduction, debasement, that's what this option's all about. Do whatever it takes to get that sweet, sweet satisfaction.

2. The Violent One: This pollen makes you wanna bang, sure, but it also makes you pissed as fuck. Everything's painted in red—the anger's overwhelming. Whoever you see next? That's who's taking the full force of your assault. You don't know if you wanna punch 'em or kiss 'em, but something's gonna happen.

3. The Soulmate One: There's only one person the pollen is driving you to find, driving you to romance, driving you to be with—biblically. And maybe it's not someone you want to be this attracted to, but your mind/body/spirit—everything's saying yes. Even if your sensibility alone says no. Time to hunt out your soulmate and convince them this is destiny.

4. The Touch-based One: This pollen works a tad differently from the others. Instead of dousing an individual and making them need, it waits until they've touched someone. It could be the slightest brush of fingertips, it could be a kiss from an already willing lover. Whatever it is, the pollen's activated, and there's no going back. Every touch feels a little bit better than the last.

5. The Possessive One: This sex pollen is the lovechild of options 2 and 3—a pollen that makes you crazy about that one particular person. You've gotta have them, protect them, own the moment. There's no one you'd rather be 'sharing' this with, and no one they're allowed to. Jealousy and need taken to the highest level.

6. The Snuggly One: The lightest of all the sex pollens, this variety just asks for some good, snuggly fun. Not necessarily vanilla, but definitely kinder. A hug can be just as good as a handjob if it's from the right person. Kinda.

7. The Hallucinogenic One: Whooooa, man. This is a trip. Nothing's looking quite right, the sky is purple, the ground is pitch black, and the person in front of you looks like your latest wet dream. This pollen clogs the mind and leaves its victim feeling high and confused. What a predicament.

8. The Animalistic One: Speaking of dulled down thought processes—this pollen has removed all of them. Nary a one remains, because now you're pure animal, living in the moment, looking for a mate. Your ability to speak in more than hisses and growls and monosyllabic conversation's been compromised. Let's hope it passes.

9. Wild Card: Mixup, mashup, do whatever you like.
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John Blake || The Dark Knight Rises || OTA

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[ooc: is your John het or anything? Just want to make sure if you're comfortable with this pairing?]
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[ooc: My John swings both ways. So I'm more than comfortable with the pairing.]

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[ooc: okie doke. any pref to setting at all?]
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[ooc: Nope. Just throw whatever you want at me. <3 I'm good with whatever.]

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[Harvey felt something spray over him, as he walked through Gotham's streets to hail a taxi down. Damn. He was going to be late for his next D.A meeting with the Mayor. He felt a strange sensation wash over him, as the spray made him sneeze. What was that? A woman's perfume aimed the wrong way? Damn. It smelled rather nice, actually. Not as nice as how Rachel wore it though....

He shook his head, then nearly smashed into a cop, who was standing nearby.]

Sorry, pal. I just- [Harvey swallowed thickly. He never in his life had viewed any guy with admiration or lust, as he was right now. He felt like he wanted to reach out and touch the young man in front of him. A cop from Gordon's unit perhaps? Damn, he was hot. Hot? He never even liked men that way....until now.]
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John hadn't expected to be run into by anyone. In fact he'd just been out there doing his rounds. "Mr. Dent," he says giving the the other man a slight nod. There was something different about him it seemed. Not that he knew the man enough to know something like that. It was just a feeling that he had.

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[The cop knew him. Well, of course he did. What cop in Gotham city didn't know the famous D.A?]

I...uh, at ease, officer. Say, are you off duty at all? I mean, would you like a drink? [Why was he saying all of this?]
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Wait... had the DA just offered him a drink? That wasn't normal as far as he knew. Then again it could easily be normal. No telling with the DAs and other people of Gotham. "You're in luck, Mr. Dent, I just got off duty. So I'd love a drink." Even if he's not sure why he's agreeing to it. Couldn't hurt, right?

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Great. I know this great bar down the street. [Would he follow? He still had no idea why he was doing this. It just felt right.]
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"Then lead the way." He didn't mind following. Hell, he was off duty and the DA was offering. So who was he to turn down such an offer.

[ooc: Sorry for the delay. The laptop has been overheating and shutting down. All better now though.]