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Have you ever noticed multiples of one of your muses wandering around, and kind of secretly wanted to tag them as themselves? No? Then what are you doing on this meme, because the whole point is to tag someone else's version of your muse.

How it Works:
1. Comment as one of your muses
2. People with the same Muse respond (aka Sherlock Holmes can only tag Sherlock Holmes.)
3. Fun times

Things to Consider:
1. Im The Real One! - Which one is the time clone, and which belongs in that time period?
2. Do You Ever Wonder Why We're Here?- What is the character's reason for going back or forward in time?
3. How did I get here?- Did you use a time machine, maybe? Or a magic spell?
4. Stop Hitting Yourself- Maybe you don't exactly get along with previous versions of yourself...
5. Free For All- Come up with your own prompts.

End Note: I actually just kind of came up with this meme on the spot. If there's another version of it, I don't know about it. Feel free to use this wherever, though.

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Santana Lopez || Glee

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[She's going to arch her brow, looking at you very suspiciously. She's not really sure what this is or how it's possible, but she's obviously not too pleased.] Okay look, I know everyone wants to be me, but this is like, way too much.
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[Santana had thought she was just humoring Brittany by trying out her "time machine" when they came back to Lima from NYC for spring break. She never thought it actually worked. She's still kind of in shock when she finds her face-to-face with...herself. Which, shit, weird doesn't even begin to cover it. Of course, all she can do in response to her younger self's comment is smirk. So like her.] You should be flattered, Lopez. What's wrong with you?