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Abrupt Kissing: the Meme!

The Abrupt Kissing Meme

Plain and simple: your character is being kissed. Abruptly. How did this happen? Were they talking too much to the point where it was the only way to shut them up? Was someone bidding adieu or just not able to hold in their feelings? Or was this some CPR class gone bad? More importantly—how do they react?

How this works:
→ Leave a comment with the usual information in the subject line: character name, fandom. Any preferences, including what you don't want, should be included as well. Congratulations, your character is being kissed by whoever tags them!
→ Tag around.
→ Feel free to roll RNG (1-9) if you cannot come up with scenarios of your own.
→ Have fun, and be excellent to each other!
  • 1 — Simply put: I like you. (You may or may not know this already.)
  • 2 — I did it to shut you up. (It worked, didn't it?)
  • 3 — I've always been curious... (About what it'd be like to kiss you.)
  • 4 — It was an accident! (I totally tripped!)
  • 5 — Farewell. (I may never see you again and...!)
  • 6 — Taunting. (Bet you didn't see that attack coming didja?)
  • 7 — CPR (You were asleep and you suddenly woke up..?)
  • 8 — No more waiting! (Ain't nobody got time for that.)
  • 9 — Fuck da police. (In other words, the random/whatever option.)
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selina kyle ❧ the dark knight rises

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[ooc: any preferences?]
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[ i'm open! other than avoiding moving in a smutty direction with it :3 ]
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[ooc: so, just kissing and no smut?]
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[ anything non-sexually explicit is cool with me! ]
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[ooc: Ok.]

[Harvey was bent over the lifeless body on the cold, pavement outside. The woman who had obviously been in some kind of fight, was unconscious. Harvey began to give her the kiss of life immediately, because he couldn't feel a pulse. This was not good. The guys who had done this to her, had obviously just left her for dead.


Harvey hated cowards such as the men who did this. He began to breath into her mouth, as he then pushed down on her chest. He had to save her.]

Come on...
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[ they'd had back up. usually she was prepared for that kind of play, but she'd gotten cocky, figured she had the leg up on these guys, and tried to push, figuring she could get away with the money and the goods.

hadn't really worked out so well for her, after all. but somehow, she'd gotten the beating of her life and they hadn't stuck around to watch her bleed out.

they forgot that she had a good eight lives to go.

the first sensation when air forces its way into her lungs again is the painful sharpness of remembering how to breathe, and she gasps against his mouth, chest rising under his hands, as her eyes flutter open wide. they scan about in a panicked haze as she fights against the cough, and then land on the face hovering over her.

everyone in gotham knows that face.

it lives plastered all over billboards and front pages, and she can't help but bitterly recognize the irony of gotham's famed persecutor of the wicked and protector of the innocent saving the life of one of the city's most confident young criminals.

instead of panicking at the thought, however, she recognizes something else at the same time: it's good to have friends in high places.

therefore, she lets a slow smile spread up her cheek, transforming her probably initially ghastly appearance into something that allows her beauty to actually shine through, and she says in an almost entirely suggestive tone: ]
Not bad, handsome. [ and without a beat, she slips one hand around the back of his neck and pulls him down gently but firmly into an actual kiss, brief but mired in gratitude. she releases him and rolls onto her side, trying to hide her wince as she goes to push herself up to sitting. ] Guess I owe you one.
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[Harvey breathed a sigh of relief, as he saw the lifeless girl come back to life. She needed medical attention for her cuts and bruises. His heart was hammering in his chest after seeing her eyes pop open and her draw her first breath. Before he knew anything, he was being kissed. It was nice, but he had someone else to do it with. He was blushing slightly.]

Who did this to you? We need to get you to a hospital, Miss?-
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[ hospitals, with their institutional connections and desire for all those messy names and paperwork, were the last place selina needed to get. she tried to move to standing as casually as possible, pushing aside the pain and adopting a cavalier and dismissive tone that was almost convincing: ] What, this? This is just a Friday night lived to its fullest. Nothing I can't walk off.
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Walk off? You've just been knocked unconscious by God knows who and you want to walk away as if nothing has happened? I don't even think you're in any fit state to walk away. [He just stared at her in disbelief. Was she hiding something? Why the rush?]

Did you know the men who did this to you?
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We play bridge together on Thursdays. [ snark: nature's best avoidance mechanism ]
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Right. You expect me to believe that? I'm not an idiot, you know. [Far from it. Why the evasion, Selena? This is Gotham's good guy. He won't rat on you.]

Come on. Was it Maroni's men?
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And why would a nice girl like me be mixed up with their type?
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Heh. Call it a hunch but I think you're not so innocent as you make out. [It's something about her demeanour that Harvey can't quite place a finger on.]

Why would a young woman like you be roaming around this part of town at night? There are dangerous men about and you obviously ran into big trouble with them.
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Maybe I was visiting my sick aunt, and they just couldn't keep their hands off a pretty little thing like me. How am I supposed to fathom the minds of Gotham's lowest of the low?
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Your aunt? [He wasn't born yesterday, Selina. Harvey can tell when you're taking the piss.] Sure. Whatever you say. I am sure you can handle yourself, up to a point. This time, I believe you were outnumbered.
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It won't happen again.