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The Love Confessions Meme


Confessions of feelings are rarely as nice and romantic as they seem in the Hollywood flicks. Sometimes, they're screamed across an empty house as someone leaves. Others, they whispered across white pillow cases as bodies lie close together in the dark. Of course, these feelings may not be returned, but it may be the only shot you have.

If you even meant to spill, anyway.

How to Play
- Comment with your character, putting your information and preferences somewhere in the comment.
- Comment to other characters. Roll the RNG to get your prompt, or pick one.
- Play out the scene and take it whatever direction you'd like.
- Be cute and fun or sad and depressing.


1. Planned: You've been planning to tell this person how you feel, and you know exactly the way to do it.

2. Spontaneous: Uh-oh, it just slipped out! Maybe you weren't thinking, maybe it was a fight, but somehow, your secret's out.

3. Heat of the Moment: What's better than calling someone's name out in the trows of passion? Why, telling them you love them, of course!

4. The Last Time: You're coming clean with your feelings because you're dying, moving away, leaving the planet, going to war, whatever. Might as well when you'll probably never see them again.

5. Jealousy: You've seen the one you love in the arms of another, and you just have to let your feelings be known so they don't end up with the wrong person! Selfish, what's selfish?

6. Drunk: A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts, so maybe you should be careful what you say, or you'll be telling your best friend you have the hots for her. Awkward.

7. Lie: You don't actually have feelings for this person, but you need them to believe that you do in order to use them, get something, or perhaps to not hurt their feelings.

8. Sweet: You confess...and they feel the same, and have wanted to say it for a while. Oh, how cute! Go on and enjoy your cute little romance.

9. One-sided: One of you confessed, but it's completely unrequited. Can you still be friends, or is that too painful?

10. Forbidden: Your love for this person is totally uncool - not allowed, even. But it has to be brought to light, preferably by you.

11. Unfulfilled: While you both love each other, you decided mutually that this can't go any further.

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Naoto Shirogane | Persona 4 (AU)

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6 | Time for the horrible to start. XD

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[Oh boy; look who decided to get drunk with Dojima again. Not that it was really surprising; the other Investigation Team "kids" had their own part, and the adults had their own way of celebrating. Unfortunately celebrating already had Dojima and Sayoko passed out cold on the couch, and Adachi was trying to shuffle to his feet in a vain attempt to find some place comfortable for himself to to the same.]

[That's when he looked up and saw Naoto was still hanging around. He smiled at her cheerfully, giving a sloppy wave.]

Haaaaay, Naoto-kun~ I thought 'ya left already?
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[Social drinking was just A Thing That Was Done In The Professional Adult World, Naoto knew that. However, she didn't approve of getting so intoxicated that one's sense of propriety was lost, which Adachi and Sayoko (and even Dojima to a certain extent) seemed prone to doing whenever the occasion presented itself.

The other younger members of the Investigation Team had indeed left for their homes, but Naoto had remained, partly because she'd been playing with Nanako-chan--Dojima-san had recently given her a Loveline board game, and it was actually quite entertaining for a child's toy. The other reason she'd lingered even after Nanako had gone to bed was her sense of princely lol duty: if Sayoko or Adachi decided to head home, they'd doubtless need someone to make sure they got there. From the look of things, there was little chance Sayoko would need any such assistance, but Adachi...]

No, not quite yet. Nanako-chan was showing me her new game.
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Ahhh... that's cool. Sche likes it when 'ya play with her... 'ya know... shinch...

[He trailed off, falling quiet. Yeah... since Seito wasn't around for her anymore, she needed all the friends she could get. After a moment, he shook his head, stumbling around the table.]

I shoold get home...
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[Naoto didn't comment on his reference to Seito--it was still something of a sensitive issue, for all of them really, and it wasn't a topic that currently needed broaching. She didn't doubt that Seito was part of the reason the three adults had celebrated in such a manner tonight--however temporary, forgetting such a thing was indeed tempting.

She took a few steps towards Adachi as he stumbled, reaching out to steady him if necessary.]

In your current state, I doubt you'd make it alone. Thus, if you have no objections, I shall accompany you.
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A-aw, 'ya don' need to do that, Naoto-kun~~

[...never mind he was leaning on her a little heavily and not even making the effort to not use her as a crutch as he shuffled away from the table.]

M'can totally make it... v'done it before.
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[Naoto staggered a little beneath his weight, but simply ducked her head determinedly and grasped his arm as it settled across her shoulders. Small and slight though she was, holding onto her seemed to balance him somewhat, so she'd bear up under that weight for his sake.

She couldn't help but think that less than a year ago, she would've simply snorted in disgust and left him sprawled on the floor to sleep it off. But, she understood him better, at least somewhat. Now she truly considered them to be partners, and moreover, friends. And you didn't let a partner and friend spend the night unconscious in a ditch, which was doubtless where Adachi would end up if he tried to make it home alone in this highly intoxicated state.]

...Nonetheless, if you truly desire to return to your own residence, then I will escort you there, necessary or not. Do you have your keys?

[Best check that now, before they stumbled halfway across town in the chill night air. And if Adachi doesn't respond by searching for them himself, Naoto will start patting down his pockets.]
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...oops, I headed toward feels first, I'M SORRY.

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Mm... keys...

[He fumbled around his pockets sloppily, and actually let out a giggle when Naoto started to help him. Once found, he fished them out and handed them over, conscious enough of himself to realize that he'd probably lose them if he kept a hand on them.]

[He stumbled along beside her, out of the house and onto the street. Once they started really moving, he made a conscious effort not to lean on her so much, but he was still drunk, and his footing fairly unstable.]

[They managed to make it halfway to his place, before Adachi finally spoke up.]

Hey... Naoto-kun. 'Ya ever think... how easily it coulda been me?
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[The question was an unexpected one, and Naoto gave a slight jerk of surprise and tried to stop abruptly, but Adachi's weight and momentum didn't really allow that. Instead, they both stumbled, dangerously close to toppling sideways into a set of garbage cans.]
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[Once their balance was recovered, Naoto let out a quiet sigh. So that was what he was thinking about; that was the main reason driving him to drink and forget, for tonight at least. Of course, it made sense that he would think about such a thing--he and Ichijou and Souzen were all very closely linked, after all. And even to someone as socially inept as Naoto could be, it was clear that he required immediate reassurance, even if he was unlikely to remember receiving it come the morning.]

...Most likely it could have been any of us, given the correct set of circumstances.

[It was an honest answer that didn't require her to give him a flat-out yes, because of course the idea had crossed her mind... She shifted under his arm, attempting to settle his weight a little more securely before she continued.]

But regardless of whether a different path was close at hand or not, it wasn't you.

[Her usual, businesslike tone softened somewhat, a genuine warmth and something like pride creeping into it.]

And I for one have no doubts that if you were presented with such a situation now, you would comport yourself well: as a good, honorable man.
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Yeah… I'm the lucky one…

[His voice was soft, almost inaudible. Just how many other realities were really out there? How many other versions of him made the wrong choice? He didn't want to think about it, and let out a groan as the thoughts came to mind anyway. He hated this…]

[He wrapped his other arm around Naoto as they walked, mumbling as he buried his face against her hat.]

…s'not fair… I drank so I wouldn' have enough brain t' think…
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[...Okay, that...was making it rather difficult to walk, Adachi-san what are you doing. Naoto wasn't used to so much constant contact from anyone other than Rise, lol, and couldn't help stiffening ever so slightly on realising that this...had somehow shifted into a rather awkward sort of embrace.

And as she struggled to keep them both moving forward, she struggled to find a reply that was both fitting and comforting.]

Running away from your problems--or in this case, unwanted thoughts--doesn't solve anything. You know as well as I that you have to face yourself, or nothing will change. Drinking won't make the problem go away...but perhaps talking about it will, at least somewhat. I know that I would certainly be willing to listen, and I suspect our other friends would as well.
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M'now that...

[He was pouting; even if she couldn't see his face, it was obvious in his voice. He let out a shuddering breath, holding onto her tight as they awkwardly stumbled along.]

...s'not fair. He shouln't've been the bad guy.

[It was a hard thing to deal with, knowing you were probably the only one out of all the possible realities that had made the right choice. He was the one that was bad, but somehow he managed to get through all that and prosper with good friends and good times; a little light in a shitty world. But even he knew that it should have been the kid that got to prosper, to live his life, and not get shut out so quickly.]

[It wasn't fair.]
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[Pouting...sometimes you make her wonder about what Being An Adult actually means or if it means anything.]

"Not fair" is the way the world often works, I'm afraid. And fair or not, Seito made his choice. Perhaps we could have prevented that if we'd known, but…

[But they hadn't known, they'd had no way of knowing. And it didn't do any good to dwell on that fact now.]

In the end, we alone are responsible for our actions, and the reasons behind them are irrelevant. What might have happened, or what happened elsewhere is equally inconsequential. As you had no control over anyone other than yourself, who you are here and now is what matters.

[...She's trying to be comforting in her own way, but it's probably not coming across as such. Presenting the facts plain and simple would comfort her if she were in such a situation, but...that's not necessarily true for others--a fact she still tends to forget fairly often.]
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[Adachi whined against her head.]

Why do you have to be so right all the time?

[Of course he knew that; of course it was, ultimately, their individual actions that led each of them to the paths they had. Knowing that and still having to hear it, how he wasn't supposed to be the one that was Hope... that was another matter entirely. He almost wished the others had been conscious during Izanami's rant, just so they could understand just how much this bothered him, how much if affected him.]

[After a moment, Adachi let out a sigh, finally lifting his head from hers.]

Meh... never mind... One of us needs to be the level headed one.
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[Naoto couldn't help but smile slightly at that. Of course, she was right the majority of the time except when it involved reading the room, then she was SOL, but it was still rather satisfying to hear someone else say as much.]

Well then, as the level-headed one in this partnership, I believe it's my duty to suggest that we continue onward to your residence with all haste. Preferably before you lose consciousness or the local population of domestically-minded women decide that we're suitable fodder for tomorrow's gossip.

[And that last bit, about them being the topic of idle conversation, is...actually more or less her attempt at a joke. Because honestly, who would even consider that sort of thing a possibility?]
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[Adachi laughed at that, though he... didn't exactly loosen up that hug-hold he had on her.]

Ahh... let 'em talk. I love 'ya the way you are.

[...and brain break in three, two...]
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1/? X'D

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Yes, she agrees, let them talk--]

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[Did he just say--]
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[Surely he hadn't--

He couldn't mean--

He couldn't mean it that way...could he? But if that was the case and he just meant it platonically, why would he say love instead of like? He hadn't said anything similar to any of the others as far as she could remember, so why--what--how--]
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DONE, and lol icon keywords are SO fitting. X'D

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[Instinct told her to withdraw, to pull away from him, possibly even to run, but that didn't really go so well since she was tiny and he had pretty much literally wrapped himself around her. The best she could manage was an attempt at shrinking away from him, which didn't do much except nearly upset their balance again.

Words were not very forthcoming, but when she finally succeeded in finding some, they came out in a rush, and there was an obvious, nervous squeak in her voice.]

A-Adachi-san...we really should be going...!
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Hahaha, he broke her. XDD

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Hn? Wut?

[The sudden urgency threw him for a bit of a loop, and he blinked down at her, before giving a light shrug, fumbling along a little faster. He still didn't let go of her though; it was cozy.]

Mm. Right. Home.
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HE DID JUST A LITTLE, YEAH but she's sticking to denial

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[Once that first reflexive impulse faded, Naoto was relieved that she hadn't been able to give into it. Of course she couldn't simply run off and leave Adachi wandering the streets of Inaba alone, especially in his current state. She'd taken on this task, and she had to complete it, even if having him pressing so close against her after saying something like that was a bit of a strain. By the time they actually reached his apartment, her face was decidedly red, and not just from the exertion bearing up under his greater weight and almost half-dragging him along the last few blocks.]

...We're last...

[She fumbled with his keys a little, because dividing her attention between unlocking the door and keeping Adachi upright was something of a challenge, but she managed it in the end. Actually opening the door and pushing it wide enough for them to shuffle through, then closing it again was also a bit of an adventure, but before long, they were both standing in the entryway of Adachi's apartment.]

Please forgive the intrusion...
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lmao XDD

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S'allll riiigh...

[, he was really out of it at this point. It didn't help that his apartment was a clear and obvious bachelor pad, completely with empty meal containers that had been left to sit for god knew how long, and of course a healthy collection of beer cans.]

[Stumbling around the mess to Adachi's futon was a bit of a challenge, and when they did finally get there, he held onto Naoto as he fell down onto it, taking her down with him.]



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