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pinched from here!

You or your meme partner has been hurt, but don't worry! This time around it's not that bad. You can still limp your way out of this mess.

1. Sprain/strain. How did you screw up walking?
2. Broken bones. Simple fractures still hurt!
3. Cuts. Hopefully one of you has a sewing kit.
4. Burns. Location, location, location. Let's pray this one isn't on your ass.
5. Concussion. No, they're most likely not holding up fifteen fingers.
6. Other. I'm not a doctor.

1. Stupidity. You did this to yourself.
2. Accident. Is an unintentional attack still an attack?
3. Attack. Don't lie, you deserved it.
4. Other. It's probably still your own fault.

1. Home. Did you remember to invest in a first aid kit?
2. School/Work. This should be excellent for getting you out of doing stuff!
3. Outdoors. Predators like the smell of blood. Clean up asap.
4. In the water. Hopefully there aren't any sharks!
5. Other. Like a hospital. That'd be handy.
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Orihara Izaya | Durarara!! | OTA

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1, 2, 2;

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Should fucking leave you out there to die...

[It's a mutter to himself, but Ran could care less if Izaya heard him or not. Really, it was the bastard's own fault for getting in his way. While it would have been great to fully be rid of Izaya and checked him off his to-do list, Ran still needed the informant's services.

Ran isn't even sure what fully happened, just that Izaya was in his way during a raid, frustration took over, and now he was making a poor attempt to get the informant to safety. The others had taken off in another direction, luckily distracting the target enough for Ran to lift up Izaya, and leave in the opposite direction. He is a little, more or less, careful about Izaya's injury when handling him, but also rough about how he held him.]

Hey, hurry up and hold on. It's a fucking mess if we get caught and my hands are full with your ass.
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[This is exactly why Izaya prefers to keep his distance. There was a good reason why he didn't, of course: he was trying to avoid things getting out of hand like this. That went well... One attack was easy enough to avoid, but caught between the target making a move and Ran losing his oh-so-human temper, Izaya's duck and sidestep were too quick. His foot landed at an angle, just barely - and now this. For a man who frequently depends on little things making a big difference, it's still very frustrating to have something similar happen to him.

No time to think about that now. At least they're getting away; for now, that's good enough. Clinging somewhat pathetically to Ran, Izaya grits his teeth and ignores the pain.]

That mess would be of your own making. Besides which, I doubt my ass is enough to fill your hands.

[Nor is he particularly tempted to try that theory, considering how roughly Ran is (unsurprisingly) handling him. There's nothing much in the words but the merest trace of acting out, controlling his frustration rather than letting it control him.]
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[Ran snorts, and adjusts Izaya a little more comfortably. It was certainly a strange sight should anyone look their way, but luckily it was late into the night and the only ones running about were drunks, party goers, and night owls. (Not that Ran was particularly caring if anyone saw him carrying this bastard on his back.)]

Eh? Keep it up and I'll leave your ass for the wolves.

[And, to go the extra mile and challenge, Ran is adjusting his hands again, down to the informant's bottom in a firm grip.]

Your bony ass fits just fine, hahaha!
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[Oh, of course he would. Well, complaining's not going to fix anything; Ran might make good on that threat. So Izaya is just going to make the most of being carried. All the same, he'd rather not have it last longer than necessary...]

Turn left. I know a safe place nearby.

[An apartment of his, actually; he has a few, strewn through the city. This particular one isn't all that big or that fancy, but it's more than enough to get comfortable.

It beats getting carried like a princess much longer.]
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[Giving a hard laugh, Ran considers stepping it further, but holds back for now. This wasn't the time to be teasing Izaya while he was still trying to put distance between them and their target.]

Good. You're slowing us down.

[Taking the turn, Ran even starts to speed up a bit. Really, Izaya wasn't that heavy or a burden, however, it did make it a hassle to smoke, or should they be attacked, he was a little more than defenseless. (Of course he could use Izaya as a weapon, now that he thought about it.)]

Where is it?
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Over there. Third floor.

[Well, Izaya has to point, doesn't he? So he does - and if he half chokes Ran with his other arm in the process, well, that's hardly his fault. It only lasts a moment! Accidents happen, don't you know?]

Don't worry. There is an elevator. [Izaya leans in a little closer to whisper into Ran's ear.] Your tired legs won't slow us down much longer.
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[The choking goes very noticed, with a glare sent to the informant. He'd get him back later on, after they were in the so called safe place.]

How fucking considerate. How about you whisper something worth my while.

[And there's a grab at Izaya's bottom again, a punishment to Izaya while Ran slips into the apartment building. He's almost too eager to get into the elevator, just another step closer to getting the monkey off his back.]
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Hmmm, I couldn't. Anything worth whispering is something I get paid for.

[He knows the implications of what he's saying, but he doesn't care; it's still true, isn't it? Besides, it's always fun to toy with people a little. And if Ran replies a little more directly than most, that's fine by Izaya - as long as Izaya can believe he's ultimately the one in control. Ran needs him, so it's perfectly fine to play with fire a little, right? It's more entertaining than thinking about his stupid ankle.

The elevator is thankfully close to the entrance of the building, and when they enter it, Izaya casts a last look over his shoulder. No one behind them that he can see. He breathes a quiet sigh of relief. A fight's all well and good, but a sprained ankle is more of a handicap than he likes to have.]

You can put me down now.
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As if someone like you can whisper anything worth my attention.

[Pay for it? Hell, he'd rather take it. But this was Izaya Orihara, and really, he didn't want to play the dodging game with any knives on Izaya's person. As much of a favorite pastime as it was to push the informant and anything into the intimacy territory, there was still a line, and he still had one Izaya Orihara with a leg injury.

Slipping into the elevator, Ran silently notes the empty area. Good. He wasn't in the mood to deal with people. Already Izaya was enough.]

Nah. My hands are asleep.

[They aren't, and really, he would have no problem dropping the informant on his ass, but this wasn't the time or place just yet. Plus, having a grip on Izaya was a little more than amusing.]
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You'd be surprised.

[There are definitely a few things he could say that Ran would like to hear. Certain people's actions and likely locations, to name a few. It's almost tempting to throw something out there just for the hell of it, but that wouldn't be a smart move for several reasons - notably how, like it or not, Izaya is a little dependent on Ran, for the time being.

At Ran's refusal to let go (because surely that's what it really is), Izaya plops his head down on the man's shoulder with a dramatic sigh.]

If you keep this up, I'll start to think you sprained my ankle on purpose.

[Because that's totally something you can do to another person. Not that Izaya minds staying on Ran's back all that much; he just doesn't like having his instructions ignored. Fortunately it's not long before the elevator pings, and the doors open.]

Third door on the right. I have the key...

[Ahhh... Somewhere. Freeing one hand to dig in his pockets, the other doesn't choke Ran this time, reaching down over his chest for a better grip, his weight spread better.

Always so considerate! Isn't he just your favorite boss? ♥]
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I'd be surprised if it did catch my attention. I'm a hard man to please.

[What a lie. He was pretty easy to please, and he was sure Izaya even knew that. It wasn't just about sex. Blue Squares, violence, smoking; if it was something that he enjoyed, his attention was grabbed.

There's a snort from the head dropping down on his shoulder. He leaves it be, sparing the informant a quick glance before returning his gaze in front of him and walking out of the elevator as it pings to the floor.]

Eh? It's a hassle to carry you. I would have left you behind if I didn't need you.

[And by help, he was obviously meaning about the information concerning the people on his revenge list.

Down the hall, Ran keeps his eyes on the door, until he does stop at the third door to the right. Whether or not he notices that Izaya doesn't choke him, he doesn't make any mention or thought of it, and simply turns slightly to keep Izaya held better, while also giving him room to open the door.]
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[It doesn't take all that long to find the key, attached to several others that are color-coded but have no other distinguishing marks. Opening the door, Izaya does his best to hide the other keys with his hand, more out of habit than because he doesn't trust Ran. (Oh, he doesn't trust him; that's part of the fun, to be honest. But this is not a security measure he would have skipped with anyone else.)

The apartment is fairly small and done up in drab colors, but it's clean, and the furniture is just streamlined enough, with no decorations to get in the way, that it still manages to look somewhat stylish. The only thing that really stands out is the TV. While not huge, it's still absurdly big for an apartment like this.]

The couch will do.

[You can take him that much further, can't you, Ran? For the record, Izaya is keeping his coat on - and his phones and blades with it. Once he's made himself comfortable, he'll take it off, but still keep it close. Those furry edges are really comfortable! Of course that's the only reason.]

Make us some tea, would you?

[A longshot, perhaps, but Izaya will try for it anyway. The kitchen is pretty bare, but there's tea all right, as well as a few packets of instant noodles - just for emergencies.

There should also be a few beers in the tiny little fridge, but Izaya is hoping to save that information until he gets his tea. Consider it a reward.]