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Congratulations. Your character has been kidnapped! You wake up in a dingy, dark dungeon and you can't remember how you got there.

Or do you?

1) Ransom victim! - You're being ransomed off to your family for money, power, a position, secrets. Are they going to pay it?
2) Boundaries? What Boundaries? - You've been taken by a crazed fan who wants to marry/love/kiss/kill you. Aren't you lucky?
3) They want your power. - Your character has a power or ability that the other side wants to obtain. Can you be convinced?
4) Surprise trip! - Your lover/friends/family have "kidnapped" you for a trip, but they forgot to tell you about it. Or maybe you forgot. What do you do?
5) Kidnapped for own good. - It's been decided that you needed to be kidnapped by your friends/enemies for your protection/reprogramming. How does that go?
6) Wild Card - Pick one of your own or mix and match! 

Have fun, and don't forget to eventually call the authorities when you're returned home!
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Heiwajima Kasuka | Durarara!! | OTA

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Famous and very rich actor/model, so 1 and 2 are likely, but all options welcome!