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The Bad Life Decisions Meme

The Bad Life Decisions Meme

So. Your character has just made a ~*stellar*~ life choice.
Stolen from [ profile] adstringendum/[ profile] onnicomprensivo

Post with your characters, and others will post to your thread with the number they rolled using the RNG. The number decides what beautiful choice you or the both of you have made.

1. Morning After; The morning after. You guys may have been drunk or completely sober. You may remember or have no clue who this is in your bed or why they're there. But they're there. And you guys did it. Is this a total disaster or a blissful recollection of a night of magic?

2. Popo Shut Us Down; Oh crap, get to the getaway car! You may be innocent or have actually broken the law, but either way, you've got to escape those sirens! That, or spend the night in jail contemplating your lives.

3. Knocked Up; You're what? Can you hear the pitter patter of little feet?

4. Married In Vegas; Wow man, wasn't last night awesome? Yeah bro I can't remember half of it it was the bes--- hey what's that on your finger... and on mine?! Yeah, you guys got married. Wat do.

5. Anger Management; You don't know why, but you're hit with the overwhelming urge to punch this person in the face. So you do. And everything rolls on from there. Do you get in an overly dramatic fight full of fiery explosions? Is a friendship shattered? Who knows!

6. Kinda Hungry Dude; You're hungry! Either both of you or just the one posting to the thread. You have eaten questionable brownies. Suddenly everything seems kinda funny, and your hunger hasn't been sated at all. In fact, you could really go for some more snacks.

7. Nice and Breezy; STREAKING. YOU'RE STREAKING. And the person you're posting to gets a lovely, full-frontal view of your naked parts. Join in or question the person's sanity?

8. Wasted Together; You're drunk. The pair of you. So drunk. Shenanigans ensue.

9. Hay Gurl; For some reason, you're compelled to try out every pickup line you know on this person. Especially the horrible ones. Oh, god, why can't you stop this?

10. Deepest and Darkest; You've just blurted out your worst, mostly deeply buried secret. The dirtiest of your dirty laundry. And less blurted it than screamed it at the top of your lungs for reasons unknown to you.
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Tifa Lockheart/ Final Fantasy VII

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6. is this real life

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[ The kitchen has been ransacked.

It looks like someone summoned Typhoon behind the bar.

But nothing is broken (save for one lonely bowl, now chipped and lying upside-down on the floor between two bar stools, peanut contents scattered everywhere) and nothing is missing (though it would be a miracle to take proper inventory of this mess). The culprit isn't even making that clean a getaway, stuck staring in the doorway of the hall closet, having overshot his destination just a tad.

This isn't the pantry.

But maybe looking through it a little longer will clarify the problem. ]

Tifa. We're out of... Everything.

[ She may or may not actually be standing there, but he's too hungry and disorientated to check for sure. These are all problems that will eventually resolve themselves. The brownies have made that abundantly clear. ]
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they're going to wish it was fantasy

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{Tifa will turn her head and wait for her eyesight to focus.

And wait for her eyesight to focus.

and wait -

the world's a beautiful place.

No. Seriously. It's beautiful. It's like - she's known it's pretty and kind of important and all that stuff before but really... really she's never realized how just - just beautiful it is. All full of air and... stuff. It's the kind of beautiful that you really just need to sit down and really just stare at, really think about it, really just... soak it in. Because it's really deep and beautiful and why hasn't anyone ever pointed this out to her befo-]


[Right. Cloud. He's trying to find - gosh. He's really beautiful too. Just - yeah. All blue eyes and... stuff. Maybe he's so beautiful because he's part of the world and the world is beautiful so it only makes sense that he's beautiful too. Yeah. That makes sense. Why hadn't that ever occurred to her before? It's so - obvious. Beautiful Cloud... all grassy haired and cloudy eyed.

Cloudy. That was a joke!

The sounds she makes are probably half laughter and half the fact she's currently lying on the bench, looking at him upside down because her head's hanging over the edge, hair pooling on the floor.}

Cloudy skies. {even distracted by how beautiful everything is, she can manage guesses at what he's searching for} There's a snack box of raisins in my jacket. Marlene left them there. {her own insides feel empty too though and so she'll seriously add:} Only for sharing.

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shh it's okay they can just blame it on not being translated very well

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[ Her voice is like music.

And not in a stupid, sappy way, but like literally. He thinks there should be notes and mellow wisps of color in the air wherever he's looking whenever she speaks and

oh, look, there they are.

Following the vague trail of light back to its source, Cloud turns away from the (not pantry) closet and begins the arduous process of forgetting that it ever existed. This takes him all of ten seconds.

All of ten seconds of looking at her, trying to figure out how she got into that position and if gravity is working right if he can see her from this angle (is she sure that's the floor? maybe it's really the ceiling).

The mention of raisins sets a very subtle wrinkle in his nose (usually much subtler), but he refrains from shaking his head. No, that's not what he wants. He'd like more of those brownies, but they've eaten all of those, so maybe a sandwich or a whole pizza or a huge bowl of those bland Wutaian noodles he usually can't stand but which sound really good, right about now.

A little sympathy laughter escapes him, but it's just as confused as his expression. What's the joke? (I don't get it.) ]

Where's my phone?
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oh. good call. I'm sure it makes much more sense in its original form

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{doesn't matter. His laughter has her own smile growing until it fills her dark eyes too. It makes her heart hurt, it sounds so nice. No wonder the world is beautiful. Cloud's laughs escape into it sometimes...

Not enough though. The happy mood starts a slow slide downward. He doesn't laugh nearly enough, hardly ever and suddenly it makes sense why the world's got so many dark and cold places left in it. No one laughs enough and everything dies inside that way. There's just no - }


{her eyes rise again and - oh. It's Cloud. He's beautiful. And what? Laughing. Yes. He'd been laughing. No wonder the world's such a beautiful place. Her smile comes back and she hums several soft sounds low in her throat.

Beautiful Cloud. Beautiful world. And wow - that's amazing wood grain on the bottom of the table. Why hadn't anyone ever told her how sharp the pattern of wood grain was under her table. It was like a whole world...}


{her eyebrows scrunch down over her eyes, staring unfocused at his knees from her spot across the room. Cloud wants food. Cloud wants his phone. Cloud wants - and she starts to giggle, both hands awkwardly finding her lips to try to hide it.}

Rainy Cloud. You can't eat your phone.
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when in doubt, this guy are sick

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'M not gonna.

[ And it's a low-toned grouse, just a mumble, as his boots scuff too loudly across the hardwood floor. He's going--

Back to the kitchen? No. Upstairs. That's probably where his cellphone is, and even if it's not, there's a landline in there he can use and now he's thinking about Quake and why is the ground moving so much?

It has to hold still long enough for him to get to the steps, or he'll only make it as far as Tifa and her resting place under the table. Well. That's enough, for now.

Slumping over the table's edge, he frowns, too sobered by the journey of terrific difficulty ahead of him to think of joining her in that terribly tempting fit of giggles. Something like a hiccup pulls at him just under his lungs but he swallows it down, determined.

She sounds like bubbles, and he wonders if dolphins have anything to do with that. ]

We have to... Call somebody. [ Because that's how they'll get food. Maybe Cid.

He delivers

right? ]
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{she really feels too heavy to get up, like she's got comfortable sandbags on her stomach and chest - but... Cloud's too far away up there like that. He should be closer and besides that doesn't look at all comfortable. So she holds out her hands for him, fingers wiggling as if the air is closer to a thicker substance and those motions alone are enough to draw him closer.}

Who're we calling?

{it's a valid question. She can't help him make a phone call unless she knows who he's calling and suddenly that seems like the most amazing paradigm for their entire lives together. It's so - simple. And brilliant! And it just explains everything ever about all of it so completely and perfectly. Eyes wide, she opens her mouth to share the stunning insight - and then derails completely.}

I need to ask Ms. Iverson for the recipe. For her brownies. {little old ladies did usually have a way with cooking but when tiny little bird Iverson had giggled about her special brownies, Tifa really should have believed her more. It was the giggling, Tifa realized in another brilliant burst of insight. It made everything beautiful. The little old lady probably put her giggles in the brownie mix.


Blinking, Tifa looked at Cloud and her eyebrows came down as she remembered to ask:}

Who're we calling?
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[ Who're we calling?

By the time she asks, he's already forgotten what the plan was, there. Because of her hands. Because she's waving her hands like that in all the bright colors in the air and how is he supposed to pay attention to anything with that kind of fascinating thing going on?

He's always liked her hands. Deceptively delicate. Long-fingered. Pretty.

And his own hands are... All cut up and pale. He flattens his palms against the table, slumping over a little further, her musing over recipes (recipe, that's a weird word) going half-unheard and little comprehended. Right now, he's just trying to sink into the table, because it's nice and cool and if he tries hard enough it'll probably melt. ]

...Don't remember.

[ And then he hears the weirdest little burble of noise, loud and close enough to shake him where he's half-lying over the table top, now. The sound of his own laughter is so startlingly different he doesn't even recognize it. ]

Let's go [ ha ha ha ] let's go out. I'm still hungry.
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{she's already starting to smile, dopey, when he can't remember whatever it was he was supposed to remember. He's cute when he's absentminded - but only in safe absentminded ways. Not in the forget who you are absentminded way. He makes a funny sound before her mind can follow that strand down into darkness though and she looks up at him, large eyes confused and curious. What is he...?

He's laughing.

Cloud's laughing.

Really, really, honest and true, laughing.

She thinks she'd probably have to be dead and dissipated in the Lifestream for something that amazing and wonderful not to effect her and for just a minute she's going to cry because the world's suddenly the most beautiful place in... well, in the world. Except he's laughing and she can't help that it makes her laugh too, silly giggles that curve her eyes and tickle in her chest. She's just too happy to keep it all inside.}


{it comes out between the giggles and she holds up her hands for him this time because there's no way she's going to be able to get up on her own. She's still got those comfortable sandbags on her that she can't see. They never go out to eat though and everything's so perfect right now that it just seems like another perfect idea. She's sure it's been hours and hours and hours since they decided to try the brownies but somehow she has faith that a place to find food will still be open. Cloud's laughing. That means everything else has to be perfect.}

I want something sweet.
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[ He's busy trying to suss out the source of that strange, strange sound (the earthquake it's causing less a priority, as it seems localized just to him -- and maybe Tifa, she's shaking, too, isn't she) when he sees her hands up in the air, again. The motion's more purposeful and less aimless, this time, so he pushes himself back up to stand and follows the ever reliable draw of pure reflex.

He takes her by the hands once he's navigated his way around the table to her side (bumping his hip only once and finding the stitch in his trip all the funnier), and as he pulls her up he starts to worry that she might just float away. She's so light, insubstantial, and once they're outside, there won't be anything overhead to catch her if her feet leave the ground or a strong wind sweeps her away.

So he drags her up, but he doesn't let go, determined that they might as well go walking like this, hand in hand in hand in hand.

He nods as if he has even the vaguest idea of what she's talking about, as if he's been paying attention over his concern and the abatement of that world-shaking laughter. ]

Whatever you want. Just have to find my keys.

[ And why is everything lost today? Maybe they're in the wrong bar. ]
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{he has beautiful hands too. Hands and wrists and forearms. She loves Cloud's hands and wrists and forearms and that sounds like a song she kind of remembers from when she was a kid. Heeeeeaad, shoulders, knees and toes, KNEES AND TOES! Except that doesn't cover wrists and forearms and hands at all so it must be the wrong - knees and toes! - song.

Knees and toes, knees and toes.

She finds herself on her feet and sways a little, surprised and wondering momentarily how she got up there as the blood rushes to her head. Cloud's got her hands though so he keeps her steady and - right. Oh, right. They were going out! They never go out. But they're going out now. Because today's special. It's beautiful and they're going out for...



{smiling, her attention flutters back to him because he's talking and she likes the sound of Cloud's voice so she always pays attention when he talks. Mostly.

Whatever she wants?

That sounds - lovely. She likes when he says that. What girl wouldn't like it when a guy said that to her? Wasn't there a story once with that being the moral? About an ugly lady and a handsome knight and only at night~

Knight at night. Ha! That's a joke too!

So she's giggling again, even if it's mostly in her throat this time as she sways over a little toward the door - except he's still got her hands and that's nice, they can make vine fingers together and when did he get that scrape on his hand? She should - }

By the door. Always leave them on the shelf near the door.

{because Tifa could be out of her mind entirely and still be keeping track of where Cloud left bits and pieces of himself.

knees and toes!

Why did he need his keys again?}
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[ To the door it is, then. He tromps along clumsily after her, the ugly, bulky counterweight keeping her delicate, drifting self tethered to the ground, and it's probably a good thing nobody is around to see them (or at least it isn't apparent if anybody is) because they look like a couple of kids stuck in uncomfortably imbalanced adult bodies and there's probably no coming back from that.

But he doesn't have the focus for self-consciousness, now, banking it all on just making it across the barroom floor. Tricky enough, when none of those floorboards want to stay underfoot, floating up and down and trying to escape him completely. He takes each step deliberately, trying to flatten them back down because that seems like the sensible thing to do.

If he lets all of Tifa's floorboards get away, she'll probably be upset with him.

And-- Oh, there's the door, already. Regrettably, he has to let go of one of her hands, but he holds on tightly with the other as he sweeps a palm over the shelf, somehow managing to collect his keys without fumbling them (like that upturned bowl, and pretty much everything else he's made a grab for since everything became really, really all right). ]

S'a nice place across town. I was gonna... Had plans.

[ At the last second he clams up, shaking his head as he tries to figure out how he'll open the door with one hand in hers and the other wrapped securely around his keychain. That's a secret. It's supposed to be, anyway.

He may be too hungry to care about ruining the surprise of the restaurant

but he won't ruin the surprise of the surprise. ]

I'll drive.
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{she's never noticed how pretty her bar is before. Not the set up or anything but the little details. Like the way the lights show on the tabletops like pools of white melted butter or the way the whorls of wood on the countertop are so fascinating and they flow so nice and everything's so rich colored. Cloud lets go of her hand and she has to reach out, leaning without letting go, to pat her fingers in one of those pools of white light and it's like there's light trapped under the varnish of the wood and maybe there really is because the table soaks up that light every single night and after a while that light has to go somewhere right? Before she can figure out how to test that though, she's drawn back to Cloud because he's found his keys - she knew he would! She thinks he can do just about anything in the world, he's stubborn enough. Humming tunelessly, happy still because he's still holding her hand, she listens with her head tilted (to show she's listening). Across town. Nice place. Had plans.

She wonders what kinds of plans he had. What kinds of plans did you make around a restaurant? And... it was kind of good feeling right under her heart that Cloud was discovering places around town and she wasn't sure why it made her so happy. Giving his hand a squeeze, she bubbled a pleased sound and then reached out to get the door for both of them, tugging him a little because suddenly she was just too happy to stay inside anymore and she wanted to see the nice place he was talking about and maybe compare wood grain.

There was a flicker inside her though, deep and eternal, that woke up just a little as she stood on the front porch, tethered by his hand so she didn't forget and go wandering off. Her eyes narrowed as she chased down the thought, rocking a little on her heels.}

Are you sure we should drive?
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[ After another long stretch of moment spent staring at the unopened door, finally the low, warm light of evening bursts in, burning up everything it touches in brilliant autumn color. It's like stepping through the walls of fire inside the twisting caves within Da Chao again, but he isn't really worried about being toasted into a crispy critter this time because the flames are just as cool and refreshing as the gentle breeze and Tifa's got him by the hand

(and he's got her so she won't get picked up and carried away)

so they're probably not headed anywhere bad.

Her question shakes him out of his intense contemplation of a drifting scrap of paper skating down the street, and he shakes his head as he tries to recollect what they came out here for. The restaurant -- that part he remembers, because he's still got that empty hungry gnawing feeling in the pit of his stomach. But drive

That word is all memories of adrenaline and careful control and and ]

How else will we get there?
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{somehow she'd forgotten that outside was sohuge. Like big. Really, really big. It's a trip of forever just to see across the street to the other buildings and when she tips her head back and back and back it's like the sky goes up forever.

She bobs a bit at the end of Cloud's hand, almost goes over backward and catches herself thanks to his grip before managing to remember how to look straight ahead again instead of upward. Then she has to blink at his question because she's not sure what he's askin- oh. Restaurant. Food. She's starting to get hungry to, hollow feeling inside so that helps focus her. It also makes her frown.}

We could walk... {after all, they'd walked across an entire continent and a half. Walking to a different section of town shouldn't take too long. It's just into the construction site, down the iron strut, through the large drain pipe and over the - wait. Where were they going? Not Sector Six. That isn't around like that any -

She'd always found those attack houses so annoying.


Or hitch a ride. Or call someone.

Or if the whole place was underwater we could swim.
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We can't catch a ride.

[ After dropping his keys into one, he pats his pockets down, eyes fixed listless on some distant point in the vast, vast sky. ]

Lost my whistle.

[ But swimming sounds okay. He doesn't really love it (the water's always too cold or he's overdressed or there's something trying to electrocute him), but it isn't bad.

As long as he doesn't end up imaginarily engaged to anybody else by the time they reach the shore, it'll be okay.

Stepping up to the edge of the porch, he looks down -- the long long long way down (all two steps) -- and swings his arms back, hand still in hers, in preparation to jump. In his mind, he's quite certain they'll drift gently to the ground (so far below) or maybe splash into that ocean she was talking about. Swim the rest of the way through the bright, molten atmosphere. ]

Let's go.
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{she follows him to the edge of the porch, stopping at his side, toes of her bare feet over the edge of the wood because she's lost her shoes somewhere between here and there but it's okay because the texture of everything feels so amazing under her bare feet. If asked, she could tell him that his whistle was plugged into its charger on the back bar counter because he'd let his battery die again but she doesn't get asked and she's more interested in the arm swing. It makes her own arm swing on that side in response and she can actually feel the air as her bare skin cuts through it. It distracts her, causing her head to follow it around and over her shoulder and she stares at her hand in his and-

and that's pretty amazing too.

Vaguely, she's aware that he's about to jump and he's either going to fly or he's going to make one of those bounds of his that has nothing to do with gravity and they're going to end up on top of a building somewhere or something. She's never heard of a restaurant on top of a building before but the idea suddenly sounds fascinating and she wonders if it would have a glass floor just so that you could prove you were standing on top of a building instead of the ground but then that would make wearing a skirt difficult unless you had a place mat under your feet you could slide around on and - }

Cloud... {still watching their linked hands behind them.} Will you hold my hand forever?
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[ He can already feel his feet lifting off the edge of the bar's front step when she asks, so the floating, fluttering feeling is cut short where it is still trying to rise from the top of his stomach. The look he turns on her is all faintly widened eyes and confusion, the clarity of earlier decisions lost in how the red-orange light of the fire in the evening makes her eyes so much darker than they are, so much darker and nothing like his own which feel bright and clear and blue (however blue feels, he thinks he'd know).

And it's probably weird that she has to ask, at all, but maybe that's why he doesn't hesitate to nod in his response. Forever is just the other half of an eternity he's already so willingly given her. Why not?

When he jumps, he thinks, holding her hand won't just keep her from slipping out of reach on an errant breeze, but that buoyancy, that weightlessness might in turn keep him from crashing to the ground. And that sounds better than a fall unaided, far better. ]


[ The word's thick and strange and he laughs again in its wake, as it falls away into the deep abyss below, the black tar of the paved street (two steps down). ]

Just don't let go.
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{his answer comes, easy and sure, and it makes her smile. It was all she wanted to hear. Some people say things they never do but Cloud does things he never says and sometimes she just likes to hear it too. She's forgotten why they're standing out here in the huge world with the sky filling their lungs but it's filled Cloud right up to his eyes and so she knows even when it's a rainy or grey day she'll still have blue skies because he's caught them in his eyes.

One day she's going to build a restaurant in the sky... with a stained glass floor so it feels like you're walking on windows instead of floors.}

I won't.

{it's easy to say because there's no other answer for her. But she's also getting tired of standing because the heavy sandbags are starting to settle against her chest and stomach again and so she moves around to stand behind him, looping her arm over his head like they're dancing backward, hand still linked with his but over his chest now. Very serious, she puts her other hand on his shoulder and hops up, wrapping her knees against his hips so she's like a backpack on him. It doesn't occur to her to worry about his balance. He's Cloud. Somehow he does some of his best when he's unbalanced. Now if he goes to that restaurant on top of the building she won't get left behind. For a brief moment, she wonders if it would have been easier to just disappear into his chest until they got where they're going but that would just be silly.}

Okay. We can go now.
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[ The weight on his back is nothing, almost comforting, but he staggers forward a half-step, just the same, shaking with the aftershocks of that earlier earthquake, now localized only to him. He hooks a wrist under her knee firmly, his other hand still clutched in hers (and this doesn't strike him as extraneous, even now, and he's agreed to it either way), and then he bends his legs before springing forward in a single, graceful lope.

For one instant, the wind is in his hair and they seem to be flying, soaring, and definitely not crashing this time (they always seem to be crash-landing, somehow). Then his boot hits the pavement and he expects it so much he feels the splash as he wobbles at the ankle and

This ocean's a lot shallower than he'd expected. Still, it's probably not safe just to stand in one place; he'll start to sink, if he does, he thinks (with certainty). And what about sharks?

The molten fire in the sky is hot on the horizon, melting the edges of metal and setting aflame the silhouettes of exotic sea life drifting by wherever he turns. One last sigh of breath escapes him, shimmering blue in the low light, and then he takes off, splashing along the street and over sidewalks, feeling the wind and the current and thinking that they've made the right choice. This is better than driving, by far. ]