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you always think the worst, i just wanna flirt

the ( f l i r t i n g ) meme

Whether it's because you saw a cutie at the bar or a game between old lovers, tonight you're pulling out all your best moves to impress. See if you can win that person's heart or remind your lover just how much you still want them. There are a million reasons to flirt. Maybe you're just doing it because it's fun.

Doesn't matter where you are either, it doesn't stop the inexplicable urge. A smokey bar, at a coffee shop, or just hanging around the house, you've got your sights set. Hopefully your flirting is as good as you think it is or it might get embarrassing!

- Post your character's name, series, and preferences. Feel free to set a scene!
- Others respond with their flirting attempts.
- Have fun!

from memebells

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uzumaki kushina ;; naruto

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[This is embarrassing, Kushina can't help but think over and over as she tugs on the new dress Mikoto had picked out for her. For her DATE. She had a particular fashion she liked -- simple and comfortable. The shorter, tighter black dress that had been chosen for her and Minato's date was not on that list.

Mikoto had described it as flirty and fun and that 'Minato-san would definitely like it'. Kushina had grumbled a bit but trusted her friend's advice. But Minato was a logical man, wasn't he? He was a tactician and how in the world this little black dress could be useful for fighting was beyond her. And she thought her sense of style had gotten much better from her unflattering tops and shorts. Even the dress she DID have were a bit more loose fitting and comfortable.

She tugs at the hem a bit, pushing red hair out of her face and making sure the one thing she kept the same (her clip) was in place as she walked into the main room of their shared house. She keeps her eyes on her feet until she can sense Minato nearby, only looking up when he doesn't say anything.]

... I'll go change.

[She says it in a rush because obviously something is wrong she knew it. That Mikoto!]
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No, don't--!

[He automatically grabs her arm to stop her as he snaps out of his reverie.

To say she's beautiful would be an understatement.

Maybe the fact that Kushina rarely wears things like these helps the other fact that with her dressed like this, she looks absolutely fresh in his eyes. And stunning. And gorgeous. And Minato's completely failing words right now.]

You, well- [Now what should he say to compliment her? Sensei told him since time immemorial that to compliment girls, he should say that her breas-- Okay, why is he even going to listen to his perversion? He doesn't want to be knocked unconscious across the room.

Minato clears his throat, suddenly taking in air is proving a little difficult.]

You look definitely- [Beautiful? Pretty? Nice? Hot?] -captivating, Kushina. It's okay.

[She's lucky she has Mikoto while Minato just picked out his most comfortable long-sleeved shirt and slacks that look slightly worn-out. He did shine his shoes, though!]
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[The more he talks, the more her eyes widen, body still in the hall with Minato's hand around her arm. It's not like she can really go anywhere when he's holding onto her. She's not scared, she's just a little humiliated to be wearing this dress. He... really does look like he likes it though. His eyes have roamed her once or twice now.

And he's staring a lot, stuttering over his words. Which isn't entirely rare when he's with her but still enough to make her cheeks heat even more while he thinks of something to say about her outfit.]

I look ridiculous.

[It's almost a whine, more of a mumble, but at least she relaxes, sulking a little but not going anywhere to change now that she has his approval. Verbal and physical.]

Mikoto picked it out. [Blame her friend. Minato should know Kushina wouldn't wear something like this on her own. But she DID want to impress, Minato so she had to sacrifice a little of her dignity.

It's her turn to look him over and of course he looks as handsome as always, as perfect, as --]

Did you shine your shoes?

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[It wouldn't take a great detective to know Mikoto has a hand on this. He already guessed this must be true the moment she walked out wearing said black dress. Minato only shakes his head at her whine and was almost about to reassure her when she asked him about his shoes.

Now that got him smiling sheepishly, as if a little kid caught stealing candies. He looks down at his old shoes that look brand spanking new from an hour of polishing then back at her with his eyes holding the question of "will she like it?"

Loosening his grip on her arm when it looks she won't change, Minato rubs the back of his gently.]

Er, yeah. I had to prepare for this date, so I thought I should shine my shoes.

[Derp derp. It also took him another hour just deciding what to wear, should he buy something to wear, and analyzing which she'll like.]
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[Honestly, she hasn't seen shoes more shiny than the ones Minato is wearing. He must have been polishing them for a long time. Sure, Minato wasn't wearing anything flirty like Kushina was, but the effort he had obviously put into making himself look a little better than usual (if that was possible) didn't pass her by.

She smiles at him, settling into normalcy and forgetting about her dress.]

You did a good job. Really shiny. If anyone needs a mirror I'll just point to your shoes.

[He's overthinking, Minato could be in his usual outfit and she would still think he looked amazing. Because with Minato it was never about looks, it was about his heart. Him growing up to be the most handsome guy she's ever met was just icing on the cake, really.]
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flies through rooftops!!

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Do you really think so?

[Minato lets out a soft, nervous chuckle. Well, he did see his reflection a little when he looked down. That wasn't his aim, though, to turn his shoes into mirrors, but if she likes them then he won't argue. Fixing his collar a little as he feels slightly self-conscious, Minato gives her another once over.

Holy hell, how did he even snag a woman like her?

He clears his throat as he can feel himself perspiring a tad. She's breathtaking as he realized he is running a little out of breath just by staring at her. With his heart thundering loudly in his ears, Minato tries to sound calm, if not attempting to sound nearly flirtatious.

He tries, at least.]

Your dress, well, it suits you. Perhaps, from time to time, you can wear such things.

[Of course, it's the same for Minato. It was never about Kushina's looks, but her heart as well. Even so, a guy can admire her statuesque features too, right?]
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[As he fiddles with his appearance, Kushina's smile tilts and she steps forward to help him. Her eyes focus on his collar, straightening it and then laying her hands flat to smooth it out.

It's gives her something to do too, so she can't see him look her over and over again like a starving man that has finally found food again. Or perhaps he's found his goddess and wants to worship her.

Either way, it's a different sort of look and she's not sure how to react.

Her eyes narrow at the sweat on the side of his face and she looks confused. Only to look downright shocked at his suggestion.]

... What?

[She's a NINJA. Such a dress was not functional for a ninja. It's strapless and she has to tug up the top of it and place a hand over her cleavage, which she has NEVER shown before now.]

But I can't fight in this thing! It's way too tight and I feel like I'm going to burst out of it. [To show, she places a hand on her stomach and then on her chest, to make sure they really don't pop out.]

I wore it for our date because I wanted to look really nice for you so I asked Mikoto to help me pick a dress to impress you. I mean you're the Yellow Flash and I'm just that girl from Whirlpool with the red hair, ya know? And you always look good in whatever you're wearing. Even in your old slacks and a comfortable shirt like that. [Her hand falls from her chest, gesturing to him vaguely.]

And your shoes all shined up like a mirror.

[Her voice finally goes soft, warm, as she takes in his appearance. He could be dressed in a bag and she would still think he was the most perfect person.]

You're perfect.
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[He shakes his head at her words even while sporting a gentle smile. Minato will never accept that she's just someone, some girl from Whirlpool when he knows she's everything to him.]

You're not just a girl from Whirlpool, alright?

[His cheeks taint a little pink at her attempt on flirting succeeding words and for the nth time since he began talking to her at this very moment, Minato's at a loss for words. While he attempts to clear his throat to find the right words to say, his eyes focused on her beautiful face.]

I mean if I'm allowed to be perfect, so can you.

[More so for her.]

You look beautiful in anything, and I think you know I know that, but it doesn't hurt to dress up like this sometimes. I appreciate it.

[And with that, he wields the proudest smile he can muster because like hell, she's enchanting and he, Namikaze Minato, The Yellow Flash, is caught in a trance he would never want to wake up from.]
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[She scoffs gently but can feel herself getting a little bashful. She's definitely not perfect with her temper and her impatience and her weird verbal quirks. But Minato keeps her around and for that she's very fortunate.

Her eyes drop down to her dress again and maybe she can admit, to herself, that it is very... sexy. It's nothing she would wear voluntarily (and she's surprised Mikoto had picked it out) but it did make her feel a bit more special when it makes Minato look at her like that.

He doesn't have to tell her she's everything, she can see it in his eyes.]

Okay, okay. Once in a while, maybe. If I feel like it. [She flusters a bit and then reaches for his hand, holding it in hers and lacing her fingers through his. Then she tugs him in close so she can place a gentle kiss on his cheek.]

Thank you.
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[In a flash, Minato's face flamed crimson after her lips came in contact with his cheek. Even after all these years, he still gets this small, bashful reaction to her sweet nothings and, for some reason, he wouldn't want it any other way.

He gives her hand a gentle squeeze, then quips it with a slightly playful smile.]

Just give me a heads-up, so I can prepare myself.

[You know, because if she decides to wear these things from time to time, he has to look as equally presentable. She can tell him he's perfect as he is, but Minato wants to impress her too by doing something about it.]

Perhaps I can buy some new clothes. Some that are, well, more appealing.

[Like he even has an idea what those are.]
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[That's not a bad idea. While she's not huge on shopping, she wouldn't mind going with Minato to pick out a few things and be a second opinion. Or first, since he would obviously be going to pick out some clothes for her to enjoy.

Maybe something that compliments those red cheeks of his.]

I'd only wear something like this for dates. [She's back to tugging at the hem with her free hand, frowning slightly at the way it likes to ride up if she so much as shifts. SIGH.]

I don't know how you could get more appealing.

[It's honest, she's really not trying to flatter him or flirt. IT'S JUST KUSHINA.]

Come on. I'm starving, Minato! [She tugs his hand toward the door gently, eager to eat and have a nice time on their date. She throws a smile over her shoulder, showing that she's happy to be with him despite her uncomfortable outfit.]
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[I don't know how you could get more appealing.

Well, that certainly made his blush redden, but before it can even turn him into a ripe tomato, Kushina's already tugging his hand. Oh right, they were supposed to go out and eat. Why is his thoughts getting so jumbled again?]

Right. What do you want to eat?

[He lets her tug him toward the door, falling in step beside her. He'll even open the door for her because, while he won't hesitate doing this for her on an everyday basis (actually, he's doing it already), this is a special night spent with the most special woman.

The most special woman who has the most endearing of smiles, the kind one gives in the face of adversity to show how strong she is. He can tell that's the one she wielded earlier judging from how he can sense she's in that uncomfortable outfit just for him.]
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[A tomato dating a tomato!



[Wait. This is a special night. This isn't just Minato and Kushina going out to get a bite to eat because Kushina is hungry and ramen is filling and delicious. Mikoto picked this nice dress so she could impress Minato, not so she could spill broth on it in her zealous eating.

And if he's going to open doors like a gentleman, she has to act more like a lady, too. So she walks through and then tugs on his hand again, tugging him beside her. So everyone knows they're together and if any more fangirls sent Minato a letter...]

There's a nice place Mikoto has been talking about. We can go take a look there.
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[He grins a little after knowing what she's about to say. When it comes to food, Kushina can be very predictable. It's just amusing to him that she's trying to act slightly more lady-like. He loved her not because of her trying to be more of a lady but because of who she is. Hell, she can tell him they'll have the date at Ichiraku's and he won't complain.

But Minato knows this is a special night and special nights warrant change and a little tweaking. It's sort of like a breath of fresh air from the routine they had become so comfortable with.

Minato doesn't lag behind and takes her hand firmly in his. He feels proud knowing that he's out on this nice date with the most beautiful woman in the village. And if any pervert decides to look at her like candy from a sweets shop while she's dressed like this...]

Sure, lead the way. Is this the place Mikoto frequents with Fugaku?

[Just a light joke. He doesn't know if the two actually goes on dates.]
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[Her expression sours JUST a little at the mention of Fugaku. Fugu-face. How could someone like that help make someone as cute as Itachi? It must be all Mikoto.]

She's just mentioned it. I don't know if they eat there.

[If they did she might have steered them to Ichiraku anyway. regardless of dress and her wanting to be more lady-like. But she's trying! However if the food ends up being gross, she might march them out and trail over to Ichiraku anyway. Fancy food with things she didn't even recognize wasn't her style. Fugaku probably eats there though, if that's the sort of food they have. Since he wasn't her style either. She has a sense for that guy because he was the one Mikoto allowed to marry her.

Kushina has high standards for her friends.]

I mean, he's stuffy enough to eat there probably! If it's as fancy as Mikoto says. How did he even get Mikoto to marry him, anyway?
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[Trust Kushina to ask him something like that.

While he also doesn't find Fugaku to be a friendly man, Minato respects him all the same. Whenever they meet, he acknowledges the Uchiha and the latter does the same for him. But when compared to the mellow, well-mannered, and over-all pleasing Mikoto that he knows through Kushina, he also asks the same question the Uzumaki's now inquiring from time to time.

Then again, he's not someone who openly asks questions like that. It's not polite. If Mikoto saw something in him that they cannot quite see, then who is he to question such a thing? Love works that way, right?]

I think we shouldn't ask such things, Kushina. Fugaku's a nice man. I'm sure Mikoto saw something in him.
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[Kushina is there to ask all the questions and even be a little rude, from time to time. When it concerns people who marry her best friend, at least. Nobody else had the guts to question that guy.

She's glad that Mikoto is happy but she can't help but thing Fugaku is just trouble for her. A good man wasn't so uppity all the time. Even Minato, for being the Fourth Hokage, who had all the reason to be a little uppity, was kind and polite and civil to everyone he knew. Maybe a little too nice, but everyone had flaws.

That's why he was hokage and not Kushina. That's why she loved him with his flaws and all.]

Yeah, well, I don't see it. [She grunts stubbornly and then realizes this probably isn't good conversation for a date and definitely not for a place that Fuguface might come to a lot.

He's right though. They shouldn't ask those things but he wasn't a nice man. That, she's sure. Minato was just too nice, as always.]

Did you know there's a kitten hanging around the garden? He's a little orange tabby. He's been eating my vegetables lately. At first I thought it was all the birds hanging around but I think he scares them away. [Her voice has CONSIDERABLY cheered up now.]
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[The topic change was entirely welcome especially since it's really not their business to meddle on whatever Mikoto saw in Fugaku. The topic she chose, though, made him chuckle just because he can see such enthusiasm in her when it's something so simple. That kind of simplicity has always been endearing on Kushina.]

Really? I didn't know. Have you caught sight of him lately? Is he homeless?

[Maybe they can adopt him or something if he is.]
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[Good practice for when Kushina has baby. OH WAIT.....

She hums a bit thoughtfully. She hasn't seen anyone with a little orange kitten hanging around their lot. He only shows up in her garden.]

I don't know. He's skittish so I haven't gotten that close. I figure he might like some meat more than my vegetables so I've been setting out a few leftovers. When I check in the morning, they're gone so hopefully he's been eating it and not those damn crows.

If he's scaring them away, I owe him some good meat. I'll have to order something I can share with the kitten later.

But he really must be starving if he's resorted to nibbling on my onions. Poor thing.
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Maybe we can adopt him.

[There, he said it, with a grin plastered on his derpy face.]

This way, you don't have to leave him leftovers and he doesn't need to eat your onions.
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[You're such a cute derp Minato WAAAA]

Wh-What? I don't... I don't even like cats that much. They're cute when they're younger but when they get older all they do is sleep and eat all day. We'd have to buy it actual food for him, and a litterbox. He might ruin the furtniture too. And I don't want to clean up the hair.

[Honestly she's just trying to talk herself out of keeping him around because HE REALLY IS CUTE and she wants him.]
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SUCCESS also dat gag tag jahsdkal ilu bby <333

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[Oh, he can read through your rambling, Kushina. He's not the love of your life for nothing, ya know.]

I don't see anything wrong with buying him actual food and a litterbox. And if he tries to ruin some furniture, I can always repair them after.

[Hmm, what else did she say?] Also, if he'll just eat and sleep all day when he gets older, then all the more reason to adopt him, don't you think?

[All this convincing accompanied by a little wink.]
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KHEHEHEH <333 ilu2

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I don't want repaired furniture, I like our furniture the way it is.


... I'll think about it. He's fine in the garden right now and he doesn't seem to mind the vegetables too much.


but not really, it makes her blush though]
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ilumoooore <3333

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Alright, we'll talk more about that later.

[Yes, he takes note of this insane rumbling!! How very fitting when you're wearing such lady-like clothes.]

Right now, I think we should hurry up to that fine restaurant. Are we near?
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noooo i dooooooo <3333333

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[She is the most ladylike Minato what u talkin bout

If he just brings it inside and buys the litterbox and all the stuff himself she will just accept kitten and it shall be done. Kitten baby to practice.

She looks around at her surroundings and realizes they've been walking towards Ichiraku all along. It's right down the street. There's the hanging lantern.

They've done it so much it's like her feet just take her where they want to go. It's just habit.]

Ah... uh, not really.

[Her eyes have locked ahead at it. To top it off, her stomach rumbles again and more loudly.]