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Massage Meme

Massage Meme

Everyone could use a good massage now and again right? Well it's time to let you characters lay back and relax-- or maybe treat someone else to a little skin therapy. ;) Break out the oils and scented candles, it's time for a good rub down.

How to play:
❧ POST with your character (list their name & canon in the subject if you please)
❧ Others can reply giving the massage or recieving it.
❧ Use RNG to pick from the numbers below, or pick your numbers, or make something up!
❧ Have fun!


001. Shoulder and Neck - the basic of the basic. Perhaps a strained shoulder, been sitting too long at their desk. Or maybe something even more strenuous. However, it's time to work out all those accumulated kinks.

002. Foot - It's time to give those yapping dogs a rest and treat them to a little TLC.

003. Hand - Hey don't forget about the hands, overworked constantly they could use a bit of a break.

004. Arm - Time to loosen up a bit and rub out those arm muscles.

005. Leg - Perhaps you're looking for something a bit more specific and intimate. Calve massage? Thigh? It's your choice.

006. Back - Considered a coup de grace of massage, the back massage, when done right, can bring extreme relief to those who receive it.

007. Scalp - Wanna feel those tingles down your spine? Maybe a little oil to help add health to the hair?

008. Full Body - Maybe it’s not just a specific area you want treated, but your entire body.

009. Wild Card - Anyway you want it. Mix and match, maybe I forgot something you want.


001. Friend - getting a massage from a friend can be a wonderful bonding experience. And exacerbate already existing tensions ;D

002. Lover - Whether a show of care or a prelude to something more intimate, a massage from a lover is a very welcome thing.

003. Service - Hey some of us aren't so lucky. We gotta pay for this service.

004. Wild card - Whatever you want. However you want.

Credits shall be given to [personal profile] lone_defender on LJ. Here's the original post

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Hermione Granger | Harry Potter | OPEN

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[Sirius couldn't resist this dare he had been given by James. To go into a Muggle massage place and massage someone. A girl of course. He would have to decline if it were a boy or man sitting on the table. He wouldn't touch anyone except James and that was private.

So, he sighed and walked into the room. His eyes darted around for any good-looking girls, as he saw the towels and lotions laid out in front of him.]
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(Hermione's not exactly one for massages in fact she's only had one one other time in her life but...well, she's been under quite a bit of stress lately and she needs one. So here she is sitting a little awkwardly on the massage table with a towel wrapped around her and waiting for the masseuse to enter the room.

And when he does? Well, she just ends up blushing. She's never seem him around before that's for sure...She clears her throat a little, giving him a small smile)

Hi...are you going to be my masseuse? (She laughs a little, blushing more) Of course you are, why else would you be here, sorry.
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[He nodded and picked up some oil from the table. She wasn't a bad looking girl. In fact, he quite liked her already.]

Yes, I am. Would you take a seat on the massage table please? [He decided to make it up as he went along. How hard could it be?] May I ask your name?
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(Taking a seat on the table, doing exactly what he says. He's the expert after all. This is still a little strange for her though. The last time she'd done this it had been a woman and she had felt a lot more comfortable but she shouldn't think like that. He was a professional.

She smiles a little again at the question and nods her head)
It's Hermione. Hermione Granger.
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Nice to meet you, Miss Granger. I'm Mr. Black. [Ok, he wouldn't give his name away, as she might figure out who he was.]

How would you like it?