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Fairytale AU meme

The Fairytale AU Meme

Step 1: Post a comment with the character name and fandom in the subject.
Step 2: Someone will respond with a number (RNG generated or just chosen based on whatever they prefer) between 1-11. They are now that character role in a story!
Step 3: You can either do the same to determine your character's role within that story! Feel free to twist the role around as necessary.
Step 4: Play and make merry!

Character Roles
1. Princess
One day your prince will come... Or maybe you're going after him! Or maybe you've been cursed/captured/whatever and are in need of rescue! Those towers won't climb themselves, and those kisses that awaken you from a century of slumber aren't exactly cheap.

2. Prince Charming/Heroic Knight
You're handsome (hopefully). You're charming (you think). You have a great outfit (this is debatable). Regardless, it's time to go find and rescue your one true love! ... Er, wherever she or he might be.

3. Villian
Man, those two up there sure are annoying, aren't they? Maybe it's time to do some kidnapping, curse some royalty, plague a kingdom, or whatever other nefarious deed you might be thinking of. In any case, the truly important thing is to make sure your cape and collar are appropriately intimidating and black.

4. Red Riding Hood
... Or whichever other cute little girl that roams the woods in her free time that you can think of. You're cute, you have a pretty outfit, and there's something growling in the bushes but whatever it is, it can't be too dangerous, can it?

5. Wolf
You're a wolf. Or a bear. Or some other animal. Or some random person with animal ears and a tail. Maybe you're evil, maybe you're just misunderstood, but you still can't stand those annoying people that keep wandering around your forest. Maybe they're even in your house, eating your food! The nerve! Or maybe they just look delicious, who knows.

6. Dragon
You're a fucking dragon. Maybe you've kidnapped a snack, maybe someone came to hunt you down, maybe some hobbit is stealing your treasure, maybe you're just chilling. You're a dragon.

7. Witch
Bring out the hat and broomstick, it's time to get the cauldron bubbling. Good, misunderstood, evil, who knows what you are. Except for a witch. You're definitely a witch. Try to avoid shoving small children into your oven and you should be fine.

8. Cheery Animal Sidekick
Cheep cheep! Boy that princess sure is pretty, huh? You should sing with her and do her chores for her and obey her slavishly- wait... Well, whatever you're doing, you're cute and small and mildly annoying.

9. Cursed Prince
Life was just perfect for you, until you got on the wrong side of that witch/wizard/cheery animal sidekick pushed just too far. Now you're cursed! Into a beast? Into a frog? Maybe you have really bad acne now? It could be anything (seriously, anything you can think of) but luckily, the cure is simple. Find your one true love and get that magical first kiss.

10. Fairy Godmother
When your princess is in need, she's only got one person to turn to. Her fairy godmother. It's your job to advise her, help get her out of any scrapes she happens to be in, or maybe you got her in the mess to begin with.

11. Random Extra
Wow, all those other guys sure are weird, aren't they? You'll just get back to work. Even with all this nonsense going on, life continues.

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Tifa Lockheart/Final Fantasy VII

[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-03-15 01:47 am (UTC)(link)
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7 -Aerith the Good Witch at your service >:D

[personal profile] cetra 2012-03-15 05:36 am (UTC)(link)
[Aerith has a wand. She's wearing a crown and has a wand.

What this means for Tifa is unclear (it probably involves wacky hi-jinks, who knows?), but Aerith the Good Witch is here to guide her with advice!

So, usually you take this yellow brick road. It leads you directly to Oz.

[Aerith gestures as she speaks, though it's hard to miss a road made of yellow bricks. The munchkins dancing around probably don't help matters much. There's quite a ruckus going on.]

But that's so overdone! You should go that way.

[That way ends up being a dark, gloomy forest. The comparison of forest vs road shows a tougher path through the woods.

Bigger the risk, better the reward, right? At least Aerith thinks so.

Don't worry, I'll help you along the way!
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Re: 7 -Aerith the Good Witch at your service >:D

[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-03-15 06:17 am (UTC)(link)
{Tifa's in a checked skirt. This is good. She's also in a dazzling pair of red... combat boots. This is... questionable. She's just going to accept things for the moment though she does wonder where she got the tiny dog that's tucked under her arm with its suspiciously spiky blond fur and sullen and resigned look.

All right. Trying hard to ignore the dancing goblins munchkins Tifa takes a looooong look down the yellow brick road (and why is everything here in technicolor such saturated shades of color?). Then there's an equally looooong look down the path her good witch Aerith suggests.

Um hm.

Excuse her while her powers of refusing ridiculous side quests practicality kick in but:}

Don't I want to go to Oz though?
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[personal profile] cetra 2012-03-15 01:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Of course you do! And through there is a way, it's just more colorful.

[Aerith takes a moment to look down the brightly colored yellow brick road, then back to the dark forest. Maybe that wasn't exactly the right wording...]

Er, right. It's a way to get there! Who knows what'll you find in places nobody dares to go.

[She's not exactly selling the idea to Tifa very well, she can tell. Time to find something that would make her more willing to go that way. There's a moment as she makes a quick mental list of pros and cons. It takes a little longer than usual, what with the dancing and singing going on around her. These munchkins are pretty jubilant.]

Oh, I know! It's also a lot faster. The brick road takes forever. Through these woods here it'll only be a couple of days!

[She gestures widely at the looming trees, the dark shadows. They don't really bother her much (then again there's probably some glowy spell she can cast from her wand anyway), and she has no doubts that Tifa can handle herself. Quicker is better!]
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[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-03-17 08:31 am (UTC)(link)
{she's not selling the idea at all to Tifa, truth of the matter be known and the brows coming down over those wine dark eyes that keep getting lower and lower at Aerith talks are probably pretty good indication of that.

Good grief, it's hard to concentrate with all that high pitched singing going on and she has to keep tamping down on the combat reflexes that make her want to pop each little pointy head that cavorts up next to her too suddenly, like a wack-a-mole game gone wrong.

...colorful and fun. Tifa thinks her good witch guide is taking liberties with the adjectives. Though - }

Faster? {okay. She likes the idea of faster. Quicker is better, after all.

And it might get her away from all the singing faster too... she sees a definite bonus going on there.

Besides - her good witch wouldn't send her off into something that was too dangero-

no. look at that cheerful face. Yes, she would.

But look at that cheerful face. It's ridiculously hard to not want to go along with her. Something tells Tifa she's going to regret this and the little mutt tucked under her arm is giving her the hairy eyeball like nobody's business but what the heck! She hasn't been on an adventure in the past... half hour or so. Plopping the dog unceremoniously in the picnic basket she manages to rescue from getting trampled by clog dancing gnomes, Tifa turns to her good witch Aerith and offers the crook of her other arm (because for some reason that seems appropriate. DON'T ask her to skip though. The checkered overall and frilly top doesn't have the right support for that kind of thing.).}

Creepy, fun, colorful woods, here we come.
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[personal profile] cetra 2012-03-19 03:10 pm (UTC)(link)
[In her excitement, Aerith claps her hands together. Her wand shoots little sparks from the jolt and a couple of munchkins skitter away in fear.

She doesn't notice, though, instead rushing forward to loop her arm through Tifa's. No Tin Man, Scarecrow, or Marshmallow Bears for them! Just the two of them versus the wilds. Along with Tifa's spiky haired doggy companion.

It really is the best way!

[The dancing dwarves take a minute from their flailing to wave goodbye, and offer food. Their food consists of overly sweet things, though. Lots of lollipops. (The Lollipop Guild were very insistent they took some).

After much waving, singing, and edging away they finally reach the edge of the woods. They look much darker than they did from a distance, but Aerith taps her wand against a tree. It immediately lights up, giving them the ability to see at least a few feet in front of them.

Well, here goes. Hopefully you can survive on licorice and lollipops for the time being.
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[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-03-20 08:11 am (UTC)(link)
{her ears are still kind of ringing from all that singing and it's surprisingly nice to get to the creepy forest simply because it's so quiet. Tugging at one of her earlobes to wiggle some hearing back into her ear, Tifa eyes the foreboding trees in front of her.

Thanks to her time traveling the Planet, she's gotten more used to forests than she had been when she'd started out. There's still the enclosed feeling and the limited ability to see what's around you but she's adjusted over time and usually she's okay with it. This... this is not one of those times. These trees are too tall and too close together and they don't smell like moss and ageless sunshine and shade. Instead she smells old water and green slimy things and something dank and cold. Water drips from tree branches back in the darkness and the trees themselves seem to creak and groan. There's no breeze here. Everything is dark and still and waiting. The look Tifa exchanges with her spiky haired dog is questioning and she sets him down on the path where he marches self-importantly to the front, little tail raised high in a flag of defiance. He can take care of himself despite his size and she thinks she just might need both her hands free before they get through the woods.

Her good witch's handy wand light helps though and makes at least the patch of life around them seem a little less creepy. Squaring her shoulder, Tifa nods and starts forward - and then she can't help but grin at the woman next to her.}

I'll rock, paper, scissors you for the red licorice. I hate black.
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[personal profile] cetra 2012-03-21 04:17 pm (UTC)(link)
[The woods are a bit foreboding, but this doesn't phase Aerith. Amused, she watches Tifa set her dog on the ground. The tiny mutt shows no fear as it seemingly leads them on the dark forest path.

At Tifa's challenge, Aerith grins back. She doesn't get much of an oppurtunity to play rock, paper, scissors so she needs to take advantage of this.

She also hates black licorice.

I do, too. You're going down.

[Sticking her hand out, palm up, she makes a fist with her free hand and places it in a 'ready' position. ]

How about we play for the red licorice and the huge cherry lollipop they gave us? We could probably share that one though-

[She pauses as she hears a sound behind her. In the silence, she doesn't hear anything else, and shakes her head as if to clear it.

There couldn't be anything dangerous in these woods. At least, nothing they can't handle.
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[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-03-22 08:59 am (UTC)(link)
{of course! They're just deep, dark, creepy woods. What could possibly go wrong in a place like this? It's probably just a trick of the wind or a small adorable woodland creature out on its nightly rounds visiting friends. Tifa's head turns too, fist halfway to her palm and her eyes search the dark gloom.

Did one of those munchkins follow them?

There's no hint though, just the steady drip of hidden water and the vaguely shuffling sound the trees seem to make. Still - }

Why don't we wait until we stop for the night to sort it out? Best two out of three for the lollipop.
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[personal profile] cetra 2012-03-23 02:45 pm (UTC)(link)
[Yes, it is most definitely a fawn, or perhaps a particularly loud badger.

This is what Aerith tells herself as she nods. She's not overly worried, but it's still unsettling enough to make her watch the trees with suspicion.

So, to take her mind off such shadowy horrors, she focuses on Tifa's dog.

So, what's his name? He seems fearless, doesn't he?

[She's tempted to magic a tiny little tiara on it's spiky head. It seems fitting, somehow.]
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[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-03-25 12:41 am (UTC)(link)
{Tifa is willing to support the badger theory. She thinks they can handle an ornery badger if it shows up. In the meantime though she'll stick close to her good witch's side, looking as far as the wand light and the shadows will let her around them.

Was that something darting between trees and across the road behind them?

That's a mighty big badger if what she caught out of the corner of her eyes is any indication...}

Hm? Oh. I call him Chocobo. Because he's got a crest like a chocobo.

{if the huff from in front of them at about ankle level is any indication, Chocobo thinks less than highly of his name. Ignoring them seems to be the order of the day for him though and he continues his march to eternity.

A tiara would look mighty cute on him...}

He is very brave. Sometimes more than he should be.
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[personal profile] cetra 2012-03-27 09:00 pm (UTC)(link)
[Aerith also got a brief glance of their new shadow, and that's certainly no badger. Unless it's some mutated version, but there's no nuclear fallout circumstances to call for mutation.

So she's just going to flip through her mental book of spells to pick out something quick that she can shoot at the World's Largest Badger.

That's usually how it goes, isn't it? The most brave sometimes have a little too much of it. They charge right in without a second thought!

[Not that she does that or anything. Nope. Not at all.

Anyway, maybe a tiara and a tiny little purple frock to fit him in. Surely Chocobo would appreciate the lengths gone to making him look pretty.

A loud sound to their right makes Aerith pull to a stop, clasping Tifa's wrist tightly in her free hand as she angles her wand toward the shadowy shrubbery.

Who's there? Show yourself!
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aaaaaand - here's where I go off the rails. Wanna come?

[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-03-29 12:04 am (UTC)(link)
{Chocobo darts in front of both of them, small teeth bared as his ruff along his back rises, growling. Tifa meanwhile drops into a crouch, one hand coming up in a defensive fist, the other hampered a bit by her good witch's grip but she doesn't protest. It lets her hang on to Aerith as well just in case she needs to pull her back.

Yes. She might have picked up on the fact that Chocobo isn't the only one that's probably too brave for their own good.}

Ain't nobody here, fo'. Jus' keep on walkin' an' pretend nothing's goin' on.

{the voice from the shadow that's been following them is deep and loud and, perhaps, between the shuffling and the wavering light of Aerith's wand there might, possibly, be the hint of a hulking form. A form that looks suspiciously, if you squint -

a lot like a very large man in a teddy bear costume.}
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I will happily follow along! :D

[personal profile] cetra 2012-03-29 05:14 pm (UTC)(link)
[Aerith takes a moment to stare - because out of everything she expected, this man was not it. After gathering her thoughts, she gives the man a big smile as she releases Tifa from her grip.]

Aren't you cute? What are you doing out in the woods?

[The man gives her a look, probably not pleased with being called 'cute'. He crosses his arms over his chest, shaking his head.]

What'ya mean "cute"? And I ain't doin' nothin' ya need to worry about. Just keep on movin'.

[Aerith raises her eyebrows, taking a step closer to angle the light better so they can see him clearer. For some reason, the man doesn't intimidate her much, and she's curious.]

Are you going to Oz? That's where we're going! Maybe you should come with us.
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yay! holds hands and skips!

[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-03-31 08:46 am (UTC)(link)
{Tifa's... not really sure what was in that licorice but she's pretty sure they haven't even eaten it yet so it must be pretty strong stuff if this is the result. Cautious, she rubs at her eyes but no. No. It's still a very large, scowling man in a bear outfit. Chocobo makes a rush for his ankles and Tifa barely intervenes in time to scoop the dog up and tuck him against her where he wiggles in protest. The blond dog gets a bear glare but at Aerith's question, the man seems to deflate a little, shuffling his fur covered bootie feet.}

Maybe. {he looks a little sullen and then perks up just a little though he doesn't lose his scowl.} I heard you talkin' an' if this wizard guy can grant wishes, than I got one too.

{since Tifa's wish is just to go home - a wish that's getting markedly stronger the longer she stays here, she's curious enough to ask:}

What are you going to ask him for?

{if anything the man gets taller, shoulders straightening and going back and the scowl disappears.}

I want a laser gun arm!
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[personal profile] cetra 2012-04-02 04:07 pm (UTC)(link)
[Aerith tilts her head to the side as she looks at this man, pondering a laser gun arm. That's not usually a common request, but who is she to judge? Some wanted to go home, some wanted to go on an adventure, and maybe sometimes people just wanted laser gun arms.]

He does grant wishes! [Absolutely forgetting the minutes before when she'd been slightly scared of whatever lurked in the shadows, Aerith comes within a foot of the man, grinning up at him. The more the merrier in her opinion, and she's hoping he'll tag along, too.]

I bet if you truly desire it in your heart, you'll get it!

[The man looks down at her, eyebrows raised before he pumps an arm in the air.]

Awright! The name's Barret, and I'm gonna tag along wit' ya. Gonna get me a laser gun arm!

[Aerith claps her hands in excitement, accidentally sending a spray of sparks from the end of her wand. Barret jumps back a bit to avoid the sparks, grumbling and she laughs.]

Sorry, sorry. I should be more careful with this thing.
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[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-04-05 10:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[well... Tifa supposes her life has been stranger. Somehow. Probably. At least the man in the bear suit doesn't seem at all threatening now. In fact, given the way he reacts to their good witch's enthusiastic sparkles, with a scowl and not much else, Tifa thinks he's probably a pretty good guy. Bear. Bear-guy.

Chocobo seems unimpressed but at least he's not wiggling so much as looking pouty and sullen now. Tifa gives him a brief cuddle while everyone else is distracted and can't see his pride being harmed that way and he huffs a breath, either mollified or tolerating. It's always hard to tell with him.

She agrees with Aerith though. Things seem much friendlier with the man-bear along. He even offers to carry the basket once they start off again and she's happy to hand it over with its possibly hallucinogenic licorice.

Once they get on the path though the woods seem to close in around them again and the heavy weight of that darkness steals a great deal of her relaxed feeling out of her. Chocobo wiggles until he's set down and can take up the lead again and Tifa stays close to Aerith, Barret taking up the rear and shooting glares into the darkness around them, making threatening gestures with his basketless paw. The feeling of being watched starts to set in again and Tifa reaches down to take her good witch's free hand that's not holding their flashlight wand as they walk. Somewhere deep in the woods and far away, something lets out an awful scream before it cuts abruptly off and closer by the leaves in the trees seem to rustle without wind.

Something crashes suddenly through the undergrowth headed right toward them at an alarming speed and Tifa can hear it making a terrible racket as it comes.]

Emerald damned, munchkin stomping, son of a flying monkey's uncle!
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Sorry it took me so long ;_;

[personal profile] cetra 2012-04-09 07:35 pm (UTC)(link)
[The cacophony that announces the newcomer's presence manages to frighten the birds from the trees above them, their cries growing distant as whoever (or whatever) is making all the noise trumps through the underbrush and stumbles into their path.

Aerith's eyes widen and she squeezes Tifa's hand, more so for her own reassurance. Barret the Bear takes a stance in front of them, little Chocobo letting out a series of ear splitting barks at the man currently in their way.

Leaning far to the right, so she can look around Barret, she's surprised to see a suit of armor. Is that armor? It doesn't look like any she's come across in her life. Instead of the gauntlets and intricate helmet, this outfit seems to be created from tin cans and various engine parts. Whoever is inside the thing shakes their arms out, causing a terrible racket.

Aw hell, I just got oiled. Damn rain, rustin' me up like nobody's business. Hey, you got any oil?

[He seems to be completely unperturbed with their little ragtag band. Barret stepped forward, his stance intimidating, but the Tin Man just rolls his head, as if he's trying to work out the kinks in his body.]

What? A simple yes or no will do, buddy.

[Aerith looks over at Tifa, leaning over a bit so she can keep her voice low.]

Do you think someone's inside that thing? Or is it run on magic?

[She honestly can't tell. She knows it's possible to enchant anything with the right spell (or curse anything, but she shied away from casting curses). Maybe she could magick up some oil for him...]

I can try to get you some!

[She volunteers this without checking with anyone else. What's the harm, right?]
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if we are both late - than neither of us is late ;)

[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-04-19 02:11 am (UTC)(link)
{while Aerith peers around one side of the bear-man, Tifa leans to peer around the other side, hair almost sweeping the ground in that position. Her eyes go wide too.

She's pretty sure that's not how knights in shining armor are supposed to look. Even Chocobo is looking more annoyed than alarmed now that the crashing has stopped. Tifa will admit, it's hard to feel threatened by oil cans. She ducks back behind Barret to listen to Aerith and shakes her head, her own voice quiet as well.}

I can't tell. It's got a personality though.

{kind of a gruff personality but it's certainly not being threatening yet - which could be a trick but Tifa's feeling braver the larger their team gets and it doesn't seem like too much of a risk. Their good witch seems to feel the same way if she's volunteering to hit the armor with some oil and just in case she can't come up with any on her own, Tifa digs through the basket on Barret's arm until she finds the jar of honey the munchkins provided in case any of them needed to go into a diabetic stroke by drinking that instead of the lack of water that was provided instead. With meal ideas like that it was no wonder the little buggers had been so hyper. Honey would be sticky but at least it would help with the lube, kind of. It was either that or the chocolate syrup.

Tin man had better hope Aerith could summon up some oil or he was going to be a walking confection.}

Don't worry, {she agreed with Aerith.} We'll have you fixed in no time.
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Muhaha when the power of mutual lateness combines, we will be ON TIME!

[personal profile] cetra 2012-04-19 07:38 pm (UTC)(link)
[Aerith does some quick magic, muttering cryptic rhyming phrases and circling the wand over her hand. In a moment, there's a poof and she produces a can of olive oil.


Well, that's not what I was going for.

[She peers down at the can, then looks over at Tifa.] Oil's better than honey for this kind of thing, right?

[Deciding to just go with it, she shrugs her shoulders. Their resident bear has stepped aside so she can offer the olive oil to the Tin Man, wondering how he's going to use it.

Her question is answered when he reaches behind his left leg, digging for a moment before pulling out a spout of some kind. Barret the Bear gives the stranger a look of confused horror before he points at the Tin Man's leg.

Where the hell ya pull that from?

[Looking slightly offended, the Tin Man shows the group the back of his leg. It seems like he's managed to make a type of holding container that slides into his leg. Aerith looks suitably impressed.]

Hey, that's pretty smart!

'Course it is. [The Tin Man's response is slightly smug as he gets the spout on the olive oil she gave him, proceeding to coat his joints in the stuff. Sniffing his arm, he gives the good witch an irritated look. She just smiles at him innocently.]

It was either that or the honey. Just be glad it's oil.

[She receives an eyeroll in return.] Now I just smell like someone's damn dinner. Where ya'll headin' off to, anyhow? Making a bunch of damn racket if you ask me.

[Hypocritical, coming from a person (...thing?) that thrashed into their path only shortly before.]
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wondertwin powers - activate!

[personal profile] more_than_words 2012-04-21 07:26 am (UTC)(link)
{Tifa watches the whole thing curiously herself and even Chocobo can't seem to be able to decide if he's impressed or disgusted, sitting down on the toe of one of Tifa's ruby combat boots as they both watch the proceedings. Olive oil has to be a better alternative than honey at least and Tifa's not upset to put the jar back in Bear Barret's basket. First a bear, now a tin man - Tifa's a little bit concerned that her companions seem to be getting more outlandish as they go and she's a little worried about what the next one will be if this keeps up. At the moment though the tin man seems to be alone and at his question, Tifa gestures vaguely in the direction they'd been heading.}

We're going to Oz. {there doesn't seem to be any harm in saying so and the Tin man turns a bit awkwardly to look in that direction as well. He's certainly moving smoother than he was before despite the lack of flexibility and he's not squeaking and scraping half so much.}

Oz, huh? There's that crazy ass wizard guy there, right? Grants wishes and all that jazz?

That's what we're hoping {Tifa answers and their bear chimes in with:}

That's right! We're gonna grab us a golden shiny wire of hope!

{after a moment of appropriate silence in response to a comment like that, the tin man gives himself a shake that rattles his tin cans together and nods.}

Than I'm going too. Got a dream of my own so I might as well tag along with you folks. 'Sides, if I wander off into those damn woods again I might get attacked by crazy ass squirrels thinking I'm oil coated peanuts!

{Tifa shots a glance at her good witch and gives a shrug. It doesn't seem to hurt to have yet someone else join their party. The only real question is:}

What are you going to ask the wizard for?
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[personal profile] cetra 2012-04-22 12:09 am (UTC)(link)
[Aerith looks between Tifa and their new tin friend as she listens to the conversation. Seems like going to see the Wizard is a new fad, and she sees no problem with this clunky guy coming along with them.

At Tifa's question he rubs his chin in thought. What could a tin man possibly want?

I'm gonna ask for a rocket ship! Gotta get to space.

[His request is possibly just as outlandish as their burly bear of a friend's is, and there's a moment that Aerith just blinks at him.]

A...rocket ship? Why do you want to go to space?

[Huffily, the tin can man crosses his arms over his chest, looking away. It's a slightly pouty motion that makes Aerith want to giggle.]

Just somethin' I always wanted to do. Is that a crime now?

[Shaking her head, Aerith just smiles at him. This seems to unnerve him a little, and he shifts his weight, clearing his throat (which comes out as a strange, tinny sound).]

Anyway, I'm Cid. Any problem with me tagging along?

[The general, silent consensus seemed to have no issue with him joining up. So, without further ado, they added a new member to their party.

As they walk, Barret stays in the front, bearing the burden of the basket. Cid tags along in the back, clunking along after them. It's a little comforting, the company and the noise, and Aerith loops her arm through Tifa's.

This is turning into quite the adventure, isn't it?

[She sounds super pleased with this development.]
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{Tifa's not entirely sure about it but she's got a sneaking suspicion that, somehow, their group is growing progressively stranger the deeper into the spooky woods they go. It's not so much worrisome however as simply... odd and Tifa doesn't mind going with it. She's certainly not going to be stuck in this strange world on her own at this rate and even Chocobo seems to be dealing with the new arrivals, marching on his little stumpy legs up in front of Bear Barret, tail up like a samurai's personal mon going into battle. It's all actually surprisingly reassuring and Tifa has to smile as her Good Witch's arm slips companionably into the crook of hers.

Who would have thought stealing someone's shoes would turn out to be so much fun instead of just a sensible loot collecting from fallen enemies habit?}

Mm. {it seems like just asking for trouble to admit it but - it is true and Tifa can't even stop her smile as she admits it.} It is. You really were right. The woods were a much better choice.

{she barely gets the words out before there's a suddenly rustling in the nearby bushes.}
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[Aerith's feeling pretty good about their trail through the woods when she hears the rustling nearby.

At this point, she's past any sudden fear or anxiety that might have popped up if they hadn't already run in to two strangers already in these woods. At the sound, she turns her head, squinting into the darkness so she can see better.

Without warning, there's a loud battle cry and a figure leaps from the bushes and lands on Barret's Bear of a Back. He instantly starts to flail, trying to pull off his attacker by smacking behind him.

Get it offa me!

[There's a moment of stunning silence until Cid clanks up to Barret, pulling off the attacker with ease.

It's a girl who looks like she's in her teens. She's kicking at the Tin Man, throwing punches that miss as he holds her by the scruff of her neck.

The hell you supposed to be?

Lemme go, ya old rusted piece of tin!

[Cid promptly lets her go, glaring as she straightens her clothes with a huff. Some straw seems to be sticking out from her sleeves, but she ignores this. Taking a quick glance around, she strikes a pose for the group.]

Good, I have your attention. Now hand over all your licorice!
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{there's something to be said for the way Bear Barret immediately clutches his basket to his chest and Chocobo darts between him and the tiny girl, hackles raised... and then it seems to occur to everyone just what she's demanding and there's some embarrassed shuffling and eye rolling. Even Tifa has to blink a little in surprise. The way the girl said it had her immediately assuming she was demanding something important they'd actually be willing to fight for.}

She's outta her gourd. {their tinman offers with a snort.} Ain't like she's demanding the last packet of tea or anything.

{Bear Barret's a little bit more cautious though and with Chocobo at his heel, the little dog seems to be taking the question just as seriously when the large man asks suspiciously:}

Ya want the red or the black kind?

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