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morning after


night was pretty wild, or maybe it wasn't. You have just woken up, but
you are not alone. Perhaps it is a stranger lying next to you, perhaps
it's someone you know. It might be your significant other, or a one
night stand. The fact remains that you are in bed together, naked and
something happened. 


+ Comment with your character. Information and preferences best be included!
+ Someone replies. 
+ Shit may or may not hit the fan, that is entirely up to you. You might even want to go for round 2, round 3 etc. etc. 
+ Tag around!
+ Have fun and be excellent to each other!
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James Potter | Harry Potter | m/m

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[Hope this is ok. Set it after they graduated from Hogwarts during the First War.]

The first thing Severus was aware of was an immense pain in his head. Obviously had had indulged too much in cheap whiskey if the horrid taste in his mouth indicated anything. He had a vague impression of Aberforth Dumbledore, and knew that the elder wizard had to be to blame. While he couldn't remember the night before, either from alcohol amnesia or not being fully awake yet, he knew enough to realize that Aberforth had a hand in it. And then he shifted and became aware of different things all at one.

One; he was not alone. Tow; his legs were sore, as was his arse. Three; he was completely naked, not even a sheet. He could only guess the other body in bed provided enough heat so he did not need covers.

He licked at dry lips and opened his eyes, afraid to see who it was in the bed with him. Had one of this... brethren found him at the Hog's Head and taken advantage of his drunk state? No, it was worse. So much worse. He looked on the bed beside him and saw a very familiar, very messy head of dark hair, attached to a familiar, if vigorously scratched, body. Well, one he only saw clothed before now... and apparently last night.

Eyes widened, he looked to his inner forearm, his right, where he was branded and was clear to see in the early morning light. Turning away from Potter's sleeping form he groped for and searched for his wand. Where was it? And the most important thought... what had Aberforth done to him?
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James felt his head throb slightly, as he felt movement at his side. His eyes opened and he felt groggy all over. What had happened last night and why was his head pounding like someone had kicked him in the head? He adjusted his focus and saw a figure next to him in the bed. Naked. He looked down and saw that he was exactly the same. Merlin's beard! What the hell had gone on last night and who was he in bed with?

His first thought was Sirius. It wasn't uncommon for them both to share in passionate nights together, as they often did. James allowed himself to rub his eyes, then he saw the boy next to him much clearer indeed.

"Merlin's beard! Oh God! Severus?! What the hell are you doing in my bed?" James launched himself out of bed and aimed to grab his wand within his trouser pocket. But, he got his legs caught up in the sheets and went face first onto the hard floor. Ouch.
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As James was making a general racket behind him, Severus was able to grab his wand from his trousers, as well as his discarded button up shirt. He yanked it on quickly, right arm in first. Hiding the mark from view. But that was the only thing he did. after his arms were covered, he turned toward James, wand poised for defense and backing up, uncaring of how very naked and debauched he looked.

"Isn't it obvious, Potter. I was drunk, and for some ungodly reason my impaired mind thought letting you shag me was a good idea. Nothing, mind you, I would have ever allowed sober." His eye were narrowed and glancing around the room, trying to recall the events of the night before.

Images of how passionate he had gotten upon reaching this room with James flashed through his mind, causing a flush to appear on his pale skin. Dear Merlin, he had to of been out of his mind!
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"Merlin's beard. must have hexed me!" James kicked the sheets from his feet and stood up, clutching his wand. He felt the cool air on his warm skin and tried not to look at Serverus's naked body. It was right in front of him. The memories starting to fade into view within his mind, as he got more awake. Oh God. What had they done? He remembered the kissing, touching and....the rest.

"Why would I shag you, Snivellus? I only shag the people I like and that isn't you." He narrowed his eyes and kept his wand trained on the other boy. What had driven them both to this? Aberforth? A new image was forming in James's mind. He was passing them both strong drinks last night was all so foggy.

"You are probably lying. I can't trust you, Severus. You hexed me, didn't you?" James's voice was slightly higher than usual.
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It stung, just like all those other hurtful words and taunts Potter and Black had thrown at him over the years. To be found 'wanting' as a sexual partner... He logically knew that this was just as horrid for Potter as for himself, they were enemies. However, Potter and Black both had a talent for getting to him far easier than anyone else.

"Yes, because I need to hex people just to shag." His voice was dripping with derision. Fine, if Potter was going to be dirty about this, than so would he. "I did not hex you, and if your actions last night were anything to go by it seems you dislike me a lot less than you proclaim." Of course his on actions were just as embarrassing, if not more so, but he was hardly thinking about that.

"No matter, just put down your bloody wand and I'll leave. Not like your performance was anything I want to recount, so you can be sure I'll be obliviating it from my mind." After paying Aberforth a visit.
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James wasn't meaning for his words to come out and hurt Severus. He was just good at insulting the poor Slytherin. He and Sirius were always at it. He grabbed a sheet and wrapped it around his midriff quickly. It was a sight to be seen. Both boys glaring at one another and almost entirely naked.

"I wasn't suggesting that. I...." He broke off, unable to think of anything useful to say. His mind was a mess. His head hurt and so did his legs. What did they do last night? "Severus....was Aberforth involved with this somehow? I can remember him giving us something to drink." He frowned and felt the room sway slightly. Merlin's beard. Was he going to be sick? "I....don't feel so good, Severus." He guessed it was the knock to his head when he fell off the bed moments ago.

"No. Don't leave. We need sort this out." He was looking at Severus again and letting his eyes roam over his body. Why? He forced himself to stop.
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Severus had to force himself to not be fooled by Potter's backtracking. Normally it would not be hard to do, but right now he was more vulnerable than he had ever been in the man's presence. Hungover with a pounding head, sexually compromised, and nude. One could not get more vulnerable than that.

His free hand started to do up his buttons without taking his eyes from James, but stalled when his enemy seemed to become unsteady. A battle started within his mind. The Potion Maker in him had diagnostic spells running through his mind to check and see what was wrong with Potter, but that abused and tormented little boy that was still very much his core wanted to lash out and make it worse. To show Potter even just a small about of the pain he had caused Severus through the years on top of the abuse Tobias Snape dished out.

With only two middle buttons done up Severus moved toward Potter. "I do not know, but it is possible." He paused, hand poised to touch James. Then he finished the motion to guide him back to the bed to sit down. "Sit down before you fall and brain yourself." The words were harsh, but then after a moment they lost their bite.

"Why are you calling me by my first name? You've never done so before." Except last night... Brought his wand up and prepared to cast a diagnostic spell. A simple one, as he doubted his pounding head could manage the focus for one of the more complicated ones the Master he was apprenticed under had taught him.
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James felt like pulling away when Severus pulled his wand near his head. He had called Severus by his first name? He always referred to the boy using nicknames him and Sirius had come up with. Usually Snivellus or something along those lines. He was confused. He twitched slightly when Severus got closer. "I don't know. Did I? I usually call you Snivellus because that's your name." He meant it as an insult but his voice was not insulting at all.

What had he done last night? No doubt, he had made a complete and utter fool of himself. "What did we do last night? Tell me, Sev. What did we do?" He shortened the name, as he didn't feel like insulting the Slytherin right now. He needed to know. He placed a hand on his head, as he sat on the bed and looked at the other boy.
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If Severus hadn't already cast, he would have hit James, or cursed him, or just dressed and left. His name. Potter and Black actually saw it as his name. How could he have been so open with Potter last night? So unguarded and unrestrained? He didn't even see Severus as a person, even now after they had left Hogwarts. "That is not my name." And then, after lowering his wand, "you'll be fine, just do no sudden movements and rest."

Severus was then going to go to his clothing and dress, but he was stopped by Potter's words. 'Sev'. Only three people were allowed to call him that, three of the only people who had ever actually been his friends. He meant to give Potter a hard look, and perhaps it was, but some of the pain was there as well. "Do not call me that. If you must call me anything, use 'Snape'. And if you want to know, look in a mirror. Even your limited intellect should be able to figure it out." And then he turned back to his clothing, looking away from the sheet wrapped James Potter with the scratches and teeth marks given by Severus in the heat of... whatever it was last night.

Unable to locate his shorts, he instead just grabbed his trousers and pulled them on. He had to get out of here.
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James knew it wasn't his name, yet he and Sirius had gotten used to calling it to him. Right now, he was angry at everything. What the hell had happened last night? Why was Severus being so closed about everything? Had James actually shagged the Slytherin? He noticed Severus getting changed and James yanked his trousers from the floor and forced them on. "I am not stupid, Snivellus. If I did shag you last night, it was because I was out of my head. Don't act all innocent with me, you Slytherin bastard." James felt anger pulse through his veins. That and another strong emotion. One that had dominated the night before. Before he knew what he was doing, he launched himself at Severus, knocking him onto the bed once more.

"Why don't you just tell me what's going on, Snivellus? I need to know. Now." He felt like slapping his hand across the pale boy's face, just to get him to talk.
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So intent on leaving as he was, Severus didn't have the time to react. He was just too worked up to be thinking right, and his mind still pounded; he was in need of a hangover potion. And he was just so... angry! And hurt! He very much wanted to just get to the dank and dusty Spinner's End and hide until his arm burned.

Instead he found himself pinned to the mattress. Emotions he instantly hated as much as he liked flooded his body and mind. Endorphins that dulled the pain in his head. He looked up at James and was struck by desires he had never allowed freedom within him before. But it was punctuated with anger from that damn name. That infernal mockery of a name his mother had meant well in giving him.

Reaching up, he grabbed a fist full of James' hair and used it as leverage to claim his lips in a brutal kiss that... quickly turned into more. "It was you who went after me. It was you who brought me here." He then shoved at James, desperate to get out of here. He felt too exposed. Too closed in. "You take every bloody thing from me! I can't have anything sacred, you damn Gryffindor. I hate you, so get off of me."

Yes... he did take. And Severus came to the realization with wide eyes and a shuttering breath. For all Severus had indulged in sexual pleasures before... He hadn't ever allowed anything to... he'd been... And as suddenly as he started to fight back, he became still beneath James.
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James cried out in pain when Severus grabbed hold of his hair. Damn, it hurt! He cursed under his breath and then elbowed Severus in the ribs. "I did not! It was the drink that made such a thing. If I did it at all." He wasn't going to admit doing such things with...a Slytherin. With his enemy. But was he? Right now, Severus was pinned underneath the athletic Gryffindor. He felt a pang of arousal shoot through his veins, as he naked shaft brushed against fabric.

No. He didn't want to let his body take over his mind. Yet, it was happening. James had only ever slept with Sirius and Remus that one time. This was different. Was it wrong? He had no idea at the moment. His head was still fuzzy. Yet, emotion was burning through him. He noticed Severus still underneath him. And the kiss. Severus kissed him just moments before. "You wanted it. Admit it." He couldn't believe he just blurted those words out. Right now, he wanted to shag Severus again. The feelings from last night washing over him once more.
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Dark, black eyes got glassy as he glared up at James. At least he remembered the first time, even if the man he had lain with held it in so little regard, him in so little regard, and denied it happened. It made him want to lash out. So he lashed out in the only way he, at that moment, could think of.

Arms went around James, and fingers gripped and pressed painfully into the red tracks his nails had left on James' back. "The least you could bloody do is stop denying you took my bloody virginity. Do you think I wanted it to be you? For it to be someone who hates me, who tormented me with his friends for sport? Whose friend tried to kill me?!" And even in this, he still wanted James. What the hell? Why was he still being affected? Why couldn't he push these emotions back behind his mental shields? What had Aberforth done to him?

"I hate you more than I hate anyone else in this world!" He went to yell the last, but it got choked up instead, with his head having lifted, lips so close, but unable to close the distance himself. No matter what this was... he needed James to be feeling it too.
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James cried out in pain, as he felt the fingers gripping into the marks on his back. He shot a dark look at Severus and bit down onto his shoulder to mark the man he had made love to. He was angry, yet lust was now fogging his senses. He wanted to punch Severus, yet also show him how much he wanted the man. "I did not mean to try and kill you! I would never kill anyone!" He roared at Severus.

The words stung. He hated James, yet James knew as much. Why was he so close to him now? Their lips almost touching. He could not fight the urge to kiss Severus, so pressed his lips against the other man.
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The bite had gotten a hiss of pain from Severus, but it had also aroused him further. He knew the bite would leave a mark on him, his skin was so pale, it bruised easily. And it was that knowledge that aroused him. A visible mark showing... this. A reminder of this, whatever it was.

No, James hadn't been the one to try and kill him, but Sirius Black had. James had saved him... just barely. And yet it had been Severus who was punished. At least that was how it had been in his mind. Forced by Dumbledore to take a wizard's vow to never reveal the curse that afflicted Remus Lupin, unless he posed a threat to others. Forced to protect the monster that would plague him. Forced to watch as his tormentors essentially got away with attempted murder.

There was just too much going on with Severus when their lips touched. Too many emotions he wasn't use to actually dealing with. Such a raging storm inside of him. All he could do was cling to James and ride it out. And cling he did. Hands rose up into that messy brown hair, long fingers entangling within it, holding on. Mouth parted, tongue seeking entrance into James' mouth, wanting the release for all thee emotions, but knowing a kiss would not be enough.

So Severus moved, rolling them until he was above James, still kissing him. He moved so he was straddling Potter's hips. He undid the few buttons he'd managed to close and stripped the rumbled shirt off once more; forgetting the ugly black mark upon his right forearm. And then he was touching James, fingers sliding over the muscles of his chest before lightly dragging his nails over them.
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James could not believe what was happening, as it was moving all too fast. He felt his cock jump from underneath Severus's warm body. The nails over his chest felt wonderful and he groaned at the pleasure. He never imagined doing anything like this with his worst enemy. Severus Snape. Right now, his body was pounding with need and he wanted to pound Severus into the mattress. But why? Who cared.

He wanted to be on top. He pushed Severus off and onto the bed, as he straddled the Slytherin. He tore off what was left of Severus's clothes and kissed him roughly on the lips. Merlin's beard, he was aroused. His own cock bouncing between his legs and resting upon the other boy's belly.
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Severus tumbled over back onto the bed, but surprisingly, he was not annoyed by the upset. He was, in fact, turned on by it. By seeing and feeling James' need for him. It was like last night, but different. The inhibitions brought on by alcohol were gone, and amazingly? Severus no longer felt the after effects of a hangover either. All he felt were intense emotions, and the need to be with James.

Naked once more, laying on his back beneath his worst enemy, all Severus could think about was wanting to be claimed and marked. Wanting James to fuck him until all these emotions died down from the raging inferno they seemed to be right then. He reached out and took a hold of James, mouth open and kissing back just as roughly. He felt James' hard cock against his belly, and the moist trail left by his precum and was incredibly turned on by it. One hand found James' back, and began to leave new red trails over his skin, lightly scratched for now. The other slipping between their bodies until his long figners found and wrapped around Potter's erection.

Severus wanted more, but he couldn't voice it. His pride and James' mouth kept the words from escaping.
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James felt new arousal flush his body, as Severus scratched his back. Oh, it felt so good. His cock was weeping pre-cum because he wanted the Slytherin badly. There was anger and confusion flooding his veins, but also lust. Lots of lust. Untamed emotion that was now spilling out of his being and onto the other boy.

"Severus...." His voice hoarse with arousal. He rubbed his own leaking arousal onto the other boy's. The friction caused James to moan and bite down on Severus's neck.
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"Ah!" he cried out after sucking in a breath as James bit down on him; the cry a mixture of pain and pleasure. The friction felt so good, but still it wasn't enough. Still Severus wanted more. Ached for more. It was like this whole needing to be filled. An itch needing scratched, but not yet hit. James kept getting closer to filling his need, but still not close enough.

"Bloody hell... James, just... shag me already." Yes, that was it. That was what he needed. Once that was done it would all be better, he was sure of it... or rather, he hoped. He hoped this fever-like arousal would go away so easily. Though if he were honest? A part of his did not want it to go away. That part of him liked the intensity of emotion.
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James smirked at Severus's words and bit him on the shoulder once more. He placed two fingers into his mouth and sucked on them. He withdrew them, then placed them at the other boy's entrance. He spread Severus's legs apart, so that he could push one finger past the tight ring of muscle.

"Merlin's beard, you're tight.." James breathed, as he pushed another finger into Severus's entrance.
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Another bite, and likely yet another mark left on his pale skin. It was wrong, how right this felt. He knew it should have been horrible, he should have been rejecting this! And yet here he was, acting like a wanton whore for his greatest enemy.

But he couldn't help it. The sight of James wetting his fingers made fire shoot straight to his groin. He eagerly spread his thighs. A soft inhalation of breath accompanied the initial breach. And then there was a strange mixture of an odd feeling, the burn of stretching, and pleasure derived from having even this part of James inside of him. "Of course I am," Severus said without thinking. No one else has ever been inside of me."
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The thought had not crossed the young Gryffindor's mind before. He had only imagined that Snape had lovers before him. "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing." He breathed. At least, he'd read books and things on the subject. James kissed Severus on the lips, as withdrew the fingers and cast a sheath over his cock. Sirius had taught him that one.

He pressed his cock at Severus's entrance and pushed in slowly. The sheath was well-oiled, so there should be little pain for the other boy.
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The thing was, Severus had lovers before this, just none had never been allowed to do this, to make him submissive enough to take instead of give. Not until last night when he had given himself to James in a fit of intense passion. And, again, now.

"Shut up," he replied into the kiss, not wanting anymore words. He wanted the promise those fingers gave, and was incredibly excited when they were pulled out and then replace. His hands slid down James' body until his fingers found and dug into the man's arse. He bit on his bottom lip roughly as the pain of intrusion, ridding it out until the pleasure could begin. He wanted it to begin, was waiting for it. At least it did not hurt as much as it could have; he was stretched, and James' cock was sliding in with ease from being lubricated properly. He could bear this bit of pain.
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Shut up? James hadn't expected Snape to say that at all. Yet, all James could do was moan deeply, as he slid into the other boy's entrance. "Merlin's beard, tight. Ungh." James rolled his eyes back into his head as he pulled his aching cock out, then rammed back in. It felt so good and he wanted more. His lips found Severus' neck, as he licked along the warm skin there.

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