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i think this is liked well enough

cuddle meme


✔ Post a comment with your character's name and fandom plus preferences, if you have them.
✔ Use the magic RNG (1-12) to pick the scenario.
✔ Cuddle it out!


SWEET DREAMS: It's been a long day and all you want to do is sleep or just rest your eyes for a bit. Hopefully whoever is close by doesn't mind if you use them as a blanket.
STORMY WEATHER: The heavy rain, thunder and lightning won't be letting up anytime soon. Luckily, it's the perfect weather to stay indoors and snuggle up close and keep warm.
LAZY DANCER: It's the end of a party, or maybe it's only the two of you, but the tempo is slow and the lights are low. Let your dance partner take the weight and just sway.
SURPRISE ATTACK: Time to invade someone's personal space. Are they working too much and need a distraction? Maybe you just wanted to brighten their day. Either way, they won't see it coming.
MOVIE NIGHT: It can be on the sofa or in a darkened theater, but you've got your popcorn and someone to settle against during your favorite movie.
I LOVE YOU, MAN: It's totally platonic, really. You're just very good friends, no matter what people like to think. But you just love your friend so much you want to hug them, whether they like it or not.
JEEPERS CREEPERS: Welp. You were just frightened. Was it a spider in the washroom, a ghost in the attic, a bad dream? Either way, you're looking for someone to cling to right now, and who better than that person right there?
HURT AND COMFORT: Whether you're sick in bed, just been dumped or suffered a traumatic event, you need someone to wrap their arms around you and make everything go away.
SUNDAY MORNING: Maybe you just had a wild night. Maybe there’s just not enough space at your place and you need to share your bed. Or maybe you just got really tired and someone else happened to be there. Doesn't matter because now the person with you looks way more comfortable than any blanket or pillow. Drape to your heart’s content.
MOMENT AFTER: You just had incredible, vigorous sex (playing out is totally optional) and if you weren't a cuddler before, you are now. You're probably too exhausted to do anything else anyway. Just enjoy the moment.
MÉNAGE À TROIS: Or four, or five. Get a group and cuddle away.
PLAYER'S CHOICE: Pick one yourself or make up your own!

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Naminé | Kingdom Hearts | het, no smut

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{she's already ghosted through the house, making sure all the windows are shut and everything's secure. She's used to storms but this one is fiercer than she's used to and it's just her nature to check on everything before retreating to her own bed again. Once she's sure the house is fine, it's upstairs to check on the rest of the sleepers, quietly cracking open Namine's door in case she's asleep.}
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[Tifa needn't have worried about being quiet; the girl's very much awake, sitting upright in bed with her face turned toward the window. Her upper half is propped up against the headboard, in contrast to her normally upright posture, but her neck is craned slightly so that she can see outside, her attention obviously attracted by the storm outside. She doesn't seem to be aware that she's being checked upon, since she doesn't look Tifa's way.]
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{seeing the little blond head up and awake has Tifa smiling quietly to herself. Careful to keep her voice soft so she doesn't startle the little girl she asks:}

Did the storm wake you up, Namine?
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--! [She startles, then twists to look over at Tifa, almost guiltily. There's a brief moment during which the girl regards her with slightly widened eyes before nodding, mouth settling into a small line.]
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It's okay. It woke me up too. Can I come in?
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[She blinks - well, that explains that. She couldn't help feeling a little guilty for being awake when she shouldn't be, before, but it wasn't her fault, and Tifa-- Tifa's not the type to hold it against her.]

Of course...!
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{Tifa's always careful to give Namine room but she smiles at the agreement and lets herself the rest of the way in, leaving the door cracked open in case she's not the only one up and wandering around. Then she'll settle down on the bed next to Namine, propped up against the headboard as well though not quite touching the little girl yet. Instead, she'll look out the window herself.}

It's quite a storm, isn't it? They're not usually this noisy.
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[The girl's sure to leave Tifa room, too - not that she takes up much of it in the first place, herself. She's a small, skinny little thing as it is. It's a thoughtful effort on Tifa's part, and the girl's big blue eyes follow her for a moment before returning their attention to the window themselves.]

It is. I've never seen one like this before. [Not in person, anyway.]
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{Tifa's protective by nature but the little girl next to her kicks that into overdrive and she really has to be careful not to smother. She thinks it's okay though if she slips her arm around Namine's shoulders and scoots just a little closer.}

I've always liked storms. Especially the wild ones you can feel inside you. But only when I'm inside somewhere safe and dry like this. It's no fun being outside in them.
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[Naminé's never had much of a chance to be smothered, at least not in any well-intentioned kind of way. If Tifa were to be overbearing, it's likely the blonde girl would take it in stride, more or less. At least, she wouldn't complain. She doesn't complain about the arm around her shoulders, either, although she does stiffen slightly. Sometimes it seems like she'll never get used to things like that... but really, it's comforting, as she suspects it's intended to be, and she offers the woman a faint, almost apologetic smile. Naminé's being a bother, isn't she?]

It's... certainly an interesting experience. [She pauses, glancing at the window again.] ... It's nice. But-- I think you're right. I like it better from here. [All the noise doesn't exactly suggest that being out there would be... comfortable.]
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{she catches the stiffening but Namine's hardly the first blond that's a bit awkward when it comes to interaction so Tifa acts as if she hadn't noticed and just leaves her arm there, not pulling closer or away, just letting it become familiar. Watching the storm as well over the little girl's head, Tifa murmurs:}

I've been caught out in some bad ones before. I think the worse was in Wutai. We'd just had all our materia stolen and we were running low on healing potions. Everyone was already miserable and irritated - and then it started to rain. At first we thought it was just a little storm but the next thing we knew we could hardly see our hands in front of our faces and we were too far away from our plane to try to find our way back.
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[The relaxation in her shoulders is a gradual process, but it's accomplished soon enough. She keeps her eyes on the window, as well, but they grow distant as she listens, reflexively attempting to picture the situation. It makes for a story that holds her attention, even if it might not have been a pleasant situation and she's immediately sympathetic. After a moment, she looks up at Tifa, eyes curious.]

What did you do?
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{Tifa's got all kinds of patience when it comes to coaxing blonds into relaxing so she's content to simply sit there with Namine while the little girl does so. She'd hoped the story would help and she doesn't mind telling it. It was miserable at the time but like most things that are, it makes a fun story now that it's over.}

Well, luckily we were just in the foothills of a mountain range so we found a spot where the rocks helped block some of the wind at least. There was no way we could set up a tent so we just all huddled under the canvas instead with everyone sitting on an edge so it wouldn't blow away. Poor Nanaki got stuck right in the middle of all of us because he was so warm compared to everyone else. I don't know that anyone really got much sleep that night and the next morning after the storm was over and we found the town I think we scared everyone we looked so rough. It was all right though. Wutai had hot springs and Aerith and I insisted we weren't going anywhere until we'd had a nice long soak after we finally got our materia back. I think it gave Cloud a chance to cool down too so it all worked out in the end. Now whenever I get caught out in the rain on my way home I think 'at least it's not Wutai'.
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[Despite her general discomfort with physical contact, it's nice to have someone with her. She knows Tifa doesn't mean her any harm, and she really does appreciate the gesture. It's... nice, once she's had a moment to get used to it.]

[The girl listens intently, sympathetic but interested. There's a hint of a quirk to her lips at the more humorous parts.]

I guess... something good came out of it, then. [Now she has something to help her deal with future problems. That's something, isn't it?] Why did Cloud need to-- 'cool down'?
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Yes. It did. It always helps when you can find something good in a bad thing.

{the question has her humming a soft sound in answer. Cloud hadn't been the only one that had benefited from a cooling down period. Tifa hadn't exactly been feeling sympathetic herself. The decision had been Cloud's to make though and Tifa wouldn't have questioned it either way.}

Well, we caught the thief that had stolen our materia. They gave it all back but it took a little bit of time for us to all get over having had it stolen in the first place.
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[-- Ah. She supposes that would upset one, quite a bit. Her brow knits a little as she listens, but she stays quiet until the end. Get over it...? Does that mean--]

Did you forgive them?
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Mm. We did. They wanted to make up for what they'd done and they worked very hard after that to. Everyone makes mistakes or does what they think is best at the time when it turns out not to be. {a pause and then softer she adds:} I've done that myself. The important thing is that you say you're sorry and then do your best to do what's right from that point on. The people that care about you - like I care about you, Namine - will always forgive things like that and help you try again.
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[Her lips start to form an 'o', her expression growing thoughtful at that first part. Everyone makes mistakes, huh? Her eyes start to drift downward - that's a bit close to home, but not nearly as much so as what comes after that pause and makes her gaze dart back up to Tifa's.]

[An... apology is all it takes? -- It seems like it's much harder for her to forgive herself for things than it is to acquire the forgiveness of others. The part about being cared for, though, that's even more distracting, and her eyes widen slightly, expression growing self-conscious as she turns her eyes away again. She'll never get used to that, either - people treating her like she matters, caring about her like that.]

... Always?
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{she looks down at that little blond head and it breaks her heart just a little bit to know she's so small and already so full of self-doubt.

That doesn't mean that Tifa's not going to do her best to prove to her, as often as she needs it, that she has every right to be cared for and cared about though. So she gives the little girl a gentle squeeze, pressing her lightly against her side.}

Always, Namine. No matter how terrible it seems. That's what caring about someone means.
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[Naminé's got the feeling that she's being looked at, but she doesn't return it right away, too busy waiting for the answer. The squeeze catches her unawares but she makes no move to resist, just raises her face again and peers up at Tifa through her hair, uncertain but, thanks to the gesture, cautiously hopeful, even though she thinks she probably doesn't have any right to be.]

[The answer makes her raise her head a little more, breath catching quietly. It's such a kind thing to say, really it is, and it nearly hurts to hear it - but in a good way. Still, she can't help blurting out,]

Even if it's really, really bad?
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{holding the little girl against her side, Tifa looks down at her and she understands it's not just a casual question and so she takes her time and doesn't just answer flippantly. She understands, because she thinks she's done things, to the general public and specifically to one person, that really don't deserve to be forgiven. Yet that one specific person has never even acted as if he's aware it's something that she should be sorry for. It's gone a long way toward making her realize how little right she has to hold anything against anyone. So she meets those blue eyes and her own are absolutely clear and sure as she cuddles the little girl closer and answers:}

Even if it's really, really bad, Namine. All you have to do is say that you're sorry and do your best to make it right. I'll be here to help you. Because you're precious to me.
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[Naminé's not sure what to make of the pause, not at first, but she waits, unable to look away for fear of missing some insight as to what's on Tifa's mind, or what the answer might be. Her own eyes are slightly apprehensive but searching, not yet disappointed or upset but definitely at risk of becoming so, if the answer isn't a pleasant one. Being cuddled closer nudges her expression back toward uncertainly hopeful, and she gets her answer. The smile that blooms on her face is genuine and half disbelieving, but Tifa looks certain. That certainty helps, more than she can say - although maybe her own eyes make that clear enough.]

I--...! -- Thank you, Tifa. [It's earnest and a little breathy.] You're-- precious to me, too. [Inasmuch as it's possible to be, for someone like her.]
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{it makes her smile and yet it hurts her heart too. So many precious people hurt so much they don't think they deserve to be loved. It's all right though. Tifa's patient and she's certainly got enough love to go around. So she reaches up with her other hand and brushes Namine's gold hair back from her face, before leaning down to drop a kiss on her forehead lightly. Straightening back up she gives the little girl time to adjust by looking out the window at the storm beyond. Her arms stays around the slender body though, keeping her tucked close.}

You're welcome, Namine. And thank you. It means a lot to me, having you here. {another smile as she looks down at the little girl next to her, soft laughter in her eyes.} You're much better behaved than Cloud.
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[Painful smiles seem to be the trend, tonight. The girl reflexively shuts her eyes for a moment as Tifa's hand brushes her hair out of the way. When they open once more, they shut again because the first thing that she sees is Tifa's chin coming toward her. Even after that, it still comes as a surprise when she feels that kiss on her forehead.]

[That surprise shows on her face when her eyes open again, curious and bemused but not displeased. Tifa just doesn't seem to be able to run out of kind words, and yet each one is as pleasantly startling as the last. Naminé's eyes are wide and quietly joyful, but it's mixed with something like hesitance.]
... You're welcome. [Her own smile inches larger, especially at that look, and she suppresses a tiny laugh at Cloud's expense.] I'm glad you think so. [Of course, that's not difficult, being better behaved than him, and there's the slightest hint of a stronger quirk to her lips that says what she doesn't.]

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