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a photo can say a thousand things

the picture prompt meme

I — Comment with your character.
II — Others will leave a picture (or two, or three...)
III — Reply to them with a setting based on the picture.
IV — Be aware that this meme will likely be image-heavy. That's kind of the point.

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Niko Bellic | Grand Theft Auto IV

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Because they both like cars, and driving fast sometimes.

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Niko was holding his list as he sauntered up to the car. Never in a million years did he actually think he would see one of these very well receive a request to bring one in. Where this even came from, he couldn't even fathom a guess.

But there it was in all its glory, and after an appraising pass around the vehicle he hopped over the car door into the driver's side.

He dressed in the clothes he was given, as he was told it wouldn't arouse suspicion. Saddle shoes and a three piece suit with a tasteful red tie. He knew that despite the nice clothing, he still looked like a slab of steak on fine china, a thug in tidy threads. So far it had worked, though, no one questioned why the man was there as he hotwired the car.

Maybe they just assumed that he was the hired help. That was what you did with immigrants, right? (Wasn't that a bitter thought.)
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Bertie Wooster popped up from where he was hidden under a blanket in the back seat. (Best not to ask why, but it involved a would-be-fiancee and a raccoon.)

"What ho, what ho!"

He peered at Niko's hotwiring.

"I say, wouldn't this be easier?" And he took his key out of his pocket and handed it to Niko. It didn't occur to him that he was facilitating his own car theft.
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The confused look he had as his gaze drifted back over his shoulder was priceless. He stared back at Bertie before he reached behind him and gently took the key.

He thought for a moment that he might be found out and would have to draw a gun. But uh... this guy seemed to be far more out of it than he'd ever seen Little Jacob. But he didn't smell like marijuana. He didn't look like a junky on anything harder. He didn't... really look deranged.

So Niko just put the key in the ignition.

"Why are hiding back there?" he asked, despite the fact that this wasn't the best questions being directed towards a man like Wooster. Hiding from an unwanted fiancee, though? Niko would get that quickly.
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"Funny you should ask that, my good fellow. You see, it all started two days ago in London. I was on my way to the Drones' Club--do you know it? It's the standard watering hole for gents of a certain oofy but unemployed persuasion. Well, I say unemployed, but one or two of them have briefly held jobs, and Boko once thought about working..."

Left uninterrupted, Bertie Wooster would ramble on in this vein, perhaps getting to the point in twenty or thirty minutes, but not before a long laudation of Jeeves somewhere first.
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During this ramble Niko just stared at Bertie as if he were some sort of distant, unfathomable creature. Then after an uncomfortable shift in his seat? Just decided to start the car. "How about I start to drive and you keep talking?"

Even though he didn't have a clue about what the man was saying.
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Bertie paused, thought about Niko's proposal for a moment.

"Carry on, then." He waved his hand, loose wristed, in a gesture indicating that he may proceed.

It still hadn't sunk in that Niko was stealing his car.
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He neatly drives out of the lot and no one ever stops him when they see Bertie in the car, looking casual as can be. Well, that was... easier than Niko thought it would be.

"Ah.... alright, I have to ask. In the quickest, most concise way possible. One sentence. Why were you hiding in the back of your car? My English isn't always very good and... a lot of English seems to come out of you at once."
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"Well, there's a girl who wants to marry me, you see. Only I don't much care for the notion of ankling down the aisle with said filly. But one can't just tell a girl that the idea of seeing her every morning on the other side of the breakfast table for the rest of one's life fills one with dread the likes of which one usually only finds when reading gothic novels with covers with pale chaps with sharp teeth on them. It would hurt her feelings and no true gentleman could do that. She thinks we're engaged, therefore I'm stuck with her unless I can come up with a clever plan to pull myself out of the soup."

He didn't manage to explain in one sentence. But he did at least manage to keep the explanation under one minute.
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The most excellent part of the journey being that Niko didn't seem to care that lights, or sides of the road, existed. He was doing an amazing job at not hitting anything yet, but that was also because the car was worth a lot of money and if the car wasn't intact when he got there, then he wouldn't get it.

But the bewildering situation was worth taking the long route.

"You know, my people have a lot of stories about pale 'chaps' with long teeth. Unpleasant stuff. But marriage, I don't think it would be so bad if you like the girl. It would be nice, you know. Have someone that would love you and take care of you, and you seem like someone that needs probably a whole lot of care-" because this man, this poor poor man, did not seem to be entirely there "-but if you don't like her and she only thinks that you are engaged, then she is crazy stalker and it's right to be hiding in your car.

"Should I maybe drive you somewhere or something?"
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"Oh, I have someone to assist me in day to day affairs. That someone is Jeeves, my valet, or gentleman's personal gentleman as he oft calls himself. He's a whiz, the real tabasco. The most marvellous valet a man could hope for, and a brainy egg besides. Why I reckon he could give such great thinkers as Aristotle and Spinoza and that German chap with the name with too many consonants a run for their money when it comes to the thinking of great thoughts."

Bertie face brightened as he talked about Jeeves and he gesticulated broadly.

"Absconding to Calais to buy time while Jeeves cooks up a solution might be just the thing right now. Things vis a vis unwanted fiancee look dire indeed. I don't suppose you could drop me off at the nearest train station? It would be awfully white of you if you could."
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"Nietzsche." He fishes out for Bertie. "Sure, I can do that." He deviated course, and by deviating course I mean he spun the car directly around and started to go the opposite direction.

"Sounds like you're real fond of him. Look, have you liked any woman? Looked at any-" and he realized, in that terrible moment, that there was a darling little bubble of obnoxious innocence around this man and he couldn't bring himself to say the word 'titties' though he'd never had problems with it in the past. "Looked for any really pretty girls? Or do you just like the boys club thing?"

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...because you can't have GTA with just cool cars. :}

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Niko's leisurely stroll through northern Bohan wasn't going so well.

He should have known that in desperately taking jobs from Manny Escuela that things could cause problems for him in the long run. Niko had been desperate for cash, overwhelmed with guilt for threatening and ruining his cousin's business and home, so he had taken this work despite finding the man reprehensible. Offer him enough money and he'd do almost anything, though, and that's why Niko had ended up killing off a great deal of Bohan's gang population.

Superficially it probably looked like a "heroic" gesture, and Manny certainly thought it had been. To Niko, it was a poor way to get young troubled men off the streets and he had said to much to the man as he filmed his asinine documentary, touting it as his victory over the mean streets. This documentary had been the end of him.

As usual, as Niko said, surviving was hard.

It had been months, and some thugs still recognized him. The streets weren't clean, and Niko Bellic walked out of a sandwich shop just to see a fistfight between a mugger and an older man who had no idea what had hit him.

Without a second thought (and with the brash inclinations of a man who was haphazard about his life) Niko drew his pistol shouted at the assailant, and went chasing him. "You! You motherfucker, I'll rip your fucking heart out!"

No one ever claimed that Niko's battle cries were pleasant ones. But they seemed to do the trick.

Nasty slices of angry Serbian followed, which the man had no hope of understanding but it kept him running until he was cornered in an alley.
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Daedalus heard the whole exchange even as he rode an old freight lift up to street level at the back of the alleyway. He had come up to hunt, having let himself grow dangerously thirsty while working to scout the area. He couldn't risk humans seeing him. Quickly he sent the lift back down and ducked behind an overfilled dumpster, the shadows seeming to gather around him and hide him from sight.

The mugger rounded the corner into the alley and kept running blindly until he was halfway down and started to realize he was fucked. He quickly looked around for a way out--a door, a fire escape, a window to break, a fence to scale. He caught sight of the metal grates covering the lift and ran for them-bringing him within grasp of Daedalus, who smelled the blood on his fists and swallowed. The Kindred crouched by the dumpster, which provided the only cover, and waited.

When the mugger saw the Serbian coming, his eyes widened in panic and he headed straight for said cover. But then, even as he risked getting shot by not ducking behind the dumpster, he hesitated a moment. Subconsciously. Then--it was as if something grabbed him by the shirtfront and yanked him out of sight. He let out a brief high scream and then went silent.

Daedalus sighed with relief as he drained out a few pints, then licked the wound and sent the semiconscious man stumbling back out into view. But then he blinked and his brow ridges drew together. In his thirst he had missed an odd taste to the man's blood. He wasn't used to this city...or all of the different drugs that the locals used with stunning enthusiasm.

His vision started to blur, and he leaned against the wall, blinking rapidly. Uh-oh.
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He didn't see Daedalus at first because he was the single minded killer that he was. He barreled directly for the thug, smashing him up against the fence that he was going to try to climb. He jammed his gun up into his abdomen, preparing to shoot as he pulled the grabbed the man by the throat...

His fingers ran through something slick. Blood and saliva, but otherwise there was little sign of wound. The odd phenomenon was familiar, but only in the stories that his mother would tell.

He shot anyway as a knife was weakly pulled on him, and his prey (someone else's prey) trickled down the fence.

His fingertips were still bathed in blood. He stared at them, for the first time in a long time unnerved by it. The hair on the back of his neck prickled up with the uneasy feeling that something was behind him. A thick lump lingered where his voice should be, and it was swallowed as he turned to face what was lurking behind him.

"...Shit." His gun dangled loosely in his hand, and he took a single, clumsy step back.
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Oh this was no good at all. The guy was looking right at him, and thanks to the rising wave of static in his head he couldn't focus enough to disappear from sight. And he knew that despite his awkward expression and the fact that he wasn't moving from his perch against the wall...he still cut an intimidating figure. Unnaturally so. Almost bluish-white skin, long taloned hands, hairless even down to his lack of eyebrows, his ridiculous ears--and of course, the fact that his teeth were still sharp and his eyes blood-clot red from feeding.

He had to do something now--grab the man's mind or at least his body and either kill him or wipe his memory. Otherwise what was he supposed to do--stand here letting him run off screaming to warn...whoever? Granted, he had just killed a man in cold blood in front of Daedalus, which gave him a bit of leverage, but what were the chances that any form of reason would work on the man?

He tried to take a step forward--and the world lurched violently, forcing him to catch himself before he actually stumbled. This was ridiculous. His brain was throbbing away happily, sending tingles through his system that were quite pleasant but helped him in no way whatsoever with his coordination. He hoped the man did not notice.

He held up a placating (clawed)(slightly blood-spattered) hand and said in a deep, calm, matter-of-fact tone, "You need not fear me. If I was intending to kill you I would have done it while you were busy with him."
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The gun stayed lowered as he regarded Daedalus. "вампир," he said to himself, wiping his brow with the back of his free hand. "It's a fucking vampire. I go all the way to America, and that is where I see a vampire." Obviously because not all the locals in the rural areas put garlic outside of their doors?

But he did notice. And he looked back at the man that was now dead. "Vampire that fed off junkie mugger."

He rubbed at his eye with the heel of his hand, fingerless glove scruffing against his scarred eyebrow.

"That is considerate of you. But under the circumstances, it looks like maybe it has to do with the fact your dinner didn't agree with you." Or it agreed with him too much. To Daedalus's good luck, though, the near fearless (but not completely so) Niko hadn't sprinted to safety.
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Daedalus sighed and his expression changed to one of resigned exasperation. Well done, Daedalus, you just drank from the wrong person, got high and broke the Masquerade like a first-year fledgeling. "I am not much like your vampir legends, actually, except for a few things. I don't turn into a butterfly, I won't curse you, and I'm not after your life or your soul." He looked down disdainfully at the now dead man on the ground between them. "This one deserved to die, however."

He nodded ruefully, a little impressed by the man's powers of observation as well as his courage. "Yes. Though he branched out from mugging recently." Another disgusted glimpse at the cooling corpse. He bent to take the man's wallet, absently tossing the man's wad to Niko before going through it for evidence of what he had just been drugged with. His movements were turtlish and very careful. His strangely human-looking grey eyes were very dilated.

"There are better and more...profitable...ways of handling this situation besides one of us dying." It wasn't entirely within the rules of the Masquerade, but...neither was Prince Julian's girlfriend or that damned cop who was an inch from hunting them. And it was clear that he was out of his depth in his city.

...also, in the end all Kindred were always on the lookout for exceptional humans.

"But that mostly depends on you. What are you, besides brave and observant?"
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He was talking to a high vampire. That? Was something in his wide berth of experiences that he never expected. Niko took the cash as it was given to him, not holstering the gun, but it was almost comical that he actually put the money in his pocket.

"I'm an immigrant without a green card. Meaning no one would be able to know the body, or tell my family what became of me." And he honestly didn't know whether that was a good thing or a bad thing, sometimes. "But you are complimenting me instead of killing me." And not insulting his intelligence or societal status. "So I'm inclined to think you need me alive right now.

"You let me live. You leave certain people alone. I help you. I think we can find an agreement there." He motioned between the two of them. And... here he was making a deal with a vampire. His mother would be ashamed, but not be ashamed of him wanting to protect his family.
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Daedalus looked at him for a long moment, a piercing sort of look as he weighed his options. Anything decent that he did now would be breaking the rules. He knew his hypnosis powers were out of commission for the moment, and by the law that left death. Death for a genuinely interesting guy who had...oh damn it.

He had a family.

Murder was now off the table unless the man became an actual threat. Daedalus had not kept on for thirty-five centuries without losing his soul by letting even Kindred law itself compromise his principles. Even though ironically, he was the one most often called upon to enforce it in his home town.

"There are people who need you alive, yes." By which he meant that family, damn it, but if he said that out loud he doubted he would be believed.

"I'm changing the deal somewhat. I have people to protect as well." His voice went dead serious. "I let you live. My entire Clan leaves certain people alone. In return, you never let anyone else know that we exist." He tried to focus enough to reinforce that last part with his mind, and only succeeded in staring at very pretty lights for a few moments.

"You help me, I pay you. Money, things you need, maybe more. You decide." he sighed. He hated saying the last bit, but that was the business and clearly they both knew it.

"You betray me, and..." he looked meaningfully down at the corpse.

"I am only a monster when I have to be."
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"I'm not worried about my soul," he doesn't think he has much of one left, "and don't question my loyalty." Though the idea that there were more vampires was... not a good one. Still, if he was going to make the agreement, if he could guarantee safety for Roman, for Mallorie, for Packie or for Dwayne or for Little Jacob? That would be worth it.

He rubbed his forehead with the back of his hand, obviously still having to think about it. "Okay, okay. I can do this. Ah... I'll go get a car and bring it around the side alley. It may take a minute."

Because he was going to get a taxi. A taxi would be a much safer vehicle to try out driving a vampire in; it had a partition he could hide behind. "I'll pull up to the alleyway and honk twice. Then I take you home. I think."
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Daedalus eyed him, then reached into his pocket and pulled out a very old-looking gold cigarette case. He retrieved one, offered it, and then pulled out his Zippo to light his before putting the case away.

"I'm giving you a chance to prove said loyalty and thus to prove me right. The law says we are supposed to either memory-wipe or kill any human who finds out about us. I'm relying on you to make that unnecessary. I would not do that if I had a poor estimation of you." Puff.

He nodded. "Likely a good idea at the moment. Unfortunately I can't be completely out of commission because of a particular bit of bad business going on tonight." His heart was beating. That was a bad sign and he tried to will it to stop.

"Are you familiar with the Medeiros Cartel? Mostly firearms and coca products. But they are branching out in a way I can't tolerate."
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He shook his head lightly at the cigarette, as the situation was baffling enough that he couldn't quite even consider a smidgen of alcohol, very well a smoke. "I've heard of them here and there. Not as big name as they think. I'll bring around the car, and you can tell me more."

He walked off, gesturing to himself. A vampire. Of course, it wasn't Roman's debts that got him into this particular situation but that didn't mean that he couldn't roll his eyes at his own odd fortune. Still, the sad thing was at this point, it seemed like it could honestly be worse. The vampire, at least superficially, had been reasonable which wasn't something one would expect out of something that preyed on your species.

He made his way to the nearest cab and fired in the air. It didn't take much to make a cab driver run for cover, and he drove back to the mouth of the alley and honked.

Keys in the ignition? Always a little better than hotwiring. He leaned back and kept his hands on the wheel as he waited. At least two guys in a cab wouldn't look all that suspicious.

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