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You Always Hurt The Ones You Love


Need we explain?


- Tag the meme, leaving your character name, fandom, and any appropriate preferences in the subject line.
- The thread starter is the killer. Everyone else who tags are their friends. These people either going to be killed or will be witnessing the thread starter killing others.
- Play out the results.
- Have fun, but respect the preferences of others.
- And, of course, there may be triggers in this meme. So be warned.


1. Now You Will Feel My Wrath: You want to destroy things, for whatever reason. Whether it was a bad day, or something more sinister fueling you, nothing and no one is going to get in the way of your thirst for blood, not even your friends...

2. Oops! I Didn't Mean It!: It was completely a random, crazy event. An accident, without a doubt. Maybe you had no intention of harming anyone, let alone your friends. But the end result was, in the end, fatal anyways...

3. It Was a Mercy Killing: Your friends have gone beyond the threshold of insanity. Fallen into despair. Became a real monster. Or they are getting to that point, and there's no way to reverse or stop it - save one. So you know what you have to do...

4. We Who Are About To Die Salute You: You don't exactly want to kill your friends, and vice versa. But you don't have a choice in this situation. You're all being forced to fight, and only one of you can come out victorious...

5. Who Says It Has To Be Literal?: Naturally. Death isn't just a physical sensation, after all. Words cut, gestures hurt, and names certainly do sting. And maybe, in a way, this is the one type of death that's worse than the real thing.

6. Wild Card: Anything not on this list, or a combination of the above.

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Zelos Wilder | Tales of Symphonia

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[HAHA oh wait this one is kinda canon innit...]
mynameisnotbud: What was all this for? (This is probs breaking someone's heart.)

hmm canon-bad-ending!death, but AU'd so it's a one-on-one fight?

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[It's not the first time Lloyd's been struck speechless.

It's not the first time he's been betrayed, either, so it's definitely not the first time he's felt so stunned, hurt, and at a total loss as to what to think, let alone say. Back then, at the Tower, when Kratos turned on them -- that was one thing. At the time, Kratos was an ally -- nothing more, nothing less, but an ally Lloyd nonetheless trusted. His abandoning them shocked, it hurt, and it took days for the reality to really sink in for all of them.

Somehow, this time is worse.

Maybe because Zelos is a friend, not just an ally. Maybe because, for all the different times he's gotten on Lloyd's nerves or behaved in ways that go right over Lloyd's head and make him a difficult read, he's still, undeniably, someone Lloyd trusts, depends on, jokes and laughs with, and would risk his life -- has risked his life -- to protect. He's someone Lloyd calls friend.

Even now, in the wake of everything that just happened -- Colette, captured and gone again; the rest of their party disappeared, maybe captured, too, in another part of the Tower; those ominous orders left behind by Pronyma -- Zelos is still, in Lloyd's mind, a friend. There has to be a mistake -- there's just something he's not seeing, not understanding, and if Zelos will just tell him, they can figure this out together...

But amid all his confusion, one thing remains constant and true: Colette's gone. It's not a truth he can shake, not for a second, and that one act -- handing her over to the enemy -- is the one that keeps a fraction of his heart hardened and suspicious. It's the part of him that acknowledges that Zelos may indeed be a friend... but Colette is a different matter. No one should have any reason to want to hurt her, and giving her to Cruxis...

If there's not a very, very good reason for it -- that being that there's a definite way to get her back -- then it's not something he's about to forgive.]


[His voice sounds small even to himself, only just carrying across the wide room. It teems with that shock and uncertainty, but there's also a trace of something like fear: fear that this really is happening all over again, that Zelos won't have an answer that Lloyd can forgive.

Fear that he might act on those orders, after all.

That thought twists Lloyd's shock into a sudden flare of anger and his voice rises.]

Zelos! What are you thinking?!
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[Lloyd sounds so betrayed, like he'd actually thought that Zelos was his friend. And while some small part of him honestly did wish that that could be the case, the rest of him just wants to laugh; because for all that heat in the other teen's words, he'd still never felt like Lloyd actually trusted him, regardless of what he was saying here and now. Not that he blamed the guy, really--he was a traitor in their eyes, after all, and what Lloyd lacked in common sense, he tended to make up for with instinct.

Maybe if things had been different, if Lloyd had gone for that walk with him that night in Flanoir when Zelos had dropped by his room in the hopes of seeing whether or not all this friendship talk was legit or not... But even if Lloyd hadn't turned him away, that still wouldn't have changed how much he hated his role as the Chosen, or helped him set a certain very wrong thing right. Ifs and maybes weren't worth a damn.

So as it is, he just gives a chuckle and a careless wave of his hand.]

I told you already, I'm putting myself on the winning side--the one that'll give me what I really want. There's no other thought involved. It's as simple as that.
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[The heat flares as he steps forward.] That has nothing to do with Colette! If--

[Sides. Lloyd starts slightly, eying Zelos with a look that's part realization, part disbelief.]

If this... is about what I said--

["Can I really trust you?"

He didn't mean it like... He does trust him, as far as letting him into their group, letting them around Colette, but... that question -- it's Zelos' motives that Lloyd hasn't always found clear, and that's enough to cast a little doubt, but... he never would've imagined anything like this.]

--If this is about you and me, then why didn't you say something?! You didn't have to turn on her!
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[Well, he'd expected Lloyd to be angry about this, so that was no surprise. But angry or not, it doesn't shake Zelos' resolve in this even slightly. After all, Lloyd's only really angry because Colette is in danger, not because he ever cared that much about Zelos.]

I've already ruined plenty of peoples' lives. What's one more in the long run? Besides, she wanted to be a sacrifice, didn't she? So what's the problem?
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[That actually, legitimately stuns him for a couple seconds.]

How... how can you say that? After everything we've been through -- you can't stand there and tell me none of it means anything! We're friends, Zelos! All of us!

[...aren't they?]
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[Zelos' hands settle on his hips, a confident and yet skeptical stance, and there's a bitter note in his voice plainly audible even through all the casual carelessness.]

Friends, huh? Funny thing is, I always thought that you were supposed to trust your friends. Since you never really trusted me, I guess that means we were never really friends.

[What comes next will be easier for both of them if he believes that--if he makes both of them believe that.]
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I... That's...

[He messed up. He messed up again. He couldn't protect Iselia he couldn't help Colette when she was hurting he couldn't stop Kratos he couldn't help Kratos and now he can't -- now he--]

We are! I just...

[But anything he says will sound like an excuse -- even Lloyd knows it, even before he says it.]

...It's not too late, Zelos. [He looks up, hands curled into tight fists at his sides and his gaze earnest.] Come back and help us! I trust you enough to ask that, don't I?!
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Sounds to me like you're just desperate to save one of your real friends, and you don't care who you have to ask for a favour. Trust doesn't have anything to do with it.

[His tone is hard, inflexible, and in a florid flourish, his sword is out, challenge evident in his ready stance.]

Now come on! Show me what you've got!
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[The sound of steel being drawn is enough to make Lloyd reflexively tense and grasp one of his hilts -- but he doesn't draw yet, instead just looking startled and then even more reluctant.]

Zelos! Don't do this -- I don't want to fight you!

[I don't want to hurt you -- because if Lloyd goes into this, he's going into this full-force. If Zelos really can't and won't be persuaded...

...then this will just be another battle. Another necessity. Which means Lloyd can't and won't lose, friend or no.]
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All right, then. If you won't bring the fight to me--

[It's because he knows exactly how good Lloyd is that Zelos can lunge forward, aiming a hard, slanting slash at him that would rip him open from right shoulder to left hip if Lloyd didn't catch it with his own blades, or at least get out of the way.

Because despite himself, and even if it's not a feeling that's returned, to a certain extent, Zelos does trust Lloyd...if only to be skilled enough to win this fight, and put him out of his misery once and for all.]

--then I'll bring it to you!
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[It's reflex, again, that acts before conscious thought: in a blur of motion Lloyd's drawn his right-hand sword, bringing it up to parry that slash and hold Zelos' blade in place.

It's fighting instinct that has him draw his left sword less than a second later as he takes half a step back, granting himself room enough to make a horizontal slash with it straight out of the scabbard and aiming for Zelos' gut.

It's entirely conscious thought, however, that puts enough strength into the motion to be nearly lethal if it connected -- and it's frustration and emotion that make Lloyd snap back, his voice surprisingly low and level despite the anger coursing through it.]

You bastard--
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[That's more like it.

Zelos is too quick to let it connect though, twisting his sword free as he takes a series of swift backwards hop-slides and readies an arte, unleashing a Lightning attack at the spot where Lloyd is standing.

All that happens in the space of about three seconds, and immediately afterward, he's laughing, rich and full and honestly amused-sounding.]

Hahaha! Call me what you want, I just did the smart thing and picked the stronger side. It's nothing personal.
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[Lloyd starts moving as soon as he notices that casting position, dashing hard left to avoid the strike.

The hurt isn't gone, or replaced by the anger that's quickly swelling up inside him -- the pain and rage are blending, if anything, even if the latter's all that seems to come out. Turning his back on the group is one thing -- but acting so casual about it--]

What the hell about this isn't personal to you?!

[He slides to a stop just long enough to toss out a Double Demon Fang; even if his aim is as good as it ever is, his execution is a little sloppy, the tips of his blades scraping hard enough against the marble floor to shriek in protest.

He's moving again the second those shockwaves are dispatched, though, darting forward and low on Zelos' left; the Chosen will have to either somehow block all three attacks or move to avoid some of them.]
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[Jumping back (again) and to the side is enough to avoid the Double Demon Fang, but it doesn't give him much time to do anything about Lloyd's follow-up attack; the best he can hope for there is to bring up his shield and try to block whatever Lloyd throws at him, then retaliate with an attack of his own--a Light Spear Cannon most likely.

His already-dangerous situation doesn't dim his devil-make-care smile though.]

Hey, hey, there's no need to get so upset about it. Things are really only as personal as you choose to let them be, you know.
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[Lloyd responds by shifting gears immediately, changing his stance on a dime to start hammering solid, alternating blows against that shield.]

Don't give me that! What's so important--

[He ducks under that Light Spear, twisting as he comes up again to throw momentum into another horizontal slash. He's hardly bothering with artes, himself.]

--what do you want so bad -- that you would turn your back without giving a damn?

[He's still angry, his attacks are still coming on strong -- but he's leashed in that near-lethal intent now. If any of those attacks land, they won't kill, but they'll hurt, maybe even cripple. That's his intention, for now.]
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[Zelos gives a small (but decidedly unmanly lol undignified) yelp of surprise at the furious onslaught--it's really all he can do to hold his ground and block each of those attacks with his shield. He doesn't have time to attempt a counter-assault of his own or even bring his sword to bear, much less the time to do any casting. For the moment, the most he can manage to throw back at Lloyd is words.]

Ngh! Now is sure a funny time to decide you want a real heart-to-heart—
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[Then he’s not quite fast enough to fully block one of those rage-fueled swings, and Lloyd manages to just barely clip him on the upper arm…and that's when Zelos decides that it's time to get serious, and really fight back.]

Victory Light Spear!

[That takes him up and away from Lloyd's headlong attack, and although it drops him back exactly where he'd started, it still gives him the smallest window of opportunity to duck away again, relying on his speed and finesse to (temporarily) get him out of reach of Lloyd's considerable physical strength.

And once he's got a little more space, he'll speak again, a little softer this time.]

...Maybe if you'd gone for that walk with me in Flanoir, we could've talked about this then.

[But he hadn't. Lloyd had turned him down. I just got sleepy right now. I'm sorry. It had hurt, to have someone who he wanted to put his trust in react like that. Not that he'd really expected anything different--everyone was the same, everyone rejected him or shunned him or looked at him sideways, or else was only nice to him because he was the Chosen.

But Lloyd...he had almost, almost made even a terrible cynic like Zelos really and truly hope that there was someone out there who would care about him just for himself, not who or what he was, and want to be his friend.

It was a stupid thing to even half-hope for, Zelos knows that now, but somehow that doesn't make it hurt any less, and there's a hardness in his voice that reflects that hurt.]

...Yeah. Back then, you would've had the right to ask me anything you wanted, and I probably would've answered. I even had an old story I kinda wanted to tell you...but that doesn't matter any more. Here and now, what's important to me and what I want is none of your damn business.

[So it's time for the first step of really throwing down.]

Ready for this? JUDGEMENT!
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[The what-ifs and maybes in Zelos' words -- all they do is drive home the frustration and guilt a little harder.

Yes, Lloyd failed to see the obvious again.

Yes, Lloyd failed someone again.

Yes, he hurt someone again yes his mistake is going to hurt more people yes this could have been avoided if he'd just--

You shouldn't underestimate any magic, especially when you're against someone you've never fought -- for all his cockiness at times, Lloyd knows this.

But thanks to Kratos in particular, he knows that angel magic is something you really, really don't underestimate.

For all his speed, he doesn't try to dodge the pillars of light magic; he already knows he can't, they strike too fast to predict and at random. So instead of moving, Lloyd stays right where he is--]


[--and draws his blades up as he summons the magic shield, the only real bit of "magic" that physical swordsmen like himself can use. He thinks he gets hit three times -- but that's just a guess, because the force that slams into the shield still manages to work its way through his body like a direct blow, and the way it shakes him down to his marrow makes it hard to keep track of when it ends and another begins.

He has to summon the shield a second time due to the length of that spell, and then both fade at the same time to leave him cringing and panting slightly from the effort.]

So betraying someone -- trying to kill your ally -- that really counts as none of my damn business?

[His fingers grip his hilts so hard that he almost loses feeling, his arms visibly shaking.] If you hate me so much for that... then make it worse -- tell me how bad I screwed up! Tell me what I missed!

[His joints still sting from that onslaught, but Lloyd darts forward, anyway.] Tell me just why this is all my fault, Zelos!

[Two more Demon Blades, and he lunges forward with a Sonic Thrust, adding an extra step in to get more distance.]
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Well, I was never really a part of your team, so technically she's never been my ally, has she.

[Zelos brings his shield up to block the Demon Fangs again, but the force of the attack still pushes him backwards, and he can't block it completely, letting out an audible grunt of mingled pain and effort. The Sonic Thrust, though, is more or less a straightforward jab, and much easier to dodge, especially considering how angry Lloyd is at the moment.

But Zelos doesn't just dodge--he knocks one of Lloyd's swords aside, then brings up his own to catch the inevitable follow-up slash from the other, putting just enough muscle in it to force Lloyd off-balance if he tries to bring his unoccupied sword up again. But it's hard to lock blades with someone when they're using two swords and you've only got one, and it's especially hard if they're the one on the offensive, so the stalemate won't last long. But it does last long enough for Zelos to say in his usual offhanded tone,]

Eh, it's not your fault--not really. I'm not doing this to punish you or anything like that. It's not really about you at all. You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, that's all.

[That doesn't really answer Lloyd's demand for information, but the closemouthed reply is intentional. Explaining himself, talking about his past, that would be counterproductive here and now. Because he wants Lloyd to be angry--wants him mad enough to kill. That's all part of the plan.

Still, it's not the only way this could turn out (much as a significant part of Zelos loathes the idea of having Lloyd's blood on his hands, not-really-friends or not), so he follows up with a Fierce Demon Fang, bringing his sword slashing straight down--hard.]
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[For a lot of fighters, anger in the heat of battle would hinder them. In Lloyd's case, not so much -- it makes him reckless sometimes, a little less careful with his execution, but it really doesn't hamper his ability at all. If anything, the adrenaline and emotional rush just make him a worse force to be reckoned with.

The betrayal hurts. But the continued disregard, the almost-joking comments -- those are what piss him off. The fact that this involves Colette -- no, that it's really centered around her -- just chips away at the last few restraints on his temper.

He's knocked off-balance by the stalemate, enough that he can't dodge that downward blow fully, especially since his thrust put him so close to the ground. He takes the edge of the strike to the top of his shoulder, and sees the blood splatter against the floor before the pain even hits. The sheer force of the attack costs him the rest of his balance, sending him to the ground and adding more agony to the burning wound as he lands on that shoulder.

But that rage is driving him, and he doesn't stop moving despite the pain that drives a gasp out of him, that keeps him from snarling the shut up that he wants to throw out. He instantly rolls onto his back, his good arm coming up and aiming a horizontal slash at Zelos' collarbone.]
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...Why can I find ZERO "casting" icons for him B| I AM SURE THEY EXIST SOMEWHERE

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[Again, he doesn't manage to dodge it completely--his shirt is ruined, a slightly-slanted, sizable tear in the front of it, and one of the toggle-buttons is severed entirely, and violently, skittering across the floor with a rattling clatter. Lloyd's blade catches Zelos himself somewhat too, and though it's not a particularly deep cut, it does bleed pretty well, swiftly staining the ragged edges of his shirt.

He draws a hissing breath at the burn of the blade slicing through his skin, and though he knows Lloyd is down and he might just have enough time to cast a healing spell on himself, he doesn't. Instead, he jumps back a good distance and starts the casting for a Thunder Blade.

Because deep down, he's already accepted how this will end. How it should end.

All he has to do is get Lloyd there, and put up enough of a fight that he won't give himself away.

Gingerly pressing one gloved hand to his chest over part of that fresh wound, he coughs a soft laugh.]

...Heh. What are you fighting so hard for? There's nothing you can do here, so you might as well accept it. Colette is gone and you're not gonna get her back!

[And with that, he releases that arte, though he waits until Lloyd starts to come at him again, doing his best to get the timing right and make sure it hits dead center.]

Thunder Blade!
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bah I checked my icons and don't have any either :|a

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[The instant he's clear, Lloyd jumps up, from flat on his back to full on his feet and whirling around to face Zelos all in a smooth couple of seconds. He wastes no time in dashing forward again, not intending to let that spell finish--

--but the words get to him again. This time, he finds his voice--]

Shut the hell up!

[--and it costs him. The spell's released a little too soon, strikes a little too accurately; Lloyd could probably have minimized the damage a lot better if he hadn't been half a second too late in reacting, but the dodge he attempts to execute is only half-successful. He hits the floor a second time as that magical blade drops down, the edge of it slicing hard through his right side, just above his hip. The stab pins him in place -- but he's familiar with the spell, so he manages to throw out another Guardian before the shockwave erupts.

His shield's considerably less effective this time, either because he's in the dead center of the spell or because the blade in his side is bypassing his barrier or both. Whatever the reason, the damage and the pain are substantial. It's over in an instant, but the effects linger: his limbs are momentarily numb from the literal shock, his side bleeding more freely now that there's nothing obstructing the wound--

--but still Lloyd moves, grunting through his agony to get on his knees. He stabs a sword into one of the numerous cracks left in the floor by the spell, using it as a momentary crutch.]

Shut up. [It's said more quietly than before, ragged, but there's venom in it this time.] Whether you think of me as a friend or not -- an enemy or not -- that doesn't matter...

[With effort, he forces himself to his feet, steel briefly shrieking as he wrests it from the floor. He's left a fair amount of blood on the ground, and his shirt's torn enough to show a gash that's still slick and shining and not about to close on its own anytime soon. Even so, Lloyd brings his twin blades around to his sides, his grip on them firm.]

You should still know by now-- that as long as I'm alive-- [His knuckles are white beneath his gloves as he squeezes those hilts, bracing himself through the pain as he dashes forward and unleashes two Double Demon Fangs in rapid succession. He's got to stay close, keep Zelos from casting again as much as possible.]

--I'm not abandoning anyone!
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[Zelos could have--maybe even should have--kept attacking even after Lloyd went down. And if he'd really wanted to win this fight, he would have, honour and chivalry and all that nonsense be damned. But he doesn't really want to win, so he gives Lloyd those precious seconds of recovery time...and something else as well, the glow of a casting circle appearing under him yet again. Because regardless of everything, after all the fights they've faced together as a team, it's almost reflex to want to cast First Aid on the other swordsman. He'd been hesitant to do so at first, because that would be too much--it would give him away. But he'd realised that...well, Lloyd was a pretty straightforward and simpleminded guy, so if it was given the right sort of spin...

He's got the spell ready, all he has to do is let it go...though if he casts it, Zelos won't have time to block those Double Demon Fangs, at least not completely. But there's nothing wrong with that, is there. Despite how wicked the wound on his chest looks, he's not very heavily injured: he can take it.

So without missing a beat, he unleashes that healing spell, focusing it on Lloyd, and almost immediately afterward takes the brunt of the first set of Double Demon Fangs. The twin slashes of energy tear into his upper body, further shredding his shirt and the skin beneath it, blood splattering the ground around him; and yet, despite how hard the first pair had hit, he manages to bring his shield up and mostly-block the second. He even forces out a laugh as he does so, though there's some obvious effort in the sound this time.]

...Heh...I thought you were better than this, but it looks like you're not much good without someone there to back you up. Don't thank me for that though--it was nothing more than reflex and pity.

[That last word is spoken through a prideful smirk and half-growled as he lashes out with a Super Lightning Blade, intended to stun Lloyd for a second, then promptly follows it up by unleashing another round of Judgement, after which he'll do his best to put enough distance between them to say what he wants to say.]
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...You know, I really can't understand people like you. What's so great about being alive in the first place, that would make you work so hard to protect other people's lives? Especially when you know they're going to die eventually, no matter what you do.

[It's cynical as hell, but that's how Zelos really is deep down, beneath all that carefree, womanizing fluff. And even more cynical is the thought that he's been considering, almost meditating on lately, and that he says aloud now:]

It'd be easier if everyone and everything were just destroyed.

but I can ~DANCE~

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